Chapter 45 - Heavy Taste

Chapter 45 - Heavy Taste

Su Tao vented his resentment as he fondled Yan Jing. Yan Jing had been trying to tempt him with her words, so today, he would show Yan Jing that he was not someone to be trifled with through actions. Her chest felt tender and bouncy, but he could only grasp half of it in his hand due to the sheer size. When he tried to squeeze, it was akin to squeezing cotton.

Yan Jing felt both angered and anxious. Su Tao did not exert much force, but he applied them skillfully. He pinched one of Yan Jing’s joints and instantly made her feel weak.

“Wow, what are you guys doing! How erotic!” While the two of them were wrestling on the leathered bed, a person appeared outside the door and was enjoying the view before her despite her words and smiled. “The two of you can continue, just pretend that I don’t exist!”

Seeing that Su Tao finally let go, Yan Jing wiped her mouth and spat on the floor before she sourly said, “My mouth is full of facial cream.”

Su Tao had facial cream on before, and when he kissed Yan Jing, it caused the cream on his face to smear on Yan Jing as well. It added a smear of sexual taste.

Yan Jing adjusted her clothes before she washed her face and sourly looked at Su Tao. “You have ten minutes to clean up and come out!”

She then turned to look at the woman by the door. “What a joy killer!”

“I already told you guys to continue!” The woman chuckled.

Yan Jing found a mirror and noticed that her make-up was all messed up. “That’s your taste?”

“I always have a heavy taste. I like looking at wrestling the most.” The woman shrugged.

As they conversed, Su Tao had already cleaned up. When he walked out, the woman was stunned as she looked at him for a long time. “Since when did you find a pretty boy? What a handsome stud, you want to play with me for a few days?”

Yan Jing took a lady cigarette and lit it. “Don’t get it wrong. I can’t afford him. He’s a partner of mine. He was just trying to take advantage of and rape me.”

Shock flashed on the woman’s face as she raised her thumb at Su Tao. “Brat, your taste is heavier than mine. You even dared to rape the Poisonous Widow? You’re gutsy enough!”

Su Tao cast a glance at the woman. Her lips were rosy red with pearly-white teeth; however, her figure was on the slim side, belonging to the category of those bony women. As the saying goes, who you mix around with was a reflection of yourself. This woman was probably Yan Jing’s partner since her style was exactly the same reflection of Yan Jing, bold and unrestrained.

Su Tao slightly smiled. “Isn’t it because Chairman Yan has been tempting me all this time? As a man with normal needs, it’s hard to control in such a private room. Furthermore, I’m not doing it against her wishes; it’s a mutual agreement between adults!”

Hearing Su Tao’s sharp tongue, Yan Jing was choking from the smoke in her cigarette to the point that tears welled up before she smiled. “I have misjudged you. I always thought of you to be a gentleman. I never expected you to be so lustful and passionate deep in your bones. *Sigh* You have disguised yourself pretty well.”

The woman had seen the abnormal attitude that Yan Jing had when she spoke with Su Tao. Her brows lifted as she asked, “Why don’t you introduce to me this lover of yours?”

Before Yan Jing could speak, Su Tao had already introduced himself, “My name is Su Tao, a physician of the Three Flavour Hall.”

“You are Su Tao?” The woman was shocked as she continued, “You’re the one that the Nie Family is paying ¥1,000,000 to take your life?”

“You’re looking at the person himself.” Su Tao awkwardly smiled.

The woman shrugged her shoulders at Yan Jing and sighed, “Interesting, no wonder Boss Yan is protecting you. You guys can continue, I’ll be taking a nap since I’m tired. We’ll meet for a meal next time.”

Su Tao could smell the dense alcohol coming from the woman. Compared to Yan Jing, her beauty was just slightly inferior, but the flirtatious expression between her brows was left lingering in his memory. She wore a thin white shirt that vaguely revealed her black bra and light blue slim-fit jeans that wrapped around her legs, outlining her stunning S-line figure.

After she left, Yan Jing glared at Su Tao. “She’s already gone, and you’re still charmed by her?”

Su Tao shook his head. “Isn’t she ill? Why is she still drinking alcohol?”

“You saw her illness?” Yan Jing was surprised.

Su Tao shook his head and did not reply. After all, it belonged to the patient’s privacy, so he wasn’t in a spot to reveal it, since it would go against the guideline of doctors.

Seeing through Su Tao’s thoughts, Yan Jing explained, “Her name is Qin Meimei, one of my important partners.”

Su Tao analysed, “She’s not the same as you. I’m afraid there must be another reason for choosing her as your partner, right?”

“It’s not too good to be smart.” Yan Jing lightly smiled.

Su Tao sat on the chair as he stared at the smiling Yan Jing. “Chairman Yan, I’m afraid that your intention for bringing me here today isn’t just for the spa, right?”

Yan Jing pursed her lips as she placed a bottle before Su Tao. “This is the reason!”

Su Tao was briefly stunned at the appearance of the bottle, before he was amazed. “Isn’t this the Beautifying Cream of my Three Flavour Hall? So it’s that famous? Have you tried it? Isn’t the effect excellent?”

Taking out a paper, Yan Jing bitterly smiled as she passed it to Su Tao. “Look at it yourself.”

Su Tao took a look at the paper and sighed, “Why is the authority of the Commercial Bureau so wide? They’re going to issue a fine for such an outstanding product?”

Yan Jing smiled as she explained, “The quality of this Beautifying Cream is pretty good, but Three Flavour Hall doesn’t have the license to manufacture beauty products, so it’s fined. But I blocked it, and the reason why I brought you here today is to talk about our collaboration.”

Su Tao placed a hand on his chin as he asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Yan Jing smiled as she replied, “I will be responsible for the establishment, manufacturing, marketing and operations for the new company. Your job is to provide the products and develop it into a series. If you disagree with our collaboration, I will personally deliver this fine tomorrow.”

The fine from the Commercial Bureau was just a sham. Yan Jing was too cunning since she took a twist and turn before she revealed her tail.

Su Tao’s lips curled up. “How are we going to divide the profits then?”

“What do you think?” Yan Jing returned with another question.

“I’ll take nine, and you take one!” Su Tao replied.

Yan Jing couldn’t hold back as she laughed out, “Aren’t you a little too shady?”

Su Tao shrugged. “It’s just manufacturing, marketing and operation. Something that I can accomplish by myself. I just need to spend more time to make a trip to the Commercial Bureau, Tax Bureau and the Bank.”

Knowing that Su Tao wasn’t so easy to deal with, Yan Jing sighed, “I will provide a significant sum of funds to advertise and package the product. With your Three Flavour Hall, who knows how many years it will take for your products to be known!”

Su Tao smiled. “Chairman Yan, this still has to be discussed. After all, you’re not the only one willing to invest.”

“Who else?” Yan Jing was surprised.

“Not for the time being, but I believe that there are many people with foresight like yours.” Su Tao replied.

Yan Jing knitted her brows and knew that there wouldn’t be an outcome from this discussion. She smiled. “Let’s talk about it later. I need you to make a trip with me.”

Su Tao helplessly smiled. “I’m swamped with work. I still have the Three Flavour Hall to deal with, so I don’t have the time to pointlessly make a trip here and there with you.”

Yan Jing tossed a bank card to Su Tao. “The password for it is 111111. There’s a sum of money inside, and I believe that it’s more than enough for me to buy your time.”

“Forget it, let’s just treat it that I’m making an outcall.” Su Tao slipped the card into his pocket without any hesitation. Anyone that rejected money must have been kicked in the head by a donkey.

Yan Jing inwardly pondered. For someone like Su Tao, one had to spend some time with him to understand him. He could make someone feel close and never did sloppy work. He was also good at reading others, so being together with someone like him would never be tiring.

Su Tao drove while Yan Jing sat in the front passenger seat, patching up her make-up. While she was applying the lip gloss, Su Tao felt his lips numbing as the fragrance and taste from their kiss still lingered in his mind.

He followed the navigation and drove to a villa in the Golden Bay. The butler had already opened the door, and Su Tao followed Yan Jing into the villa. The two of them immediately went up to the second floor and saw Hua Yan in the rooftop garden.

Hua Yan was hugging a brown teddy bear as she anxiously hid in the corner when she saw Yan Jing’s arrival.

Yan Jing sighed, “She has been like this ever since I picked her up, unwilling to communicate with anybody. I suspect that she might have some psychological illness.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied with certainty. “She isn’t ill, you’re just overthinking!”

Knowing Su Tao’s medical skills, Yan Jing was relieved when she heard his judgement. “It’s good then, but why does she have her guard against me?”

Su Tao sighed, “Hua Yan is just a child. She has been living in the orphanage’s secluded environment. It’s natural for her to be unadapted to the sudden change in environment. It’s natural for her to be fearful of you when your bearing is so strong!”

“I have been anxious and hoped to make up for her loneliness, so I have tried to give her everything.” Yan Jing choked, the brim of her eyes turned red as she turned around and wiped her tears.

Seeing Yan Jing being so emotional, Su Tao sighed, “Don’t try to run before you can walk. Stay with her often and let her be familiar with you. Slow progress is the right way.”

Yan Jing nodded and sighed, “You’re right. Maybe I’m too anxious.”

Su Tao smiled as he walked towards Hua Yan. “Hey little beauty, why don’t we go out and play?”

Hua Yan timidly looked at Su Tao while subconsciously pulling herself back. Su Tao knew that this girl was unusually timid when he saw her reaction. He suddenly quickened his steps and took Hua Yan into his embrace and spun her in the air.

Initially, Hua Yan was screaming from her fear, but it soon changed to laughter.

This was the first time that Yan Jing heard Hua Yan’s laughter ever since she returned. She sighed and felt what Su Tao said did make sense. Her relationship with her daughter needed to be slowly nurtured.

Hua Yan was taken into a black car by Su Tao and he sat behind, whispering jokes to Hua Yan from time to time. Although she did not speak, she would still occasionally burst into laughter. Yan Jing could tell that Su Tao has built the basic trust in the heart of her daughter.

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