Chapter 36 - A motivational expert

Chapter 36 - A motivational expert

After exiting the room, Yan Jing immediately rushed to him, nervously. “Is he still alive?”

A smile appeared on the corner of his lips as he sighed, “It’s a girl, she is currently in an orphanage in Yuzhou Province’s Dongan City. Her name is Hua Yan, ten this year.”

With so much information, she could already find her daughter. She calmed herself down and ordered, “Xiao Hong, immediately get someone to bring her back.”

Nodding her head furiously, Xiao Hong replied, “Right away, Chairman Yan.”

Xiao Hong knew how important this was to her boss. Yan Jing even wanted to make a trip personally, but she decided against that after considering various factors. She had to keep it low, so it would make things worse if she went.

She would feel assured if Xiao Hong personally made the trip.

After Xiao Hong left, Yan Jing looked at Su Tao. “I’m surprised. I have used various means, but none of them could make Nie Weiting speak. I even resorted to special interrogative means.”

Su Tao smiled. “A doctor is someone close to the reaper. I have many means that would make even a reaper fear. It’s easy to make Nie Weiting open his mouth.”

Yan Jing knew the few needles that Su Tao placed on Nie Weiting’s face were profound, but she did not pursue it. “If my daughter can return to me safely, I will owe you a favour.”

Su Tao waved his hand. “I just promised to Nie Weiting to guarantee his life if your daughter returns.”

Yan Jing nodded her head. “Nie Weiting is only a pawn. As long as my daughter is fine, I will let this matter go.”

Su Tao sighed, “You’re easier to talk to than I imagined.”

With a smile, Yan Jing sighed, “You’re probably the first to see me like that. In my eyes, there is only hatred.”

Su Tao shrugged. “Hatred is also a form of emotion. When your daughter returns, it will change your life. When you take the first breath of the morning tomorrow, you will find how wonderful this world is.”

Yan Jing stared at Su Tao for a long time. “I’m curious about you. You possess such extraordinary medical skills at such a young age, and are so experienced at handling things.”

Su Tao smiled. “Didn’t you suspect that I’m from that tooth-something organisation? Just treat it that I’m from that organisation then.”

Rolling her eyes, Yan Jing replied, “Cunning and insincere!”

Su Tao knew that she wouldn’t be able to calm her heart before her daughter returned to her safely.

The two of them arrived on the first floor, waiting with tea. Even on a private plane, coming back and forth from Yuzhou would require three to four hours.

Yan Jing took out a folder and passed it to Su Tao. “Here’s the information of the Nie Family and the Medicine King Valley, you can take a look.”

Since Yan Jing had passed him such information, that meant that her attitude towards him had changed. He briefly glanced through the folder before asking, “What trouble did Cai Zhongpu get himself into? Is it difficult to rescue him?”

Shock appeared in Yan Jing’s eyes at his words. “Generally, people would think of ways to protect themselves after seeing how powerful the Nie Family is. Yet you want to save Cai Zhongpu? I can only say that you’re gutsy.”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “Chairman Yan, I can tell that you don’t get along well with the Nie Family!”

A cold sneer lifted on the corner of Yan Jing’s eyes. “Huainan and Huaibei are neighbours, the Nie Family has been trying to get into the Huainan’s market, affecting many industries under my control. Nie Haitian is a tough person that I have to be fearful of.”

With her explanation, Su Tao finally understood why Yan Jing refused the Nie Family’s request.

Yan Jing sighed, “If we want to defeat the Nie Family, we will have to start from the Medicine King Garden.”

Su Tao’s eyes lit up in shock. “So you already have a plan!”

With a smile, Yan Jing revealed, “The Nie Family annually hosts a TCM Assembly in the Medicine King Garden.”

Su Tao looked at Yan Jing with a complicated gaze. “The Nie Family has been hosting it for years, they’re experienced in it. So it won’t be easy for us to find a weak point.”

Yan Jing continued, “The weak point has always been there; it just lacks a fire source to expand it.”

“How can we expand it, then?” Su Tao asked without a change in his expression.

Yan Jing smiled. “There is a Physician King Tournament in every TCM Assembly to find the youngest Physician King. If the Physician King reveals the Nie Family's vile doings, can they avoid the attention on them?”

Indeed, Yan Jing’s plan was a sinister one. With a smile-yet-not-a-smile, Su Tao asked, “So you want me to participate in the tournament?”

Yan Jing pursed her lips. “With your skills, I believe that it won’t be hard. Perhaps, are you afraid that your previous organisation will find out about it and cause trouble?”

Su Tao was stunned. It seemed Yan Jing had deeply misunderstood that he had an organisation behind him. He sighed, “You’re still making use of me in the end!”

Yan Jing shrugged. “No, no, no, you misunderstand my intentions. From the first time we met, I have already told you that we are in a partnership. Wouldn’t the Three Flavour Hall gain more attention from the tourism plan if you obtained the title of a Physician King?”

Su Tao hesitated. For some reason, he felt that the more they conversed, the deeper he would fall in her schemes. “With my grudge with the Nie Family, will they even let me participate?”

“As long as you are willing to participate. Leave the rest to me.” Yan Jing smiled.

Rubbing his chin, Su Tao looked at Yan Jing. “Let’s just hope you will not abandon me when I lose my worth in the future.”

Yan Jing was briefly stunned before smiling. “Boy, this Big Sister will always pamper you. Oh right, you match my standard as a lover pretty well. How about it? Name a price to let me keep you.”

Su Tao coughed, “How can someone as gentlemanly as me be a gigolo? I rely on my skills to earn, and my appearance is merely a skin. Please respect yourself!”

Hearing his words, Yan Jing felt that Su Tao was even more interesting. “You’ve got character! Now, this Big Sister wants to eat you up even more!”

Time passed as Su Tao, and Yan Jing chatted. She would also drop teases occasionally, which Su Tao was more composed than she had imagined; he never failed to make an ingenious comeback.

The casual conversation made Yan Jing have a more profound judgement of him. Su Tao was undoubtedly not an ordinary person; his experience and knowledge both surpassed those of the same age as him.

Xiao Hong successfully arrived in the orphanage and called Yan Jing. “Chairman Yan, we have found your daughter.”

Hearing the call, Yan Jing’s eyes turned red but she tried her best to suppress her excitement. “You must bring her back safely.”

“Rest assured. We will.” Xiao Hong replied.

Hanging up the phone, she saw Su Tao handing her a piece of tissue. She was shocked before she helplessly smiled and blew her nose. “Seems like the heavens did not forsake me.”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “ If the heavens had feelings, the heavens too would grow old. This is not related to the heavens. It is due to you being strong. If you did not stay strong and get through the torment, how can you see hope after that?”

“Indeed, I have once thought of dying. If I really did that, then I wouldn’t be able to wait till today. It looks like you’re pretty good at comforting others.” Yan Jing raised her head.

Su Tao replied, “A physician that doesn’t know how to motivate is not a good physician.”

“Oh, so I am your patient now?” Yan Jing sighed.

Su Tao responded with a question, “Are you not?”

Yan Jing relaxed and smiled. Ever since he saved her in the Aqua Brook, she had become his patient, and he had been using his own method to treat her.

She had been in torment for the past ten years, so she had been extreme when handling things. Not only did Su Tao treat her, he even comforted her. His medical skills were so brilliant that even she couldn’t help but want to trust him.

Yan Jing kept her smile and said thoughtfully, “I will look for you in the future if I’m sick.”

Su Tao held his hand out before pinching his fingers. “Then you have to settle the two payments first!”

Yan Jing was stunned by Su Tao’s sudden change and smiled. “You changed too drastically. Didn’t you claim to be a dignified physician a moment ago? Why did you suddenly change into a businessman? I don’t have money at the moment, but I will get Xiao Hong to send it tomorrow.”

“I will not take a fee from you if you are poor. But evidently, you’re loaded, this is called robbing the rich to help the poor.” Su Tao helplessly sighed as he looked up and bitterly smiled. “Furthermore, even a saint is still a person in the end, not a deity. They still have to eat.”

It was comfortable when she spoke with Su Tao. She had been in the business world and underground for the past few years, so she had kept her emotions contained. But Su Tao could make others feel at peace.

Yan Jing arranged for someone to send Su Tao back to the Three Flavour Hall as she waited for the return of her daughter.

Before he left, he saw the trace of a smile on the corner of Yan Jing’s lips. The smile was different from what it was in the past; it came from the bottom of her heart.

Huaibei Province, Medicine King Garden, Nie Family.

Mrs. She smiled as she wrapped the filth with a paper as she looked at Nie Haitian. “Was that good?”

Nie Haitian laid on the bed in satisfaction as he smiled, “Your skills are getting better.”

Mrs. She returned to the bed and pulled the blanket to cover her blossom with beads of sweat remaining on her skin and the lingering fragrance from the passionate act. Despite her age, she maintained her figure well with experienced bed skills. Thus, she was able to make her husband, Nie Haitian, yearn for her daily.

She revealed a helpless expression on her face and sighed, “The Poisonous Widow has already made a statement that she will protect Su Tao and Cai Yan.”

Rubbing his chin, Nie Haitian said, “As expected, this is no longer a simple wrestle of power.”

“As for your younger brother…” Mrs. She said.

“I will get someone to warn him. After all, he is still someone from the Nie Family, we will not be spared if anything happens.” Nie Haitian sternly said.

Mrs. She replied helplessly, “I’m just afraid that he will be stubborn.”

Nie Haitian did not speak, but his gaze turned profound.

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