Chapter 3 - Miss Chairman’s Secret

Chapter 3 - Miss Chairman’s Secret

Su Tao wasn’t being disrespectful to Vera, the Tiantu Acupoint was between the chest. Applying pressure on it could treat the coughing from Bronchitis. At the same time, it could stop the Hysteria from acting up. According to his speculations, Bronchitis was just the symptom, the illness was Hysteria.

Hysteria was the traditional chinese medical term, the western medical term was known as the Somatization Disorder. The reason why Vera was rejecting the use of instruments to detect her illness was because she was worried that her Somatization Disorder would be discovered.

If an elite in the business field were to be diagnosed with such a mental illness, it would have a lot of negative effects. If it was reported in the news, her family and company would be greatly affected.

Su Tao’s acupressure technique made Vera calm down and he spoke in a soft voice, “Rest assured, I will help you keep the secret of having Somatization Disorder. It will not be known to others, and at the same time, I can treat your illness as well.”

Vera was proficient in mandarin, when Su Tao pressed on her chest, she felt like she was being electrocuted. The constraint in her chest and discomfort in her throat had been instantly released and calmed down.

“You can treat my illness?” Vera looked at Su Tao in puzzlement. The incident that happened earlier in the room was seen by Vera, so she had established the fundamental trust when she gave him 5 minutes.

At the same time, she was shocked that Su Tao could tell that she had Somatization Disorder. In this world, aside from her personal doctor back in Russia, there wasn’t a third person that knew about this secret.

Vera was simply too beautiful. When she spoke, her eyelashes would flutter up and down; like a fairy dancing. Su Tao was suppressing himself with great effort, but he was still slightly dazed at her beauty. He calmed himself down and gently said, “I need you to hand yourself to me.”

Vera’s brows loosened up. That’s because Su Tao’s request was the same as her personal doctor. At the same time, she understood why Su Tao requested everyone to leave the room. That’s because Su Tao had seen through her thoughts about not wanting others to know about her illness.

“You must keep this a secret.” Vera considered for a long time and decided to give it a try.

She had heard how miraculous traditional chinese medicine was, so perhaps this young doctor might be able to resolve this illness that was hard to talk about. “You can start your treatment now!”

If there were silver needles with him, Su Tao could find the acupuncture points through the clothes and conduct the treatment with the needles. However, he didn’t have any silver needles with him, so if he wanted the efficiency to remain high, he would have to suggest for Vera to remove her clothes so that he could use his fingers to conduct the treatment.

“Can you remove your clothes?” Su Tao probed as he asked. If Vera was unwilling, then he could only do it with the clothes on, but it would cause the treatment to lose efficacy as well.

“Remove my clothes?” Vera frowned her brows with caution.

“I have previously told you to hand yourself to me.” Su Tao nodded his head as he spoke with a solemn expression, “You’re the patient and I’m the doctor.”

Although Vera felt that it was inappropriate, she was a foreign female, so her character was rather open and they were in an absolutely private room. Therefore, she slowly removed her upper clothing, trousers, bra and shorts…

A lively fragrance appeared in this room. Su Tao had practised the way of medicine for over ten years, he had his fair share of looking at a female body. Thus, there was no longer any female body in his eyes, only a patient.

However, this was the first time he had seen a Russian woman’s body… it was truly fair… and ample… She had her eyes slightly closed. As for the outline of her body, it was curvaceous.

Her golden hair covered her head. Her white, glossy skin was as smooth and sparkling as porcelain. Beneath her exquisite collarbone was a pair of perky and round snowy peaks. There wasn’t any abundant meat on her abdomen and when she lightly drew her legs together, she formed an outline of ‘入’. It was like the work of a master artist that made others not daring to have the slightest profane thought.

Su Tao inhaled a deep breath and raised a sufficient amount of his inner energy. His finger gently pressed against Vera’s Neiguan, Shenmen, Shenting, Baihui, Fengchi, and Yi Ming’s acupuncture points, pressing a total of eight of them.


After more than ten minutes, Vera had a sense of her mood suddenly lifting up. The depressed mood that she had for a long time was instantly being lifted up.

Looking from a traditional chinese medical angle, the main cause for Vera’s Mould Bronchitis was because of her Hysteria.

The traditional chinese medicine sought the balance in Yin and Yang. The symptoms of Hysteria was the weakness in the heart and stagnation in the liver. Although the mood could be controlled for a short term with the help of western medicine, the damage in her heart had not recovered. With the addition to the invasion of a cold wind, thus causing the infectious mould, the symptoms of Bronchitis appeared.

Su Tao targeted the source. If painful investigations were made, success naturally followed.

Su Tao then used an acupressure method to treat her Bronchitis. Although using a medicinal treatment would speed up the process, Vera’s coughing symptoms were relieved after half an hour.

The acupressure method required the use of qi, and due to the fact that there weren’t any silver needles to be used as a medium, there was a great amount of exhaustion.

A misty membrane appeared on the surface of Vera’s body, then her wonderful figure was vaguely seen.

If there was someone that knew the ropes around this, they would realise that the acupressure method that Su Tao had used was different, it was the long-lost Sky Intercepting Hands.

Outside the room, there was a hazy layer on the doctors of Jianghuai Hospital and Tang Ming was seen talking to Di Shiyuan with a faint smile, looking rather at ease.

What’s going on? A hundred doctors of the hospital were actually forced out by a young outsider, where would their face be?

Tang Ming and Di Shiyuan had their own thoughts. As long as that Russian lady could be treated, Tang Ming would have accomplished his task today. At least at the crucial moment, Tang Ming gave his support to Su Tao, which let Su Tao give it a try.

Even if Su Tao couldn’t treat Vera, it wouldn’t be related to Tang Ming since Su Tao wasn’t someone that he had found. In the medical field, Tang Ming had the nickname “Smiling Fox”, since he was cautious in dealing with people and other matters.

The door opened with Su Tao haggardly walking out. Those waiting outside all went in to check on the patient’s condition.

“This is too miraculous, she can even get out of bed and walk.”

“There isn’t anymore coughing symptoms as well. How did he accomplish this without the use of medicine?”

Various astonished voices resounded.

Because he had to constantly use his qi for an hour to unblock the choked acupoints, he had a huge amount of exhaustion. Su Tao was already covered in sweat when Zhao Ming held onto his body and asked in a low voice, “How is it?”

Su Tao answered, “I’ve temporarily controlled her illness. If she wants to fully recover, she still needs to be nursed.”

A wisp of astonishment flashed on Zhao Ming’s face as he said, “You’ve treated her Bronchitis?”

This fellow seems to be fond of repeating the question, how loathful. Su Tao powerlessly said, “I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said again.”

Zhao Ming slapped his thighs as he laughed, “Looks like this trip of mine today wasn’t in vain. It was worth it!”

The Old Physician Su had passed away and the Young Physician Su had dealt with the problem. The story was this tangled and complicated, yet endlessly interesting. Now Zhao Ming felt like giving Su Tao a kiss.

Su Tao showed exhaustion on his face as he sighed, “The matter here is done. I’ll have to rest and come back tomorrow to continue my treatment. The patient still requires a few days of nursing.”

At this moment, Di Shiyuan had already walked out of the room. He smiled when he saw the haggard look on Su Tao’s face, “Xiao Zhao, bring Physician Su to the dorms and let him have a good rest.”

Zhao Ming rarely saw the strict Di Shiyuan being so warm and gentle.

Through the confirmation of a medical expert, Tang Ming’s verification, there was a great improvement in Vera’s condition and she would get better shortly after. After taking his outcall medical fee, he happily left this place. However, the doctors here were all cursing Tang Ming speaking so highly and yet, he did not do a single thing to help, practically a freeloader.

Su Tao was simply too exhausted. The bed in the dorms were clean and tidy, so he quickly fell asleep. He was also unaware that the entire Jianghuai Hospital was stirred and that they were all discussing Su Tao’s miraculous medical skills.

In the conference room next to the President’s room, the Vice-President, as well as the heads of all departments, had attended this meeting.

The expression on Di Shiyuan’s face had eased up as he cast a glance at Qiao Dehao. “This matter involves the reputation of Huanguai Hospital, everyone has worked hard. Especially Comrade Zhao Ming, recommending an important talent at that crucial moment. Naturally, Professor Tang, who was invited by Secretary Dehao, had also contributed.”

Qiao Dehao had an unpleasant look on his face from Di Shiyuan’s speech and faintly said, “President Di, there’s an issue that I would like to point out. We’re still uncertain if Su Tao has the Medical Practise Qualifications. It will be too risky if the treatment fails. Strictly speaking, such actions have violated the system.”

Hearing Qiao Dehao’s words, Di Shiyuan lightly snorted, “Comrade Dehao, the system is dead whereas we’re alive. Have you not heard of Bureau Chef Cao’s words earlier? We have to make such a talent stay. If we lose him to the other hospitals, it will be too much of a pity. Therefore, the discussion for today is to invite Su Tao as an official doctor in our hospital.”

Qiao Dehao’s face turned solemn as he reminded, “Right now, all official staff members are required to go through the examination, you’re violating the system.”

This hospital’s operation was managed by Di Shiyuan, but the authority of human resources lied with Qiao Dehao, thus having their own factions.

Di Shiyuan cast a glance at Qiao Dehao as he said, “Although we are a public hospital, we also have to put importance to meritocracy. The hospital has nurtured so many, but how many of them can be put to good use?”

Hearing his words, many people subconsciously coughed with their faces turning red. The president’s mouth had started to turn venomous again, indirectly scolding them.

Just when Di Shiyuan was going to use this as a pretext to make a fuss, his phone suddenly rang, it was Cao Jun calling. After picking up the call, he exclaimed in surprise, “What?! You're saying that Secretary of the Municipal Committee Zhang is coming? Alright, I’ll immediately receive him.”

Roughly ten minutes later, several black commercial cars drove into the front yard of the hospital. Walking at the front was Secretary of the Municipal Committee Zhang Ping, with Cao Jun following behind him as he cautiously spoke with the former.

Di Shiyuan walked at the front and shook hands with Zhang Ping, before he was directed into the VIP room where Vera was residing.

Vera wore patient clothes with two smears of rosy red colors on her cheeks, her pupils were sparkling bright. Even with Zhang Ping’s good bearing and manner, he was briefly stunned upon seeing Vera. Even if Vera was wearing patient clothes with no makeup on, Zhang Ping still couldn’t help inwardly praising her outstanding appearance.

Seeing Vera recovering her health, Zhang Ping happily smiled. “Miss Vera, it’s good news that you can recover your health. We have been too busy with work lately, so we couldn’t visit you. I beg for your understanding.”

Vera nodded her head with a light smile. “Secretary Zhang, Hanzhou has left a good impression on me, especially that miraculous young doctor. His medical skills have opened my eyes to a new world. So I have decided that I will invest in Hanzhou and stay here for a period of time.”

Vera understood that it would take some time for her to completely recover from her illness.

Zhang Ping was surprised as he did not expect that a project which involved hundreds of millions would be so easily nailed. He originally thought that it would leave a bad impression in Vera. He never thought that by pure luck, a doctor in the Jianghuai Hospital had managed to treat Vera’s troublesome illness, which made her filled with a good impression for Hanzhou.

Zhang Ping immediately promised, “The government will provide the best services for the foreign businesswoman that is willing to settle in Hanzhou. We will create a good investment environment for you.”

Vera nodded her head and smiled. “I will recommend Hanzhou to my friends as well to have them pay more attention to Hanzhou.”

Vera’s words made Zhang Ping overjoyed. After exiting the room, he asked Cao Jun, “Who’s the one that managed to treat Vera? He has made a huge contribution to Hanzhou, can I meet him?”

Cao Jun glanced at Di Shiyuan, which the latter smiled. “Secretary Zhang, his name is Su Tao, a young doctor that our hospital has specially engaged. He has exhausted himself too much after treating Vera and is currently resting.”

Di Shiyuan had skill in talking and made Zhang Ping think that Su Tao was a doctor in their hospital.

Zhang Ping pitifully sighed, “Since that’s the case, then forget it. We’ll meet if the opportunity arises. You must nurture such an outstanding young doctor.”

“That’s for sure!” Di Shiyuan straightened his body as he promised.

After sending the Secretary of the Municipal Committee off, when Di Shiyuan looked at Qiao Dehao once again, Qiao Dehao no longer dared to look at him, but was touching the watch on his left wrist out of habit.

In this confrontation, Di Shiyuan could be considered to have won. There was an outcome for the dispute back in the conference room from a single sentence from the Secretary of Municipal Committee. Diao Dehao no longer had a reason to refuse Su Tao to become an official doctor in the hospital.

Naturally, the problem right now was that Di Shiyuan had to convince Su Tao into joining the Jianghuai Hospital. He rubbed his chin with rigorous schemes and deep foresight as he started to plan.

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