Chapter 48 - Exchanging moves with Wang Guofeng

Chapter 48 - Exchanging moves with Wang Guofeng

“I have a suggestion, can we witness it?” Xu Wenzhi smiled. “I’ve heard of the mystical of acupuncture, but I have never seen it before.”

Wang Guofeng was briefly stunned while looking at Qin Meimei before briefly shifting his gaze onto Su Tao and smiled. “As long as the patient doesn’t mind!”

Qin Meimei slightly smiled. “Do I have to remove my clothes?”

“There’s no need to!” Wang Guofeng shook his head.

Qin Meimei humoured, “Then, I don’t mind being the vase. Feel free to prick me, but I have to say it beforehand that I am afraid of pain. So don’t be alarmed when I scream.”

Although Qin Meimei had health issues, her mental state seemed pretty good since she could still joke around.

Wang Guofeng smiled while making preparations for acupuncture before everyone. He opted the Temporal Ebb-flow Acupuncture Technique of the Medical Dao Sect.

It meant time and the flow of blood through the acupoints. There was a reason behind his choice, sleepwalking usually occurred at night, so this technique could mediate the blood flow of acupoints at night, allowing the blood to flow smoothly.

Sixty-six acupoints were required for this technique, thus requiring a large amount of Qi. At the same time, it was also extremely taxing on the patient’s physique.

Back then, when Wang Gufeng saw Qin Meimei, he had already decided with the technique. However, he did not start the treatment since the patient’s body was too weak. Thus, he had given her several prescriptions to nourish her body. The reason why he felt her pulse earlier was to see if she was in a condition to use acupuncture.

Wang Guofeng used a long needle on the 12 Primary Yuan Acupoints, the energy behind the daily life activities. After that, he used short needles on the Five Basic Acupoints, which were the foundations for acupuncture since many acupoints corresponded to the Daoist School’s five elements.

Su Tao watched from the side and sighed at Wang Guofeng’s skills. His technique was steady, and due to the enormous exhaustion required on the Temporal Ebb-flow Acupuncture Technique, it’s hard for many to use the twelve needles in a short amount of time. However, Wang Guofeng remained calm and composed even after twenty-four needles and only started to slow down at the thirtieth needle.

However, Su Tao’s face turned heavy as sweat started to drip from Wang Guofeng’s nose. Just as Su Tao had speculated, Wang Guofeng had also discovered the problem.

Despite the use of prescriptions to nourish her body, Qin Meimei’s body still couldn’t bear the sudden clearing from acupuncture. If one looked at it closely, they would realise Qin Meimei’s body started to turn red and beads of sweat started to drip out.

It’s normal for patients to secrete from the use of acupuncture. But inappropriate use of acupuncture would cause excessive perspiration, and severe cases would lead to sweat collision.

Sweat collision would cause the patient to be weakened. Qin Meimei’s body was weak, to begin with, and her life would be threatened if that happened.

Wang Guofeng had encountered various tough problems since the start of his career, and this problem was perilous.

He had already inserted the thirty-third needle, and his effort would all be in vain if he stopped now. But if he insisted on it, then there’s a high possibility that Qin Meimei might be greatly ill because of this.

Just when Wang Guofeng was hesitating, he felt a numbing sensation from his wrist. He turned his head and saw Su Tao holding onto his wrist.

“What are you doing?” Xu Wenzhi stood up in anger, “Why are you disrupting Divine Physician Wang?”

Lu Shimiao had widened her mouth. She never noticed when Su Tao stood up to stop Wang Guofeng. All of it happened in an instant.

She was panicking in her heart. The people here had been ignoring him, and now, Su Tao interrupted Wang Guofeng, wouldn’t that cause others to be furious at him?

Facing this awkward situation, Su Tao showed a customary smile and swept a glance at Xu Wenzhi. “If he continues to apply acupuncture, then the patient might be greatly harmed.”

Xu Wenzhi sneered, “What nonsense are you speaking about? Divine Physician Wang’s skills can shake you a few streets away!”

Su Tao slowly released his grip on Wang Guofeng and coldly sneered, “If he continues the acupuncture, then he is not qualified to be a doctor!”

After a brief hesitation, Wang Guofeng sighed with his hand, trembling, “I was too impatient, this acupuncture technique is, indeed, inappropriate to continue.”

Hearing Wang Guofeng’s words, Xu Wenzhi’s face instantly collapsed. “How is that possible, how can you fail?!”

Wang Guofeng bitterly smiled. “I have underestimated the poor health of Chairman Qin. She needs to rest for another two weeks before she can accept the acupuncture.”

Wang Guofeng was also under pressure since Li Yede had been constantly calling him, making him anxious, which resulted in this scene.

“Then we can only try again in a few weeks?” Xu Wenzhi asked.

“That is the only way.” Wang Guofeng nodded as he removed the thirty-three needles on Qin Meimei.

Once he finished his words, he took a deep glance at Su Tao with complicated feelings. If Su Tao did not stop him, then he might have made an enormous mistake by now.

Wang Guofeng knew that Su Tao’s medical skills had reached a high realm, since he could guess the patient’s condition based on observation, something that even he couldn’t achieve.

He sighed. It was hard for him to accept this fact, with his aloof character, that there was a young doctor with skills that might surpass him.

Wang Guofeng slowly sighed while feeling that it would be awkward to continue, “Since it’s not possible to treat her for the moment, I’ll visit another day.”

Qin Meimei took a towel to wipe her forehead and smiled. “I can see that Divine Physician Wang has done your best. But Wenzhi, I remember there are two other guests that you have yet to introduce me to.”

Xu Wenzhi quickly replied, “Jianghuai Hospital recommends them, but because Divine Physician Wang was treating you, I didn’t think there’s a problem in introducing them to you later!”

Qin Meimei’s brows lifted. “Are you neglecting our guests? Also, since they’re doctors from Jianghuai Hospital, they must have skills. Why don’t you guys take a look at me?”

“Them? Forget it. Chairman Qin, why don’t we wait longer for you to nourish your body so that Divine Physician Wang can treat you?” Xu Wenzhi knitted his brows.

Qin Meimei coldly glanced at Xu Wenzhi. “Wenzhi, pay attention to your attitude. You’re an executive of the company, and your words represent the company. Don’t you know that we need to achieve basic respect, at least?”

Hearing her words, Xu Wenzhi was shocked. The reason why he didn’t respect the two young doctors was also due to the Jianghuai Hospital for sending two specialists to put up a show.

He had no idea what was wrong with Qin Meimei today, to speak up for the doctors of Jianghuai Hospital. He coughed, “Since you have already spoken, then please take a look at Chairman Qin’s illness.”

Wang Guofeng packed his medical box and sat on the side. He did not leave since he was also curious about how Su Tao would deal with this situation!

Su Tao slowly stood up and pointed at Xu Wenzhi’s nose. “If I can treat Chairman Qin, you, surnamed Xu, will kneel and apologise to me.”

“You!” Xu Wenzhi’s eyes immediately widened. He had been angered to the point that his eyes turned red.

Lu Shimiao pulled Su Tao back. She never thought that Su Tao would speak such words. Although it was satisfying, it was still a little overbearing.

Qin Meimei cast a complicated glance at Su Tao, since she never thought that the lover of Yan Jing would have such a character. She smiled. “Sure, if you can do that, it’s natural for Xu Wenzhi to apologise to you. But what if you’re unable to treat me?”

Su Tao shook his head. “There’s no ‘if’!”

Qin Meimei naturally wouldn’t let Su Tao off so easily, so she smiled. “How about this. If you cannot treat me, then you can get Yan Jing to personally cook for me.”

When Qin Meimei spoke, Xu Wenzhi’s face instantly drained of all colour. He knew that he had made a mistake.

Why didn’t Su Tao tell him that he knew Qin Meimei, was he pretending to fool him? Xu Wenzhi suddenly realised that he had been duped. Recalling how he treated coldly Su Tao, his actions were as laughable as a clown.

Naturally, Su Tao also didn’t know that the drama would come to this. In his view, his meeting with Qin Meimei was merely a coincidence! But looking at Qin Meimei’s reaction, perhaps it was all in her plans. After all, not all lovers were vases, and Qin Meimei was a meticulous woman.

Su Tao shrugged. “You can list any request for me, but I am unable to promise in the shoes of Yan Jing.”

“I don’t care. I’ll treat it that you have promised me to this bet.” Qin Meimei shook her finger.

Su Tao helplessly smiled. “Forget it, we’ll look at the outcome.”

Xu Wenzhi was caught by surprise since he initially thought that Su Tao was merely an assistant. But looking at it now, he was the one treating Qin Meimei, and Lu Shimiao was his assistant.

Su Tao opened his medical box and retrieved a needle pouch that came in all needle lengths and chose a middle-lengthed needle.

He moved to Qin Meimei’s back, then took a deep breath and started to place the needle in one of her acupoints on her waist.

Wang Guofeng’s eyes lit up at this scene. Although the acupoint that Su Tao had chosen might be simple, it was actually not. Acupuncture prioritised in ‘relieving’, and so, as physicians, they would start to relieve if they found any place that was clogged to smoothen the flow.

“Ge…” Ten minutes after the needle was in, Qin Meimei felt a heat in her chest and let out a long burp that lasted ten-odd seconds. This was the sign of the clogged acupoint being relieved.

Wang Guofeng used more than thirty needles, while Su Tao only used one. That showed the difference in levels between the two of them!

“How comfortable!” After Qin Meimei burped, she let out a long air, “I suddenly feel hungry now!”

Having the appetite to eat meant that Qin Meimei’s body had been sorted out by Su Tao.

Su Tao took a glance at Wang Guofeng and said, “It is all thanks to Physician Wang. He had previously relieved your twelve Primary Yuan Acupoints, and I merely used it to my advantage.”

Wang Guofeng sighed before he said without any emotion on his face, “Not just anyone can achieve what you did. Chairman Qin, the roots of your sleepwalking have been treated. Since that’s the case, I will take my leave first.”

Finishing his words, Wang Guofeng took his medical box and left. His mood was extremely down while feeling fearful of Su Tao. He could be certain that Su Tao was a significant threat to himself.

Xu Wenzhi did not send Wang Guofeng off. His face was plastered with a wide smile while facing Su Tao. “Aiya, I must have been blinded. I never expected Physician Su to be so skillful at such a young age. It was my negligence from before, and I am really sorry about it.”

His adaptability was too great. If it was someone else, they would probably accept his apology. However, Su Tao was not anyone someone else. “That won’t do. You have to fulfil our agreement and kneel and apologise!”

“You!” Xu Wenzhi widened his eyes as he furiously stared at Su Tao. He had already given Su Tao sufficient face by apologising, but Su Tao still wanted him to kneel and apologise!

Su Tao flicked his finger, and Xu Wenzhi instantly felt his right leg turning numb. Xu Wenzhi felt the strength drain from his leg as he kneeled, while Su Tao’s voice resounded, “We must pay the price for our actions. Surnamed Xu, this is the price that you have to pay today.”

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