Vol 3 Chapter 3-1

Vol 3: Chapter 3-1.

The progressive knife’s sharpness was unparalleled, it easily slashed through the door. Zheng kicked out and sent both the door and the two people outside flying. At the same time he took out the bulletproof vest and submachine gun.

This bulletproof vest was also a high tech item, it could expand to accommodate any person’s body. Zheng wore the vest over both him and Lori, binding her to his back. He had the knife in his right hand and submachine gun in his left. Then ran toward the exit.

The other side of the interrogation room was in a chaos. They all saw Zheng take stuff out of thin air. If it was only a knife, he could had hidden it somewhere, but what about that vest and submachine gun? The people from Social Security weren’t garbage, how could they not have found those items on him?

Zheng was checking the knife carefully as he ran. He found a dot on the bottom of the knife blinked. It was something the size of a rice grain when he reached for it. He threw it on the ground and hated Xuan for it.

As he stepped into the hall, footsteps of people running came from the other end. He sprayed at it with the gun without hesitation. Then ran toward stairs leading to third floor. The footsteps were forced to stop from the spray


Zheng was running fast, the air had became thick and dense. He reached the stairs and jumped down. Lori immediately screamed but closed her mouth right away.

He landed on the ground steadily then jumped down on the next stairs. Gunshots came right as he jumped and hit where he was standing.

The number of people increased on the second floor, but Zheng didn’t pause for a moment. He jumped from one floor to the next. His speed was so much faster than those chasing. A few minutes later he was out of the police station. The moment he stepped outside, a bullet brushed against his left leg and left a deep trail on it.


That sense of danger was at its height. Zheng was using his strength and Qi at their limit. Bullets kept passing by his sides yet not one actually hit him.

He didn’t dare to even pause for a bit and ran through the main road in a curved line. His company’s building was straight ahead on this road. The office was his only hope!

The police station was in a chaos by now. Numerous police ran toward the garage, people shouting at their communication devices. Then someone suddenly saw a blink on the ground. If the corner wasn’t kind of dark, he wouldn’t had noticed it.

He ran over and picked up that rice sized thing. A few gathered around him in a pleasant surprise. “Hurry, hurry get people from the technology department over! Colonel Chu Xuan left his positioning device! There must be messages left by him…”

Zheng wasn’t aware of what happened in the police station. When he got a thousand meter away, gunshots stopped. Yet he still ran in a curved line for several hundred meters. Then he stopped a car.

“Are you f*cking looking to die…” A yellow haired teenager was driving, with a pretty girl in the passenger seat.

Zheng sprayed the ground with his gun then pointed it at the teenager. “Get out!”

The teenager grabbed the girl and jumped out the car without a word. Just as Zheng got in the driver’s seat and brought Lori to his front, a bullet shot through the back and front windows of the car.

He stepped on the acceleration pedal then punched the front window. The sound of police sirens came from behind. When he took a look at the back, there were at least ten police cars chasing him. As well as people shooting at him.

The yellow haired teenager and girl were in shock. It wasn’t until the police cars went by that she shouted, “God, it’s a gunfight, a real gunfight, it’s so cool…” The teenager was about to exclaim when three helicopters flew over them.

Zheng’s mind was concentrating intensely. All that’s left in his mind was the road ahead. The car was running faster and faster, driving pass other cars on the road. Yet the police cars were following closely, not giving him any chance. The number of cars chasing increased as the chase went on, he also saw the three helicopters in the sky.

“Shit, is Xuan really that valuable? So many people…”

Zheng mumbled bitterly, but before he could finish the sentence, a bullet shot through his left hand. The bullet came from one of the helicopters. For a while he lost control of the steering wheel and almost hit the guardrail.

Zheng clenched his teeth and held on tight with his left hand. Even though his capitate bone was broken, he could still perform simple actions like holding onto the wheel. His other was hand was holding onto Lori.

The sniper fired a few more shots but they all missed due to the speed of the car. They were not aiming for the tires. If the car was to turn over at such speed, the people inside would definitely die.

The car was approaching the company building, it was just one turn away. But before Zheng could get excited, dozens of police cars blocked the street ahead.

“Lori…” Zheng said calmly.

“Eh?” Lori kept her head in Zheng’s chest the whole time, she couldn’t see what’s happening.

“Lori… We won’t die! We won’t! Whether in the real world or in the movies… We will live!”


Zheng lowered his head and stepped on the acceleration pedal. The car was running at its limit. It kept going despite bullets hitting on its body. With a loud bang, the car barrelled through three police cars and broke through the barricade. Though its speed also slowed down. The sniper on the helicopter immediately pulled the trigger and shot its tire. The car slide several thousand meters then hit the guardrail.

Zheng’s head also hit the steering wheel. The wheel was smashed to pieces, and scrapped a huge wound on his head. He recovered from the concussion in just a second then slashed the door with the knife. Zheng kicked the door away and was immediately hounded by a round of gunshots.

Without thinking, he carried Lori on his back, grabbed the submachine gun and ran out of the car. After spraying a few rounds at the police, he ran toward the company’s building. The building was in sight, about a thousand meter away.

At the same time, a bunch of researchers were in the police station. “It’s decrypted, the password was Colonel Chu Xuan’s personal authorization!”

Xuan was talking on the monitor, and the printer connected to this computer was printing blueprints non-stop. Yet no one even took a look at those blueprints. They were all staring at Xuan in shock. After the file ended, several researchers ran to the blueprints and started going through every page.

“Real, it’s real, all real! Haha…”

“Yes, it’s all real! This is the Gauss long distance canon! The thing Wang couldn’t finish during his lifetime…”

“This is the composition list of a high efficient battery. It really exists! Li, you died too early…”

As the researchers were laughing and crying at the same time, someone shouted, “Shit, get in contact with the frontline, get everyone back! Don’t shoot another bullet… And find a reason to send those four old people back, and…”

At this time Zheng had ran about a hundred meters away from the car. Just as he crossed a guardrail, a bullet shot through his left leg and made him roll on the ground. Then another bullet shot through his right leg.

‘Can’t die… Can’t die! I can’t die!’

Zheng screamed and that feeling of something within him unlocking appeared. He immediately shut off the pain from his legs and started running on all fours like an animal. That speed was even much faster than a regular person running. Not only that, he also became more sensitive to danger. He would start dodging before a shot was fired. That speed and the way he was running shocked the snipers.

He was getting closer to the building, yet because the door was tightly shut this time, he needed to break it open. This would require him to stop for a second. One second was enough for a sniper to headshot him. He wasn’t sure if they were attempting to capture him alive, but he couldn’t take the risk.


Zheng’s eyes turned red. He didn’t have the time to worry anymore. As he reached the door, he jumped over four meters high and slashed at it. At the same time Zheng felt an impact.

People in the helicopters were not only shocked, they were horrified. If you suddenly see someone jump four meters high, you would feel shocked and horrified. They watched as Zheng rolled into the building. Only one person fired a shot and hit Zheng on the back.

Zheng immediately got up from the ground and ran toward the emergency exit.

“We made it, Lori, we made it… We can definitely survive, we won’t… Lori?”

Zheng suddenly noticed something wrong with Lori. He brought her from his back to the front, then stopped dead. Lori’s waist was soaked with blood. It happened to be an area the vest didn’t cover. The bullet shot through her from the back. When he brought her to the front, the bullet fell out.

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