Chapter 43 - Mother-in-law looking at her Son-in-law

Chapter 43 - Mother-in-law looking at her Son-in-law

A beautiful lady sat on the white superior leather couch. She held a glass in her hand while swirling the wine within, causing the ice to knock against the glass in the process. Her attention was on the television. Surprisingly, it’s not any international channel but Huainan Province’s Educational Channel.

Secretary Li folded his arms while controlling his gaze. He was afraid that his gaze would fall on his employer, Vera and cause a man’s natural reaction to occur.

Vera was too charming. She became even more bewitching after the episode in the Jianghuai Hospital. She was more optimistic than before, undoubtedly a goddess in the heart of any man.

Vera took a sip of wine while changing her posture on the couch, “That disciple of Su Tao, Xiao Jingjing’s performance is pretty good. For some reason, I feel that the judges are giving her a low score on purpose…”

Secretary Li nodded in acknowledgement. “Even non-professionals like us could tell that. In the previous round, Xiao Jingjing treated a pneumonia patient in five minutes with acupuncture, lessening the patients symptoms. Despite being the fastest, the judges felt that Xiao Jingjing had conversed too much with the patient, which caused a deduction of 5 marks.”

“This is just an ordinary tournament. There’s no big deal about it. Oh yeah, what is your opinion about the Three Flavour Hall’s Beautifying Cream?” Vera asked.

Secretary Li’s eyes lit up when he heard Vera mentioning this topic. “This cream is too marvellous. I secretly purchased one for my wife, and the results were earth-shattering! It was like a complete transformation!”

Seeing Secretary Li’s excitement, Vera knitted her brows. “You men only focus on the outer appearance.”

“No, no, I don’t mean that, but you won’t be able to experience the feeling of watching your wife growing old.” Secretary Li chuckled as he continued with awkwardness, “Miss Vera, I can guarantee with my life that the cream is worth the investment. If it is well-promoted, it might become one of the top international skincare products!”

Vera’s gaze fell onto the white bottle before she continued, “I’ll talk to him about it when he’s back. I believe that he must have other products as well; it can even be made into a series.”

Secretary Li suddenly hesitated, but in the end, he still said, “Your caretaker has told me that you are not allowed to meet Su Tao.”

“Shara? Based on what is she interfering in my matter?” Vera knitted her brows.

Secretary Li lowered his voice, “You will have to return to Russia for your engagement in a while.”

Vera blinked her eyes as she looked at Secretary Li. “But how is meeting with Su Tao related to my engagement?”

“They’re just afraid of someone making a big fuss out of the matter!” Secretary Li sighed.

Vera nodded her head. “Is there any news from Russia?”

Secretary Li replied, “News has spread that you found a lover in China, thus refusing to return.”

Hearing the reply, Vera snorted as she slammed the glass on the table, “Those bastards!”

Secretary Li sighed, “You’re the first-in-line heir of the Ormond Family. It’s normal for you to be the focus of attention, so you have to think about Su Tao as well. It’s best for you to decrease your meetings with him.”

Raising her eyes to look at Secretary Li, Vera replied, “I am greatly disappointed in you.”

Secretary Li sighed, “What I just spoke is from the angle of a secretary. But standing in your personal angle, I hope that you can be more firm. After all, you have not considered the status that you are using to meet Su Tao in the past.”

“I’m tired, leave me.” Vera waved her hand in annoyance.

The live broadcast on the television was coming to an end. Despite the judges picking on Xiao Jingjing, she still ended up as the second runner-up.

Xiao Jingjing was extremely excited when the results were announced. Despite the fact that the camera still focused on her, she was overjoyed as she bolted to Su Tao.

Vera looked at Su Tao on the television and sighed. What Secretary Li said was, indeed, correct. She still hadn’t made her decision.

She picked up the phone and called her relative in Russia. “Michelle, I have something to notify you. I have decided to break the engagement.”

“What? Did I hear it right?!” Michelle replied on the other side with shock, “Could the news be true? That you have fallen for that poor Chinese?”

Vera knitted her brows. “Why are you putting things in such a bad way? Indeed, he might not be rich, but he is an interesting gentleman.”

After a brief hesitation, Michelle replied, “Are you sure that you’re not fooling around?”

“I’m certain, and you have to believe in your daughter!” Vera replied firmly.

Michelle sighed, “Okay then. I will take the first available flight tomorrow to look at him myself.”

“Tomorrow? Isn’t it a little too rushed?” Vera frowned.

Michelle replied, “Have you never heard of taking decisive action in a complex situation? I do not wish for my daughter to put her energy on something illusory. Our time is more worthy in being placed in important matters.”

Vera sighed, “Actually, I have not confessed to him.”

“Heavens!” Michelle took a deep breath from the other side and rolled her eyes. “So you’re saying that you have a one-sided crush on him?”

Vera awkwardly smiled. “Actually, the feeling of having a crush for someone isn’t that bad.”

Michelle knitted her brows while chewing on her nails for a long time before replying, “I will give you half a month. If you’re not able to get him, then return to Russia with me.”

“You’re telling me to take the initiative?” Vera was caught unexpected as she smiled.

Michelle replied petulantly, “Why not? Since you like him, then take the initiative. You don’t have the luxury of time to date. If you have fallen for him, then take him as soon as possible. When your feelings for him are gone, then dump him.”

Her mother’s trail of thoughts were a little… ‘unusual’ that they left her speechless. Vera replied, “Then, I’ll give it a try!”

Michelle nodded, “Although the reputation of the Belyasky Family heir that your father found is pretty good, I have investigated his family. Their family owes a pile of debt that requires a large fund to turnover, while your father has his eyes on their oil field.”

“So my marriage is merely the worth of an oil field.” Vera sighed.

Michelle waved her hand. “Strictly speaking, your engagement is worth an oil field. After the engagement is set up, they will be secretly dissolved.”

“A smoke bomb?” Vera frowned.

Michelle was pleased. “Since you’ve never fallen for anyone, why care about your marriage? Isn’t it interesting that we can get a big fortune with your engagement?”

“It must be your rotten idea…” Vera replied helplessly.

“If you have really fallen for someone and decide that you will not marry anyone else other than him, I will get your father to change his mind. It’s merely an oil field, and our family doesn't lack that pitiful fortune.” Michelle replied.

After a brief hesitation, Vera replied, “Thank you, Michelle.”

Michelle sighed, “Good. Bye, then!”

Hanging up the phone, Michelle’s eyes flashed with solemn as she waved her hand at her secretary. “Immediately book the ticket for China!”

“I will immediately have it done.” The secretary nodded.

Michelle took a folder with several pictures inside. She wore her gold-framed glasses and looked at it for a long time before she muttered to herself, “His features are pretty good, looks similar to dad. In any case, it’s better than that big nose. Chinese are still more pleasing to the eyes.”

This was the legendary Mother-in-Law looking at her Son-in-Law, the more she looked, the more she found him pleasing to the eye.

Although Xiao Jingjing only obtained the second runner-up, she was still delighted. It had proven that her hard work was worth it, that she could stand out amongst so many outstanding students. 

The Hanzhou Branch’s performance in this tournament was brilliant. Although their group division couldn’t make it, their individual and well-rounded division made it amongst the top.

Tong Mengchu looked at Xiao Jingjing happily. “Your acupuncture is ranked first, prescription second and well-rounded in third. This is a good result that brought a historic breakthrough for our Hanzhou Branch. I have already discussed it with the Vice-Principals, we will reward you with a scholarship and the recommendation to study in the central branch. What do you think?”

He initially thought that Xiao Jingjing would rejoice at this news. But she shook her head. “Principal Tong, I’m sorry, but I refuse.”

Her words covered Tong Mengchu’s face with shock. “Why? If you study in the central branch, you will surely be posted in a good hospital for your internship. Your future will be limitless!”

Xiao Jingjing peeked a glance at Su Tao and replied, “My achievements are all due to Master Su Tao’s teachings. So I have decided to continue my learning in the Three Flavour Hall.”

“Xiao Jingjing, do you know what you are declining?!” Tong Mengchu spoke with disbelief, and his eyes widened.

Xiao Jingjing nodded her head as she confirmed, “I am already an adult. I know what decision I’m making!”

Tong Mengchu shook his head while inwardly feeling that Xiao Jingjing didn’t know what’s good for her.

Tang Nanzheng sighed from the side before he whispered to Su Tao, “This disciple of yours is really worth your effort.”

Su Tao smiled. “If it wasn’t for her character, how would I accept her as my Senior Disciple?”

Tang Nanzheng bitterly smiled as he glanced at Di Yuan. Her results were pretty good. Her prescription ranked third and acupuncture ranked tenth. However, the result was still pale in comparison to Xiao Jingjing.

On the other hand, Di Yuan’s heart was filled with regret. She regretted that she did not persevere in the Three Flavour Hall. Otherwise, she would definitely obtain a better score this time.

That’s because even Wang Peng got first in prescription and Zhao Jiang was sixth in acupuncture, both of them scored better than her.

Su Tao was genuinely someone that could bring miracles. Not only were his skills unfathomable, but he was also calm. Furthermore, he could accurately predict that the tournament would be unfair.

Even if Tang Nanzheng had gone to spoke with the judges, the judges still stood on the side of the central branch. Thus, they had purposely lowered Xiao Jingjing’s score, only allowing her to be ranked third.

However, Su Tao wasn’t too bothered by it since this was merely his disciple’s first appearance in public. If they had gotten a high result, then they might start to be complacent instead.

His disciples were still young, and they would surely shake the medical field in the future!

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