Chapter 49 - Live doing what we like doing

Chapter 49 - Live doing what we like doing

Qin Meimei watched as Xu Wenzhi knelt without interrupting.

After he let Xu Wenzhi taste suffering, Su Tao patted his shoulder. Instantly, Xu Wenzhi felt energy returning to his legs before he glared at Su Tao, not daring to speak a word, then left.

“Xu Wenzhi is not a pushover. He will definitely take revenge for your actions today.” Qin Meimei smiled.

Su Tao shrugged. “How will life be meaningful if we’re fearful of this and that, which in turn restricts our actions? Why don’t we live doing what we like doing?”

Qin Meimei’s eyes lit up and she sighed, “Based on these words of yours, I’ll get Old Li to deal with Xu Wenzhi for you.”

Su Tao shook his head. “Aren’t you just looking for an excuse to make Xu Wenzhi disappear?”

Qin Meimei’s brows were raised before she sighed again, “You’re too smart, just as Yan Jing had said.”

“I believe you must be the one that requested President Di to have us to come.” Su Tao replied.

Qin Meimei shrugged her shoulders. “Yan Jing called me and told me that you are her personal doctor. Thinking that your medical skills must be good, I got Old Li to get someone to look for Jianghuai Hospital.”

Actually, Su Tao had figured things out when he saw Qin Meimei. As for humiliating Xu Wenzhi, it was only because he had seen through Qin Meimei’s attitude with Xu Wenzhi. Despite being polite, he could still notice that she was unhappy with Xu Wenzhi from some tiny details.

Xu Wenzhi was an executive of Li Yede’s company, and someone who was sent over to keep surveillance of her. He felt indignant for being misused of his talent, so he had revealed his unhappiness when he talked to Qin Meimei.

Qin Meimei called Li Yede, “Old Li, I chased Xu Wenzhi away.”

“Oh? He made you unhappy?” Li Yede asked with his brows furrowed.

“He was arrogant and rude to my doctor. Such a person cannot be used.” Qin Meimei faintly replied before she continued, “Furthermore, my illness has been treated, there’s no need to look for more doctors.”

Li Yede briefly smiled, before he said, “Really? Divine Physician Wang is competent, indeed!”

“Not Wang Guofeng, it was the specialist from Jianghuai Hospital. Xu Wenzhi was rude and deliberately made things hard for those specialists and nearly chased them away.” Qin Meimei shook her head.

Li Yede was briefly stunned by her words. “I will send a banner to the Jianghuai Hospital later as an appreciation. As for Xu Wenzhi… I will make sure to get him to reflect on his behaviour.”

When she hung up the phone, Qin Meimei stood up and smiled. “I’m famished now. Since it’s lunchtime, why don’t you guys join me?”

When they arrived at the dining table, Qin Meimei, who had been losing her appetite, suddenly felt attracted by the food laid before her and swept them up.

Lu Shimiao lowered her voice and asked Su Tao, “Will she harm herself if she eats so much when she has just recovered?”

Su Tao smiled and shook his head. “Rest assured, the possibility of her being stuffed to death is zero.”

Instantly, Lu Shimiao suddenly had a new understanding of Su Tao. Although she had already given him a high appraisal when he treated Jiao Jiao, he had once again proven his skills when he treated an illness that even troubled Wang Guofeng.

Qin Meimei was finally full and rubbed her bulging belly before sighing, “It’s been so long since I enjoyed a meal.”

Su Tao wiped his mouth with a tissue and smiled. “You can take a good nap now. Take the prescription that I have given you after you’re up, and in a week, your body will return to a healthy condition.”

“My sleepwalking is really cured?” Qin Meimei was curious.

Su Tao nodded his head with a smile. “That’s for sure. But you have to pay attention not to overtake any diet or hormone medicines.”

Qin Meimei’s eyes lit up. “My sleepwalking is linked to dieting?”

“You must have consumed some sort of diet coffee. This kind of coffee lowers the appetite by suppressing the normal activity of the brain. So if you take it excessively, it will cause mental disorders and continue to affect you in sleepwalking.” Su Tao replied.

Qin Meimei helplessly smiled. “I only want to eat now. From today onwards, I will feast daily and say goodbye to dieting.”

Seeing that Qin Meimei was tired, Su Tao and Lu Shimiao stood up and bade their farewells.

The moment they entered the car, Lu Shimiao said with a low voice, “Although you have treated Qin Meimei, your actions were still a little too reckless.”

Su Tao briefly stared at Lu Shimiao and smiled. “Will you tell everything that happened today to Secretary Qiao?”

Lu Shimiao’s eyes widened. Her face turned red and she couldn’t speak. Just as Su Tao had said, Qiao Dehao had instructed her to monitor Su Tao’s words and actions, and to report any mistake.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Lu Shimiao murmured.

Su Tao shrugged and sighed, “You’re a Paediatrics Doctor, so unless you have a motive for following me to treat a mental patient, are you perhaps in love with me?”

Lu Shimiao replied in annoyance, “In love with you? Stop dreaming. You’re right. Secretary Qiao was worried that you might be rash due to your young age. So he sent me to accompany you. In fact, you have violated the principle earlier, so if the other party decides to pursue this matter, the hospital will definitely be in deep trouble.”

Su Tao smiled as he teased her, “Then tell him everything that happened. I’m not afraid of him.”

Lu Shimiao was angered beyond words by Su Tao. Her eyes turned red as she turned her head away, looking out the window.

Su Tao felt that he had spoken too much, but thinking how Lu Shimiao was here to monitor him, he no longer felt any guilt. Although she was a beauty, he couldn’t allow her to approach him with impure intentions. It was akin to having a blade behind his back.

When they returned to Jianghuai Hospital, the two of them went to Di Shiyuan’s office and reported their task.

Di Shiyuan was in a cheerful mood and smiled. “I have just received Li Yede’s call, and he will soon send the banner over. We’ll hang it in Su Tao’s office. Furthermore, he is providing another fund of ¥500,000 to the hospital. Not only did you guys treat the patient, you guys even brought extra revenue.”

“This is all Physician Su’s work, and I did nothing to help!” Lu Shimiao softly said with her face turning red.

Di Shiyuan smiled. “You still have a credit in this matter! Department Head Lu, you can go back to your matters. I still have some things to discuss with Physician Su.”

Taking a deep glance at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao left the office and closed the door.

Without Lu Shimiao there, Di Shiyuan’s speech finally became a little loose. “I heard that you defeated even Wang Guofeng?”

Su Tao modestly smiled. “If Wang Guofeng had another two weeks, his method could treat the patient. But he was just too anxious on success and nearly stepped on a landmine.”

“Wang Guofeng is a rising star of Huainan Province’s medical realm. Your win against him is more practical than the ¥500,000 from Li Yede.” Di Shiyuan smiled.

Su Tao knitted his brows upon discovering Di Shiyuan’s intentions. Instantly, he exclaimed, “You’re not going to push me out to compete with him, right?”

Di Shiyuan chuckled, revealing his yellow teeth, “Your skills are extraordinary. It is a fact that you defeated him. We only needed to add fuel to the momentum and advertise it!”

Su Tao bitterly smiled. “You’re pulling hatred for me!”

Waving his hand, Di Shiyuan shook his head. “You’re wrong. I’m just trying to make you more famous.”

“Thanks for that, then.” Su Tao sighed.

Di Shiyuan smiled. “We must always have pressure so that we can walk faster and further!”

When Lu Shimiao returned to her office, her phone rang with Qiao Dehao’s voice coming from the other side, “Make a trip to my office.”

With her brows furrowed, Lu Shimiao helplessly sighed and walked towards Qiao Dehao’s office.

Qiao Dehao had already prepared two teas and was pointing at the couch with a smile. “Miaomiao, come, have a seat and tea.”

Lu Shimiao nodded her head and clasped the tea before she sat down. Qiao Dehao’s gaze fell onto her slender legs and he rubbed his nose. “How was the outcall today? Did Su Tao make any mistakes?”

Noticing Qiao Dehao’s gaze fearlessly wandering on her, Lu Shimiao instantly felt uncomfortable. She adjusted her posture and replied, “Su Tao’s medical skills are exceptional. The patient even invited Wang Guofeng, but Wang Guofeng failed, and Su Tao succeeded!”

“Wang Guofeng? Did you get it wrong?” Astonishment flashed on Qiao Dehao’s face as he replied in a stern voice, “He is the most outstanding young doctor in the provincial hospital!”

Lu Shimiao sighed and shook her head. “Father, according to my observation, it’s good news for the hospital to possess such an outstanding doctor like Su Tao.”

Qiao Dehao waved his hand. “What use could he have if his skills are the only thing that is good and not his character? He is young and even colluded with Di Shiyuan, he will be a tumour in the Jianghuai Hospital. Sooner or later, he will surely cause trouble.”

Lu Shimiao knitted her brows. “Father, your evaluation of him is a little too premature…”

Since Qiao Dehao didn’t want to continue discussing this matter with Lu Shimiao, he immediately interrupted her while walking towards his office table, “Miaomiao, I nearly forgot about this. Some time ago, when I went for a meeting in Yanjing, I bought you a present.”

“Father, haven’t I told you before not to buy any present for me?” Lu Shimiao refused with a smile as she inwardly sighed.

Qiao Dehao pretended to be angry as he replied, “Miaomiao, Qiao Bo is a year or two younger than you. I have always felt that he is too young and doesn’t know how to dote his wife. You have suffered for the last few years. So, as a father, I would like to apologise to you in his stead.”

Before Lu Shimiao could react, Qiao Dehao had already come to her back and took out a platinum necklace with a sparkling diamond embedded on it.

Just when Lu Shimiao wanted to stand up, she felt a pressure on her shoulder and Qiao Dehao smiled. “Miaomiao, father will put it on for you.”

However, Lu Shimiao insisted, “No need, it’s too precious. You can leave it for Mother.”

Lu Shimiao was reminding Qiao Dehao of his status and purposely brought her Mother-in-Law out.

Qiao Dehao smiled. “We’re all one family. Qiao Bo is my son, and in my eyes, you are my daughter. Is there anything wrong for a father to buy gifts for his daughter? Furthermore, you should know that your mother isn’t cultured, so it will be a waste for her to wear this necklace that is worth ¥20,000.”

Hearing the price of the necklace, Lu Shimiao did not want it even more. She tried to get away, but Qiao Dehao did not give her a chance to. He strengthened his pressure on her shoulder and pressed her down onto the couch. Seeing Lu Shimiao’s pearly-white nape, Qiao Dehao’s breathing increased.

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