Chapter 42 - Lecher Falling Into the Trap

Chapter 42 - Lecher Falling Into the Trap

Hanging up the phone, Hu Xiaofeng’s gaze fell onto a medicine bottle on the table while viscously smiling. He carefully slipped the bottle into his pocket. He stood up and wore a baseball hat and mask before heading towards the lodging area prepared for the participants.

Rather than colluding with the judges, it would be easier to cause the participants to lose their strength.

It was a bottle of Dream Inducing Powder that was concocted by the Medicine King Valley with herbs, commonly used for insomnia. The reason why it wasn’t publically available was due to its intensive effects. If it was taken without the supervision of a Medicine King Valley’s disciple, it would cause the patient to fall into a deep slumber or even into a vegetative state.

Hu Xiaofeng confirmed the room number and took out a key that he had already prepared. He did not step in after opening. He set up a piece of incense equipment that could place everyone that was asleep in the room into a deep slumber after fifteen minutes. A standard dose could cause someone to sleep for 48 hours, but he had increased the dosage.

Seeing that everything was prepared, all he had to do was activate the incense equipment before scattering the Dream Inducing Powder in the room.

All of a sudden, he felt a chill down his shoulder, which gave him a huge fright. He swiftly rolled away, but the silhouette followed him closely.

Hu Xiaofeng was confident in his martial arts, which could even be considered decent in the Medicine King Valley. But that silhouette was abnormally fast. That silhouette had grabbed ahold of Hu Xiaofeng’s throat and pinned him against the wall.

Su Tao had long guessed that someone from the Medicine King Valley might arrange someone to cause trouble for him. Looking at the masked man before him, he had ascertained his guesses.

“Release me!” Hu Xiaofeng roared while feeling a chill before his mask was removed by the other party.

Su Tao knitted his brows while maintaining his grip on Hu Xiaofeng’s throat and coldly said, “Introduce yourself.”

Hu Xiaofeng spoke in a coarse voice with great difficulty, “My name is Hu Xiaofeng of the Medicine King Valley. You hurt my Junior Brother, Nie Yaozhong, so I am here to take revenge for him.”

“You can’t even protect yourself now, how are you going to take revenge for someone else?” Su Tao sneered.

Hu Xiaofeng replied with a stern voice, “Nonsense!”

He rocked his body to the side, causing an exclamation of surprise from Su Tao. Hu Xiaofeng’s bone suddenly shrunk, allowing him to break free from Su Tao’s hold, and he stretched his hand out, unleashing a golden snake towards Su Tao.

Since it was concealed and due to the close distance, Su Tao felt his hand turn numb. The snake had bitten him. He waved his hand out and a needle pinned the snake to the wall.

Hu Xiaofeng watched with heartache as the snake briefly struggled before dying. The snake was called the Gold-Silver Silk Snake, something he had spent a great effort and money on.

Although the Gold-Silver Silk Snake was swift and agile, Su Tao was too fast, and the snake couldn’t dodge the trajectory of the silver needle.

“Your skills are pretty good, but I’m afraid that you will soon die from my snake’s venom.” Hu Xiaofeng grounded his teeth as he coldly looked at Su Tao.

Su Tao felt half of his arm turn numb, so knitted his brows. That snake was truly formidable. If it was an ordinary person, three to five minutes would be all it takes for them to be poisoned to death. He could infer that Hu Xiaofeng had the desire to kill him.

Hu Xiaofeng had seen Su Tao from the pictures, so he sneered, “Master has issued a kill order on you, your head’s worth ¥1,000,000. It still complimented my loss despite being lower than what the snake is worth.”

Su Tao couldn’t be bothered listening to Hu Xiaofeng at this moment. He circulated the Pulse Art, gathering the qi in his veins and acupoints, restricting the poison to a small corner before using a silver needle on his Quchi Acupoint to extract the black blood.

“I’m afraid that it will not go as you wish!” Su Tao casually said as he swung his hand about.

According to sense, Su Tao should be immobilised by now. So when Hu Xiaofeng saw how Su Tao swung his hand, his face alternated between red and white with viciousness flashing in his eyes. “Stop trying to act strong. The bigger the action you make, the faster you’ll die!”

“You talk too much!” Su Tao whipped his leg towards Hu Xiaofeng’s lower abdomen.

Hu Xiaofeng immediately dropped down and felt a sharp pain on his face. He knew that Su Tao’s leg whip was merely a fake, and that the finger that Su Tao had unleashed was the trump card!

Knowing that Su Tao was going to jab his face, Hu Xiaofeng couldn’t dodge and suffered a jab between his brows. His eyes immediately turned black as Su Tao followed up with a kick. Hu Xiaofeng groaned as he laid on the ground, immobilised.

The commotion in the hallway had also attracted the security’s attention and a security guard immediately rushed over. “Stop! What are you guys doing?!”

Su Tao stepped on Hu Xiaofeng’s mouth and explained, “I encountered a rapist that tried to sneak into the room of my student with ill intentions!”

“What? Who dares to act so boldly?” The security guard took a glance at the person lying on the ground before exclaiming, “Isn’t this Professor Hu?!”

Su Tao acted as if he was shocked. “Professor Hu? Can it be that he is a professor of this university? His character is too vile!”

Despite being framed, Hu Xiaofeng couldn’t speak since he could only smell Su Tao’s shoe.

“I have to report to my superior about this matter immediately!” The security guard said after a brief consideration and took out the walkie-talkie.

Su Tao lashed a stomp on the back of Hu Xiaofeng’s head, causing him to faint.

Xiao Jingjing and Di Yuan were arranged in a room, so they were startled by the commotion and walked out at this moment as they rubbed their eyes.

Xiao Jingjing was dressed conservatively, while Di Yuan wore laces with a coat outside with a small creek that revealed her blossom.

At this moment, Tang Nanzheng, Tong Mengchu, as well as those from the branches, came out as well.

Roughly ten minutes later, Wang Guofeng rushed over. When he saw Hu Xiaofeng lying by the wall with a piece of incense equipment, along with the bottle of powder, his face drastically changed as he demanded, “What is going on here?”

The security captain explained, “According to that person, Professor Hu was about to trespass into the room of females with vile intentions!”

Wang Guofeng knew Hu Xiaofeng’s real intentions. When he saw Su Tao’s familiar face from Hanzhou Branch, his face turned solemn. “How did Professor Hu explain himself?”

The security captain sighed, “He was knocked out the whole time.”

Wang Guofeng walked up and placed his fingers on Hu Xiaofeng’s neck. The culprit was truly vicious, sealing several of Hu Xiaofeng’s critical acupoints. Wang Guofeng took a deep breath and his thumb wandered around Hu Xiaofeng’s body, waking the latter up.

When Su Tao witness Wang Guofeng’s skills, a grave expression showed on his face. He judged that the latter must be from a famous sect from his skills.

When Hu Xiaofeng woke up, he immediately analysed the situation and exclaimed, “Principal Wang, I’m innocent!”

“You, explain yourself!” Wang Guofeng knitted his brows.

Hu Xiaofeng swiftly found an excuse and explained, “While I was inspecting the room, I discovered a venomous snake. I was worried that the venomous snake might harm the students, so I unlocked the door. I never thought that he would misunderstand it, and he attacked me without even allowing me to explain.”

Since there was a venomous snake hung on the wall, there was proof to Hu Xiaofeng’s lies.

Su Tao sneered, “I have seen shameless people, but I have never seen anyone more shameless than you! You are clearly a lecher and yet still project yourself to be a saint that thinks for the students?”

Wang Guofeng swept a glance in the surroundings and saw the knockout drugs, baseball cap and mask…

It was apparent, no matter how you analysed it. Hu Xiaofeng had become a lecher with vile intentions. Because this matter concerned the reputation of the central branch, Wang Guofeng could only deal with this matter in a low-profile. “It’s late now, and the students still have to participate in the competition tomorrow. The central branch will give an explanation for Hu Xiaofeng tomorrow.”

Su Tao waved his hand and shook his head. “No need for the central branch to handle it, we have already called the police!”

“Police?” Wang Guofeng knitted his brows with graveness flashing in his eyes. “Why do you want to cause such big trouble?”

“Because I do not trust the central branch enough, I’m worried that you guys will protect the culprit.” Su Tao sneered.

Wang Guofeng felt his lungs bursting from the anger. As the person behind this tournament, wouldn’t he have to bear the responsibility if this matter was leaked outside?

At this moment, he regretted allowing Hu Xiaofeng to make a move and Su Tao to blow the matter up.

The siren of police cars rang out before several police officers swiftly walked in. Wang Guofeng coldly snorted before he ordered the security captain, “Help Professor Hu up, we will go together to explain the matter.”

“This is a crime scene, wouldn’t the evidence be ruined if we leave here so abruptly?” Su Tao interrupted as he waved his hand.

Seeing that Su Tao wasn’t willing to let this matter go, Wang Guofeng coldly saod, “Must you blow up the matter?”

Su Tao shook his head. “I only want the culprit to be punished as he is supposed to be.”

Di Yuan stood on the side and said with a firm tone, “We have taken a video of the scene. If the university does not handle it seriously, I will post it up on Weibo and WeChat…”

Wang Guofeng coldly swept a glance at Su Tao. “Okay, then. Since Hu Xiaofeng tried to sneak into the room of female students, and he will be fired and never be hired ever again!”

Wang Guofeng viciously stared at Su Tao, imprinting Su Tao’s face in his mind.

The policemen swiftly arrive to the crime scene and through some simple explanations, they escorted Hu Xiaofeng to the car. Wang Guofeng followed as well, since he had to weaken the influence of this matter to be as low as possible.

Su Tao informed the students to rest, and when he went back to his room, he saw Tang Nanzheng waiting in his room.

Tang Nanzheng was a little surprised when he saw the bandage on Su Tao’s arm, “The other party used poison. Is your arm alright?”

“I was careless. At least for ten days, I can’t intensely move about.” Su Tao helplessly smiled. His arm had swelled up. He sighed, “Truth be told; I was the cause of this matter.”

“What actually happened?” Tang Nanzheng said with a question on his face.

Su Tao sighed, “Hu Xiaofeng is from the Medicine King Valley. I have hurt someone from that sect because of the Emerald Antique Brook.”

He carried on to explain the entire matter. When Tang Nanzheng heard the explanation, he furiously slammed on the table. “The Medicine King, Xu Tiande, is a respectable figure in the medical field. I never thought that his disciples would be so vile!”

Su Tao sighed, “I’m only worried that the students will be affected due to my issue with the Medicine King Valley.”

Tang Nanzheng immediately shook his head and slapped his chest. “Rest assured, I will contact the judges tomorrow morning. With the guarantee of my reputation, I believe that they will give me a just answer. Otherwise, I will take this matter to the medical association, and report that this tournament is fixed.”

Seeing Tang Nanzheng’s guarantee, despite knowing that the outcome wouldn’t be changed, he still went along, “Then, I’ll have to trouble you in this matter.”

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