Chapter 37 - Wonderful Cohabitation Period

Chapter 37 - Wonderful Cohabitation Period

It was late at night when Su Tao returned to the Three Flavour Hall. Suddenly, his phone vibrated with a message from an unknown number. “Hua Yan has returned safely. Thanks for your help, Yan Jing.”

Su Tao sighed as he saved her number in his phone and had a tough time sleeping. Too many things occurred in the past month, which he had to sort them out in his mind.

Firstly, he treated Vera and successfully became the Department Head of Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department, and gave a title to the Three Flavour Hall through partnership.

Secondly, Cai Zhongpu had surrendered himself, and he promised to take good care of Cai Yan. In the process, he also offended the Nie Family and Medicine King Valley.

Thirdly, he fought with the Hongsheng Group due to the demolition, defeated Nie Weiting and lured out the mastermind, Yan Jing.

Furthermore, he even took three disciples, whom would soon participate in the Jiangnan TCM Academy’s tournament.

As for the Physician King Tournament, he was still considering whether he would participate in it, since many unknown powers were also involved in it.

Despite the matters that buzzed in his head, Su Tao was clear-headed. Everything was progressing for the better, to allow the Three Flavour Hall to grow and fulfil his promise to Su Guangsheng.

He stayed in a half-awake state till the morning. Suddenly, his phone rang with Di Shiyuan calling.

“Have you received the notification yesterday?” Di Shiyuan asked.

“What notification? I didn’t get anything.” Su Tao was puzzled.

Di Shiyuan briefly paused before he laughed, “If you’re not busy, make a trip to the Jianghuai Hospital. There’s something important to tell you.”

With curiosity, Su Tao asked, “What is it?”

Di Shiyuan did not want to reveal it through the phone, so he replied, “You have to be here! On time, at 8 o’clock, don’t be late!”

Su Tao bitterly smiled after he hung the phone. He heard a clanking sound coming from the kitchen, which meant that Cai Yan probably couldn’t sleep and started to make breakfast.

He was startled the moment he stepped into the kitchen. Cai Yan wore a loose t-shirt, with a cartoon headband that caused her hair to drape on her shoulders while she washed the rice and slicing ingredients.

Her centre of gravity was shifted forth with a leg by the front and another by the back. It’s to the extent that her ample chest stuck out. Due to her thin t-shirt, the curved outline of her underwear could be seen, and her well-endowed bottom stuck out. Her flawless long legs had poked out from the bottom of her shirt, triggering one’s imagination.

Su Tao couldn’t contain his morning reaction as he looked at this scene. Sensing someone behind her, Cai Yan turned around and saw Su Tao in singlet and boxers, looking at her in a daze. Subconsciously, she covered her chest with her arms and feigned anger, coquettishly, “Why are you awake so early?”

No matter how Cai Yan tried to hide it, Su Tao had already realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Half of her right breast was covered by her arm, leaving her left drooping down with pinkish tips that lifted a tiny peak on the t-shirt. At this instance, Su Tao felt his inner demon going out of control.

He rubbed his nose as he coughed, worrying that he might show any signs. “I woke up from the noise.” As he spoke, his gaze peeked at several of Cai Yan’s sensitive spots due to his instincts as a man.

Cai Yan’s face started to burn. She did not expect Su Tao to come in since he never did for the past few days. Thus, she couldn’t be bothered to change her clothes when she woke up. However, she never expected Su Tao to come in today, so she was practically half-naked before him.

She frowned her brows as she waved her hand at Su Tao. “Get lost, don’t disrupt me from making breakfast.”

Seeing how bashful Cai Yan got, a playfulness entered Su Tao’s heart, so he leaned against the door. “I was just going to teach you how to make the food taste better.”

Her face blushed when her gaze fell onto Su Tao’s bottom. How can there be such a shameless man?

“Stop faking it. I’ll dig your eyes out if you still dare to peek.” Cai Yan knew that if she didn’t show any action against Su Tao, he wouldn't give up. Thus, she casually picked a wok and threw it over.

Su Tao gently caught the wok. “You don’t even know how to use a wok? How can it fly when you’re cooking?”

Cai Yan’s hand touched the kitchen knife as she smiled. “Yeah, I don’t know how to use a knife as well. If you continue to stay here, the knife might be next to fly.”

Shock surfaced in Su Tao’s eyes as he boasted, “Sure, show me how it flies.” He didn’t think that Cai Yan would be this fierce and concluded that she was trying to scare him.

Cai Yan coldly snorted. She knew that Su Tao knew martial arts, so she picked up the kitchen knife and threw it. However, because of the lack of strength behind that throw, the knife flew a distance before falling downwards, coincidentally targeting Su Tao’s manhood.

“Holy crap!” If he was in his normal condition, catching this knife would be easy. But he didn’t expect it, so he stumbled several steps back before he managed to dodge it.

Su Tao instantly felt his legs going jelly before he speechlessly pointed Cai Yan for a long time. Seeing her laughing and the impressive view of her chest, he sighed, “You win!”

The moment he stepped out of the kitchen, he felt the urge to turn back due to Cai Yan’s gorgeous and attractive figure. But his rationale defeated his desire in the end. Since Cai Yan was staying there, there were plenty of opportunities in the future.

Su Tao washed up and changed to a set of clean clothes.

After breakfast, he brought the three disciples to practise the Pulse Art before Su Tao left the Three Flavour Hall for Jianghuai Hospital.

When he arrived outside Di Shiyuan’s office, Di Shiyuan’s secretary told him that Di Shiyuan was in the meeting room on the third floor. By the time Su Tao entered the meeting room, he had noticed that everyone was already there waiting for him.

Di Shiyuan sat in the middle with Tang Nanzheng on the right, and Qiao Dehan on the left. Tang Nanzheng was smiling as he waved his hand at Su Tao. On the other hand, Qiao Dehao snorted, “The youth nowadays have no concept of time, to be late for a meeting!”

Su Tao reached the president’s office at eight, by the time he came to the meeting room, he had spent another seven to eight minutes. So strictly speaking, he was late for a few minutes.

Di Shiyuan knitted his brows as he said, “Secretary Qiao, Su Tao was only informed of this meeting today. The reason why he is late is that no one informed him about this. I will pursue this matter later, to see why Su Tao was overlooked.”

This was a small trap. Luckily, Di Shiyuan gave Su Tao a call due to his meticulous nature. Otherwise, Su Tao would have missed out on this meeting for the specialist team.

It might not be a huge problem for him to miss it, but Qiao Dehao would surely bite on this matter. Di Shiyuan was getting increasingly uneasy about Qiao Dehao, his dirty tricks have been increasing, which was annoying.

Qiao Dehao explained, “It’s natural for him to be overlooked. After all, he is new to Jianghuai Hospital, so it’s normal that the Human Resource Department still hasn’t had his contact details.”

Di Shiyuan couldn’t be bothered speaking too much with Qiao Dehao, so he waved his hand. “Back to the official matter, let us begin our discussion. We’re here today regarding the name list for the specialist team, any suggestions?”

Instead of calling this a discussion, it was more of a declaration.

Su Tao was surprised when he saw the name list. Tang Nanzheng was the leader, while he was the vice-leader along with Lu Shimiao. She was sitting beside Qiao Dehao. He had seen her several times.

When Su Tao looked at Lu Shimiao, he could tell from her lips that she was uttering the word ‘lecher’. It seems like she had a great misunderstanding of him.

This left him unhappy, despite being a beauty, the lady was too thorny. Thus, Su Tao purposely took a deep glance at her chest, causing her to be flabbergasted before she subconsciously hunched her shoulders to cover her chest.

Lu Shimiao wore formal wear today, with skincare products on her tender cheeks. Her hair was dyed magenta and was bundled up. Her perky bosom stretched her shirt, so she gritted her teeth and looked away.

Di Shiyuan read the name list and introduced the specialities of the members. On the other hand, Su Tao felt a little bored and was spinning the pen around his thumb. When Di Shiyuan finished talking, Su Tao accidentally lost control of the pen and it bounced off the table, then fell on the floor.

However, everyone had their attention on Di Shiyuan, so no one noticed Su Tao. He slowly pushed his chair out and went under the table to retrieve his pen, but he discovered a shocking secret.

So the lecher from Lu Shimiao wasn’t targeted at him. Qiao Dehao’s left leg was gently moving towards her. Although she sat upright, her legs were moved far away in her black stockings.

Qiao Dehao is too daring to do such an act in the meeting. Su Tao’s wrist trembled and the pen flew towards Qiao Dehao’s bladder.

Qiao Dehao groaned and felt his urine gushing out. Immediately, he held onto his crotch as he dashed out of the room.

“What’s going on, Secretary Qiao?” A puzzled voice sounded out.

“Urinary incontinence? Do you have a problem with your kidney?” Someone noticed Qiao Dehao’s wet crotch as he ran out with a trail of urine being left on the floor.

Lu Shimiao was already frustrated with Qiao Dehao, hoping the meeting to end faster. At that moment, she felt relieved and puzzled at the same time. She looked down and saw a pen by the leg of the chair, it was the one that Su Tao had in his hand previously.

She was shocked in her heart, could it be that it was the doing of that lecherous fellow that caused Qiao Dehao to lose control of his bladder? Could he have seen Qiao Dehao’s actions earlier when he was under the table and came to her aid?

Lu Shimiao comforted herself that she was overthinking it. After all, it was too unbelievable that Su Tao could use a pen to cause Qiao Dehao to lose control over his bladder.

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