Chapter 42 - Chen Xi’s Rage

Chapter 42 - Chen Xi’s Rage

Bloodbath City was the first city after entering Bloody Mountain.

On this first day that the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain was opened, so long as it was a cultivator that survived through the Dusty Nightmare Area, then they would mostly head towards Bloodbath City.

As the only gate to Bloodbath City, there were already a large number of cultivators gathered here.

Li Huai choosing to fight here had undoubtedly obstructed the paths of everyone. But at this moment, no one cared, as liking to watch a scene was a common character of humans, and cultivators were no exception. At this moment, they all stood in the distance and watched on with their arms crossed before their chests.

The moment Li Huai drew his sword, the grand and majestic imposing manner of his sword drew numerous gazes of surprise, as everyone felt that beneath this sword, those three Redleaf Institution disciples that had obviously been scared stiff would surely die on the spot.

Some people had already revealed expression of being unable to bear to watch what was about to happen.


Right at this moment, a sound that was like the roar of a dragon abruptly sounded out, and a wisp of a black shadow suddenly leaped into the battle. The sword in the hand of the black figure was like the Milky Way in the nine heavens as it swept out with a loud bang.

Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

A string of dense, ear piercing sounds shook up the surrounding, after which everyone saw the myriad of sword lights that were like raindrops in the sky had all shattered and vanished. Whereas before Lu Shaocong’s group of three, there shockingly stood a tall youth.

“Fuck! That sure kill sword strike was actually fully blocked. There’s a good show to see now!”

“Eh, why is it the jinx, Chen Xi? When did he become so formidable?”

“Formidable? Jinx is courting death! That Li Huai is the eldest son from the number one great clan of Pine Mist City, the Li Clan. Since he came out of closed door cultivation three months ago, he’d already attained the Violet Palace Realm. I presume he’s consumed something similar to an Essenceseal Pill to enter the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. But even then, he’s still able to annihilate most perfection-stage Congenital Realm cultivators. Tell me, if Jinx isn’t courting death, then what’s he doing?”

“What’s he doing?” Hearing the discussions from the surroundings, Duanmu Ze frowned as he gazed at Chen Xi, then said with a ridiculing tone, “Stupidly charging forward to rescue others. Could it be that he’s thinking that he has our protection, so he can act willfully?”

Du Qingxi didn’t say anything as she was bewildered in her heart as well.

Song Lin who’d always been in a drowsy state was now in high spirits and his eyes were bright as they gazed at Chen Xi while he spoke out in heartfelt admiration. “The people of ancient times were compassionate and warm hearted; they were full of virtue and a sense of justice. The food Chen Xi makes is tasty and his heart is extremely good as well, I can be happy throughout my lifetime with such a friend.”

Du Qingxi and Duanmu Ze were both stunned when they heard this and they fell into silence.

Is he overestimating himself? But, I ask myself, why is he doing this?

When everyone differentiates their interpersonal relationship based on benefits and strength, isn’t it a lucky thing to be able to have such a person that flings caution in the wind for the sake of his friends?

Chen Xi was utterly clueless that his actions had moved Du Qingxi and Duanmu Ze so greatly.

He was currently on the alert and combat ready, and he had no time to pay attention to the surroundings.

Lu Shaocong’s group of three had already retreated from the battlefield. They felt gratitude from the bottom of their hearts towards Chen Xi who’d saved them once again, and they knew that if they continued to stay within the battlefield at this moment, they would only be a distraction to Chen Xi and were of no benefit to the battle.

However, they’d already decided since long ago, that if misfortune were to befall Chen Xi, then even if the three of them had to lay down their lives, they would still put their bodies before Chen Xi, and make sure to win a slight opportunity for Chen Xi to survive. Because Chen Xi was worthy of them doing so!

“I was originally still thinking how to capture you and help Miss Su vent her anger. But now, you’ve come over on your own accord. You’ve truly given me a pleasant surprise.”

Li Huai’s long hair was scattered on his shoulder and he had a cold and indifferent expression as he gazed at Chen Xi as if gazing at something dead. Then he raised the sword in his hand before slowly pointing it at Chen Xi. “This sword is called Pine Ripple, and it’s a graded Magic Treasure. Do you dare fight me?”

A mere sentence fully expressed the arrogance and conceit of Li Huai, and it brought about cheers from everyone in the surroundings.


Someone within the crowd cried out in a loud voice.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The fervor of the surrounding crowd was instantly lit ablaze, and they all shouted out loudly with voices that shot into the sky, causing all the far away cultivators to look over. In the end, the other cultivators were unable to suppress the curiosity in their hearts and they all rushed over.

“Why would I not dare?” Chen Xi took a deep breath and said coldly.

Along with Chen Xi finishing his words, the surrounding voices instantly vanished and only the whistling of the wind remained. An oppressive and strained atmosphere silent suffused out into the surroundings, everyone was set for a showdown!

The two parties that were confronting each other had gazes filled with intense hostility, and this caused everyone to be even more excited. Their gazes shot out in unison towards the two people that were in conflict, and they stared unblinkingly, seeming to be extremely afraid of missing even a slight detail.

Li Huai was the eldest son of the Li Clan who possessed extraordinary natural talent and possessed both a good foundation and a good constitution. He’d already advanced to the Violet Palace Realm at a young age and was absolutely one of the leading figures amongst the younger generation of Pine Mist City. Whereas, although everyone unanimously didn’t look favorably on Chen Xi, it was of no importance, as what everyone anticipated the most was actually Li Huai’s show.

It’s the Violet Palace Realm!

Most of the people present had a strength that was around the Congenital Realm, and they were undoubtedly filled with curiosity towards the combat ability of a Violet Palace Realm cultivator. They knew that this was a superb opportunity to learn as they would completely have no chance at any other time.

“Wait.” But, right at the instant the battle was on the verge of breaking out, a tranquil voice sounded out from atop the city wall and it caused a wave of displeasure in the crowd.

What the fuck? Coming out to disturb the battle at this time, isn’t that too brainless?

However, when they raised their heads and glanced over, the displeasure in their hearts instantly vanished.

They saw a young woman in black clothes standing on the city wall, her sweet and charming appearance seemed to be covered in a layer of an enchanting and alluring sheen under the dark red sky, and it was shockingly the genius from the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan, Su Jiao.

Cang Bin was beside Su Jiao. This young man that was reputed as the Little Sword Devil stood atop the city wall with eyes and brows that contained fiendishness. Although he hadn’t said a word, the domineering and ferocious aura on his body instead caused others to be unable to overlook him.

These two people were core disciples from the six great clans of Dragon Lake City. Compared to them, Li Huai wasn’t able to compare with them, regardless of if it was status, identity, or his level of cultivation. At this moment when Su Jiao came forward to interrupt the battle, even though everyone wanted to get angry, they were helpless.

However, what Su Jiao said next instead once again lit up the fervor within the hearts of everyone present.

“Fellow Daoist Li Huai’s strength isn’t bad, but Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s strength isn’t bad either. If a battle that’s the focus of attention of everyone isn’t set off by a wager, then wouldn’t it be too tasteless?”

Su Jiao’s fine eyes held a smile as she glanced fluidly around the crowd, and after she finished speaking, she didn’t ask Chen Xi if he agreed before speaking loudly to the surrounding people. “What does everyone think of my suggestion?”

It was normal for her to say that Li Huai’s strength wasn’t bad, but saying Chen Xi’s strength wasn’t bad caused most people to be astonished. Earlier, although Chen Xi successfully saved Lu Shaocong’s group of three from Li Huai, that was obtaining success by seizing the opportunity of Li Huai being unprepared and taking him by surprise. How could he be a match for Li Huai in a true battle?

Under these circumstances where the outcome of the battle could be roughly determined, putting in an extra wager was obviously an unnecessary action and it exceeded the expectations of everyone.

But when Su Jiao suddenly asked all of them, these fellows that craved for nothing more than to stir up trouble all shouted at the top of their voices. “It’s good!”

Wager? Duanmu Ze couldn’t help but be amused. This was no battle, it was virtually like fighting in the ring for the bride. But Du Qingxi who was staring at the battle didn’t feel amused in the slightest.

A few simple words from Su Jiao and Chen Xi had fallen into the state of having no way to back down. If he were to shrink back now, then he would surely be crowned with the reputation of being cowardly. Moreover, all the people here would probably not agree to it.

Most importantly, practically everyone knew that when Chen Xi was born, he was betrothed to Su Jiao. Although the marriage contract had already been destroyed, when faced with the suggestion of Su Jiao who was his former ‘fiancée’ in name, If Chen Xi were to shrink back, it would undoubtedly be telling everyone — Look, how could a pussy like this be worthy of the Eldest Young Miss of the Su Clan? His marriage contract being destroyed was only an action the Su Clan had no choice but to do.

“What’s the wager?” Chen Xi stared at Su Jiao who was atop the city wall with an emotionless gaze, and his voice was indifferently like an icy cold machine.

“It’s very simple. If you lose, then hand over the Nether Enlightenment Token, cripple your own cultivation and apologize to me in acknowledgment that the marriage contract between you and me being destroyed was completely your fault.” Right after Chen Xi finished speaking, Su Jiao said in a straightforward manner, seeming as if she’d thought of these conditions since a long time ago.

Nether Enlightenment Token!

There were several tens of people whose expressions focused when they heard these words, Their gazes all shot at Chen Xi and a wisp of indescribable greed arose within their eyes.

Nether Enlightenment Token? I never expected that Chen Xi actually had one in his possession… But these conditions are too venomous. She’s obviously doing these because she wants to ruthlessly humiliate Chen Xi in front of everyone!

Du Qingxi’s beautiful brows frowned, then she looked at Chen Xi, but she instead saw his expression was indifferent as before and she was unable to discern what he thought in his heart.

Chen Xi did indeed possess a Nether Enlightenment Token, he’d obtained it from the two-headed Violet Rhino greater demon and he’d not understood its effects all along. But at this moment, his attention wasn’t on this.

His entire mind was as if struck by thunder when he heard the last condition that Su Jiao put forward.

The scenes of his marriage contract being destroyed surged into his mind — the disdainful gazes of the Su Clan cultivators, the pained and miserable appearance of his grandfather, the loud laughter of the surrounding people, the shreds of the marriage contract that drifted gracefully through the air…

She instead took this as a condition, having no scruples about it being in front of everyone, and she wants me to acknowledge that all this was my fault?

Every word of what Su Jiao said entered ever so clearly into Chen Xi’s ears and fiercely hammered onto his heart. He felt his mind explode with a bang, and a burst of courage surged up from within him. There was anger held within his chest, and this anger accumulated to become stronger and stronger, to the point that the pores in his entire body were filled to the point they grew rapidly and were on the verge of splitting.

At this moment, as he gazed at the sweet and charming young girl that stood atop the city wall, Chen Xi had a strong urge to blast her to pieces!

But, his expression was unusually calm, calm to the point there wasn’t even a slight ripple or fluctuation, like a pool of stagnant water. His pair of eyes were empty and gray like ash, and not a trace of emotion could be discerned from him.

If Chen Hao was here, he would surely understand that his brother was enraged! Completely enraged! Because no one knew how strong the rage and killing intent hidden behind his brother’s pair of empty eyes were!

Everyone that had waited silently for a long time finally heard Chen Xi speak.

His low and deep voice surged with a force that caused one’s heart to palpitate. “I’ll agree to your conditions, but I similarly have conditions of my own.”

“Speak. Although the marriage contract between the two of us has been destroyed, so long as your conditions don’t go too far, I can agree to all of them.” Su Jiao lightly smiled, and her sweet and charming face was dyed in boundless flirtation, teasing to the point that the minds of everyone became unsettled.

“Establish a vow of the heart under the Dao of the Heavens before everyone. Truthfully answer three questions of mine. If there’s any deception, then face the wrath of the heavens!” Chen Xi spoke word by word and his expression became even calmer, as if he was stating something that was not related to him in the slightest.

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