Chapter 28 - Never Bully a Youth while He’s Young

Chapter 28 - Never Bully a Youth while He’s Young

Di Shiyuan stood up and paced around in his office. “Sometimes, I feel that I have deviated from my dreams. I wanted to be an outstanding doctor back then. I never expected that I would step onto the official path. Because I’ve been tangled up with administrative affairs, my medical skills have declined instead of improving.”

Tang Nanzheng nodded his head in agreement. He wasn’t the same as Di Shiyuan. He had the opportunity to be an official due to his outstanding medical skills. In the end, he chose a different path than Di Shiyuan. Tang Nanzheng had been studying chinese medicine for his entire life and became a master. But in the eyes of others, Tang Nanzheng’s authority was inferior to Di Shiyuan.

A TCM specialist was inferior to the President of a top-grade hospital. No matter how excellent Tang Nanzheng’s medical skills were, he didn’t hold any authority, which resulted in having his hands tied up when he tried to promote TCM.

Tang Nanzheng sighed, “Shiyuan, you have done a good job, in my view. Everyone has their own role. Without your Vice-Bureau Chief position, it wouldn’t be easy for you to manage the Jianghuai Hospital so well.”

Di Shiyuan bitterly smiled. “But right now, I’m worried for the future of Jianghuai Hospital.”

Tang Nanzheng was stunned by his words as he exclaimed, “You’re going to be transferred?”

Di Shiyuan sighed, “In the eyes of many, being the President of the Jianghuai Hospital is a lucrative post. I already had the opportunity to be promoted many years ago, but I insisted on staying. But due to the incident caused by Qiao Dehao regarding the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company, the bureau has paid great attention to this despite having no evidence. They have even sought me out several times in hopes that I can leave Jianghuai Hospital.”

Tang Nanzheng didn’t have a good temper, to begin with, so when he heard Di Shiyuan’s words, he immediately raged, “Are they blind?! You have been honest, and for all these years, Qiao Dehao is the tumour here!”

Seeing Tang Nanzheng supporting himself, Di Shiyuan felt relieved in his head. “Old Tang, if you are in a position for too long, even if you aren’t corrupted, it’s inevitable for others to be jealous of you. So I have also thought through this matter. The Jianghuai Hospital has reached its limits in my hands, so it’s time for me to let someone else take over.”

Tang Nanzheng immediately shook his head. “Why don’t I contact Chief Chang of the Provincial Provisional Health Ministry? If he’s willing to help…”

Di Shiyuan quickly shook his head and smiled. “It’s inevitable for me to leave. I just hope that I can arrange everything nicely before leaving.”

Tang Nanzheng suddenly understood why Di Shiyuan made Three Flavour Hall the partner of the Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department. This was to protect Su Tao from being affected by Qiao Dehao after he left.

Tang Nanzheng sighed, “If you leave, who will take over your position as the President? Qiao Dehao is definitely not suitable!”

Di Shiyuan’s face turned solemn as he answered, “This is something that I have to do before I leave.”

Tang Nanzheng left after a pot of tea, while Di Shiyuan looked out of his window and fell into deep thought. Cao Jun would soon be transferred into the City Hall as the Deputy-Mayor of the Provisional Health Ministry, and there’s also a high chance of him being promoted to be Chief of the City Health Bureau.

Although he would soon leave the Jianghuai Hospital, if he could be promoted to be the Chief of the City Health Bureau, then he would retain his authority in the Jianghuai Hospital. However, that it would give space for Qiao Dehao to plan his schemes.

After dinner, Vera got her chauffeur to send Su Tao back to the Three Flavour Hall. The car stopped halfway and a foreign lady, which Su Tao had seen before, boarded the vehicle.

“Let me introduce myself; my name is Sharapova, Miss Vera’s caretaker.” Despite Shara not being fluent in Mandarin, she could still express what she wanted.

Su Tao could hear the hostility in Shara’s words and asked, “Speak, what is this about?”

“Please keep your distance from Miss, or you will be in a lot of trouble.” Shara’s sharp eyes looked at Su Tao.

Su Tao smiled before he helplessly said, “I don’t need you to interfere in my relationship with Vera. I won’t beg her if she’s unwilling to see me. Regardless if what we have is a friendship or love relationship between us, we’re both willing parties.”

Rage surged in Shara’s eyes, since she thought that Su Tao was a gold digger. She immediately replied, “If you are doing this for money, speak. I will give you a sum of money that could guarantee you a life without worry.”

Su Tao was taken aback before he glanced at Shara and bitterly smiled. “You are not only humiliating me, you are also humiliating Vera. Stop the car, now.”

The chauffeur slammed the breaks and Su Tao opened the door, then flipped the bird, “Fuck you!”

Shara was exceedingly enraged by Su Tao’s actions. He was the first to humiliate her in this manner. Just when she was about to step out and deal with Su Tao, the chauffeur suddenly stepped on the throttle and sped away.

“Mr. Zhu, why are you driving?” Shara roared.

However, the chauffeur pretended that he couldn’t understand Shara’s words and muttered to himself, “What? Faster? Okay!”

The chauffeur was a Chinese, and when he saw how Shara talked to Su Tao, he naturally felt unhappy in his heart. So he only paid lip service to Shara.

Su Tao looked at the car and helplessly sighed. He knew Shara’s intentions despite being unhappy with her. He and Vera did have a subtle relationship.

Vera was an outstanding woman, so it’s impossible for Su Tao not to be attracted to her. But at the same time, he knew about the powerful Ormond Family behind Vera. So there’s no future in their relationship.

However, Su Tao wasn’t frustrated; status and power could be built. No one could predict the future of an ambitious youth!

After returning to Hanzhou, Su Tao initially wanted to operate the Three Flavour Hall well. But as time passed, his goal became more transparent. He wanted to spread the culture of TCM with his own skills, developing the Three Flavour Hall into a chain group of TCM Corporation. At the same time, he also wanted to prove to those that looked down on him how foolish they were.

Jianghuai Hospital’s funds came quickly, introducing TCM equipment to the pharmacy. Although chinese medicine had been declining, the equipment had been progressing continuously, the diagnosis system, for example. Personnel only needed to key in the data and the system would be able to provide the diagnosis.

This system was extremely popular. Despite the flaws, it was substantially relied upon since it relied on the system to diagnose.

Aside from the diagnosis system, there was still the acupuncture scalpel, the fumigation, phototherapy and many other types of equipment. The Jianghuai Hospital provided a vast fund of ¥3,000,000. It had caused a great shock in the hospital, since Di Shiyuan was famed for being a miser, he held onto the funds of the Jianghuai Hospital tightly. So it had caused a shock that he was willing to provide so many funds for a partnership pharmacy.

Xiao Jingjing had gotten used to the Three Flavour Hall after several days and looked more confident than before.

Xiao Jingjing was currently directing Zhao Jian, Wang Peng and the rest to arrange the pieces of equipment before Wang Peng unhappily said, “I never expected that such an introvert person like Xiao Jingjing would completely change after coming to the Three Flavour Hall.”

Zhao Jiang cast a glance at Xiao Jingjing before he bumped Wang Peng. “She is the Senior Disciple. So if we want to learn from Master Su, then we will have to listen to her.”

Wang Peng looked at Zhao Jian in astonishment before he weirdly smiled, “You couldn’t have fallen for that four-eyed girl, right?”

Zhao Jian chuckled, “I have realised through the days that Xiao Jingjing belongs to those that are worth a second look.”

Wang Peng shook his head. “I never thought your tastes would be so weird. Regardless of anything, you’re still a celebrity of the Basketball Team. As long as there is a tournament, there will be groups of girls chasing after you, and yet, you think that a four-eyes is interesting? Look at her lenses, how thick are they?”

Zhao Jian sighed, “I also found it weird. My heart would race when I look at her, and if she speaks with me, I will feel happy. I think that you cannot judge a book by its cover, you have to look at their inner qualities. All of us couldn’t understand Master’s words, with her being the exception. Just based on this alone, she’s stronger than us.”

Wang Peng shrugged as he stuck out his tongue. “You’re hopeless!”

Su Tao did not take Zhao Jian and Wang Peng as disciples, but the two of them still thickened their faces and called him Master even when their ages weren’t that big of a difference.

Grandpa Xu sat by the door and sighed while looking at the youngsters getting busy, “The Three Flavour Hall has completely changed. I’m afraid that we cannot sit here to play chess anymore, or we will be disrupting their business.”

When Xiao Jingjing heard Grandpa Xu’s words, she smiled. “Grandpa Xu, Grandpa Chen, rest assured. The Three Flavour Hall is going to have a Senior Community Corner with chess boards provided. The two of you will be our first batch of VIPs; no fees are needed.”

Oldman Chen laughed, “I think this is pretty good, I’ll inform those old friends of mine.”

Xiao Jingjing blinked as she whispered, “They can make an annual membership card that costs ¥0.50 daily. I’ll give you guys commission for your referrals!”

Grandpa Xu had already taken out his phone and started to send messages as he said, “Oldman Chen, they’re already not going to take any fees from us, you have the cheek to take a commission from them?”

When Oldman Chen saw how Grandpa Xu was going to make a move first, he immediately cursed, “Screw you, leave a few of them for me!”

When Xiao Jingjing saw how the two grandpas were willing to help, she inwardly sighed. She was the one that suggested to have a Senior Community Corner to target the senior market, which had already received his approval.

The membership fees weren’t the main objective, but they’re merely using it as a method so that they could treat those senior citizens. As time passed, the name of their Three Flavour Hall would also be spread through the mouth of those senior citizens.

Naturally, Xiao Jingjing knew that Su Tao was also targeting the youngster market with a special ointment, so he would seclude himself in the medicine room in the evening after everyone had knocked off. She could also occasionally smell unique fragrances when she left late.

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