Chapter 27 - The Heart of a Woman is Unpredictable

Chapter 27 - The Heart of a Woman is Unpredictable

Yan Jing suffered from cramps from overexerting herself. It didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any danger if one’s swimming skills were high enough. There were many with excellent swimming skills that drowned daily.

She had just swam, then, while she competed with Vera now, she had exerted too much strength, which resulted in this accident.

Yan Jing drank too much water before she felt someone pushing her up from her butt and her head came out of the surface before she blanked out.

It’s terrifying to drown. Dramas or novels gave others a misconception that it’s easy to rescue a drowned victim, one can be saved as long as it’s within an hour. But in fact, just being submerged for 2 minutes could already result in death.

Professional athletes would require thirty seconds to swim a distance of 50 metres, which was roughly the time that Su Tao took to rescue Yan Jing.

Su Tao pulled Yan Jing up, and despite wearing a conservative swimwear, her arms and thighs were revealed, along with her swimsuit tightly hugging against her figure, drawing artistic curves.

“Is there any lifeguards around?” Vera came out of the pool and asked in astonishment.

“They have been sent away due to the two of you engaging with important talks.” Su Tao pinched Yan Jing’s Renzhong Point, but seeing that there wasn’t any reaction from her, he knitted his brows.

Typical ways of providing first aid for a drowned victim would be to perform CPR, since ordinary people wouldn’t know about acupuncture points. Thus, they could only rely on CPR to restore the heart function of the victim.

Su Tao had several choices, but due to the difference in their gender, it would be too awkward for him to come in contact with her chest. Thus, he could only put his thumb on her naval and pressed gently.

In the end, Su Tao had chosen the Qizhong Point and injected his qi in. Yan Jing’s throat gurgled and she vomited the choked water out.

But when she recovered, she suddenly felt how awkward this matter wa, so she closed her eyes and pretended to faint.

How could Su Tao not know what Yan Jing thought, so he said to Vera, “Quick, inform those outside to call for an ambulance.”

Vera nodded and cast a complicated gaze at Su Tao before she headed towards the entrance of the Aqua Brook.

Su Tao looked at Yan Jing, at her slim waist, towering butt and cameltoe.

While watching this scene, Su Tao couldn’t control the surge of blood in his body. He quickly used a towel to cover his crotch, hiding his embarrassment.

Yan Jing could still sense Su Tao’s actions despite her eyes being closed, which made her feel amused.

The paramedics swiftly entered and placed Yan Jing on the stretcher. Vera looked at Su Tao with a profound look and mocked, “Why didn’t you use CPR earlier? I believe Chairman Yan’s chest must be nice to touch.”

Beads of sweat appeared on Su Tao’s forehead as he awkwardly said, “I am a doctor, so if I use typical means, wouldn’t that make me look mediocre?”

Vera gently snorted as she gritted her teeth. “You should rejoice that you did not touch her chest. Otherwise, I can guarantee that your fingers would be bitten off by me!”

Hearing Vera’s words, Su Tao was surprised, “You’re jealous?”

Vera blushed with her skin glittering from being wet before she spoke in disdain, “I’m not jealous, I just felt injustice for Chairman Yan. I know how excellent your medical skills are, so I will look down on you if you purposely take advantage of her despite having other means.”

Su Tao inwardly sighed. He had also been inwardly struggling earlier, since a part of him wanted to perform CPR. After all, Yan Jing belongs to the category of peerless beauties. But if Vera looked down on him just because of this, then it would be a loss to him.

Su Tao earnestly declared, “I am a gentleman.”

Vera laughed, “But you’re a fool for not to taking advantage of such a beauty like Chairman Yan.”

Su Tao frowned with black lines covering his forehead. Why did it seem wrong no matter what he did in Vera’s view?

The two of them entered the changing room and changed their clothes. When they came out, it was Yan Jing’s secretary that received them and apologised, “Chairman Yan has been sent to the hospital. Thank you for saving Chairman Yan earlier.”

Su Tao smiled, “She shouldn’t have problems. I will make a prescription for her to take for a month. It should be able to deal with her old illnesses.”

Su Tao immediately took out a pen and paper from his medical box that he brought along with him no matter where he went and wrote down a prescription.

In fact, Su Tao had noticed Yan Jing’s illness from their first meeting, and he had taken a complete diagnosis when he saved her earlier. He still had to see Yan Jing in the future, so there’s no harm in doing a favour to pull their relationship closer.

When the two of them boarded the car, Vera immediately smiled. “Did Yan Jing put on an act earlier?”

“So you knew!” Su Tao was taken aback.

Vera smiled. “I’m not stupid. It was truly the best method for her to cover up her embarrassment, so I let her go down the stage. After all, there is still the cooperation between us.”

Su Tao said, “You won this competition.”

Vera raised her chin as she replied, “I’m not that bored to compete with her.”

Su Tao purposely mocked, “You put so much energy in the competition and banished her far away, thus causing internal heat from anxiety to hit her heart and resulted in the cramp.”

Vera nodded before she naughtily stuck her tongue out, “Women are always the same. The moment they encounter someone that is similar to them, they will always want to compete.”

Su Tao sighed, “Women are truly unpredictable creatures.”

The car did not return to the Three Flavour Hall, but a high-rise building instead, which Su Tao figured that this was probably Vera’s office in Hanzhou. They boarded the lift to the seventeenth floor; this was an extremely modernised office that was roughly 500-600 square meters in size, separated by a transparent wall with approximately 200 employees.

When Vera entered, all the employees immediately stood up to pay respect to her.

Vera’s office was renovated in an elegant taste with her poster hanging on the wall. The window was in the east and the flourishing city could be seen from here.

Vera immediately got her secretary to bring in coffee before she introduced, “The name of my father is Alcartier, Ormond Corp’s Chairman of the Board. Since the beginning of last year, I have taken over the company’s expansion in Asia. The reason why we started in China is also that this is my maternal grandfather’s hometown.”

Su Tao asked, “So how much are you going to invest?”

Vera smiled. “An additional 1 billion, which is due to my maternal grandfather’s support. I told him about you, and he’s extremely interested in you.”

Su Tao sighed, “You should be a very outstanding person.”

Compared to the Ormond Family, Su Tao was more interested in Vera’s maternal grandfather. If her maternal grandfather did not have any power, then it’s impossible for him to be married to such a powerful family. Thus, Su Tao could guess that Vera’s maternal grandfather was even more respectable than the Ormond Family.

Vera continued, “My grandfather is also a rigorous person. I’ll introduce him to you, if there’s an opportunity.”

Su Tao nodded his head. “Now I’m expecting.”

He and Vera had their dinner on the third floor of the building, which was more formal than the simple meal in the Old Street. Seeing how Su Tao was skilful with western cutleries, Vera asked in puzzlement, “I’m more interested in your mysterious past now. Facing western cutleries, many Chinese are helpless like how we are with chopsticks.”

Su Tao briefly pondered, then answered, “I was poor when I was young, so there weren’t any chopsticks at home. The old man threw me a knife and I trained myself with it.”

As he spoke, he had already cut the steak on the plate, pushing it towards Vera before taking another share and slowed down his tempo.

Vera had no idea how to deal with him. “But a knife is more expensive than chopsticks!”

Su Tao smiled, “But sometimes, we won’t be able to eat if we do not know how to use a knife.”

In Vera’s eyes, Su Tao was an outstanding physician. But actually, Su Tao was also familiar with surgical procedures of western medicine, and was as proficient as an experienced surgeon.

If he didn’t know how to use a knife, then he wouldn’t be allowed to eat; that’s one of his bad memories when learning western medicine.

Seeing Su Tao blankly staring, Vera tried to knock his head with a soup spoon, but was subconsciously avoided by him, “What are you thinking? You’re disrespecting me too much by building sandcastles in the air!”

Su Tao awkwardly smiled. “I was wondering why the world is so good to me. It allowed me to encounter you among the multitudes.”

Vera blushed before she whispered, “You must have helped too many old ladies to cross the road in your previous life.”

Hearing such a common saying from Vera, Su Tao chuckled before he earnestly answered, “No matter what, we must have a story between us in our past life. But it should most likely be a disastrous relationship."

With a nightscape shone onto the earth, Jianghuai Hospital’s President Office was still lit. Di Shiyuan held onto a name list with his brows knitted. He sighed and passed it over to Tang Nanzheng. “This is the name list that Qiao Dehao has drafted.”

Tang Nanzheng swept a glance and tightly knitted his brows, “I’m afraid that this is also Bureau Chief Cao’s desire as well.”

Di Shiyuan sighed, “Bureau Chief Cao and Qiao Dehao are birds of the same feather. Their relationship is pretty good, and although he gave ten names for the specialist group, there are at least seven with a close relationship with Qiao Dehao.”

Tang Nanzheng sighed as well, “Even if I take the post of the Head, I’m afraid that there won’t be any authority, either.”

Di Shiyuan continued, “I am prepared to strongly push Su Tao as the Vice-Head so that it can disrupt Qiao Dehao’s plannings. After all, the person that Qiao Dehao is pushing is still lacking in experience and ability.”

Tang Nanzheng nodded his head. “Then I’ll thicken my face to make a call with Bureau Chief Cao. Let’s hope that he is willing to give me face.”

Di Shiyuan rejoiced, “If you are willing to make a move, then it’s definitely the best!”

Tang Nanzheng smiled, “I’m not doing this for you, but I feel that Su Tao has a lot of potential. I have seen the rise of TCM through him.”

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