Chapter 4 - Strong Stance, Charging Through Dragon’s Gate

Chapter 4 - Strong Stance, Charging Through Dragon’s Gate

It was already nine o’clock in the night when Su Tao returned to the Three Flavour Hall. Unexpectedly, the antique shop beside it was still lit with Cai Yan looking out. When she saw Su Tao, she immediately called out, “Physician Su, you’re finally back?”

Su Tao looked at the door that was covered in paint in all sizes, all with the word of ‘demolish’ with rage flashing in his eyes, “Someone came by?”

Cai Yan fiddled with her hair and answered, “The developer brought a batch of people at noon. Seeing that you’re not at home, they spray painted words on your door and even asked me to pass a message to you. Don’t think that you can hide. Next time, it won’t be as simple as just mere ‘demolish’.”

Su Tao furrowed his brows. He was pissed off. He did not go hiding, he only went out to handle some matters. Did those lawless bunch think that he was afraid of them?

“Aside from the Three Flavour Hall, all of you have already signed a contract with them?” Su Tao’s face was as heavy as water. Seeing Cai Yan dodging his gaze, he knew that there must be another story to this.

Cai Yan awkwardly smiled. “The neighbours around here have pushed the Three Flavour Hall out. As long as the Three Flavour Hall is willing to be demolished, then we will demolish as well. This is also the prestige that Old Su has built up when he was still alive. So… you will not blame me for being unloyal to friends, right?”

In this street where the Three Flavour Hall resided, most of them were old households and some have even operated their businesses for decades. So who would be willing to demolish them? With the Three Flavour Hall as the head, when Su Guangshen was still alive, he always had prestige. So as long as he was willing to be demolished, then the others would collapse without having to do anything.

Su Tao realised that the developer was targeting the Three Flavour Hall and sighed, “Do you know where their company is?”

Shock flashed in Cai Yan’s pupils as she knitted her brows. “What do you want to do? You can’t be wanting to confront them face-to-face, right?”

“Just give me the address, I will go reason with them and try not to make a move.” Su Tao found Cai Yan quite kind-hearted, since she was worrying for him in all respects.

Cai Yan hesitated for a long time before answering, “Forget it, I will bring you over. But I think that they have already been knocked off at this point of time.”

It was unavoidable for youths to be impulsive. Su Tao looked cultured and weak, so if she went along, she could also pull him back a little. As a last resort, she could also call the police so that he didn’t suffer any losses.

Cai Yan drove the sapphire-blue POLO and brought Su Tao to the building of the developer. Su Tao sat in the front passenger seat and he was oddly quiet. The reason why Cai Yan liked to interact with Su Tao was that his appearance fitted her type. Furthermore, his mild and humorous character gave her a sense of security.

In the past years, there were many people that chased after her, but the feeling that Su Tao gave her was different from them.

The majestic building was over thirty floors, it was once the tallest building in Hanzhou. Most of them were offices that were rented out with eateries on one level that have already closed. The headquarters of the Hongsheng Group was also located here.

Entering the hall of the building, the guards stopped the two of them and asked, “What are you guys doing here?”

Su Tao calmly replied, “I’m here to discuss about the demolition. Call your boss out.”

The guards were slightly stunned, since they thought that someone had come to cause trouble. Immediately, they made some phone calls and five minutes later, a middle-aged man who wasn’t tall and a scar on his brow came to the hall with a group of people.

“You’re in charge of the Three Flavour Hall?” Scar tossed the half cigarette butt in his hand as he questioned with a tyrannical tone.

“Yes, I wish to speak with your boss.” Su Tao was very close to Cai Yan and he realised that her hand was trembling. He gently pinched the Laogong Acupoint on her palm, since it had an effect of calming a person down.

Cai Yan’s face blushed as she lowered her head with joy and bashfulness in her eyes. Su Tao realised that she had misunderstood his intention since his action was too sudden, thus he immediately pulled his hand back.

When Scar saw Su Tao and Cai Yan’s little actions, he cursed in his heart. That gigolo truly had the guts to actually flirt with a girl before him. Scar sneered, “Our boss isn’t free. Talk to me if there’s anything.”

“I am the grandson of Su Guangsheng, the new physician of the Three Flavour Hall. I am not hiding from you guys, so I hope you guys will apologise for your actions today.” Su Tao raised his brows as he lowered his voice.

“This brat sound pretty arrogant!”

“Apologise? Are you sick in your mind? Do you need this daddy to give you a few punches to wake your mind up?”

The goons started to hoot…

Cai Yan slowly calmed down and her face turned strict, “What are you guys yelling for? Are you still being reasonable after pouring paint on the door?”

“This bitch looks pretty good!” Scar felt his beard stubble and continued, “What’s the point of following a gigolo? Why don’t you come and play with me?” As he spoke, his gaze wandered between Cai Yan’s fair neck, her ample chest and slender legs.

Cai Yan inwardly thought that Scar was truly hateful and unhappily said, “Stop wandering your eyes around. Call your boss out quick, it’s useless to speak with you guys!”

“Interesting!” Scar snapped his fingers and the three goons around him walked forth with him in harmony, surrounding Su Tao and Cai Yan.

“Beat up that gigolo… don’t hit the girl. This woman is interesting, I want to keep her to play with and let her know if I’m useless or not.”

Once he finished speaking, Scar vulgarly thrust his crotch out and cast a deep glance at Cai Yan’s heaving chest.

Cai Yan felt a painful heat on her body. The gaze of Scar made her feel uncomfortable. Her exquisite oval face turned red and, vaguely, she felt that something wasn’t right. Immediately, she looked towards Su Tao, worrying that he would lose out.

Su Tao wore a white shirt and cyan casual pants along with white sports shoes. His hair length had reached his ear and had clear, limpid eyes. His face was still as handsome as before, but upon taking a closer look, something wasn’t right. His pointed nose bridge, tightly closed lips and eyes flashed with unswerving determination. His wild gaze made her heart tremble.

The goon that stood on the right of Su Tao threw a punch forth before issuing a cry.

It turned out that Su Tao had taken a step back to dodge the fist. At the same time, Su Tao’s finger had tapped his armpit and the goon cried out, lying on the ground and couldn’t get up.

Scar was stunned. Just when he was about to take a step forth, he saw Su Tao turn, his elbow knocked into the person on his left and that person issued a cry as well, flew out and knocked against the wall before he fell to the ground, fainted.

Scar was terrified, before he quickly pulled his feet back and retrieved a dagger from his waist. Before he could even react, the last goon, who was 180cm tall, was already, unknowingly lying on the ground with his arm twisted.

Three of them were instantly dealt with!

Sweat started to pour from Scar’s forehead.

Cai Yan stood on the side, witnessing everything. She was completely dumbfounded, before she carefully recalled what had just happened. But her mind was blank because Su Tao’s actions were so swift that she couldn’t clearly see anything.

Scar knew that he had encountered an expert, so his palm started to sweat. Su Tao quickly walked towards Scar. Scar wanted to retaliate but his wrist suddenly turned numb and the dagger had oddly fallen into Su Tao’s hand.

Scar was tall with a robust build, but this Su Tao had easily grabbed his neck with a hand and lifted him up into the sky and pressed him against the wall. Thereafter, Scar saw the dagger in Su Tao’s hand was thrusted forth with full strength.

A silver light flashed and Scar showed fear in his eyes. He felt like he was suffocating and his face had turned purple. The dagger was immediately stabbed into the wall through his skin and he felt a hot, numbing sensation on his skin. His skin overturned as it was torn by the dagger.

Scar felt a warm current from his lower body. Although it was for a short moment, he had been frightened to the point that he peed his pants. At that moment when the dagger flew over, he felt like he had brushed past a death god.

“Where is your boss?” Su Tao released his hand, looking at Scar sitting on the ground, catching his breath as he asked.

“He will not show himself for such a small matter.” Scar forced an answer.

“I’m asking you where, don’t evade the question.” Su Tao stretched his leg and threw a kick against Scar’s chest.

Scar felt a huge force crushing the bones in his chest to fragments and his back was slammed against the wall, before he weakly fell onto the ground without any consciousness.

That fellow had already been crippled by Su Tao, but he had intentionally held his hand. So Scar was in no danger.

“What now?” Cai Yan did not expect for Su Tao to fight four people and win. Thus, she had no idea how to describe her heart at the moment.

What just happened was too shocking. She had initially wanted to pull Su Tao back to prevent him from suffering a loss. But she never expected for the cultured and feeble-looking Su Tao to possess such powerful energy in his body.

When Su Tao saw that Cai Yan’s expression was a little frenetic, he casually smiled before shrugging his shoulders and gently said, “I guess that their boss is not here, so there’s no point in asking them!”

Cai Yan dryly coughed. She felt sympathy after looking at Scar, who was like a dead dog at this moment.

Su Tao pondered, then looked at the guards, who had a shock on their faces and shivering legs. “Help me pass a message. If your company wants to demolish us, then tell your boss to come out and talk to me, face-to-face. Don’t try anything funny.”

Underworld matters could only be dealt with in an underworld method. Since Su Tao was forced without a choice, he could only charge through the gate.

Naturally, he knew that unless it’s absolutely essential, the boss behind the development would not easily show themselves.

There was a famous area for the wealthy in the Golden Bay on the eastern end of Hanzhou Canel Bay where the wealthy could settle down and buy an estate. They were all successful people with wealth in the millions. In a villa, Nie Weiting was holding onto a wine glass as he looked at the two girls that laid down on a round bed through the glass wall.

Both of them were intertwined on the bed, french kissing as the red knot before their chests gently touched. The woman below couldn’t bear the teasing and her body twisted like a snake. Four slender feet formed into a cross with the woman above taking the lead. She gently thrust her waist forth as the woman beneath her bit on her lips. Her gaze was in a daze and her toe had straightened out with a pampered voice resounding…

Watching this scene, Nie Weiting’s breathing turned uncontrollably heavy.

This was Nie Weiting’s fetish.

His phone rang and he knitted his brows in dissatisfaction. After picking it up, his assistant’s gloomy voice resounded, “Boss, we’ve struck a metal board. The Three Flavour Hall is unwilling to demolish and we’ve been beaten.”

“Beaten?” Nie Weiting put down the wine glass and said in puzzlement, “Su Guangsheng is already dead, there shouldn’t be anyone else in the Three Flavour Hall.”

“It’s the grandson of Su Guangsheng. This person is prickly. He had confronted us directly at our doors. From the information from the guards, Scar and his goons couldn’t even fight back.” The assistant bitterly smiled, “After sending Scar and the rest to the hospital, the orthopaedics in the hospital were helpless. The other party used a unique method to fracture them and only an experienced orthopaedic could fix them.”

Nie Weiting briefly pondered. He never expected Su Guangsheng to have a grandson and for him to be so powerful. He sighed, “We must definitely take that old street. Get Mo Dong to go tomorrow. There’s a reason why we’ve been nurturing him, this is the moment.”

The assistant nodded, “I will immediately let him know.”

Mo Dong was an assassin that was nurtured by the Hongsheng Group. He was also extremely famous in the underground world, known as Tiger Mo. He started practising Wing Chun at the age of 8 before changing to Eight Trigrams Palm thereafter and it’s not a problem for him to deal with ten robust men empty-handedly.

When Nie Weiting was young, he roamed the underground and provoked quite a few enemies. In the end, he left the underground world for commercial activities, retiring from the underground world. But there were still people that kept finding him and Mo Feng was an expert that he had hired to deal with these special problems.

Hanging up the phone, Nie Weiting let out a long sigh. He had long gotten the government’s approval for the old street, redesigning it to a trade plaza. If he had demolished it back then, he only needed to pay 30% of the current price now.

Even if he demolished the old street now, he would immediately lose millions. He had already thrown all of his fortune in so he cannot allow any failure.

The reason why he hadn’t been demolishing it was that he had to repay Su Guangsheng’s gratitude.

Since Su Guangsheng had already died and Nie Weiting had no relationship with any of the others, he must demolish the old street.

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