Chapter 35 - Poisonous Widow's Weakness

Chapter 35 - Poisonous Widow's Weakness

Compared to a month ago, the Three Flavour Hall’s business had drastically improved. With more helpers, Su Tao dug out the numbers of Su Guangsheng’s old customers and got his three disciples to call them.

Naturally, they had to be cautious in their words. They couldn’t be direct and tell the customers to come to the Three Flavour Hall, and they needed another approach. They had to show care and concern for their health before suggesting them to visit the Three Flavour Hall for a checkup.

An Audi roadster stopped outside Three Flavour Hall when the business slowed down at about three in the afternoon. Su Tao came out and saw Yan Jing sitting in the car with her sunglasses while nudging her lips, hooking with her finger to signal Su Tao to enter the vehicle.

“Nie Weiting still isn’t willing to speak, and I’m getting a headache about it!” Her driving skills were still as unreliable as before. She jammed the breaks even at the green light, and the white Cruze behind them almost hit the car with the driver slamming the horn.

Su Tao broke out in cold sweat and he nervously said, “Chairman Yan, can we not talk while driving? You nearly had a car accident!”

“Oh?” Yan Jing curled her lips and spoke in disdain, “The car behind must be a newbie, he nearly hit me.”

You’re a road killer yourself, how can you comment on others?!

Su Tao grabbed on the seatbelt tightly and kept his mouth shut.

Yan Jing continued to tease him, but seeing that Su Tao kept his mouth shut, there was nothing she could do except focus on driving.

With his motive achieved, Su Tao breathed out in relief. “Chairman Yan, can you get a chauffeur to fetch me in the future? I’m not commenting on your driving skills, but you are a successful woman, so you can’t be spending your time on picking me up.”

Yan Jing knitted her brows as she walked towards Su Tao and pinched his cheeks, which caused Su Tao to yell out in pain.

Lossing her hand, she continued, “Boy, Big Sister is furious with you. I picked you up to show my respect for you, but you actually disregarded my efforts?”

Su Tao was helpless against Yan Jing’s sneak attack, but when he pondered about what she said, it was indeed an extraordinary treatment to him.

Rubbing his face, Su Tao awkwardly smiled. “If you want to get someone to practise driving with you, you don’t have to look for me, right?”

Rolling her eyes, Yan Jing smiled charmingly. “It’s not good to be too smart.”

Su Tao hit the spot. Yan Jing was dragging Su Tao to practise her driving skills on purpose. A chill slid down his spine and he decided inwardly that he would never sit Yan Jing’s car ever again.

When they arrived on the second floor, Su Tao saw Nie Weiting from afar with his eyes closed on the bed.

“He has a phobia of you, and he went unconscious the moment he heard your name.” Yan Jing spoke out.

Su Tao bitterly smiled,. “He is faking it!”

Yan Jing stared at Su Tao for a long time before smiling. “No matter how I look at you, how can a fresh meat like you be a demon king?”

If Yan Jing knew how Su Tao tormented Nie Weiting, then she wouldn’t be saying that.

“So, if I can make him talk, you will not disturb me in the future?” Su Tao said.

Yan Jing smiled and nodded her head. “Not only will I not disturb you, but I can also help you deal with some trouble.”

A trace of shock flashed in Su Tao’s eyes as he asked, “Oh? What trouble?”

Yan Jing sighed, “According to what I know, the daughter of the Emerald Antique Brook’s owner has been staying at your house after its closure.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao helplessly said, “The feeling of being monitored isn’t good.”

Yan Jing shook her head and bitterly smiled. “I wasn’t monitoring you, the Old Street just happens to fall under my scope of authority. Someone came looking for me with a high offer to kill you.”

Su Tao was shocked. “So how much am I worth?”

“One million!” Yan Jing answered. She soon saw the disappointment in Su Tao’s eyes before she added, “But the offer is too low, so I rejected it. Regardless of anything, you have once saved my life.”

Su Tao spoke with unhappiness, “One million? Are they treating me like trash to clean up?”

His words made Yan Jing crack up with her chest bouncing. Shortly after, her expression returned to stern. “I’m not joking with you. The other party is powerful.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “The Nie Family and Medicine King Valley, right?”

Yan Jing was stunned that Su Tao could guess it. “The second eldest of the Nie Family. His name is Nie Haipo, one of Huainan’s tyrants. He has a close relationship with the Medicine King Valley, and they’re trying to take revenge for you for hurting his son. Aside from me, he had also made an offer to the other underground powers in Hanzhou.”

Su Tao’s composed bearing caused her to be surprised. Su Tao smiled. “They can come at me if they’re not afraid of death.”

Yan Jing replied, “The police have set up a trap in the Old Street, no one is foolish enough to do it. So you guys are safe for the time being, but they can’t protect you guys forever.”

Su Tao could hear the meaning behind Yan Jing’s words. “Thanks for your information.”

Yan Jing smiled. “As I have said before, I will help you once if you can make Nie Weiting speak.”

Pondering for a long time, Su Tao finally said, “Then you have to tell me what you want from him at least, right?”

Yan Jing waved her hand, dismissing everyone there and brought Su Tao to the room next door. The room wasn’t big, but Nie Weiting’s room could be clearly seen through a glass. Yan Jing must have been here when he was treating Nie Weiting the other time.

She sighed and no longer looked as unconstrained as before; there was only pain and rage in her eyes.

“Do you know why others call me the Poisonous Widow?” Yan Jing clenched her fist.

Su Tao shook his head. “I’m willing to listen if you’re willing to share.”

Yan Jing removed her clothes before Su Tao, revealing her singlet before she lifted it up. She had a vivid-looking spider tattoo on it, with meat patches at the mouth of the spider that looked horrifying.

Black Widow belonged to an extremely venomous species of spider.

With her stunning appearance paired with her spider tattoo, it formed an impactful scene.

Su Tao coughed to conceal his shock. “So you have a hidden illness. You should have suffered heavy injuries here in the past!”

The tattoo was only to conceal the injuries that she once suffered. The wound was replaced with the venomous fangs of the spider. Due to the injuries she suffered being too severe, she hadn’t fully recovered from it even now.

“Your medical skill is really good, I'm surprised. Back in the Aqua Brook, you knew about my illness even without looking at it. I tried the prescription you gave me, and I managed to sleep well without the need of alcohol or sleeping pills. I have to thank you for that.” Yan Jing slowly dressed herself up.

Seeing this, Su Tao roughly figured out Yan Jing’s story. “So Nie Weiting is related to your injury?”

Yan Jing nodded. “Back then, he and a few people killed my husband. They even took my child that was in my stomach.”

Su Tao fell into a brief silence before asking, “Then, why are you his business partner?”

“I wanted to die back then, but I encountered someone. Not only did he save me, he even left his fortune and power to me upon his death. Nie Weiting was his partner.” Yan Jing explained.

Seeing how silent Yan Jing became, Su Tao asked, “Could that husband of yours have caused the tragedy of your family?”

With a bitter smile, Yan Jing nodded her head. “Yeah, that is how irony life is. When I came to know everything, he had already died.”

Su Tao sighed, “Then what are you looking for?”

“The child that was taken from my stomach hasn’t died yet, and only Nie Weiting knows the location.” Yan Jing spoke coldly.

Su Tao nodded his head and promised, “I will seek the answer you want.”

The reason why Yan Jing chose to tell Su Tao everything was because he had noticed her illness and even helped her elevate her pain. Since he was the one that caused Nie Weiting to be in this condition, he should be able to make Nie Weiting speak as well with his medical skills.

Everyone had a weakness, and she wasn’t an exception despite her reputation as the Poisonous Widow. The truth was, she was someone that got hurt numerous times, so she closed her inner heart and put up a façade.

How could she stand firmly in society as a female if she’s not cruel, venomous and cunning?

Su Tao walked to Nie Weiting while Yan Jing looked at the whole process through the window. Her secretary came to her side and whispered, “Chairman Yan, why do you trust him so much?”

In this world, only Yan Jing and her secretary knew about this secret.

Yan Jing folded her arms as she answered with indifference, “Trust? I will not trust anyone in the world, and you’re not an exception, either!”

Su Tao retrieved some needles and placed them on several acupoints on Nie Weiting’s face. “Open your eyes, stop faking it.”

Nie Weiting tried his best to keep his eyes closed, but he felt as if he had lost control of his facial muscles and his eyes slowly opened.

It was akin to facing a grim reaper that made him feel a chill from the bottom of his heart.

The Reaper’s Torment was an acupuncture technique that Su Toa had created himself after researching many interrogating technique as reference.

Most interrogation techniques required the wearing down of will power, something that Su Tao could achieve with his needles.

At this moment, only Nie Weiting could sense the abnormality in his body. His body was no longer in his control. Su Tao’s needles could control him like a puppet.

Is that still a human?

When Nie Weiting saw Su Tao, his heart was filled with fear. The handsome youth before him had turned into a demon in his eyes.

Su Tao twisted one of the needles on Nie Weiting’s face as he said, “If you’re willing to speak the answer that Chairman Yan is looking for, I will not only cure you, Chairman Yan will also guarantee you a life of no worries until your death. But if you refuse, then I might have to let you have a taste of hell.”

Nie Weiting’s eyes widened. At this moment, he wanted to faint, and yet, he couldn’t control himself. He swallowed down a mouthful of saliva as his body trembled when he recalled the torturous experience and screamed out, “I will tell you, just stay away from me!”

Hearing his answer, Su Tao gave an ‘OK’ gesture towards the wall since he knew that Yan Jing was looking at this entire process.

Yan Jing’s hand trembled as she covered her mouth with her tears falling from the emotions raging in her heart.

The secretary also inwardly wiped her tears since this was the first time she had seen Yan Jing's tears of emotion!

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