Chapter 5 - Chance Encounter with the Cold Female Doctor

Chapter 5 - Chance Encounter with the Cold Female Doctor

Sitting back in the POLO, Cai Yan saw Su Tao going back into silence, as if he was a different person earlier, and said with complex feelings, “You’re very courageous earlier. Even my legs had gone soft after seeing those beefy rogues.”

Su Tao withdrew his gaze from the nightscape beyond the car window and looked at Cai Yan’s exquisite face. Her hair was bundled up, revealing her pearly-white ears and delicate earlobes, her cyan veins could be seen.

It was easy to rouse the desire in the hearts of any man because of Cai Yan’s gentle appearance. This was the reason why Scar teased her.

Cai Yan wore a rather long dress today, which covered to her knees. When she stepped on the gas, her legs had to split apart, opening a tiny crack, revealing a portion of her smooth thigh that could easily cause an upheaval in the thoughts of others, fantasising if other scenes might be revealed.

Su Tao dryly coughed, then looked ahead. “I really did not intend to fight. But the law is useless against them. Compared to that, fists are more effective.”

“So you intended to fight from the beginning?” Cai Yan was speechless when she finally understood why Su Tao had previously said that he would try not to make a move. At that time, she still felt that Su Tao was boasting.

“This is just the beginning.” Su Tao optimistically smiled. “I’ll deal with whatever that comes.”

Su Tao had been drifting around for years, experiencing too much, thus he was good at keeping his composure. But still, he was an unyielding man deep in his bones with the ‘if others do not provoke me, I will not provoke others’ kind of mindset.

He might look gentle and mild on the surface, but he was a real man in his heart. Protecting the Three Flavour Hall was his responsibility. So if anyone wanted to harm it, he would not care what background that fellow had and he would definitely repay the debt ten-fold.

Cai Yan inwardly sighed. Right from the beginning, Su Tao had already intended to use his fists to inform the developer that he was not someone to be trifled with.

However, she heard rumours that the developer was very powerful, so the developer would definitely not give up on the demolition. Would Su Tao be able to come out unscattered next time?

When Su Tao saw that Cai Yan had suddenly gone silent, he took the initiative to start a topic, “Actually, there’s no need for you to come to the Three Flavour Hall to see your illness. Take your medication according to the prescription that I have given you. At most, you will recover in two months.”

Cai Yan blinked her eyes, before she smiled. “Why? You’re thinking that I’m troublesome?”

Su Tao shook his head as he explained, “Your illness isn’t anything big, but at the same time, it isn’t anything small. It’s tough to cure the root, I can only stabilise your illness. The main thing is still your heart, so I said a couple of jokes to you every day to let your heart maintain a cheerful mood.”

Cai Yan replied, “Why did you not tell me that earlier?”

If I told you, then I would not be a doctor but a fool. Su Tao thought inwardly as he smiled, “Sometimes, doctors lie when examining the illness. That’s because the patient is extremely fragile and sensitive. So if we directly told them the illness, it might have a negative effect instead.”

Cai Yan was stunned, before she pursued, “Then, why are you telling me now?”

Su Tao swept a glance at Cai Yan’s glittering eyes and answered, “Because we’re friends.”

Earlier, when Cai Yan faced Scar and his goons, she stood up and spoke for him, which made Su Tao feel grateful.

Cai Yan smiled, before she mocked herself, “So you’ve always been treating me like a stranger.”

“Previously, our relationship was only that of a doctor and patient.” Su Tao explained as he continued, “But since we’ve fought together side-by-side, we’re comrades now.”

Cai Yan’s gaze fell on the road before her, before she felt a sweetness in her heart, then she sent Su Tao to the pharmacy before leaving.

When Su Tao returned to his bedroom, he took out a medical trunk that looked to have some age. When he opened it, there was a notebook that looked tattered on the outside. This was the medical journal of Su Guangsheng that had his insight from his years of practising medicine.

Su Tao flipped to the last page and pondered for a long time before placing the notebook back in the medical trunk. If everything went as he expected, then the boss of the development project, Nie Weiting, would send someone at him again in about one or two days.

On the second day, Su Tao brought along his medical trunk as he applied acupuncture for Vera. In the treatment process, there was only him and Vera due to the patient’s privacy.

Vera was preparing to remove her patient clothes and half of her pearly-white skin was revealed. Su Tao swept a glance, then immediately stopped her and smiled, “We’re doing acupuncture today, there’s no need to remove your clothes.”

Vera initially thought that she had to be naked today as well for the treatment, since she only wore an outer garment. She didn’t even wear any undergarments, so her towering chest bumped out an awl. There were two pink buttons before her chest. She was only wearing a silk dress, blurring things out.

Although Su Tao had seen her naked body before, there was an additional flavour in Vera when she wore clothes, compared to her not wearing any, giving more room for fantasy to wander.

Vera looked at Su Tao’s limpid eyes, then smiled, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Su Tao helplessly smiled an inwardly sighed. You removed your clothes too quickly, how can I remind you in time?

Because the acupuncture needles was the medium, Su Tao would have an easier time compared to yesterday. After finishing the acupuncture process, Su Tao had also brewed the medicine required in the morning and passed it to Vera. Vera tried a sip it, then wiped her lips, revealing a disgusted expression.

Su Tao smiled, then gave Vera a leaf and smiled, “Put the leaf in your mouth and suck on it. This way, it will not be so hard for you to drink.”

Vera placed the leaf in her mouth, then she closed her tender rosy lips. She seemed to be firming her mind before taking another mouthful of the medicine before exclaiming in surprise, “This is truly magical. Why is it no longer so bitter? What is this leaf called?”

Su Tao watched Vera’s brows loosening up. After two days of Qi unblocking her acupoints, her illness was clearly under control and her mood was also more stable without any symptoms of bursting with emotions.

He smiled and explained, “The name for this is Sweet Tea Leaf. Grown on the cliff of high mountains with 300% more sweetness than sugarcane. It is also 1/300 of the sugarcane’s heat with the effect of clearing the internal heat and detoxifying the body. It can also moisten the lungs, dissolve phlegms and stop coughs. It’s extremely beneficial for your Bronchitis.”

Vera took a deep glance at Su Tao, then said, “Tao, you’re truly a magical person to let me deeply fall in love with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Are you interested in becoming my personal doctor? I will definitely give you a satisfying pay.”

Su Tao shrugged his shoulders, then humorously smiled. “Vera, I like our current relationship better. I am your doctor, but we do not have any direct employment relationships. If I become your personal doctor, then you will become my boss and we will not be able to converse so casually as we do now.”

Although he was speaking in this manner through his mouth, he was thinking this way in his heart. If I become your subordinate, how am I going to woo you?

Vera smiled, “Tao, you’re the most interesting Chinese person that I have met. Thank you for opening a new world for me.”

Hysteria patient suffered from psychological effects, thus they would view the world with pessimism, no different from a blind man. So when Vera’s emotions balanced out at this moment, it was akin to her discovering a new world.

Su Tao slightly smiled. “Although I cannot become your personal doctor, I do have a pharmacy where I am the doctor-in-charge. So you can come to look for me at any time.”

Finishing his words, Su Tao passed his name card, which he had recently printed, over to Vera.

If he wants to revitalise the Three Flavour Hall, then he would have to advertise. Although it was akin to snatching patients from Jianghuai Hospital, Su Tao did not feel any guilt.

He treated Vera through his own capabilities and the Jianghuai Hospital had not informed him of any consultation and treatment fees, which made Su Tao feel insincere.

Vera carefully stored the name card and smiled. “I will become your frequent customer.”

Su Tao looked at Vera’s pretty face and already had a plan in his heart. When Vera comes to the Three Flavour Hall the next time, he must definitely advertise around that even a foreigner was willing to cheer on the Three Flavour Hall. So wouldn’t the patients of his grandfather come back to the Three Flavour Hall as loyal customers?

Naturally, aside from that, no one would refuse to see such a beautiful woman more frequently.

When Su Tao left the room, he was sandwiched by two people. It was the Hospital’s President, Di Shiyuan and Chief of the City Health Bureau, Cao Jun.

Di Shiyuan feared that Su Tao might flee, so he dragged Su Tao by the arm and smiled. “The Secretary of the Municipal Committee wishes to see you. He’s waiting in my office at the moment and has already been here for an hour. He heard that you’re treating Miss Vera, so he has waited for an hour.”

Letting a Secretary of the Municipal Committee wait for an hour didn’t seem proper, so Su Tao smiled. “Then bring me to see Secretary Zhang then.”

The President’s office was smaller than what he had imagined, it was barely 10 square meters with an office desk and files placed on it. Although it wasn’t messy, the tattered bookcase and the locker with peeling paint made it look somewhat shabby. The only bright spot was the various pennants hung on the wall.

The simple and unadorned office made Su Tao feel respectful of Di Shiyuan.

“Secretary Zhang, this is the person that has done a good job in treating Miss Vera, Su Tao.” Di Shiyuan took a step forth and initiated the introduction.

Zhang Ping examined Su Tao. He never expected him to be so young. He smiled, “Heroes really do come from the younger generation.”

Su Tao immediately smiled, “Thank you, Secretary Zhang, for your praise.”

After several greetings, the few of them sat on the sofa while Secretary Zhang Ping started to make tea.

Zhang Ping casually said, “Just moments ago, Vera has already entrusted someone to sign a contract with us worth 500,000,000 yuan, two times more than what we have expected. Thus, we can see that the medical section is also a very important investment environment.”

Cao Jun quickly followed with a smile, “Jianghuai Hospital is currently establishing a specialised group of doctors. Upon completion, the main objective for it is to service VIPs and leaders.”

Zhang Ping nodded his head. “From this sudden occurrence, it’s definitely needed. But do pay attention that it does not violate the law.”

According to the law, only Deputy State-levelled leaders could be qualified to possess a specialised group of doctors. In other words, the important leaders of Huainan Province. Their healthcare was also the specially selected specialists.

There weren’t any safeguards for regional officials, since they were all managed by the group of specialists in the best regional hospital.

To regulate the regional officials' healthcare was the reason why the Chief of the City Health Bureau, Cao Jun, wanted to establish a private group of specialists. He naturally needed a good reason for it, not only would the group provide healthcare services, it would even provide the best healthcare for important investors.

So when Cao Jun saw that Zhang Ping had already agreed to this proposal, he immediately answered, “I will submit the proposal next week.”

“I will inform my comrades from the finance department about this matter so that there are appropriate funds.” Zhang Ping looked at Su Tao and smiled. “Before I forget, such an outstanding specialist like Su Tao must be invited into the private specialist group.”

Thus, the matter of Su Tao entering the private specialist group had become a political task.

Since the Secretary of the Municipal Committee has already spoken, there wasn’t a reason for Su Tao to refuse. After sending Zhang Ping and Cao Jun off, Di Shiyuan was alone with Su Tao in the office. He pondered before opening attractive terms.

“I understand your job in the Three Flavour Hall. But as long as you’re willing to enter the specialist group of Jianghuai Hospital, I will give you a special policy. For example, I will not restrict you to full-time duties in the hospital. Aside from special tasks, you don’t need to show yourself at all, and at the same time, you will enjoy higher benefits compared to the other specialists.”

Su Tao showed a difficult expression as he answered, “President Di, I am well-aware of your sincerity. But if I enter the specialist group in this manner, I believe that there will be others unhappy about it, right?"

When Di Shiyuan saw Su Tao becoming silent, he continued to fan the fire, “If you want to develop your Three Flavour Hall, it’s insufficient to rely on Old Su’s operating methods. You have to walk out of the original method and link resources to yourself in order to develop. Right now, only the Jianghuai Hospital can offer you good resources and a platform for you to display your talent.”

Have to say, despite his unremarkable appearance, Di Shiyuan’s mouth was eloquent and bewitching. The moment he spoke, he had already unveiled Su Tao’s inner thoughts.

Su Tao faintly smiled. “President Di, then I will give it a try. But if the team is not up to standard, please allow me to leave.”

Seeing that he had finally convinced Su Tao after exerting all he had, Di Shiyuan felt inwardly relieved and nodded his head. “I will strictly request the standard from the members in the specialist group, you’re not an exception as well.”

Zhang Ping meeting with Su Tao was secretly planned by Di Shiyuan, since he knew that unless there was sufficient weight in ranks, it would be hard to make Su Tao change his mind. Therefore, he had ingeniously got the Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Zhang Ping, to show up to gold plate the doctor specialist group even more.

With a perfect prospect, only then would a capable doctor like Su Tao be willing to join.

Di Shiyuan stood up, then patted Su Tao’s shoulders and smiled, “Then, it’s settled. I will get someone to arrange a post for you. Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, how does it sound? You won’t have many things to do normally, one day of outpatient service suits you.”

Su Tao nodded his head as he smiled, “We’ll go as what you’ve just said.”

The Traditional Chinese Medical Department was an idle department, but Di Shiyan wanted to revitalise this department. Thus he placed Su Tao in and if Su Tao went in, then he would definitely be the leading figure.

Walking towards the lift, a fragrance suddenly blew in his face. Su Tao swiftly reacted by gently leaping, stretching his hands to stop the other party so that they did not collide. But the position of his hands didn’t seem too proper, since his fingertips had gently brushed against the towering softness before her chest.

The other party stood on the spot with her brows knitted. The documents and files in her hands had been scattered on the ground. But this was all due to her being distracted, it wasn’t Su Tao’s fault.

“Sorry!” A shuddering cold apology resounded.

That’s an apology? The attitude was simply too insincere!

She bent down to pick up the documents that fell on the floor. Looking from Su Tao’s angle, he could see the edge of a black laced undergarment down the hem of her white coat. Su Tao had accidentally taken a couple of glances at her snow-white skin and his lips unconsciously moved and were about to speak a couple of courteous words…

But she did not even take a glance at Su Tao. She had already walked off…

This woman is weird! Su Tao thought inwardly as he looked at the cold and slender back figure, twirling his fingers. It’s as if the softness and warmth from the touch were still present.

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