Chapter 43 - Fight!

Chapter 43 - Fight!

Three questions?

Most of the people present were clearly confused when they heard Chen Xi’s conditions, and those people who had dirty minds guessed. Could it be that this kid wasn’t to ask Miss Su some private questions?

“Audacious! Establish a vow of the heart under the Dao of the Heaven isn’t a trifling matter! How respected is Miss Su’s identity! Could it be that she must answer anything you ask? This condition of yours is going too far!” On the city wall, Cang Bin burst in rage and he shouted out explosively, as an extremely terrifying imposing manner filled the entire scene, seeming as if the most piercingly cold wave of winter air had suddenly arrived.

Under this domineering and fierce might, the expressions of everyone present went pale, the legs of some cultivators with comparatively inferior strength went soft and they directly fell on their butts. The entire scene was in chaos.

Cang Bin’s eyes stared at Chen Xi with overflowing killing intent.

“What? Don’t dare?” Chen Xi who was in the eye of the storm still stayed calm as usual, his voice was calm and indifferent, without a shred of emotion.

A few words that brought along no emotion instead caused Su Jiao to feel Chen Xi’s incomparably strong ridicule.

Su Jiao waved her hand to stop Cang Bin that had nearly gone berserk, and said with an icy cold voice, “Okay, I’ll agree to it. But as far as I’m concerned, this condition is bound to not be realized.”

After she finished speaking, she shot her gaze at Li Huai and said coldly, “Brother Li, I’ll leave this battle to you, you’d better not disappoint me.”

“He will surely lose.” Li Huai smiled confidently and the space between his brows was filled with fierce killing intent. To him, if he were to be victorious in this battle, then he would undoubtedly be able to win over Su Jiao’s heart. So, he’d already decided that even if he had to put his life on the line, he would still fiercely trample upon Chen Xi!

“Qingxi, how’s Chen Xi’s cultivation?” Within the crowd, Duanmu Ze frowned as he asked. There was no disdain within his words any longer, because what Song Lin said earlier allowed him to have a whole new understanding of Chen Xi.

Du Qingxi was stunned then shook her head. “I only know that he merely has a cultivation at the Congenital Realm. As for how is his strength, I do not know clearly.”

“Congenital Realm? Then isn’t he utterly finished?” Duanmu Ze himself had a cultivation at the Violet Palace Realm, thus he was naturally extremely familiar with the ability of a Violet Palace Realm cultivator. As far as he was concerned, even if Li Huai’s cultivation was restrained at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm, he was absolutely not someone Chen Xi could go against. The gap between Realms was something that was impossible to make up.

“That may not be so. Chen Xi is no ordinary Congenital Realm cultivator, let’s wait and see.” Song Lin lightly smiled, and his gaze upon Chen Xi had a trace of a strange color.

Du Qingxi and Duanmu Ze both glanced at Song Lin in bewilderment, seeming to have never expected that Song Lin would have such a high evaluation of Chen Xi.

At this moment, no one present said another word and they all held their breaths. Everyone knew that the meaning of the battle that was about to begin had already become completely different.

Chen Xi was expressionless as he silently stood there without moving.

If it wasn’t for him speaking earlier, people might even suspect that he wasn’t alive.

Chen Xi was doing his best to suppress the flames of rage within his body, yet his mind was surprisingly calm at this moment and this was an extremely strange state. Within his formidable physique that was tempered to the Congenital Realm by the Universe Starslayer Body Forging Arts, the blood, bones, and even nerves within his entire body seemed to be about to burn as they carried along dense yearning.

Yearning to vent the battle intent that caused him to tremble!

He could clearly feel that within his sea of consciousness, the energy of his soul seemed as if it had become excited and was raging madly. His brain was like ice that was covered by a ball of flames, and everything including the smallest detail within 50km was completely reflected within his eyes.

Du Qingxi abruptly noticed that a wisp of color suddenly lit up within Chen Xi’s empty and indifferent eyes, like a strand of sunlight that had passed through the dense darkness before dawn. Subsequently, it brightened bit by bit and in almost an instant, these bits of light gathered within Chen Xi’s eyes to become a raging sea of flames.


The grievance and hatred that was suppressed within his heart for 10 over year transformed into terrifying battle intent that was released without reservation, and with Chen Xi as the center, a shockingly imposing manner swept out to cover the entire heaven and earth!

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed like a treasured sword whose edge had been completely revealed; a treasured sword that stood there ramrod straight and even wanted to pierce a hole through the heavens.

The expression of Li Huai who stood facing Chen Xi went serious, he was able to clearly feel the incomparably frenzied battle intent of Chen Xi’s and that fierce imposing manner that was fearless of death!

This fellow wants to fight with his life? Unfortunately, he’s still too green…

Li Huai firmly grasped the Pine Ripple Sword in his hand as cold lights abruptly appeared within his eyes and the True Essence within his entire body revolved. The air within 10m of his surroundings was instantly thrown into disorder by the terrifyingly imposing manner that surged out from his body.

Battle intent billowed and killing intent raged, even the air became incomparably heavy from the confrontation between Chen Xi and Li Huai. The onlookers were shocked in their hearts, and they forcefully held their eyes wide open, fearing they would miss a tiny detail of the battle.

Li Huai took the initiative to attack, the tip of his foot lightly tapped the ground. In the next moment, his entire body suddenly appeared in mid-air without the slightest sign, and the Pine Ripple Sword in his hand created a myriad of sword images that swiftly shot straight downwards like a sharp arrow!


The fierce and swift sword light flashed past and tore open the sky; it emitted an ear piercing and unpleasantly sharp howl that grew louder by the moment and was like a clear cry of a white crane.

“Pinecloud Thousand Crane Awl!” A surprised exclamation sounded out from within the crowd.

Pinecloud Thousand Crane Awl was one of the killer-moves of the intermediate-grade martial technique, Pinecrane Sword Scripture. This move had already transcended basic-stage martial techniques to attain the level of advanced-stage. The moment it was executed, the myriad of sword lights would condense into one, the whistling it emitted as it tore through the sky sounded out like a tide and seemed like the cries of a group of cranes. The speed of this move and the greatness of its might was beyond imagination as well.

Normally speaking, only Violet Palace Realm cultivators that were able to fly in the sky were able to master its essence!

No one had expected that Li Huai would use such a killer-move right off the bat, and at the same time that they felt shocked, they couldn’t help but start worrying for Chen Xi.

Is this kid able to dodge an advanced-stage sword technique?

Chen Xi didn’t dodge. He raised his head and that pair of eyes of his that was filled with burning battle intent instantly became crystal-clear and reflected the entire battlefield.

Chen Xi’s enormous Perception Force was like the countless tentacles of an octopus as it clearly caught all the changes between Li Huai’s sword skill, and in practically an instant he’d observed a trace of a flaw, and his eyes abruptly lit up.

Chaotic Windsplit Sword Vortex!


The Azurebolt Sword waved about at a shocking frequency as it drew out countless perfectly round sword arcs in the air before finally transforming into a vortex of sword lights.

The vortex revolved madly, and it minced the air to emit dense explosive booms from the fine shattering of the air.

It was at this moment that Li Huai’s sword strike that was condensed from a myriad of sword lights tore through the sky to arrive before Chen Xi.

This sword strike was one of Li Huai’s killer-moves. He was confident that even if it was a cultivator that was similarly at the Violet Palace Realm as him, the cultivator wouldn’t dare take this sword strike of his head on. In his eyes, Chen Xi who didn’t evade was undoubtedly courting death!

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

However, what Li Huai had never imagined was that the sword strike he condensed from a myriad of sword light wasn’t able to move forward once it came into contact with the sword vortex before Chen Xi. Then, he saw the sword vortex before Chen Xi suddenly start revolving madly like a millstone that was set into motion and ceaselessly weakened the impulsive force on his sword. The tip of the sword that was covered in a myriad of sword lights was actually like a candle that melted at a visible speed!

Sword qi vortex? What sword technique is this? Li Huai was shocked inwardly and he hurriedly withdrew his sword and retreated.

His offensive had fallen apart and if he still didn’t retreat, then he would only be giving his opponent an opportunity to take advantage of.


However, right at the instant Li Huai withdrew his sword and retreated, the sword vortex before Chen Xi that revolved madly stopped suddenly and exploded with a bang.

The airflow within the entire battlefield shattered with a bang and it emitted a wave of oppressive booms. The sword qi that was formed from countless perfectly round sword arcs was like a meteor as it violently shot out, flashing explosively towards Li Huai who was retreating!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Pine Ripple Sword in Li Huai’s hands was utilized by him to form an impenetrable barrier before him that even a splash of water could not pass through, and it barely blocked the swift and fierce sword qi that blotted out the sky and covered the earth as it approached him. Even though he wasn’t injured, his body was affected by the continuous impulsive force of the sword qi and he embarrassingly retreated over 30m away.

“How can this be possible, Li Huai’s Pinecloud Thousand Crane Awl was actually taken head on by this kid!?”

“When did the Jinx become so formidable? That’s a killer-move that’s at the advanced-stage! Could it be that this kid has always been concealing his strength?”

“Splendid! Li Huai originally planned to put a show of force to Chen Xi with a single move. But he never expected that he would instead be forced to retreat for over 30m by Chen Xi. This is truly a great loss of face!”

Within a single move, Chen Xi’s combat strength that was beyond imagination caused everyone present to feel disbelief. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried bewilderment, surprise, astonishment, disappointment… They seemed to have never expected that the fellow who they thought  would lose without a doubt would actually explode forth with such a ferocious combat strength.

“It seems to be… The Chaotic Windsplit Sword Technique?” Duanmu Ze was slightly unsure as the move that Chen Xi executed had a form similar to the Chaotic Windsplit Sword Technique, but its style and might had become even better, seeming to already start taking the shape of a high-grade martial technique.

“I think it’s similar too.” Du Qingxi recalled the scene from before and felt extremely bewildered as well.

The two of them didn’t know that after Chen Xi purchased the Chaotic Windsplit Sword Technique’s jade slip, it was improved by Ji Yu, which was as good as being reborn. The moves had become even more simple and direct, yet its might instead multiplied explosively.

“The Chaotic Windsplit Sword Technique he cultivated is different from the one sold commercially, and it ought to have been personally improved by an expert. Even though the moves are different, its style is even more profound and succinct. It’s extremely extraordinary.”

Song Lin had a burning gaze as he exclaimed in surprise. “I wonder who that expert is? This level of ability to transform the normal into extraordinary is probably something only an almighty expert whose comprehension in the Martial Dao has transcended the mundane is able to perform.”

Du Qingxi and Duanmu Ze glanced at each other when they heard this, and they both felt it to be beyond belief. Could it be that there was an extraordinary expert backing Chen Xi?

“Li Huai’s sword technique has already attained the advanced-stage, yet he was forced into such a sorry state by that trash, Chen Xi. Brother Cang, are you able to perceive the secret behind it?” Atop the city wall, Su Jiao’s expression was like frost. She was inwardly astonished by Chen Xi’s combat strength and felt a trace of rage towards Li Huai’s failure.

“Li Huai was careless, the sword technique of that kid has already attained the advanced-stage and isn't inferior to Li Huai in the slightest. Li Huai was forced into such a sorry state because of being caught off-guard.”

Cang Bin briefly pondered before continuing. “But we don’t have to worry. Although Li Huai in unable to utilize the advantage of his Violet Palace Realm cultivation within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, his True Essence, Magic Treasures, and his other equipment are absolutely not something that kid is able to go against.”

Su Jiao nodded and didn’t say anything further.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated you.” Li Huai stabilized himself and coldly stared at Chen Xi who was over 30m away. Being forced to retreat within a single move by trash from an impoverished family caused Li Huai, who was arrogant and conceited, to feel extreme humiliation.

At this moment, when he heard the whispers of discussion coming from the surroundings, his expression became even more icy cold and gloomy; flames of rage suddenly surged up into his chest and the imposing manner on his body rose explosively!

A sword cry that was like a roar exploded out!

Li Huai openly released his killing intent as the True Essence within his entire body surged. “After this, I’ll use the sword in my hand to prove how large the gap between us actually is!”

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