Vol 3 Chapter 2-1

Vol 3: Chapter 2-1.

Zheng lay on his bed with his eyes closed, sensing the circulation of his Qi.

It had been twenty-nine days since he came back to the real world. These days were the most peaceful days he’d ever had since entering God’s world.

During the day, he either took walks with his parents, or went shopping with Lori. As for the platinum, he sliced them into little pieces with his knife and sold most of them. This money would be enough for the two families to lead well-off lives for the next several dozen years. These days were also the most relaxing and comfortable. If the worries of God’s world were gone, then days like this would be like living in heaven.

Yet that Sword of Damocles felt so close. Once the thirty days of happiness were over, he had to continue on with the trials in God’s world. He would have to face monsters like Aliens, or zombies everywhere like in Resident Evil, perhaps they would be devils or ghosts. Once he was back in God’s world, he would be facing against death!

That’s why even in these thirty days he still practiced his Qi everyday. Every night he practiced using the knife, this was the only method that he could think of.

Having Qi in addition to four times a normal person’s strength and reaction speed made him reach an unimaginable height. He could beat over ten strong men within a minute; even if they were special agents, he could eventually win. And he wouldn’t get injured too much. Of course this was under the assumption that neither side used any weapons.

Zheng was not skilled with guns. He could maintain his accuracy within fifty meters, but once distances increased or the target’s speed was too fast, his accuracy would go downhill. He was strongest in close combat.

Especially now that he had the progressive knife. Even though the knife looked bland, totally black, about thirty centimeters long, and created using indistinguishable materials; just a light swing could slice through metal like it was air.

He didn’t feel any friction when he was slicing the platinum. The only weakness was if the target was too big and the knife got stuck inside it. The knife would stop its vibration and became just like a normal knife.

Other than familiarizing himself with using the knife, he practiced the application of Qi. Aside from using it to increase power and speed, he could focus it on a body part to increase defense temporarily or if he focused all of it on his hand, he could throw a bar with more power than without. Though every time he practiced it, he would remember that spacecraft…

Aside from these improvements, he also tested combining Qi and blood energy. He only successfully used blood energy once when he was not in unlocked mode.

“Still couldn’t do it.”

Zheng shook his head, he had tested it for a few days, yet that blood energy never moved out of his head. Though his Qi had increased a little bit from the training. Just like the description said, Qi could also increase from training. If he had enough time he could become like the characters in Wuxia novels.

A knock on the door followed by a little girl’s voice. “Pervert, are you still not up? You said you would bring me to take a look at school.”

Zheng got off the bed and opened the door. A girl rushed in then checked the whole room. “What are you looking for?”

“A woman,” Lori frowned. “It happens a lot in movies. When a man’s late at opening the door, then there’s a woman in his room, or a woman’s number on his phone.”

“Where did you see such boring movies? Those are just the director’s imaginings. Men in the real world wouldn’t be so careless.”

“From the way your talking, it seems like you really were talking to a woman on the phone, just that I’m not aware of it?”

Zheng embraced her. “How can that be possible, I don’t even have a phone. You checked my stuff every time you came over… Okay, stop acting so jealous. We will go have breakfast then I will take you to our high school.”

She smiled. “I’m only jealous because I know you don’t have a phone. If I find any of those women from your past in your room, then…”

Zheng knew not to reason with women, especially when they’re this young. They walked out of the room. He had been living in his parents’ house these days. The four parents were in the living room chatting and laughed when they saw Zheng and Lori came out.

Lori blushed then grabbed Zheng’s hand and ran toward the door. “Lori, eat breakfast first.”

“No, Auntie, we are going to eat in the school’s cafeteria. We can make it in time for lunch now. Dad, Mom, we will come back at night.”

Once outside the building, she said, “It’s all your fault, they were laughing at me. They probably knew what happened between us. It feels so embarrassed. How am I going to face them again?”

Zheng smiled and was about to reply, then his heart clenched. He was very familiar with this feeling, he experienced it a few times in Alien. This was a premonition of danger.

Without hesitation, he picked up Lori then ran to the side and stopped a taxi. It wasn’t until the taxi started moving that he felt relieved. But his back was already soaked in sweat.

Lori held onto his hand and said, “What happened just now?”

Zheng shook his head. “I don’t know. For a moment I felt something had locked onto me. It felt dangerous, like… aim, yes, it was like a sniper rifle aimed at us!”

On top of a tall building not far from them, several people with a sniper rifle on hand shook their heads. One talked into his communication device, “Target got in a car, license plate… His senses are sharp, I suspect that he might be a special agent from another country. He noticed when we just locked onto him. He’s also very strong, we will proceed with plan two.”

In the backseat of the taxi. Zheng had already calmed down. He started recalling all the possible enemies. The most probable were the local mafias because he sold several millions worth of platinum this month. Even though he used a middleman, it was still possible that the mafias found out about him. Though there’s one problem, why would the mafia have sniper rifles? This was China, not the US!

China was very strict with gun controls. So it was almost impossible for mafias to have any high-end weapons, especially this type of long distance firearm. The government wouldn’t allow it.

Then who else could it be? A party belonging to the government? Why? Was it because of the platinum? A few millions of platinum startled the government? That would only happen if this country’s population was under a million!

Zheng punched through the seat in front of him. The taxi driver was shocked when he saw that fist.

Lori got a hold of his arm and shouted, “What happened?! Pervert, what happened?! Stop hiding it from me.”

Zheng forced a smile. “It’s ok, Lori. I’m here. It’s just that we probably can’t say goodbye to our parents. Once the clock reaches 12am, thirty days are over… Lori, do you believe in me?”

She was about to cry but she still nodded her head.

“Then no matter what happens, you have to believe that I won’t leave you behind. No matter what!”

Zheng didn’t even know who the enemy was, or why they attacked him. Was it a misconception? Did they attack him… or was it Lori?

Today was the last day in this world. Zheng tried his best to plan his actions. Should he find a place to hide until 12 then run straight to the office, or should he hide right under the office building? No matter what, he must be there with Lori at 12, otherwise they would be erased once the clock ticked past 12.

As Zheng was pondering anxiously, the taxi was stuck in a traffic jam. He didn’t pay much attention at first, because this was a busy area. Yet as the taxi creeped forward, he saw a temporary barricade in the front. At the same time, several police officers came over to their window.

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