Chapter 46 - Misunderstanding caused by Steamed Buns

Chapter 46 - Misunderstanding caused by Steamed Buns

Su Tao did not inform Yan Jing that Hua Yan had mild autism as it might cause Yan Jing to be worried and do something that would worsen Hua Yan’s condition.

If children were not given proper care for their psychological illnesses, it might cause their illnesses to worsen. Hua Yan was still not considered as severe since she did not close off her heart completely. It could be quickly treated with proper care and protection.

Su Tao chose a western cuisine restaurant that was pretty filled. He found a table in the corner and sat down, while Hua Yan decided to sit beside him, causing Yan Jing to helplessly sigh, “I never expected that she would be so dependent on you.”

“Girls are smart, and it’s normal for them to like handsome studs like me.” Su Tao smiled.

The waiter quickly came over with the menu. Yan Jing rolled her eyes at Su Tao before she smiled. “Daughter, what do you want to eat?”

Hua Yan raised her head and timidly looked at Yan Jing before she lowered her head and continued playing with her teddy bear.

Seeing the disappointment in Yan Jing’s eyes, Su Tao took the menu and smiled. “I know what kids like. Streak, spaghetti, doughnut, pumpkin soup and chicken wings! They look pretty good. We’ll have these then.”

Yan Jing glared at Su Tao since she thought that he ordered a little too much. He practically ordered everything on the menu and even claimed to know what kids liked.

When the food came, Su Tao gave a steak to Hua Yan before smiling at Yan Jing. “Help yourself!”

Seeing how Su Tao carefully fed Hua Yan, Yan Jing smiled. “I never expected you to have the potential to be a super home dad!”

Hua Yan refused at the start, but she was finally willing to take a bite after his constant hard work. Su Tao felt relieved since he knew that he had finally opened up a tiny hole in Hua Yan’s heart before looking at Yan Jing. “I still have many abilities that you don’t know about. Not only can I be a super home dad, but I can also be a super lover!”

Yan Jing stared at Su Tao. She knew that he was retaliating against her teasing him on keeping him. Yan Jing gritted her teeth in her heart since it didn’t feel good that someone had her Achilles Heel.

The daughter that she once lost had naturally become her Achilles Heel.

Yan Jing’s mood loosened up when she saw Hua Yan eating two portions of steak because Hua Yan didn’t eat much ever since she took her back. When she left the restaurant, she even burped twice, which caused Su Tao to smile. “Looks like you’re full; it’s worth the money your mother spent.”

Hua Yan bashfully smiled as she held onto Su Tao’s hand. Su Tao felt a cold touch in his hand, and when he saw Yan Jing’s dampened mood, he stretched his hand out to hold her hand.

Yan Jing’s eyes instantly widened before she softly asked, “What are you doing?”

Su Tao twitched his lips towards another direction. “Look at the family of others!”

There was a kid standing in the middle with his parents on each side.

Yan Jing snorted as she muttered, “We’re not a family, anyway!”

Su Tao smiled as he lowered his voice, “Act for Hua Yan.”

Yan Jing stiffened before she closed her hand and allowed it to be grasped by Su Tao. She felt her hand sweating, which made her feel greasy. However, when she saw the vague smile on the corner of Hua Yan’s lips, her heart calmed down. Perhaps this was the best method for Hua Yan to accept her.

Passing by the amusement park, Su Tao nudged Yan Jing with a smile. “How about we go in and play for a while?”

“I’m afraid of heights!” Yan Jing said when she saw the Ferris wheel.

Su Tao completely ignored her words and looked at Hua Yan. “Yanyan, shall we go play in the amusement park?”

Hua Yan did not speak, but she gently nodded her head.

Gently letting go of Yan Jing’s hand, Su Tao smiled. “We’ll go and leave your mother behind.”

Seeing Su Tao walking towards the ticket counter, Yan Jing sighed. She could only suppress her temper and follow after him.

Su Tao knew that she couldn’t stop worrying about Hua Yan and bought three tickets to the Ferris wheel. When they entered the cabin, Su Tao was astonished when he saw the unusual expression on Yan Jing’s face. “You’re really afraid of heights?”

Yan Jing sat upright and still, her face was pale and she did not dare to look down. “Don’t talk to me.”

Su Tao never expected such a strong woman like Yan Jing would have such a weak side to her. At the same time, he also felt admiration for her courage. In her heart, Hua Yan stood on a high spot, and she was even willing to risk her life for her.

When they came down from the Ferris wheel, Yan Jing finally couldn’t hold back, so she ran to a corner and started to vomit. When Hua Yan saw Yan Jing vomiting, her face was filled with confusion.

“Why don’t we go back?” Su Tao smiled.

Yan Jing took out a tissue from her handbag and wiped her mouth before forcing a smile. “It’s fine, I can tell that she is happy. I will accompany you guys all the way.”

Su Tao secretly gave Yan Jing a thumbs up before saying, “Let’s go, we’ll go and play bumper cars.”

Yan Jing felt relieved at his suggestion. She was merely forcing her appearance. If Su Tao suggested sitting on the pirate ship that swung around in the air, then she would probably collapse.

After spending roughly an hour, Su Tao finally brought Hua Yan away with reluctance. He placed Hua Yan on his shoulders and smiled. “They’re going to close. Shall we come back next time?”

Hua Yan nodded her head as she looked at Su Tao with an indescribable reliance.

Yan Jing sighed as she watched from the side. Su Tao was too good at cheating others. He only used a few hours to capture Hua Yan’s heart.

Sending Su Tao back to the Three Flavour Hall, Yan Jing also came out. “Thanks to accompanying Hua Yan and me today.”

“It’s my job. I have taken your money, anyways.” Su Tao shrugged.

Yan Jing sighed, “You’re right. We should continue our dealings with money. If there’s a need, I’ll pay for your outcall!”

Nodding his head, Su Tao winked with a smile. “Sure, we’ll do with that, then. But seeing that Hua Yan is a friend of mine, I’ll give you a 15% discount in the future.”

Yan Jing was teased by Su Tao and laughed, “You can test me honestly, is Hua Yan different from other kids?”

Changing the topic, Su Tao’s expression finally turned serious. “She will get better, trust me.”

“Okay, I trust you.” Yan Jing replied without any hesitation. But the moment she spoke out, she felt complicated in her heart. Didn’t she choose not to believe anyone else since a long time ago…?

When Yan Jing came back in the car, Hua Yan lowered her head and was enveloped in her own world again.

Yan Jing sighed. Regardless of anything, Su Tao was a physician. Since he could treat her, he must surely have a way to make Hua Yan better again as well.

Returning to the Three Flavour Hall, Su Tao took a shower, and his phone rang. Wiping his body dry, he answered the call.

“Where did you go today? I came looking for you in the afternoon, but they told me you went out with a woman.” Vera demanded unhappily.

“What’s with that sour smell, you’re jealous?” Su Tao smiled.

Vera snorted, “I’m asking you, justify yourself now!”

Su Tao sighed at Vera’s forcefulness and smiled. “I met with Yan Jing to discuss a collaboration!”

“What collaboration?” Vera knitted her brows as she cautiously asked.

Su Tao smiled. “She wants to invest in the beauty products that I have developed.”

“The Beautifying Cream?” Vera quickly continued, “No way, you can only collaborate with me!”

Su Tao was caught by surprise as he smiled. “You know about it, too? Did you plant a scout around me like her?”

Vera sourly replied, “I’m not that free! I was only thinking about how to help you, and since Secretary Li often goes to the Three Flavour Hall to take some medicine, he bought a Beautifying Cream. He recommended it to me since the effect is pretty good.”

Hearing Vera’s words, Su Tao felt a wave of warmth in his heart. Both Yan Jing and Vera wanted to invest in the Beautifying Cream, but both of them had different motives. Yan Jing saw the business opportunity in it, while Vera should be… trying to repay him.

“We’ll discuss this matter again!” Su Tao smiled.

When he hung up the phone, Vera’s image appeared in his mind. Without him knowing, Vera had gone from being a patient to being a friend, and now, their relationship had become complicated.

After leading his disciples in the Pulse Art the next morning, Su Tao received a call from Di Shiyuan that requested him to be in the Jianghuai Hospital within an hour to participate in the specialist team’s first outcall.

While Su Tao was mulling over the situation, he swiftly stuffed two steamed buns into his pocket and headed towards the Jianghuai Hospital in a taxi.

When he arrived, he saw Lu Shimiao here waiting. He inwardly pondered if this trip would be an outcall for the two of them.

Di Shiyuan suddenly said, “The car to fetch the two of you will arrive shortly. The patient’s identity is rather special, a relative of the tycoon, Li Yede. I hope that the two of you can do your best to treat her illness.”

A black Audi A6L drove into the hospital by the time he finished speaking. The two of them boarded the car and they sat in the back row. Lu Shimiao maintained her cold expression, but looking at her from the side; she had a wonderful taste. It was no wonder why she was called the Bella of Jianghuai Hospital.

She wore a white-knitted dress that tightly hugged her body with a wonderful arc forming from her bosom to her waist and black stockings that covered her slender legs. She had bewitching and glistening lips, along with fair and tender skin. She quietly sat while emanating a peculiar fragrance.

For some reason, the scene of Lu Shimiao being harassed by her Father-in-Law appeared in his mind, sending a chill down his spine.

“Thank you for the other time.” After a long silence, Lu Shimiao finally opened her mouth to break the awkward atmosphere.

Su Tao shrugged, “It’s nothing much, it’s just a slight effort. That sort of lecher deserves to be condemned! Harassing you despite the relationship between the two of you, he’s worse than a beast!”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Lu Shimiao’s face blushed, since they were referring to different matters. She had been trying her best to avoid Qiao Dehao’s harassment, but she never thought that Su Tao would witness it.

She was referring to Su Tao treating Jiao Jiao’s dysautonomia.

When Su Tao saw the indignance on Lu Shimiao’s face, he realised that he had spoken the wrong words, so he tried to change the topic to cover the awkwardness. He took out two steamed buns from his pocket and smiled. “Are you hungry? Deal with it and ease your hunger a little!”

“Nothing good comes from a scoundrel!” Lu Shimiao’s face turned red as she turned her head away.

Su Tao was flabbergasted. But he soon realised he had spoken the wrong words again. With how profound and deep Chinese culture was, there was another meaning behind the words he spoke that caused Lu Shimiao to misunderstand his intentions.

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