Chapter 25 - New Disciples

Chapter 25 - New Disciples

Su Tao laid on the bed for a long time, reminiscing the past ten years of his memories and wondered, how they were doing.

Cai Yan and her father softly tossed a few sentences at each other outside the store before they went back to the Emerald Antique Brook. Family ties were admirable, no matter how much they quarrelled, it would be over after a night of sleep.

Because Cai Yan’s revealed her ghost marriage, Su Tao started to link it to her illness. Su Tao also wasn’t confident in treating Cai Yan’s disease, since it needed time. 

Su Tao leapt up and walked to the door before looking at the starry skies. He had promised his grandfather to take good care of the Three Flavour Hall when he returned to Hanzhou, and before he knew it, he had gotten himself mixed in complicated relationships.

The start was always difficult, but after some time of managing, the Three Flavour Hall was gradually moving in the right direction. At the same time, it had also tied itself as Jianghuai Hospital's partner. All he had to do now was nurture his disciples, and the Three Flavour Hall would be on the right track.

As for the demolition of the Old Street, he could tell that Yan Jing wasn’t too concerned about it. He only needed to mediate this matter a little, and it could be resolved. After all, he had requested help from Vera, and if she was willing to invest the Old Street into a tourist attraction, it would be able to develop the Old Street as well.

Su Tao stood at the gate of the Three Flavour Hall and exercised. It was 6 o’clock in the morning when Xiao Jingjing arrived at the Three Flavour Hall with her bag.

Xiao Jingjing had a normal appearance. If anything stood out, then it would be her bright eyes.

When Su Tao saw the bead of sweat on the tip of her nose, he was surprised. “You couldn’t have walked over, right?”

Xiao Jingjing blushed and nodded her head. “It’s just ten-odd kilometres from the school. I’m already used to the mountain road, and I have depended on walking to attend school. So this bit isn’t anything much.”

Su Tao could guess that Xiao Jingjing’s family situation wasn’t too well. She woke up early and travelled to the Three Flavour Hall on her feet to save the cab fare, which made Su Tao feel pity for her.

Su Tao pondered before he said, “You have to prepare yourself to intern in the Three Flavour Hall. It’s not something that anyone could endure. Naturally, you will not be free labouring here. If you show good results, you will be paid for your internship, and if there’s a day that you can take charge, your treatment will also increase.”

Xiao Jingjing’s eyes flashed as she sincerely answered, “I will surely work hard!”

She wore a worn canvas and was an average height, roughly 5’3”, with black, glistering hair tied into a ponytail. She did not wear any makeup, and despite the freckles on her face, she had a pretty good face shape.

Su Tao guessed that Xiao Jingjing still hadn’t eaten and asked, “Do you know how to cook?”

Xiao Jingjing nodded her head, “Ever since I was five.”

Su Tao pointed his finger towards the back, “There are ingredients in the kitchen; you will be responsible for cooking.” The poor would have to contribute to the household at a young age, and this girl probably suffered quite a bit.

Xiao Jingjing nodded before she quickened her pace into the pharmacy, while Su Tao resumed his exercises.

Morning exercises were the foundation of maintaining one’s energy high, and as an outstanding physician, if he couldn’t keep a healthy lifestyle, how was he going to treat his patients?

In the eyes of many, they only required doctors when they were sick. But in fact, prevention was the key. If they waited till their illness broke out, it would greatly harm their vital energy, even if they could cure it. Thus, having a healthy physique was the right way of living, since it could resist illnesses.

Even if western medicine was prosperous, there was still a market for chinese medicine, since the health care of a physician was something that doctors couldn’t compete against.

Su Tao was currently practising a set of fist techniques called the Pulse Art. It only had twenty-one simple moves, but each movement was interlinked. At the same time, the movements weren’t as smooth as the Taiji Fist.

The Pulse Art was the fist technique recorded in the third book of the Imperial Physician Scripture. Although it’s not as miraculous as the Heavenseizing Hand, it’s excellent in nurturing qi.

The theory behind the Pulse Art was triggering the five viscera and six bowels through the technique. Typical fist techniques would store the qi in their dantian, while the Pulse Art stored them in the acupoints, five viscera and six bowels.

Su Tao slowly executed each move, but by the time he finished, he was already drenched in sweat. Xiao Jingjing’s voice then gently resounded from his rear, “Breakfast is ready.”

“Thanks for that.” Su Tao nodded. The moment he walked in, Xiao Jingjing had already prepared a cup of tea and was kneeling before Su Tao. “Master, please have some tea!”

Su Tao was stunned before he smiled. “What are you doing?”

Xiao Jingjing raised her hand and spoke in a quiet voice, “Isn’t this the standard ceremony for establishing apprentice and master?”

Su Tao awkwardly coughed. He cleared his throat and put on an act. “Since you have decided to have me as your Master, then I will accept you as my disciple. From today on, you will be the Senior Disciple of the Three Flavour Hall’s Su Tao.”

He had to admit, Su Tao was nervous and excited since this was his first time accepting a disciple.

Xiao Jingjing never imagined that Su Tao would accept her so easily, so she rejoiced, “I, Xiao Jingjing, solemnly swear that I will do my best to learn and will never embarrass you.”

Su Tao received the cup and blew on it before taking a sip and placed it down by the side. He helped Xiao Jingjing up and promised, “Since you are willing to become the disciple of me, Su Tao, then I will naturally teach you all my knowledge and experience. But you have to know, the Master can only lead you through the threshold, and you have to depend on yourself to achieve results.”

Su Tao was delighted with Xiao Jingjing’s attitude. Immediately, she went down on her knees and kowtowed.

Su Tao initially wanted to recruit several students to nurture them into workers for the Three Flavour Hall. However, Xiao Jingjing’s appearance had changed Su Tao’s intentions. If he wanted the Three Flavour Hall to grow stronger, it’s impossible without helpers. Since Xiao Jingjing was the first disciple that he had accepted, she would also become his assistant in the future.

The breakfast was simple, porridge, salted vegetables and an egg. Xiao Jingjing’s culinary skills were pretty good, the porridge was fragrant and sweet, which Su Tao ate two bowls of before saying, “You can stay here instead of the school since you have your internship in the Three Flavour Hall.”

Xiao Jingjing smiled. “The professors in the university are all just reading from the textbooks, and I have already memorised them. So it’s fine that I do not go. The reason why I am here is to learn how to be a genuine physician.”

Su Tao smiled as he popped a question. “What is a genuine physician?”

Xiao Jingjing replied, “To treat and save lives.”

Su Tao shook his head; he wasn’t satisfied with that answer. “But western medicine can also treat and save lives.”

His speech had left Xiao Jingjing in puzzlement, so she asked, “Then, what is a physician?”

Su Tao answered, “Smaller cases, we treat illnesses; medium cases, we treat people; large cases, we treat the country.”

A lady carried a six-month-old baby girl in the Pediatrics Department of the Jianghuai Hospital and carefully asked, “Doctor Lu, what’s wrong with my daughter?”

Lu Shimiao looked at the B-ultrasound film for a long time before saying, “Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, newborns have a 1/1000th chance of having it with girls having ten times the chance than boys.”

Hearing Lu Shimiao’s words, the lady immediately went anxious as she nervously asked, “Then, what should I do?”

Lu Shimiao answered, “This is an inherited condition. The earlier you treat it, the better. It’s usually treated with a cast with over 90% chance of curing it.”

Hearing Lu Shimiao’s words, the lady asked in a low voice, “When can she start?”

Lu Shimiao answered, “Let’s make an appointment first.”

Hearing her words, the lady nodded and left with her baby.

When Lu Shimiao was about to call the next patient, her phone rang. Her husband, Qiao Bo’s voice resounded from the other side, “Honey, are you working overtime, today?”

Lu Shimiao nodded her head and coldly answered, “I have shifts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Pediatrics Emergency, you know about that!”

Qiao Bo smiled. “I’m just asking and also informing you that I will go on a trip with a few friends of mine, so I won’t be home as well.”

Lu Shimiao sneered and replied in a calm voice, “Okay, that’s all, then. I’m still working!”

When she hung up the phone, Lu Shimiao took a deep breath. She and Qiao Bo had been married for a year, and two weeks ago, she suddenly discovered that her husband, Qiao Bo, had been messing around while she worked overtime. since she swapped shifts with a colleague of hers on that day, she returned home early and discovered Qiao Bo with a lady naked on their bed.

Immediately, Lu Shimiao wanted to divorce with Qiao Bo, but her father-in-law, Qiao Dehao stopped it. Back then, the reason why Lu Shimiao married to Qiao Bo was because of Qiao Dehao pulling strings. When she discovered the betrayal of her husband, her heart immediately went cold.

Qiao Bo also admitted that he had stopped seeing that woman. But from the tiny hints around, she discovered that Qiao Bo was still messing around and that woman was merely one of his many lovers.

Lu Shimiao was filled with helplessness in her heart and felt more disgusted by this family. There were times that she wanted to divorce with Qiao Bo, but Qiao Dehao stopped it. He said that if she divorced Qiao Bo, then she would have to leave Jianghuai Hospital.

After Lu Shimiao hung up the phone, a nurse walked in. “Secretary Qiao couldn’t get through your phone earlier and called me. He wants you to make a trip to his office.”

“I understand!” Lu Shimiao tidied up the room and headed towards Qiao Dehao’s office.

The nursed looked at Lu Shimiao’s graceful figure and muttered to herself in envy. “Doctor Lu is truly the flower of our Jianghuai Hospital, but it’s a pity that she fell for a playboy!”

Lu Shimiao knocked on the door and walked in. Qiao Dehao smiled before he closed the door and looked at Lu Shimiao’s figure. “Why didn’t you wear the clothes that I gave you the last time?”

Lu Shimiao calmly replied, “They don’t fit, so I threw them away. Is this the matter that you got me here?”

Qiao Dehao awkwardly coughed, “Of course not, the hospital is going to set up a specialist group that provides for the leaders and high-profile investors. I have pushed you to become the Vice-Head of the group, so I’m just informing you in advance.”

“Okay, I will take my leave if there is nothing else.” Lu Shimiao immediately turned around and left.

Qiao Dehao looked at Lu Shimiao’s figure and sighed. It’s too unreasonable that his son had such a beautiful wife, and yet he still played around outside.

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