Chapter 44 - Rather be drunk to death in the Gentle Countryside

Chapter 44 - Rather be drunk to death in the Gentle Countryside

When they returned, they discovered that the Three Flavour Hall had wholly changed. So it turned out that Cai Yan closed the business while they weren’t around and rearranged everything.

Although the style hadn’t changed, the rearranged furniture gave a new feeling to the Three Flavour Hall.

“How is it, are you not satisfied?” Cai Yan looked at Su Tao with expectations in her eyes.

Su Tao gave two deep stares at Cai Yan before rising his thumbs. “Wow, Big Sister Cai, you’ve gotten more beautiful since we last met!”

Cai Yan rolled her eyes at him, sourly. “What nonsense are you speaking? I’m asking if you’re satisfied with the arrangement? If you don’t like it, then I will change it back.”

“I was just joking.” Su Tao immediately waved his hand and smiled. “It’s truly different with a woman around the house.”

Cai Yan’s face flushed as she stared at Su Tao. “What nonsense are you talking about? I’m an employee of the Three Flavour Hall, so I can’t eat and stay for free. I’m not a woman at your house!”

Su Tao chuckled, “The Three Flavour Hall is my home. Since you stay in the Three Flavour Hall and you’re a woman, aren’t you a woman of my home?”

Seeing Wang Peng coming over, Cai Yan stared at Su Tao and whispered, “Don’t let Wang Peng hear about it. The mouth of your third disciple is wicked, and he will definitely spread it out to the neighbours.”

Cai Yan turned around and walked back to her room. She wore a white-lace short-sleeved shirt with tight short pants, pairing up with a pair of silver heels. She had a pair of long legs that emanated a vague temptation.

Su Tao sighed. Cai Yan belonged to those long-legged beauties, and she liked to wear short pants. So it’s tough for any guy to resist the temptation to look at her legs.

“Wipe your drool!” Su Tao said as he knocked on Wang Peng’s head.

Wang Peng was stunned and really tried to wipe his mouth. But he soon realised that Su Tao had pranked him so he awkwardly smiled. “Master, please forgive my rudeness!”

Su Tao smiled. “I understand that it’s not under your control! But learn to control it in the future, or you will be mocked by others when you’re paralysed the moment you see women in the future.”

Wang Peng scratched his head and left to study herbs. Su Tao turned around to look at Zhao Jian who was surrounding Xiao Jingjing and finally felt that there’s finally some population in the Three Flavour Hall.

At roughly 5.30 p.m. in the afternoon, a horn rang out from outside. He walked out and saw Yan Jing there driving her Audi roadster again. But this time, Su Tao refused to sit in the car, which left Yan Jing helpless before she asked, “Do you know how to drive?”

“I know, but I don’t have a license.” Su Tao replied.

Yan Jing tossed the keys to Su Tao. “Then, you drive it.”

“You trust me that much?” Su Tao was surprised.

Yan Jing smiled. “You’re such a coward that doesn’t even dare to sit in the car I drive. So if you dare you to drive, it shows that you have decent skills!”

Su Tao raised his thumbs towards Yan Jing. “That makes sense.”

His driving skills were much better than Yan Jing. Although it was a little unfamiliar to him at the beginning, it smoothened out five minutes later, which left Yan Jing astonished. “You really don’t have a license?”

Su Tao replied, “Yeah, I don’t tell lies usually.”

“If it’s your lies, they must ones that are unusual, right?” Yan Jing chuckled.

Su Tao rubbed his nose and asked in doubt, “Where are we going?”

“I’ll bring you to the Gentle Countryside.” Yan Jing proceeded to key in the location on the navigation, which swiftly illustrated a path on the map.

Rather be drunk to death in the Gentle Countryside than to envy Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty’s Whitecloud Countryside. What a name that sparks the imagination…

Su Tao followed the navigation and swiftly drove to a three-storey building in the outskirts with a signboard hung outside, “Gentle Countryside”.

Judging from the decoration outside, Su Tao could determine that it was a spa for women.

The moment they walked in, the attendant nodded her head. “Welcome, Chairman Yan!”

“The Heavenly-1 Room.” Yan Jing instructed.

The attendant took a deep glance at Su Tao with astonishment. Although the Gentle Countryside was a women’s spa clubhouse and occasionally serves males, it was the first for Yan Jing to bring a man with her.

The attendant replied, “Chairman Yan, the Heavenly-1 Room is reserved today.”

Yan Jing was surprised by the reply, so she asked, “Who?”

“It’s Chairman Qin.” The attendant replied.

The Heavenly-1 Room was generally reserved for Yan Jing and the guests of her partner.

Yan Jing was surprised before she asked, “Hasn’t she been feeling unwell lately? She brought a guest of hers over?”

“She’s alone, and even drank quite a bit.” The attendant lowered her voice.

Yan Jing helplessly sighed and replied, “Then, the Earthly-1 Room, then.”

The Gentle Countryside might seem simple from the outside, but the interior decoration was of superior quality. Chandeliers, marble flooring, exquisite paintings on the wall, soft, leathered couches and other tasteful quality decorations. The clubhouse had three categories with the Heavenly-1, Earthly-1, Mortal-1 being the largest rooms.

Yan Jing led Su Tao into the Earthly-1 Room. The interior decoration was akin to that of a five-star hotel’s presidential suite.

Yan Jing threw an alluring gaze at Su Tao and whispered in his ears, “Why don’t you take a rest here for now. I’ll make a trip to the Heavenly-1 Room, first.”

Not long after Yan Jing left, the bell rang and a girl who was fifteen or sixteen stood outside. She glanced at Su Tao and swiftly lowered her head. “Mister, I’m here to provide massage services for you.”

Seeing her young age, Su Tao couldn’t bear it, so he refused, “No need, you can leave first.”

When the girl saw that Su Tao wanted her to leave, she immediately went anxious before she insisted, “Mister, please be assured. I have the highest skills in the clubhouse, and I will definitely make you feel comfortable. If you let me, please, not only will my earnings be affected, my reputation will also be affected.”

Su Tao briefly knitted his brows before sighed, “Then come in, just a short one will do.”

There was a hidden door in the room, and with a gentle push, the girl opened a small room that was of a high temperature. The girl reminded, “Mister, you have to change your clothes first!”

When she finished her words, she passed the clothes and pants to Su Tao.

Su Tao coughed, “I’ll make a trip to the washroom and change.”

When he came out, he realised that the girl had already removed her outer clothes. She was only left with a singlet, and despite her young age, her figure had already matured. Her bosom was ample with a deep ravine that could be vaguely seen.

Down below, she wore short pants that revealed her long legs.

Su Tao instantly felt his scalp going numb. What was Yan Jing doing, was she trying to thank him for finding her daughter and brought him here for comprehensive healthcare?

Su Tao went according to the girl’s words and laid down on the leather bed. The girl took out a box with black oil inside. Instantly, Su Tao knew that he had misunderstood. This was a women spa clubhouse, so the girl was naturally going to provide a full spa service.

Seeing that it’s not any of those sleazy things, Su Tao felt assured. The girl carefully placed the black oil on him before saying, “Mister, please remove your clothes.”

Su Tao immediately opened his eyes in astonishment. “Why?”

“It’s the spa’s service, and I have to put the essential oil on your body as well.” The girl smiled.

Su Tao awkwardly smiled. When he saw her pure and untainted eyes, he removed his upper clothes, revealing his lean body. “The upper body will do.”

The girl’s face turned red before she bit her lips and got Su Tao to face up, then rubbed the oil on his body. Su Tao was experienced so he swiftly turned around and faced down.

He had to admit. Her skill was gentle when she rubbed the oil on his body.

A brief moment later, the strength suddenly changed; a pair of tender hands went to his nape. It was a tickling feeling that made Su Tao’s heart itch. The comfortable sensation filled his mind, causing him to uncontrollably groan out.

A familiar silhouette appeared from the back and spoke in a gentle tone, “How is it? Is it comfortable?”

Su Tao’s eyes remained closed as his breathing deepened. He realised that Yan Jing was the one rubbing oil on him so he said, “Chairman Yan, your skill is too fantastic!”

Hearing the ambiguous words, Yan Jing felt her face burning before her tender hands swiftly wandered around Su Tao’s upper body, “This Big Sister still has many skills that I will let slowly you experience!”

Su Tao smiled, “I’m flying to the heavens with just this alone. If you showed more skills, wouldn’t I die?”

Yan Jing purposely pinched Su Tao’s back. “I initially thought that you’re a gentleman, I never expected you to be such a lecher!”

Bearing the pain, Su Tao turned around and look at Yan Jing. “Chairman Yan, if I still act dignified when you brought me to such an explicit place, won’t I be a hypocrite? You must know that I am a normal man with normal desires!”

“Don’t think wrongly, this is a women spa clubhouse. There’s no illegal activity here.” Yan Jing’s brows were raised as her gaze avoided Su Tao’s. “Naturally, I can see that you’re pretty hungry. Should I arrange two girls for you later? I can guarantee that they are well-trained.”

Su Tao sighed, looking disappointed. But in the next moment,  he revealed a sly smile on the corner of his lips. “I initially thought that you would do it yourself. Chairman Yan, looks like you have admitted defeat this time!”

“Your mouth is pretty good. You must have hidden deeply?” Yan Jing slapped his back, “Flip around. I’ll wipe your front.”

Su Tao faced Yan Jing, he only needed to raise his head slightly, and he would be able to see the erotic view in her shirt. The pearly-white skin and twin towers. As Yan Jing’s hand streak across his lower abdomen and pressing towards his inner thigh, Su Tao felt a surge of fire rising in his body.

Yan Jing’s skill was pretty good. It was a lot better than that girl from before. It’s as if she knew Su Tao’s thoughts and made him feel extremely satisfied. Yan Jing was provoking him on purpose.

Su Tao couldn’t help but clench his hands when Yan Jing’s hand moved closer. He couldn’t bear it any longer and suddenly bounced up, hugging Yan Jing and landed a kiss on her lips.

Yan Jing was startled by Su Tao’s sudden assault. She tried to subconsciously struggle to avoid the invasion from Su Tao’s mouth. However, Su Tao straightforwardly withdrew his mouth and kissed towards her neck.

Sensing the heat from Su Tao’s mouth, which made her feel numb, her body started to heat up and turn soft. Su Tao also became more violent, which made her even weaker.

Yan Jing knitted her brows as she grabbed Su Tao’s hair and pulled him away from her neck and hollered, “You… you lecher, stop it!”

It was a pity that her tender voice only made it worse. Su Tao’s firm hands grabbed ahold of her bottom and he lifted her onto his body.

His hand wandered around before Yan Jing felt her chest tightening up. Her legs clamp together with clear and moist liquid leaking out.

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