Chapter 23 - Xiao Jingjing’s Spring

Chapter 23 - Xiao Jingjing’s Spring

Wang Guofeng decided to leave, since he had already understood the Hanzhou Branch’s situation. Although Su Tao opted a fresh teaching method and revealed his medical skills, those were insignificant in his eyes.

The Wang Family practised medicine since the Tang Dynasty. Although many families have disappeared with the progression of generation, Wang Family remained standing with their medical skills and grew stronger instead. His father was in the State Council’s Health Care Team as Chief. Wang Guofeng had also inherited the medical skills of his family, and with his current pace of development, he might be able to take over his father’s post with ease.

Wang Guofeng was aloof and, in his eyes, Su Tao was merely a physician with potential and nothing compared to him. 

But Wang Guofeng’s plans had been disrupted by such a lecturer like Su Tao. He initially planned to dispose of the Hanzhou Branch, since they produced too little talents.

“Principal Tong, I have another thing to inform you. A month from now, the Jiangnan TCM University will host a competition, and if Hanzhou’s results are still the same as the previous, then the trademark of this branch university will be removed.”

Tong Mengchu tightly knitted his brows as he said in a soft voice, “Removing the trademark as a Jiangnan TCM University? Isn’t that too unreasonable?”

Wang Guofeng replied with impatience, “This matter has already been discussed several times. The problem lies in the fact that the Hanzhou Branch is too weak. The Jianghuai TCM University is preparing for a combined university, and some weaker links must be cleared off before the combination begins.”

When Tong Mengchu heard Wang Guofeng’s words, his eyes flashed with worries, but at the same time, he didn’t dare to argue. “What if the Hanzhou Branch obtains a good feat?”

Wang Guofeng faintly smiled, “Then the trademark can be preserved and will also be provided with more resources, everything depends on strength. But judging from Hanzhou Branch’s strength, it’s hard to survive.”

Seeing how arrogant Wang Guofeng was, Tong Mengchu felt unhappy in his heart. He rubbed his chin after the Audi left. It looked like he had to discuss this matter with Tang Nanzheng.

A commotion had already broken out in the class. Even after the bell that signalled the end of class rang, there were still people that asked Su Tao questions.

Liu Qian’s eyes frantically flashed as she whispered, “Is he a Prince sent by heavens? He’s too, dashing!”

Xiao Jingjing blankly looked at Su Tao with waves in her heart. She tried her best to maintain her calm and decided to look for him after the class ended to see if she could become his disciple.

Su Tao had rejected the last person and smiled. “I have to thank Professor Tang for giving me this opportunity to teach. I am not a professor of this university. The reason why I am here is to let everyone understand TCM and experience how interesting it is.”

“You’re way better than the other professors!” Someone yelled.

Su Tao waved his hand to silence the class and continued his speech, “A minute on stage requires ten years of hard work off the stage. There is no harvest without any labour. If everyone wants to be like me, then you will have to constantly practise.”

He momentarily paused and took a glance at Tang Nanzheng before thickening his face up. “Allow me to advertise. I am in charge of a pharmacy, and I require a batch of students with dreams and the ability to learn under me. If you are interested, then drop me a message or call me.”

Su Tao came off the stage and the applause never stopped. Su Tao never expected that this session would be so successful.

Tang Nanzheng walked towards Su Tao and smiled, “You’ve infected those students.”

Su Tao sighed in response, “I merely projected the thoughts in my heart.”

Tang Nanzheng’s gaze drifted and sighed, “I was like you in the past, passionate about TCM. But TCM suffered too many twists and turns in the past years; it’s futile with just my effort alone. This is the reason why I assumed the Honorary Principal post of this Hanzhou Branch, hoping to nurture saplings that can help strengthen TCM.”

Su Tao smiled, “I can see your feelings for TCM.”

Tang Nanzheng said seriously towards Su Tao, “Have you thought of coming here as a professor? I believe that with your ability to influence others, you will do a greater job than me.”

Su Tao pursed his lips, but he did not answer Tang Nanzheng’s question. The two of them spoke as they walked out of the classroom. Tong Mengchu had already been waiting there with a smile. “Old Tang, your disciple’s performance is simply spectacular!”

Tang Nanzheng was briefly stunned before he immediately explained, “Is he not my disciple. Strictly speaking, he is a colleague of mine from Jianghuai Hospital. His name is Su Tao.”

Tong Mengchu was slick and sly in dealing in matters so he immediately smiled. “With such extraordinary skills, you must be from a prestigious school.”

Tang Nanzheng moved on as he introduced Su Tao, “This is our principal of the Hanzhou Branch.”

Tong Mengchu smiled. “I initially heard that Principal Tang was conducting a class and led a group of leaders to sit in. Mister Su’s lecture was truly admirable. I want to invite you to become a Guest Lecturer of our university, I wonder if you’re willing?”

Su Tao was a little surprised by this, since he never thought that the actual Principal would invite him after one lesson. He knew that as an Honorary Principal, Tang Nanzheng didn’t have much authority, and thus, Su Tao did not answer him earlier. Even if he agreed to Tang Nanzheng’s suggestion, he still had to go through the university’s authority. Since Tong Mengchu was inviting him now, then that’s final.

Su Tao wasn’t embarrassed. He needed to do some foundation work if he wanted to grow the Three Flavour Hall. The Jianghuai Hospital was to provide him with customers, so he had to deal with talents now. The quality of Hanzhou Branch’s students wasn’t high, but some people could be nurtured.

Su Tao showed a problematic expression as he answered, “Principal Tong, I don’t have a problem as a Guest Lecturer. But I have my ways of teaching, so I require cooperation from the university.”

Seeing that Su Tao could agree, Tong Mengchu felt joy in his heart and smiled. “Please say, no matter what request you have!”

Su Tao replied, “I will pick five students to form into a small team and let them gain frequent practical experience in the Three Flavour Hall.”

Tong Mengchu initially thought that Su Tao would ask for high payments. He never thought that Su Tao only wanted human resources. “No problem, I will have the students cooperate with you. You can feel free and pick, but I also have a request on my own.”

Su Tao was stunned as he asked, “What is it?”

“Jiangnan TCM University is conducting a tournament soon. I hope that you can represent the Hanzhou Branch to participate.” Tong Mengchu had a plan. Su Tao was young, and he only needed to do some things and have him participate as a student, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Even Wang Guofeng had acknowledged Su Tao’s medical skills. So if he could represent the Hanzhou Branch, wouldn’t it be easy for them to win?

Su Tao immediately figured the logic behind it and smiled. “I’m not a student of Hanzhou Branch, so it’s not appropriate for me to take part in it. But please rest assured, I will nurture outstanding students in one month to have them show their skills in the tournament.”

Tong Mengchu was a little surprised by Su Tao’s suggestion, but he agreed to it. There’s no harm in letting Su Tao nurture talents, and if the quality of those students was too inferior, then he could still request for Su Tao to participate instead.

After separating from Tang Nanzheng and Tong Mengchu, Su Tao stood by the road, intending to hail for a cab. Suddenly, two female students walked over and Su Tao recognised them; they sat on the first row during his lesson earlier.

“Handsome, I wish to intern in the Three Flavour Hall.” Liu Qing said confidently, “Actually, my father has already prepared an internship for me. But I feel that you’re more interesting, so I wish to have my internship at your pharmacy.”

Su Tao had nothing against Liu Qian, just that he had seen through her intentions and rejected, “There are many things to do in the Three Flavour Hall, ordinary people won’t be able to endure the workload.”

“I can!” The moment Su Tao finished his words, Xiao Jingjing suddenly spoke out, “No matter what kind of workload, I am willing as long as you accept me as your disciple.”

Su Tao first glanced at Liu Qian before looking at Xiao Jingjing. In the end, he pointed towards Xiao Jingjing. “Starting from tomorrow, you are an intern of the Three Flavour Hall.”

“Why her and not me?!” Liu Qian immediately felt indignant. She initially came with Xiao Jingjing to give herself someone to compare with. In terms of bearing, she was more outstanding than Xiao Jingjing.

Su Tao shook his head and smiled. “She can memorise the entire Synopsis of Golden Chamber’s Prescription, something that you couldn’t. This is the reason!”

A cab drove over, and Su Tao boarded it while Liu Qian looked at Xiao Jingjing with jealousy and rage in her eyes. “You’re too much!”

In Liu Qian’s view, it was Xiao Jingjing that spoilt her plans.

Xiao Jingjing helplessly explained, “I…I really wish to learn from him!”

Liu Qian sneered at Xiao Jingjing, “I never expected to be rejected by this sort of person. I’ll intern in the province’s hospital, and you’ll merely be in a small pharmacy. Your future is definitely incomparable to mine.”

Xiao Jingjing shook her head and refuted, “Even in the province’s hospital, there aren’t many that surpass him in terms of medical skills. I can learn more things with him!”

Liu Qian was extremely enraged, since this was the first time that Xiao Jingjing retorted her. She then turned around and left. However, she tripped herself from the unbalanced ground before walking away, limping.

Xiao Jingjing remained on the spot with astonishment. How did Su Tao know that she had memorised the Synopsis of Golden Chamber’s Prescription?

She had no idea that Su Tao had already found several candidates during the lesson with Xiao Jingjing included. Even if he never talked with Xiao Jingjing in the lesson, Su Tao knew that Xiao Jingjing had memorised the Synopsis of Golden Chamber’s Prescription from her mumbling before the lesson.

With some nurturing from himself, it’s not impossible for a student with an excellent foundation to become a physician in a month.

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