Chapter 26 - Feast in the Aqua Brook

Chapter 26 - Feast in the Aqua Brook

With his matters going on the right track, Su Tao’s leisure lifestyle had also grown busy. Other than Xiao Jingjing, there were also four interns that came to the Three Flavour Hall. However, only Xiao Jingjing was Su Tao’s official disciple.

One factor was because Xiao Jingjing was willing to suffer, and the other factor was because Su Tao wanted to focus on one person.

Xiao Jingjing was known as a bookworm in the university, scoring first place every year, a top student that enjoyed a full scholarship. Therefore, it wasn’t strange that Xiao Jingjing could become Su Tao’s disciple.

The four interns had also left a deep impression in Su Tao’s heart. The first would be Zhao Jian, who excelled in basketball, second being Wang Peng, the student whose face was covered in acne. As for the remaining two, they were outstanding students that Tang Nanzheng had recommended. Although they weren’t as good as Xiao Jingjing, they were also talents that the university had paid great attention in nurturing. They were also year four students that were also candidates for the Jiangnan TCM University’s tournament, the male being Deng Ming and the female being Di Yuan.

Su Tao did not give them any pep talk; instead, he got them to learn the Pulse Art. Amongst the four interns, Zhao Jian had the foundation of an athlete, so he picked up the fastest. Although Xiao Jingjing’s was weaker in comparison, she was diligent and managed to complete one entire set.

As for the other three, their performance wasn’t that good. Especially Wang Peng, he looked to be preoccupied with some matters.

“Master, they’re all asking when they can start to learn.” Xiao Jingjing asked Su Tao in private.

Su Tao smiled. “Everything requires a foundation. The Pulse Art that you guys have been practising daily is a medical skill.”

Xiao Jingjing sighed, “I can understand, but I’m afraid that they won’t be able to bear the boredom.”

Su Tao smiled. “A physician requires a sturdy accumulation, if they’re impatient, they can leave.”

“But we’re running out of time for the tournament.” Xiao Jingjing spoke.

Su Tao confidently declared, “I guarantee that all of you can achieve it according to my plans.”

Soon after, Xiao Jingjing left while Su Tao rubbed his chin and pondered for a moment. If they want to obtain achievements in the tournament, acupuncture would be the fastest. If they trained in the Pulse Art proficiently with the ability to store qi, he only had to teach them a set of techniques to use acupuncture, and they would be able to stand out in the tournament.

Su Tao had actually made his plans. Aside from teaching them the Pulse Art, he even purchased an acupuncture model. However, the model required a slight adjustment before it fits his requirements, allowing the five interns to learn faster.

Suddenly, his phone rang, so Su Tao picked it up. He heard Vera smiling from the other side. “I’m outside the store. I have some things to discuss with you.”

It had been days since Vera contacted Su Tao, but she would take time to send him a daily message. Vera was the chairman of an International Corporation. Since she bothered to take the daily time to chat with the inheritor of a tattered pharmacy, it had already shown that she had looked upon Su Tao with favour.

Hanging up the phone, Su Tao exited and saw Vera seated in the backseat and waved her hand. “Come up!”

Su Tao sat beside Vera and could smell the strong perfume from her. Although it wasn’t acrid, it made his heart tingle.

Despite their age, western women were fond of perfume, since it could conceal any odour. It could be considered a culture for them. Every single one of them had a different style, while Vera’s perfume could increase her inner qualities and give the bearing of untamed passion.

He turned to look at Vera and smiled. “What’s up?”

Vera put on a furious expression as she poured, “You wanted me to intervene in the demolition of the Old Street, have you forgotten about it?”

Su Tao was stunned by her words and smiled. “There’s news about it?”

“We’ll discuss it after reaching our destination!” Vera replied.

The car drove into a landmark building. The seventh floor was a high-class clubhouse that was well-designed. The face of the receptionist was filled with a smile as she approached. “Chairman Yan has been waiting for you guys in the Aqua Brook; please follow me.”

Su Tao and Vera had to briefly separate and a male attendant brought Su Tao to a room before he explained, “You have to change into swimwear to enter the Aqua Brook.”

The swimming trunks, swimming cap and goggles were neatly arranged on the bed. Vera was probably changing in another room at this moment as well. Although he had seen Vera’s naked body, Su Tao still felt his nose heating up when he thought of the charm as she changed into the bikini.

The Aqua Brook was a private swimming pool, regulated in a comfortable temperature.

A lady was lying beside the swimming pool with her sunglasses on. Although her face was blocked, she had fair skin and wore a two-piece swimwear that revealed her waist. Large patches of pearly skin squeezed together on her chest that sparked one’s imagination.

The lady removed her sunglasses and raised her finger. “Su Tao, we have met again!”

Su Tao was flabbergasted by Yan Jing’s appearance, but he quickly figured things out. Since Vera wanted to enter into the Old Street’s project, then she would have to come in contact with Yan Jing. After all, Yan Jing was the real boss behind the Hongsheng Group.

Since Vera called him over for a discussion, it must be to meet Yan Jing.

Vera’s voice resounded from his rear, “Chairman Yan, the quality of this clubhouse is pretty good. I will also build one when I return to Russia.”

Su Tao followed the voice, and saw Vera in a triangle bikini with the majority of her skin exposed. Her bust almost slipped out due to the large size, especially her long legs, which weren’t inferior to Yan Jing’s.

Yan Jing and Vera, the representatives of eastern and western beauty, had started a competition in swimsuits. They were of the equal match while Su Tao feasted upon them with his eyes.

Although Yan Jing’s swimsuit was more conservative, it had also expressed the charm of an eastern lady, while Vera wore her’s sexily, which showed the allure of a western lady.

“I believe that it can be easily achieved, with Miss Vera’s wealth.” Yan Jing waved her hand before she entered the pool.

Yan Jing was swimming using the butterfly stroke, and when she came up for breath, her ample bust had also surfaced on top of the water and was squeezed into a deep ravine.

Seeing Su Tao paying attention to Yan Jing, Vera used her elbow to bump his waist and smiled. “Wipe your mouth, your drool is dripping.”

Su Tao awkwardly smiled and whispered, “According to what I know, Chairman Yan is not an easy person. If you cooperate with her, I’m afraid that it might be dangerous.”

Vera shook her head and smiled. “You’re this unconfident in me? You think that I’m not her opponent?”

Su Tao was stunned, before he smiled. “I’m only reminding you out of goodwill.”

Vera shook her finger before she leapt into the water. Ten-odd minutes later, Vera’s silhouette swiftly surfaced and she first used freestyle before changing into the backstroke and promptly chased after Yan Jing.

Su Tao was surprised before he moved closer to the pool. He never thought that Vera would be this good at swimming. Did she purposely put up an act when she panicked after falling into the lake in the garden?

Ten-odd minutes later, Yan Jing and Vera came up and Su Tao passed them the towels. Yan Jing wiped her body before wrapping it about her and said to Vera, “It’s no wonder why your figure is so good, you swim often?”

Vera smiled. “What a coincidence, we have the same hobby.”

The three of them sat around the dining table, which the attendants had already prepared. Yan Jing and Vera had immediately discussed the project regarding the Old Street, even if the two of them maintained their calm, Su Tao could sense their competitive spirits.

“I have already gotten permission to demolish it a few years ago. If we calculate it through the current market, it exceeds ¥300,000,000 at the very least. So, Miss Vera, you need to increase at least 10% in shares!” Yan Jing expressed her displeasure in the distribution of shares in the newly established company.

Vera showed no weakness as she shook her head. “Although you guys have obtained the permission, you guys did not manage to demolish it. The government has also given you guys the final note that they will soon revoke your permission. If you want to keep the money that you have thrown in, then you’ll need us to help you readjust the investment project. Thus, leadership is in our hands. It is already sufficient for you guys to have 35% of shares!”

In the end, Vera and Yan Jing agreed with 39%.

In the new project, the Old Street would be preserved with no demolition needed. The newly established company just needed to merge modern and the culture of the Old Street.

Vera had practically used the business plan that Su Tao had given her to create a tourist attraction with the Old Street as the core.

After the negotiation, Yan Jing had gotten someone to send 2 VIP cards over and smiled. “These are the member cards for this clubhouse. In the future, the two of you can come anytime to enjoy the service.”

Vera smiled. “I will also send you one when mine is done in Russia.”

Yan Jing had realised that Vera was not easy to deal with; she wasn’t at all inferior to herself in terms of appearance and bearing. “Now, we are done with our talks, so shall we compete for once?”

Vera immediately stood up and smiled. “Su Tao, are you coming as well?”

Su Tao waved his hand. “I’m a non-swimmer, I’ll just watch.”

Both the ladies were briefly stunned before they smiled at each other. They walked towards the pool and leapt in at the same time, sending two ripples out on the surface of the pool.

The two of them were akin to mermaids as they swiftly travelled in the pool. Su Tao took a sip of the fruit juice while enjoying the view. But all of a sudden, he knitted his brows as he heard screams coming from the pool.

One of the two ladies had suffered from cramps!

Su Tao walked towards the pool without any hesitation and leapt in. He was merely modest by saying that he was a non-swimmer. As an outstanding physician, how awkward would it be if he encountered someone drowning, and yet, he couldn’t do anything to save that person?

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