Chapter 24 - Chaos from Alcohol

Chapter 24 - Chaos from Alcohol

Su Tao saw Cai Yan, who was standing before the Three Flavour Hall the moment he got down from the cab. She wore a revealing short skirt and black-heeled sandals. She was standing beside Grandpa Xu and Oldman Chen, watching their game of chess.

Seeing Su Tao’s return, Grandpa Xu yawned with a smile, “Little Su is finally back! Let’s go. We’ll leave the time for these youngsters.”

Cai Yan blushed upon his words. “You’re teasing me again.”

Grandpa Xu always teased him and Cai Yan, but Su Tao wasn’t affected by it. The moment he entered the shop, he discovered a fragrance of food and smiled. “Since when has there been a housewife in the house?”

Cai Yan glanced at Su Tao unhappily. “I’ve noticed that you have been too busy lately, so I cooked for you.”

When Su Tao saw the two bottles of red wine on the table, he smiled. “I’m afraid that your father will come after me if he knows about this.”

Cai Yan snorted, “Well, I have already fought with him about this matter. Let’s not bother him, how about accompanying this Big Sister in a drink?”

Su Tao sighed, “Alright, since I’m your physician, anyway. Listening to the woes of my patients is also one of my duties.”

Cai Yan cast a glance at Su Tao before she started to lay out the meal. A short moment later, the table was filled with four dishes and a soup. Pork Ribs Corn Soup, Chilli Beef Tenderloin, Fried Pig Trotters, Stir-fried Cucumber, they were typical home-cooked meals that looked and smelled good. Su Tao took a mouth at the tenderloin, which was fragrant and tender, and was caught by surprise. “I never expected for you to have such good skills!”

Cai Yan shrugged, “If it weren’t for the Emerald Antique Brook, I would have gone to open a restaurant by now. With my skills, it’s more than enough to feed myself.”

Su Tao opened the red wine while recalling an issue. “There aren’t any wine glasses here.”

Cai Yan’s brows were raised before she answered, “I brought some!”

Su Tao looked not too far away and noticed two wine glasses in a bag. “You’ve prepared pretty well.”

Cai Yan placed the glasses on the table and poured the wine in until it reached the brim. “Today, we’ll drink till we drop!”

Su Tao sighed. He knew that Cai Yan had some matters on her mind. But since they were neighbours, there’s no harm to send her back if she was drunk.

Cai Yan bumped Su Tao’s glass with her eyes narrowed as she smiled. “You must be thinking that I’m pretty weird, right?”

Su Tao swirled the glass with a smile. “Everyone has their secrets. I’m also weird in the eyes of others.” Su Tao had seen all sorts of patients and even weird ones, so Cai Yan was pretty mediocre in comparison.

“Let’s cheer for being weird!” Cai Yan gulped down her glass and her face flushed red.

Su Tao shook his head and drank half of it. However, Cai Yan did not let him off that easily and insisted that he finished it. Since he couldn’t do anything about it, he could only comply and finish it up.

Su Tao knew that Cai Yan wished to speak her matters, so he started the initiative, “Why is your father forbidding you from coming into contact with the opposite sex?”

Cai Yan’s liquor capacity was mediocre, so her vision started to blur. She pointed her finger out at Su Tao’s nose. “Drink three cups with me, and I’ll tell you the secret.”

Su Tao smiled with his lips pursed. “I’ll drink three; you should take it easy.”

The moment he finished his words, he immediately drank three cups and Cai Yan followed, since she did not want to show any weakness.

This woman was intending on getting drunk today, so Su Tao had decided to accompany her and drink a bit more.

When the red wine was nearly emptied, Cai Yan said in a stupor, “I’m married.”

Su Tao was surprised by this fact, so he followed up with a question, “That’s something, indeed, but why haven’t I seen your husband before?”

Cai Yan pointed her finger down and sighed, “He’s dead, I’m a widow.”

Su Tao never expected Cai Yan to have such a secret, so he pursued, “Then Uncle Cai shouldn’t interfere with you coming in contact with guys. We’re no longer in the feudal society that requests for chaste widows.”

Cai Yan shook her head. “It’s because I’m cursed.”

Su Tao was instantly rendered speechless, “What generation is it now, is there anyone that still believes in curses?”

Cai Yan nodded her head. “We’re in a ghost marriage. My father owed a huge debt, which he had gotten from the Nie Family. At that time, the Nie Family requested that I live as a widow, or I would suffer the wrath of heaven. They even got a Taoist to conduct the ghost marriage. Back then, your grandfather examined my illness and even with his medical skills, he could only treat the symptoms and not the root.”

Although there wasn’t any certification of marriage, a ghost marriage was still an acknowledged marriage.

Su Tao knew that Cai Yan had some problems, but he never expected such twists. “It’s no wonder why Uncle Cai would be filled with so much enmity for me.”

Cai Yan blinked her long eyelashes and smiled. “My father is just worried. Furthermore, I’m older than you, how can you like me?”

Su Tao blurted out, “So what? Love is not distinguished between age, not to mention that you’re not that much older than me.”

But the moment he spoke, Su Tao awkwardly coughed. When Cai Yan heard his words, she felt a little happy, but her eyes drooped down and she sighed, “I’m not qualified for your love. This Big Sister has been married before, somebody’s wife and even suffered from a strange illness.”

“That marriage of yours can’t be considered a marriage.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “Furthermore, it’s fine even if you’re married. Don’t you know that hotwives are in high demand?”

Cai Yan smiled as she scolded, “Who dares to snatch the wife of a ghost? He must be tired of living! Be careful, my dead husband will come to the mortal realm and snatch you away if you continue to blurt nonsense!”

The more they spoke, the more Su Tao felt that Cai Yan was interesting. “There are no doctors that fears ghosts. Take surgeons, for example. They have been dealing with corpses for half a year before they officially take their post. Corpses are akin to beef to them.”

Cai Yan retched, “Stop, or I’ll vomit if you continue further.”

Su Tao smiled. “That’s because you have been drinking too much.”

Cai Yan poured another glass of wine for herself before she continued, “We must enjoy to our heart’s content if we want to drink.”

As they chatted, they had finished a bottle without their knowledge, and Cai Yan had already reached her limit. Her body tottered as she tried to stand up and nearly fell from the chair several times. “No more, no more! If I drink anymore, I’ll be dead drunk, then.”

Su Tao also felt a little dizzy from the alcohol; but even so, he was in a better state than Cai Yan. “A genuine drunkard would not admit that he is drunk. That shows that you can still drink.”

Cai Yan charmingly cast a glance at Su Tao. “I’m not drunk, just a little tired.”

When she finished her words, she stood up with great difficulty before she entered the bedroom with unsteady feet. When Su Tao followed after, Cai Yan had already removed her sandals and laid on the bed and powerlessly threw her legs to the side, revealing her thighs in big patches, which were filled with temptations.

“Cai Yan, get out! You can’t lie down on the bed of others as you please!” When Su Tao saw this scene, he felt his mouth dry and blood rushing up his brain.

“I’ll rest for a while. Wait for me; I can continue to drink…” Cai Yan gently turned over herself, which revealed her bra strap and ample chest. Su Tao took another step forward, and he could peep even more.

Su Tao felt his heart wildly beating, especially when he looked at her legs, which were filled with temptation, and her waist, which was tightly wrapped in her short skirt. He nearly lost his rationale.

Su Tao went over and shook Cai Yan’s shoulder. “I’ll send you home, don’t sleep here.”

“I’ll not go home. We’re not done yet.” Cai Yan replied, which Su Tao had no idea if she was really drunk or if she was just faking it.

Su Tao bitterly smiled. The fragrance from Cai Yan was mixed with her perfume and alcohol, stimulating him. Cai Yan turned around, placing her hand on Su Tao and whispered, “If you’re bored, then come and lie with me for a while.”

Su Tao chanted a sutra to calm his heart while he fell towards Cai Yan. His body was pressing on Cai Yan’s body. Cai Yan’s brows slightly moved without any other reaction.

Su Tao cursed himself. She had already taken such an initiative, would it be rude not to reciprocate?

Su Tao gently hugged Cai Yan’s soft waist and recalled her words from before. The curse of the ghost marriage was, indeed, a strange illness that he hadn’t heard of before and he didn’t know if that dead husband of hers was watching them right now in his spirit form.

But when he thought about it, he actually felt excited instead. Cai Yan’s skin was glossy and smooth and the two of them were stuck together in an ambiguous posture. He had no idea if Cai Yan did it intentionally, but her abdomen was pushing towards his awkward spot.

Cai Yan loudly breathed and a hot breath blew into Su Tao’s ears. Cai Yan didn’t seem to have entirely lost her rationale, since her face was blushing red at this moment with her heart beating wildly.

Cai Zhongpu had contacted the Nie Family today to call off the ghost marriage. He was even willing to pay an enormous sum of money, but the Nie Family rejected him. Thus, Cai Zhongpu had requested that Cai Yan keep her distance with Su Tao, which resulted in a fight between them.

This was also the reason why Cai Yan came to the Three Flavour Hall and drank so much.

She never expected the situation to progress so swiftly, and Su Tao had a unique medical fragrance that left her intoxicated. Perhaps she had not planned this far early today. But at this moment, she had made up her mind that she wouldn’t regret giving herself to Su Tao.

Cai Yan understood Su Tao through the months of their interaction. He was a courageous and capable young man.

Su Tao had sensed the increase in Cai Yan’s breathing, so he had subconsciously placed his hand on her face and Cai Yan pushed herself forth. The two’s lips interlocked together with sweetness spreading from Su Tao’s tongue.

There were some things that men knew innately and he placed his hand on Cai Yan’s body. Su Tao felt that he was starting to lose control.

“Cai Yan…” A familiar voice yelled out, which disrupted the two of them.

Cai Yan opened her eyes wide and she arranged her clothes properly, “Father, I’m coming!”

Su Tao fell into an awkward position as he said, “Quick, tidy up your hair. It’s too messy!”

Cai Yan glanced at Su Tao before she arranged her hair and warned, “It was just the influence of alcohol. Remember, there won’t be a next time!”

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