Chapter 47 - Tycoon’s lover falling ill

Chapter 47 - Tycoon’s lover falling ill

The tycoon, Li Yede, was famous in Huainan Province. He was initially an ordinary staff in the Ministry of Natural Resources. Relying on his knowledge of the country’s reformation in the early 90s, he earned his first bucket of gold. After that, he started his business overseas and got his company public, causing huge popularity in the stock market. He then rolled his money around before getting into real estate investments.

Not long after they boarded the car, Su Tao enquired information on the patient from the Chauffeur. So it turned out that the patient was not a relative of Li Yede, but his lover.

Hearing those words, Lu Shimiao’s expression was extremely unsightly. “Men always turn back the moment they are rich!”

The Chauffeur smiled. “There are two sides to the coin. Ladies would also come throwing themselves the moment men are rich, a temptation that is hard to resist.”

“Still, the guy started the initiative first.” Lu Shimiao flung her lips aside.

Su Tao could see the disappointment Lu Shimiao had for guys and even knew her story, so he tried to change the topic, “What illness is she suffering from?”

The Chauffeur briefly paused and sighed, “She looks normal at first sight. But it is rumoured that she has severe sleepwalking, someone even saw her on the balcony and tried to jump. There is also another rumour that the Boss woke up to noises of a grinding knife in the middle of the night. After sourcing the noise, he saw her chopping up meat with a knife that terrified him greatly. After that incident, the Boss has tried to seek several doctors, but no one has a better idea of the treatment.”

Su Tao nodded his head. Severe sleepwalking was genuinely an illness that was hard to treat. “So your Boss turns out to be a passionate guy!”

The Chauffeur smacked his lips and lowered his voice, “Actually, our Boss doesn’t have many lovers outside. But this one followed him since she was eighteen, even his wife knows about her existence. His wife caused havoc several times but to no avail since many of Li Yede’s businesses require her help!” 

“So it’s a capable woman.” Su Tao sighed as he nodded.

“It’s only a pity that she is suffering from such a weird illness that can’t be treated; she even lost quite a lot of weight recently.” The Chauffeur sighed.

Although the Chauffeur’s words were merely groundless descriptions without any practical worth, it could still be used as a reference.

The car drove into an ecology agriculture farm garden with statues of the Great Roc on each side with the roads filled with stores, displaying various sorts of fruit.

A few minutes later, a villa could be seen before the Chauffeur stopped by the entrance of the main building. When Su Tao and Lu Shimiao came from the car, they saw a man in his thirties walking over.

That man didn’t have a pleasant expression, since he felt that the two dispatched by the Jianghuai Hospital were too young.

But when he saw Lu Shimiao, his eyes lit up since he never expected the Jianghuai Hospital would dispatch such a beauty over. Immediately, his tone became more courteous for the sake of the beauty.

“Manager Xu, I’ll hand them to you and make a move first!” The Chauffeur greeted Xu Wenzhi before driving off.

“Nice to meet you!” Xu Wenzhi stretched his hand out. He gently shook with Su Tao without any smile on his face but knitted his brows instead. His eyes were flashing with doubts since Su Tao looked too young, he seemed to be in the 20s. It shouldn’t be possible for there to be such a young doctor and figured that he must be an intern of the female doctor.

After that, Xu Wenzhi initiated a handshake with Lu Shimiao and held her hands for a long time. “Are doctors of the Jianghuai Hospital all so charming?”

Lu Shimiao shrunk her hand back in disdain and asked, “Shall we go and see the patient?”

“No rush! We’ll wait for Divine Physician Wang first!” Xu Wenzhi took a cigarette out and lit it up before putting his hands in his pockets.

Su Tao and Lu Shimiao exchanged a look, and their hearts turned cold. They knew that Manager Xu didn't think much of them. Furthermore, they even invited another doctor aside from them.

Immediately, Lu Shimiao knitted her brows. “Since you guys have invited another doctor, we’ll take our leave.”

Xue Wenzhi lightly smiled. “*Sigh* Why are you guys in such a rush to leave? Since you guys are doctors, you guys must have heard of the famous Wang Guofeng!”

Wang Guofeng had a great reputation, and Lu Shimiao had also read of his biography in medical magazines. She cast a complicated look at Su Tao and softly asked, “Are we going?”

“We’re going to go like this? Wouldn’t it let others look down on us even more?” Su Tao smiled.

Xu Wenzhi’s brows twitched, since he did not to hear them. He had decided to humiliate Di Shiyuan’s subordinates since Di Shiyuan sent two guys for show.

Lu Shimiao asked, “What are you going to do?”

“First look at the patient. Treating the patient or not is secondary. I feel that the scenery around here is pretty great, just treat it like we’re out on an excursion!” Su Tao replied.

Xu Wenzhi sneered in his heart. He felt that the young man was overestimating his own abilities. If it weren’t for the beauty, Xu Wenzhi would have sent them back by now!

While Xu Wenzhi was smoking, a black car drove in and stopped by the entrance with a car plate that started with ‘A’, signifying that it’s a car from Qiongjin.

Instantly, a smile plastered on Xu Wenzhi’s face as he threw the cigarette on the ground. “Divine Physician Wang, you’re here.”

Wang Guofeng had a high figure, standing at 5’9”. A square and definite facial shape with sharp brows. “It’s not my first time here, anyway, Manager Xu doesn’t have to come out and welcome me.”

Xu Wenzhi sighed and lowered his voice, “Boss is concerned about her health and instructed us to tighten up.”

Seeing Su Tao and Lu Shimiao not too far away, Wang Guofeng was stunned. He had clearly recognised Su Tao, but he smiled. “There’s still other guests?”

Xu Wenzhi shook his head and smiled. “They’re doctors from the Jianghuai Hospital. Boss is especially anxious about this matter. But in terms of treatment, you’re still the authority here!”

“Please briefly wait on the first floor, and I’ll inform her to come down.” Xu Wenzhi bowed and stretched his hand out before leaving.

From the start to the end, Xu Wenzhi ignored Su Tao and Lu Shimiao and only turned his head around after he was in the building, “There are too many things to handle, please forgive me for the lack of greetings. If you guys want to take a walk in the villa, please go ahead. We have a fish pond and fruit garden in the back, and they’re all free.”

Lu Shimiao was instantly furious by his words. She lowered her voice towards Su Tao, “You can take it? Why don’t we take our leave; the life and death of the patient is none of our business.”

Su Tao never thought that Lu Shimiao would be cold on the outside and hot on the inside. So it turned out that she had a temper after all. He helplessly smiled. “Aren’t you curious?”

Lu Shimiao bit her lips, but in the end, she sighed, “Forget it, we’ll take a look inside. Wang Guofeng is the specialist, and we can witness the gap between us.”

Su Tao couldn’t hold back his laughter as he retorted, “It’s fine for others to look down on us, but we cannot look down on ourselves! Is it for certain that the specialist isn’t us?”

Lu Shimiao knew that Su Tao had decent skills, but in her heart, she felt that Su Tao was still weaker than Wang Guofeng.

Su Tao had a brief interaction with Wang Guofeng, so he was certain that the latter could recognise him. The reason why Wang Guofeng did not greet him was due to their relationship. They couldn’t be considered as friends; on the contrary, they could be considered as enemies.

Back then, in the Jianghuai TCM University, Su Tao nearly embarrassed Wang Guofeng with Hu Xiaofeng’s matter. So how could Wang Guofeng forget about him so easily?

Wang Guofeng even got someone to investigate Su Tao, and knew that the latter wasn’t a disciple of Tang Nanzheng nor a lecturer of the Hanzhou Branch. Su Tao was merely a physician in the Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department and the Three Flavour Hall that he had inherited.

Although Wang Guofeng had investigated Su Tao, he didn’t think much of him. After all, there were a bunch of doctors like Su Tao. Their status in the society was extremely low, and the two of them weren’t on the same level.

However, Wang Guofeng did feel uncomfortable in his heart when he saw Su Tao there.

In his view, Su Tao was merely a fly that was continuously buzzing around him; Su Tao was just an annoyance.

The living room was renovated with a luxurious taste and dazzling status hanging on the wall with a China-style carpet laid out on the floor. A brilliant, lustrous, golden leathered couch was placed to a side, with an open view window that displayed the views of the villa.

“Please have a seat!” Xu Wenzhi said to Wang Guofeng and he sat down first. When he saw Su Tao and Lu Shimiao walk in, he faked a smile. “What would you guys like to drink? Don’t be courteous. Would you like premium oolong or Pu’er, they’re all authentic and cannot be found outside.”

Lu Shimiao’s face its lost colour from the anger before she rolled her eyes and ignored Xu Wenzhi.

On the other hand, Xu Wenzhi sneered in his heart. He never thought that the faces of the two doctors from Jianghuai Hospital were pretty thick. Even despite his cold treatment, they did not leave? On the other hand, he was even more certain that Di Shiyuan had duped him, casually sending two guys over for a show. He could easily grab a bunch of young doctors like them and they’d still stay despite his cold treatment. Xu Wenzhi didn’t think much of the two of them.

At the same time, he sneaked peeks at the female doctor. He felt an itch from the bottom of his heart of the scene of her knitting her brows.

Wang Guofeng did not speak a word since he could tell that Xu Wenzhi viewed Su Tao with contempt. As for the reason why Su Tao was staying here, Wang Guofeng figured that he was probably trying to see his abilities. But there’s no harm in it, and he didn’t mind showing off his skills.

A few minutes later, a female patient slowly walked down, wearing a red dress. She walked elegantly and light-footed, nodding her head when she saw Wang Guofeng. As for Su Tao and Lu Shimiao, she merely looked at them a while longer before smiling. “I’m thankful that everyone could come to treat me despite being so busy. Why don’t we have a chat and have some tea first?”

Su Tao was surprised since he had seen that woman before. He met her in the Gentle Countryside, a partner of Yan Jing.

Qin Meimei briefly swept a glance at Su Tao and pretended not to know him. Su Tao, on the other hand, smiled since he was used to being ignored.

Wang Guofeng smiled as he rolled his sleeves. “Time is precious, shall we start immediately?”

Qin Meimei was briefly stunned before smiling. “Sure! Still feeling the pulse?”

“Naturally!” Wang Guofeng nodded his head.

Qin Meimei stretched her hand out. Her skin was fair, but due to her being too skinny, veins were revealed on her arm.

Wang Guofeng’s expression turned grave before it turned serious and he started to ask questions with priority regarding her recent diet and living habits, which Qin Meimei answered.

Her living habits have been normal without any changes, which caused Wang Guofeng’s brows to furrow before he threw another question, “Have your parents witnessed you sleepwalking when you’re young?”

“No, I only knew about this a few months ago!” Qin Meimei shook her head.

Wang Guofeng smiled. “I’ll start the acupuncture treatment now. If it goes as I have expected, it will quickly show it’s effect.”

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