Chapter 22 - The Godly Chinese Medicine

Chapter 22 - The Godly Chinese Medicine

At the same time, a black Audi drove into the Hanzhou Branch as the Principal, Tong Mengchu, looked at a young physician in respect before he stretched his hand out. “Vice-Principal Wang, welcome to my university for inspection.”

Wang Guofeng wore a white shirt and black trousers, along with shining black-leathered shoes. He shook Tong Mengchu’s hand, “Principal Tong, you’re too courteous. You are a senior. There’s no need for such formation. I came to the Hanzhou Branch since I was passing by.”

Wang Guofeng was a genius in the TCM world. He became Jiangnan TCM University’s Vice-Principal before the age of 30 and assumed office in Jiangnan’s best hospital. He was also a determined successor of the TCM Association.

Thus, it was a great honour for Tong Mengchu that Wang Guofeng paid a visit to his Hanzhou Branch, since Wang Guofeng only needed to nod his head, and the resources provided to Tong Mengchu would increase. It was so much so that Wang Guofeng could even affect if he could hold authority posts in the medical world.

However, Tong Mengchu knew that Wang Guofeng came without good intentions, so Wang Guofeng only informed his arrival 20 minutes before.

Tong Mengchu went along with Wang Guofeng’s words and smiled. “If possible, please stay a day or two to guide us.”

Tang Guofeng smiled while adjusting his gold-framed glasses and walked in. “We’ll take a look at your classrooms.”

Wang Guofeng’s visit to Hanzhou Branch wasn’t his main objective. He was here by invitation to treat a tycoon, the Jiangnan TCM University massive sponsor, Li Yede's lover.

Li Yede was hugely concerned about this, since he provided his lover with a luxurious villa in Hanzhou. He would also take the time every month to visit, but since last month, his lover suddenly suffered a strange illness.

The voluptuous beauty’s health had declined regarding this matter, losing 20 catty of weight. However, Wang Guofeng already had a method to treat her during the first visit. But the reason he came to the Hanzhou Branch university was to inspect the usual education quality.

After walking around the classrooms, he was disappointed by the quality of teachers. The teachings were mainly details in the textbooks, while the professors read it out. On the other hand, students do their own stuff, some played with their phones, some flirted around, and there was even some playing poker.

Wang Guofeng knitted his brows unhappily and coldly said, “Principal Tong, I am extremely disappointed about the situation in this Hanzhou Branch. According to this trend, I’m afraid that this university will soon lose the trademark of Jianghuai TCM University.”

Tang Mengchu was also a little helpless with this situation. Wang Guofeng came too sudden, and he couldn’t make any preparations. Suddenly, he thought of something and smiled, “Our Honorary Principal, Tang Nanzheng, is conducting a lesson today. Why don’t we go and take a look?”

Wang Guofeng's eyes flashed with seriousness. Tang Nanzheng was a representative of Hanzhou TCM Community, and despite his age, he had a great reputation. Despite meeting a few times in conferences, they weren’t too familiar with each other.

Wang Guofeng nodded. “Let’s hope that Professor Tang will not disappoint me!”

The group arrived on the third floor, and Wang Guofeng signalled Tong Mengchu not to alarm the students as they entered from the backdoor and sat down in a corner.

Wang Guofeng took a glimpse on the stage and disappointment flashed on his face. “Didn’t you say that Tang Nanzheng was conducting the class?”

Tong Mengchu looked at the class awkwardly. Tang Nanzheng was seated below while a young man was loudly expressing his view regarding chinese medicines.

Tong Mengchu felt his scalp going numb. He initially wanted to show Wang Guofeng how Tang Nanzheng conducted his lesson to redeem their image, but he never expected that Tang Nanzheng would not be the one conducting the lesson!

“I’ll talk to Professor Tang; please wait for a moment.” Tong Mengchu could only make a move himself to save this situation.

Wang Guofeng waved his hand. “No rush, let’s take a look at how his disciple teaches!”

In Wang Guofeng’s view, that young man should be Tang Nanzheng’s disciple, and this lesson was an opportunity for him to train his disciple.

Su Tao naturally saw the few newcomers and could tell that they weren’t students, judging from their dressing. However, he had ignored them and continued to go according to what he had prepared.

“TCM’s diagnosis studies is a practical course. It’s futile to stick to textbooks. You must practice yourself, personally!” Su Tao spoke as he took chalk and jabbed a few times on the blackboard.

“Naturally, there will be someone that will refute my words. You guys are still students, so how can you practice if you can’t come in contact with any patients?” The chalk drew a line where the ends connected.

“It’s easier for people to fall sick than in the olden times. Five years ago, there was even study data. Chinese are entering a time of suboptimal health status with nine out of ten that would be struck by diseases.” Su Tao started to draw around the points and lines that he had previously drawn, forming them into a body diagram while the students broke out in a commotion. They were startled by Su Tao’s performance.

“You can start from those around you; practical opportunities are everywhere around us.” Su Tao continued as he started to draw labels, marking out the acupuncture points.

“Holy shit!” A lean and tall student who was flirting with his girlfriend was startled at this moment.

In just about five minutes, Su Tao had drawn the acupuncture points diagram on the blackboard. But there were also students that felt that Su Tao was showing off and spoke out in disdain, “You give me a month, and I can also do this. It’s just drawing out the human diagram!”

Tong Mengchu cast a glance at Wang Guofeng and saw a complicated flicker in the latter’s eyes as he asked, “Is there a problem?”

Wang Guofeng faintly answered, “His diagram is no longer in the textbook. That is the Divine Physician of the Song Dynasty, Wang Weiyi’s acupuncture points diagram.”

However, his words left Tong Mengchu puzzled, “Is there a difference between the two?”

Wang Guofeng knitted his brows, “The diagram invented by Wang Weiyi is more precise. Wang Weiyi’s diagram is long lost. There are only counterfeits nowadays. But if that is real, then it is simply priceless.”

Those in the textbooks were all roughly estimated positions, but Su Tao’s diagram was extremely accurate to an actual person.

Wang Guofeng had practised the art of acupuncture for many years; so he could see the profundity behind it.

Wang Guofeng could also draw out the acupuncture points diagram, but he could only barely accomplish drawing out accurate positions. It’s impossible for him to reach such accuracy for the time being.

Tang Nanzheng had also noticed it. When he saw the completed diagram, joy flashed in his eyes with excitement.

Tang Nanzheng knew that Su Tao’s medical skills were excellent, but he never expected Su Tao to be so formidable. Just this feat alone, he could be granted standing in the medical association.

However, there weren’t many students that knew what’s what and thus, a student with a crew-cut raised his hand. “Professor Su, I disagree with your view. Since 90% out of 100% all have a sickness of some sort, can you tell what illness I have?”

Su Tao looked at him from afar and smiled. “Light fracture on your thumb, and if I guessed it correctly, it should be caused by playing basketball three days ago. If you don’t seek medical attention regarding it, you will require two months for natural recovery.”

The crew-cut student widened his eyes as he exclaimed, “Holy shit, you can even calculate when I suffered this injury?! Can it be treated?”

Su Tao waved at that student. “Come on the stage!”

That student was exceptionally tall, and he came in through special recruitment from basketball. The only reason he was here was merely for a diploma.

Su Tao gently held the hand of that student and gently rubbed it. A crisp bone crackling sound rang out and the student waved his hand with astonishment, “It’s healed!”

Since someone had tested it, another person raised his hand instantly; it’s a short male with acne covering his face, “Professor, then can you take a look at me?”

Su Tao lightly smiled and his words sparked laughter in the class. “Even an ordinary person knows your sickness.”

That student scratched his head as he said with embarrassment, “I used to be handsome until acne came along and my girlfriend broke up with me. I’ve been searching for a method to deal with it for years, but there isn’t any treatment suitable for me, so I joined the TCM University with the thought of curing my acne problem.”

Su Tao called that student on the stage and took out silver needles from his box. “I will now begin your treatment.”

“Treating acne on the spot?”

“Impossible, right? I’ll eat shit if it’s healed!”

“I don’t believe it either. I’ll chop JJ up if it’s healed!”

Acnes were mostly due to congestion in the pores, resulting in the heat from the body that couldn’t be released. Especially during puberty, since those undergoing puberty would experience more secretion. Thus, many youths suffered from acne problems.

Acupuncture treatment for this usually targeted the Hegu, Quchi and Neiting Acupoints, while Su Tao used the Shaoshang Acupoint.

A minute later, the student started to sweat, looking as if he was shrouded in mist. Regardless if Su Tao could treat the acne of that student, this scene was enough to shock everyone when they saw what Su Tao caused with a single needle.

Tang Nanzheng gently rubbed his beard and inwardly sighed. Su Tao had already reached his objective with this lesson, using his godly medical skills to show the students how miraculous TCM was.

Five minutes later, Su Tao removed the needle and handed a napkin to that student. The student wiped himself and realised that black, greasy substances taint the napkin.

On the other hand, there were some students below that yelled out, “It’s really cured! The acne is gone!”

“This is just the treatment of symptoms but not the root. I will give you a prescription which will let you recover from it after a month!” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “Is there anyone that wishes to experience how miraculous TCM is?”

There were over 30 students in the classroom. Some had recorded how Su Tao retreated the acne student and posted it online. This performance of TCM showed how godly TCM was; it was akin to magic!

Wang Guofeng stood up intending to leave and said to Tong Mengchu, “The standard of this young man is pretty good. If he is willing, he can be transferred to headquarters!”

Tong Mengchu acknowledged with his mouth, but in his heart, he was wondering who that young man was, since he had never seen him before!

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