Chapter 6 - 3 Offences in a Row

Chapter 6 - 3 Offences in a Row

If he allowed that paint to remain there, then it would make others feel that the Three Flavour Hall was about to close down, despite its bad business to begin with. Thus, he engaged a renovation company to repaint the walls, which they quickly responded.

Suddenly, the developer’s party arrived at this moment and they started to shove the construction workers aside. It was a middle-aged man that led the team. Donned in a Chinese yellow gown with loose silk trousers and black leather shoes with a height at roughly 5’9”. He was followed by a bunch of goons with tools in their hands.

“I am Mo Dong, representing the Hongsheng Group to negotiate about the demolition.” The first impression from the middle-aged man was that he was a man with ill intentions hidden behind his face.

Su Tao had long guessed that the Hongsheng Group would send someone over. However, he stood firmly at the centre of the Three Flavour Hall’s door as he replied, “Sorry, but I don’t accept any negotiation. The Three Flavour Hall will not be demolished so you can leave now.”

“Aren’t you too arrogant? Boss Mo, let’s show him some colour in revenge for Scar.” One of the goons furiously yelled.

Mo Dong took a step back and waved his hand, commanding his goons to splash the wall of the Three Flavour Hall, instantly covering the wall in paint.

A construction worker couldn’t bear this scene and wanted to obstruct them, but he suffered a kick to his head, resulting in a scrape wound on his forehead with blood flowing out.

“Fuck, those who dare to interfere will die!” The goon roared arrogantly.

Su Tao knitted his brows as he entered the pharmacy and walked out with gauze, ethanol and sterilized cotton to dress the wound of that construction worker.

“If you don’t agree to it, then I’ll burn your entire house!” The goon that yelled earlier lifted a bucket with ‘gasoline’ written on it and saw that Su Tao wasn’t willing to budge. It was a usual routine, commonly used to force others to comply.

He splashed the gasoline directly on the wall, and the spectators immediately moved back with shock written on their faces at this scene.

Cai Yan had also heard the commotion, so he rushed over from the antique shop and whispered to Su Tao. “Should I call the police?”

Su Tao sighed and bitterly smiled at her suggestion. “You can give it a try.”

Cai Yan immediately took her phone from her pocket and dialled for police which Mo Dong and his group sneered upon seeing her action.

The phone rang for some time, but the other party did not pick up, which left Cai Yan furious. “They really have no regards for the law!”

Su Tao bitterly smiled. “They must have already made preparations so the police will not be here.”

Cai Yan immediately felt indignant. “Officials and commerce colluding, simply a rotten nest!”

Seeing that Su Tao still maintained his composure, Mo Dong sighed before he stretched out his finger.

One of his men took out a lighter, lighting up a cigarette and threatened, “I’ll give you another chance. If you’re still stubborn, then we’ll burn it and leave you with nothing.”

Su Tao took two steps forth. The Three Flavour Hall was left to him by his grandfather, so he couldn’t let those assholes burn it.

Just as he was about to make a move, a commercial black Buick GL8 drove over and stopped at the doors of the Three Flavour Hall. A western lady with a breathtaking height came out of the car.

She took her sunglasses off her oval face, revealing her pale-white skin, sun-kissed blonde hair and heels, which factored into her height. She glanced at Mo Dong’s party before smiling at Su Tao. “Tao, seems like I have come at the wrong timing.”

Vera’s sudden arrival surprised Su Tao. How did she manage to get discharged even before her illness stabilised?

Cai Yan glanced at Su Tao with a complex gaze, since she never thought that he would have a foreign friend.

Vera walked towards Su Tao, smiling as she waved the name card in her hand. “I was prepared to come and take a look at your pharmacy. Looks like you’ve encountered some trouble, do you need my help?”

Su Tao shrugged. “If you can deal with this, then… I’ll treat you to a meal.”

How could Vera really be concerned with a treat? However, her cheeks stretched, which revealed a smirk. “You better keep your promise.”

A Russian chick that knew mandarin and was well-versed with idioms. She wouldn’t really have fallen for him, right?

Vera was filled with gratitude for Su Tao. So if she could help Su Tao, it would be considered as paying him back. Vera already had Secretary Li make a check to Su Tao and knew that he had encountered problems with the forced demolition of his pharmacy.

Since it’s a demolition, then it must be related to money. In her eyes, anything that could be solved using money wasn’t a problem for her.

She waved her hand, signalling Secretary Li, which he nodded and went before Mo Dong and asked, “How much money do you need? Open a price!”

“Open your mother!” A goon landed a front kick on Secretary Li’s stomach, causing Secretary Li to hold onto his stomach as he took several steps back. He fell onto the ground with disbelief flashing in his eyes before returning with his tail between his legs.

Vera was genuinely startled by this event. “They’re not reasonable at all!”

Su Tao had already expected this outcome. He showed a helpless smile. “In Russia, would those triads be reasonable with you?”

The Barbie doll Vera’s eyes gushed with flames. If this was in Russia, then she would have long used her connections to get rid of these hoodlums.

Sadly, she’s currently in China and aside from money, there weren’t any resources she could deploy. Seeing her awkward expression, Su Tao moved and positioned himself before her.

Mo Dong was extremely satisfied with how his goon trashed Secretary Li and clapped his hand. Immediately, a group of men waved their tools and charged forth, surrounding Su Tao.

Mo Dong heard that Su Tao had some martial arts background, so he wanted to send his subordinates to test the water before making a move himself.

However, Su Tao did not cower from those men, he went up instead. Silhouettes flashed, which left those men in puzzlement. Some of them felt their wrists turning numb or their flanks sore. They couldn’t even take a glimpse at Su Tao’s figure before all of them lost control of their bodies as they fell onto the ground.

“Wow, if this video goes online, it will definitely be viral! It’s even more exciting than an action movie!” A youth was secretly recording a video on how Su Tao trashed those men.

The smile on Mo Dong’s face froze before his expression turned a little ugly. Despite his martial arts background and experience, he couldn’t recognize Su Tao’s movements. Su Tao was swift and every single attack was fatal.

Vera was stunned as she looked at Su Tao. She never imagined that he would have such outstanding martial abilities aside from his medical skills.

On the other hand, Cai Yan pulsed her lips as she occasionally nodded her head. It’s as if she had expected this from the beginning.

Mo Dong knew that it was impossible for him to stop Su Tao with his goons alone. Thus, he removed his gown with a sneer, revealing a singlet and his bulging muscles and veins.

After he handed the asses of those goons to them, Su Tao looked at Mo Dong as he removed his gown and knitted his brows.

 It’s just a fight, why would you even have to remove your clothes? Would removing your clothes make you more powerful? What a retard!

The two of them moved closer, testing the other to move first. Despite his weak and feeble figure, Su Tao stood as firm as a boulder, while Mo Dong, who was in the Wingchun horse stance, took two several steps back from the clash.

The Wingchun horse stance was the foundation of Wingchun and at the highest level, it was even a hundred times sturdier than an ordinary horse stance. Back when Yan Wingchun got married, she relied on this stance to keep her husband from taking her virginity on the night of their marriage.

Mo Dong already knew that he had no chance when the stance, which he had practised for ten years, was broken in a single move.

Just when Mo Dong was about to retreat, Su Tao had mysteriously appeared before him and he gently knocked onto Mo Dong’s arm, causing Mo Dong to lose his balance.

Out of instinct, he executed the inch-punch while unleashing a high kick. However, he was jabbed by Su Tao’s finger on his underarm, which resulted in him falling onto the ground.

Su Tao pursued, stomping Mo Dong’s face.

In just barely ten minutes, everyone was on the floor, aside from Su Tao, without a shred of blood.

“Tell your boss that I will not give up on the Three Flavour Hall no matter what compensation he offers.” Su Tao withdrew his foot, leaving a shoe mark on Mo Dong’s face.

Su Tao walked back to the gate, looking almighty with absolute confidence and unswerving determination.

With Vera and Cai Yan included, many girls were looking at him in a daze, while the guys sighed in their hearts. In contrast to Su Tao’s appearance, he was a hot-blooded man deep in his bones.

Sirens suddenly rang out as a police car arrived with a slightly plump team leader. He looked at the mess on the ground and knitted his brows. “We have received a report of an unlawful brawl taking place. Please cooperate with our investigation.”

“Unlawful brawl? They’re trying to forcefully demolish the shop of others!” There were some in the group that expressed their unhappiness.

The policeman waved his hand that held a baton, dispersing the crowd before walking towards Su Tao and pointed his baton towards Su Tao’s nose, “You’re the man of the Three Flavour Hall, right? You’re suspected to be involved in this incident, so I’ll have to trouble you to come along with us.”

Su Tao turned his head, to see the baton that nearly smashed his head. Su Tao furrowed his brows and seized the police baton with his hand.

“How gutsy, you actually dare to resist arrest!” The team leader raged, executing a low kick towards Su Tao’s flank.

However, Su Tao gently shifted his position and his finger jabbed the lower abdomen of the policeman. Instantly, the team leader felt his entire body becoming numb as he laid on the ground like soft cotton.

The policeman held onto his stomach as he yelled towards his colleagues, “This brat assaulted a public servant! Don’t just stand there, cuff him!”

He did not dare get up again, fearing that he would embarrass himself even more.

“Unlawful brawl, resisting arrest and assaulting a public servant!” Those weren’t small offences as the policemen all came up with cuffs in their hands.

Cai Yan was extremely anxious when she saw that Su Tao was going to get arrested, as she whispered into the ear of an old man. Grandpa Xu was an old man that manned the papercutting store and he had some prestige in the area. He immediately walked up and defended Su Tao, stopping the policemen. “You people cannot take him away in this manner. You cannot be confused with right and wrong.”

Because Grandpa Xu had stepped forth, the neighbours all walked up, surrounding the police car. At this moment, the team leader had already stood up from the ground and knitted his brows. “You guys want to assault public servants? Do you want me to bring all of you back to the police station?”

Su Tao was a little touched by this scene. Ever since he returned to the Three Flavour Hall, he did not interact much with his neighbours; but even so, they were so passionate about defending him. He sighed, “I will follow them to the police station. Thanks for worrying about me.”

Grandpa Xu answered, “We’re all neighbours and this street is very old. All of us have feelings for it and no one can demolish it. We can’t push the responsibility to you alone.”

“Yeah, that’s right!” The other neighbours hooted.

Su Tao gently pushed Grandpa Xu away and faintly said, “Rest assured. I’m only going to the police station to have my statement recorded and I will be back swiftly. I’d have to trouble Grandpa Xu to look after my shop while I’m gone.”

Nie Weiting must have pulled all the relevant department in the background with the objective of catching him. If the neighbours obstructed the police from executing their duty, then it would just blow up the battle and give the other party more excuses.

A policeman walked up and placed the cuffs on Su Tao’s wrist.

Su Tao shook his arm which nearly caused the policeman to lose his balance as he smiled. “Aren’t we going to the station? I can walk myself!”

Grandpa Xu was stunned at Su Tao’s actions as he watched Su Tao enter the police car and helplessly said to Cai Yan. “That child does have the bearing of Old Su.”

Cai Yan’s gaze flashed with worry in her eyes.

Su Tao, however, was calm and composed, since he had long guessed that Nie Weiting had set up a chain of plans for him.

The first plan was Su Tao being dealt with my his men; the other one would be Su Tao being arrested for investigation by the police.

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