Chapter 38 - Incestuous Qiao Dehao

Chapter 38 - Incestuous Qiao Dehao

Qiao Dehao realised his pants were all wet when he entered the gents, so he could only helplessly return to his office to get clean pants. He then noticed the red mark on his abdomen along with the unexplainable incontinence. Pondering for a long time, he figured that it must have had something to do with Su Tao.

He had witnessed how Su Tao tormented Xie Cheng, with means that were only seen in wuxia novels. With his skills, he might really be able to achieve this.

He felt fearful and anger at the same time. His anger was due to Su Tao’s sneak attack on him, and that he might suddenly do this again in the future.

Caught up in his thoughts, his phone suddenly rang, and Di Shiyuan’s voice resounded, “Secretary Qiao, the meeting is almost ending. We saw how you dashed out earlier, are you alright?”

Qiao Dehao smiled in embarrassment. “I ate something wrong this morning. I’m suffering from diarrhoea now.”

Di Shiyuan laughed in his head while he soothed, “Then you rest well, I’ll dismiss the meeting.”

When the meeting ended, Lu Shimiao walked over to Su Tao. “Your pen!”

Su Tao did not play dumb as he received it with a smile. “That’s all? You’re not going to thank me?”

“Thank you for what?” Lu Shimiao knitted her brows.

Su Tao covered his mouth with a yawn as he whispered, “Aren’t you grateful to me for stopping the harassment of that lecher?”

Lu Shimiao was startled before her face turned red. She glared at Su Tao and said with anger and embarrassment at the same time before walking off, “That’s ridiculous!”

Su Tao was stunned to the spot for a long time. Could he have seen wrongly? He saved her from her trouble, and she wasn’t grateful to him?

Suddenly, Tang Nanzheng gently patted his shoulder. “I didn’t think you’d know Little Lu. She’s pretty capable in the Paediatrics Department, but the reason why she can become the vice-leader of the specialist team is due to her Father-in-Law.”

“Father-in-Law?” Su Tao sounded his puzzlement.

Tang Nanzheng initially thought that Su Tao knew about Qiao Dehao’s relationship with Lu Shimiao. But judging from his appearance, Su Tao probably still had no idea about it. “Her Father-in-Law is Qiao Dehao. So you must be cautious since she is someone from that party.”

Hearing his words, Su Tao inwardly sighed. He finally figured out why Lu Shimiao would react in that way. An incestuous Father-in-Law, anyone would avoid that topic if they saw it. Just what had he witnessed?

As he talked with Tang Nanzheng, they arrived in Di Shiyuan office. Di Shiyuan had already gotten his secretary to make tea and said, “Physician Su, please do not hold a grudge for the small mistake today.”

“I’m an understanding person. I know who is playing dirty tricks.” Su Tao shook his head.

Di Shiyuan faintly smiled. “You have also given him a lesson, to let him embarrass himself in public.”

Su Tao looked at Tang Nanzheng and saw the latter gently stroking his beard. So the two of them already knew that he was the one that played a trick on Qiao Dehao?

The two of them only had doubts about that initially, but they had confirmed it when they saw Su Tao’s response. Su Tao’s action today was simply too satisfying.

Tang Nanzheng took a deep breath. “Qiao Dehao is a tumour of Jianghuai Hospital, scheming dirty tricks instead of paying attention to his official work.”

With a helpless expression, Di Shiyuan joined in, “I talked to Bureau Chef Cao yesterday. According to him, he plans to have Qiao Dehao replace me, while I take over his spot.”

Tang Nanzheng shook his head and sighed, “Then I’m afraid the Jianghuai Hospital will be in chaos.”

Di Shiyuan helplessly smiled. “There’s nothing I can do about it. The hospital is lacking the human resources and talents to fight with Qiao Dehao.”

Tang Nanzheng took an in-depth glance at Di Shiyuan. “The specialist team is a spark that you are leaving, right?”

Di Shiyuan nodded his head. “The City Health Bureau manages the specialist team, so it will be impossible for Qiao Dehao to harm any of the members in there. This is also to preserve a spark in the Jianghuai Hospital.”

Hearing Di Shiyuan’s words, Su Tao had made his evaluation. Di Shiyuan might be a shrewd person, but his thinking was filled with righteousness, doing things that would preserve the development of Hanzhou medical field.

He felt respect for Di Shiyuan. Many shrewd people would give others a feeling of dark, but Di Shiyuan was filled with righteousness. In this complicated society, means were necessary for them to achieve their motives.

Di Shiyuan would soon leave the Jianghuai Hospital, which meant he would no longer have a close relationship with the hospital anymore. So what Di Shiyuan did was grant him freedom, and Su Tao could see his efforts. Strictly speaking, Di Shiyuan was the one who scouted his talent, so he had to do something.

Tang Nanzheng suddenly recalled the tournament that would soon host in the Jiangnan TCM University. “Su Tao, there’s a matter that isn’t that good for me to speak about.”

“Please tell.” Su Tao was shocked.

“Di Yuan wishes to return to the Three Flavour Hall!” Tang Nanzheng was a little embarrassed as he continued, “She was previously affected by Deng Ming when she made her decision.”

Su Tao knitted his brows. This matter was, indeed, a little awkward. If he promised Tang Nanzheng, wouldn’t that berate his own Three Flavour Hall? But if he didn’t agree to it, it would be hurting the heart of this old man.

Di Shiyuan could tell the dilemma that Su Tao was in and smiled. “Old Tang, let me say something in Su Tao’s stead. Our motives are to help youngsters, but it’s not easy to do so. Since they have missed the opportunity, then they will have to bear the consequences. There’s no regret pill in the world.”

Su Tao felt grateful for Di Shiyuan’s aid and he smiled,.“Actually, I have already taught her what she should know. It just depends on her own comprehension and hard work now.”

Tang Nanzheng bitterly smiled and sighed, “Forget it, I will let her know about your answer.”

He initially thought that it wouldn’t be much for Deng Ming and Di Yuan to leave the Three Flaovur Hall. After all, there was a limit to what they could learn in a month.

But when Di Yuan explained to him about the Pulse Art along with the acupuncture instructions, he knew that Su Tao’s medical skill originated from a legacy that even someone as senior as him would learn something new. Su Tao had different principles. Knowledge was merely the foundation, but techniques were the actual thing.

Since Su Tao had come to the Jianghuai Hospital, there’s no reason for him not to visit the TCM Department. Zhang Chao was promoted to the Vice-Department Head. When he saw Su Tao, his face was filled with a smile. Su Tao figured that when Di Shiyuan arranged for Zhang Chao to fill up the position, he probably sugarcoated his words about Su Tao. Such as Su Tao was the one that recommended for Zhang Chao to replace Xie Cheng.

When Zhang Chao saw that Su Tao’s mood was normal, he requested, “Head Su, many of our patients ran to the Three Flavour Hall the moment they heard that you’re normally there. I have a request here. I hope that some of our Physicians can be posted in the Three Flavour Hall to bring up our atmosphere.”

“You must get through President Di. I can’t decide on it.” Su Tao smiled.

Su Tao had cunningly pushed the responsibility to Di Shiyuan. The Three Flavour Hall was his playground, and his disciples were crying piteously for food. If the physicians of the TCM Department went there, it would be chaotic. So it’s best not to mix the two groups for the time being.

As the two of them talked, they had already gone down and saw the chaos. Su Tao knitted his brows and paced over.

“Please save my daughter.” A woman kneeled at the payment counter.

The staff spoke with a helpless expression, “You have an outstanding debt in the hospital. You even sneaked out to avoid payment, so if you don’t clear the outstanding fee, it’s hard for us to provide medical services to you.”

A girl roughly around seven or eight years old stood beside the woman. She had delicate features; however, the colour on her face was a little bad.

Seeing that the staff wasn’t willing to register them, the woman brawled. The little girl also secretly wiped her tears. “Mother, let’s go back. I’m already fine. I don’t feel bad anymore!”

Seeing how sensible the daughter was, the spectators also couldn’t help trying to persuade the staff, “Can’t you make an exception? I’ll pay for the registration fee!”

The staff shook her head. “According to the rules and regulation of our hospital. She has to clear her outstanding debt before she can receive treatment in the hospital.”

“What hospital is this? Leaving someone to die and talking about money all day long? Be careful, I might tear down this hospital of yours and expose you to the media!” A spectator roared.

The colour on the little girl’s face suddenly changed and white foam came from her mouth, then she fell onto the ground with her limbs twitching.

Su Tao sighed at this scene and walked forth. His actions caused Zhang Chao to be stunned, was Su Tao going to handle this matter? This was something that belonged to the other department, so it would create a dispute if Su Tao interfered.

While thoughts were going wild in his mind, Su Tao had already put the girl in his embrace and said to him, “I’ll head for the TCM Department first, pacify her mother a little.”

Zhang Chao bitterly smiled as he helped the woman up with a smile. “Don’t worry, our TCM Department Head has already decided to treat your daughter.”

“TCM?” Doubt flashed in the eyes of the woman as she continued, “My daughter has been treated by the Paediatrics previously!”

Zhang Chao had witnessed Su Tao’s skills before, so he knew how unfathomable Su Tao was. Thus, he smiled with confidence. “Rest assured, your daughter will surely be fine if our Department Head Su is willing to treat her.”

The woman rapidly thanked him, but soon after, she hesitated, “But I don’t have any money!”

Zhang Chao slapped his chest. “As doctors, our main priority is to save lives.”

He caught a glimpse of a familiar figure from the corner of his eyes. It was a reporter from Hanzhou City News. These days, reporters tended to run between two locations to source for materials. One would be the Police Station for disputes between the public, and the hospital since there would often be a scene.

Just a moment ago, the reporter had already come up with the title for this news, “The Cold-Blooded Hospital that rejects a Patient Due to Money.” But in the end, it was suddenly saved by a young department head, causing this piece of news to be even more exciting.

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