Chapter 16 - Please Call Me, Scheming Boy

Chapter 16 - Please Call Me, Scheming Boy

Xie Cheng’s eyes were wide open as he held onto his throat. He was having difficulty breathing. In those few seconds, he could only exhale and couldn’t inhale before collapsing onto the ground and held onto his throat with his hands.

Not only was Cao Jun and the rest startled by this scene, but even Di Shiyuan was terrified before he jumped. “Su Tao, don’t be rash. Let me deal with this. Don’t injure other people!”

Seeing that Su Tao had made a move, an unnoticeable smile appeared on the corner of Qiao Dehao’s lips. He thought that Su Tao had lost his rationale and fell into his trap. The greater he reacted, the more suspicious he would be in the eyes of others.

Hongming Pharmaceutical Company was not a local company and had been working with Jianghuai Hospital for years. The Director was also Di Shiyuan’s university classmate. Back then, when the Jianghuai Hospital was doing poorly, those major companies weren’t willing to cooperate with them. Thus, Di Shiyuan found his university classmate and got a batch of free medicine from them.

For all these years, the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company had become the largest supplier of Jianghuai Hospital, and other companies were rejected by Di Shiyuan when they wanted to come into the picture. Even the few pharmaceutical companies that Qiao Dehao had introduced were denied as well.

Qiao Dehao deduced that Di Shiyuan must have an under-the-table deal with the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company. A few years ago, he had submitted a report to the City Health Bureau regarding this matter. He complained of Di Shiyuan abusing his powers to obtain commission.

Because Di Shiyuan had some status in the medical world, the City Health Bureau had been keeping silent regarding this matter. Thus, Qiao Dehao had made use of the issue between Su Tao and Xie Cheng to fan the fire.

As long as the City Health Bureau was willing to investigate this matter, Qiao Dehao was confident that Di Shiyuan wouldn’t be clean. Or thinking from another point-of-view, if he was the President of Jianghuai Hospital, how could he reject those tempting offers?

Qiao Dehao stood up and pointed at Su Tao. “Presumptuous! He’s simply guilty and lost his rationale. Quick, seize him!”

The policeman reacted by taking out his baton. However, his sight flashed as he spun around and fell beside Xie Cheng.

Perhaps knocking Xie Cheng down didn’t mean anything. But when he did the same to the policeman, everyone realised that Su Tao had martial abilities!

Seeing Xie Cheng having seizures, if Su Tao didn’t save him in the next few seconds, Xie Cheng would die of suffocation. Thus, he landed a kick on Xie Cheng. Xie Cheng felt greatly relieved as he took a deep breath. That moment was akin to taking a walk by the gates of death.

Acupuncture points could treat illnesses and, at the same time, hurt someone. The Tiantu Acupoint  could not only treat hysteria, but it can also make someone suffocate.

When Xie Cheng felt that he had returned to the mortal realm, Su Tao gave him another kick on his spine. Instantly, Xie Cheng curled up with his teeth trembling.

The soundless pain made everyone feel their scalps going numb, while Qiao Dehao widened his mouth and sucked in a breath with disbelief flashing in his eyes.

Everyone else had also changed their expressions upon realising that Su Tao wasn’t as feeble as he seemed.

After venting his anger, Su Tao calmed down and sat down before revealing a calm smile. “Bureau Chef Cao, the words from before were purely from Xie Cheng and Qiao Dehao. Now, I have a few words of my own.”

Cao Jun’s forehead was covered in sweat as he nodded his head. “Physician Su, go ahead!”

Su Tao slowly explained, “The story is simple, Qiao Dehao and Xie Cheng colluded and forged a recording. They placed the sample in my room when I wasn’t around. If I guessed correctly, they must have also colluded with that representative so even if President Di speaks with that representative face-to-face, he would only be falling into their trap.”

Qiao Dehao coldly smiled as he snorted, “Sharp-tongued, you’re turning the round to splash the dirty water on me?”

Di Shiyuan’s face turned grave. Su Tao had analysed the matter correctly. He was caught by surprise and had half of his foot in the trap that the other party had set up.

Cao Jun furrowed his brows as he spoke with difficulty, “Physician Su, this is merely a one-sided argument. After all, there isn’t any evidence at this moment, but if we brought the representative over, then we will have a witness.”

Su Tao faintly smiled, “I have evidence as well.”

Cao Jun was surprised as he spoke in puzzlement, “What evidence?”

Su Tao continued, “I’ll have to request everyone to make a trip with me to my office.”

Seeing how confident Su Tao was, Qiao Dehao could only comfort himself by thinking that Su Tao was putting up an act. His scheme was perfect, without any loopholes. He has also bribed the representative, so the moment an investigation file was opened, Di Shiyuan and Su Tao would not be able to escape.

Cao Jun nodded his head and said with a complexed tone, “But please ease Xie Cheng’s pain!”

Su Tao shook his head as he refused, “Physical pain can never be comparable to mental pain. I know what I’m doing, and he will not die for the time being. I’ll return him to normal once I’m done with this matter.”

Xie Cheng looked pitiful as he twitched. But even a pitiful person had a hateful part of him.

Su Tao led the team with everyone following behind. The policeman had already gotten up, fearfully looking at Su Tao and did not dare to approach.

Before they left, Qiao Dehao cast a glance at Xie Cheng, who was twitching on the floor, and sighed.

Everyone followed Su Tao to his office, then Su Tao went before his computer and clicked on a file with the mouse. After that, a video recording appeared and Qiao Dehao started to sweat at the sight of it.

Su Tao continued to move the mouse back to 8.40 a.m. when Xie Cheng entered the office and took out a bag, placing it in the drawer…

The truth was revealed. Qiao Dehao had initially thought that his plan was perfect, but he never expected for Su Tao to be a scheming boy and place a CCTV in his room, which recorded Xie Cheng’s plan to frame him.

Compared to the so-called “voice recording”, this was more convincing, since there wasn’t any time to fabricate a video in such a short amount of time.

Cao Jun furiously glanced at Qiao Dehao and coldly snorted, “This is the truth you spoke of?”

Qiao Dehao did not dare to look at Cao Jun as he awkwardly explained, “Xie Cheng also tricked me. He came to me in the morning and said that he had found evidence of Su Tao colluding with a representative of the Hongsheng Pharmaceutical Company and placed the recording before me. I never thought that he would lie to me!”

“I figured it out, now! He must be unhappy that the Department Head’s position was snatched away.” Qiao Dehao was too cunning. He had instantly pushed the blame onto someone else.

He had already made preparations and previously told Xie Cheng that if this matter was revealed, Xie Cheng would have to claim that it was all done by him; taking up the responsibility for this matter.

Naturally, Qiao Dehao also promised Xie Cheng that he would recommend him to another hospital after this.

Cao Jun knitted his brows before he paced back and forth. “The truth is revealed with Xie Cheng being the main mastermind. He must take up the responsibility for this. The hospital disciplinary team will decide if he’s going or staying later.”

Cao Jun’s words had practically given Xie Cheng a death sentence.

Di Shiyuan sneered, “The matter is still not over, yet. Will the comrades of the Public Security Bureau cooperate with our investigation and see if there’s another accomplice? I feel that Xie Cheng isn’t bold enough by himself; we must find the true mastermind!”

Cao Jun waved his hand in annoyance as he refused, “There’s no need to investigate any further. Let the case close here.”

Anyone could understand if they stood in Cao Jun’s position. If a problem arose in the Jianghuai Hospital, he would have a great responsibility as the superior. Furthermore, Qiao Dehao was also an important chess piece that Cao Jun had placed in Jianghuai Hospital that couldn’t be lost at the moment.

When Di Shiyuan heard Cao Jun’s words, his gaze coldly flashed.

Su Tao knew that there must’ve been a story behind this, but he didn’t want to be involved in it, so he said, “Since there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave first. Today is my consultation day, and I still have a crowd of patients to look at.”

But before he left, Di Shiyuan called out to Su Tao, “What about Xie Cheng?”

Su Tao slightly smiled. “He will recover after suffering for half an hour.”

Di Shiyuan inwardly sighed upon realising that Su Tao was truly unfathomable. He had initially thought that Su Tao was young and pure, but looking at it now, he was deep and unfathomable instead.

Previously, everyone had misunderstood that Su Tao had lost his rationale when he tortured Xie Cheng. But no one had expected that all of this was within Su Tao’s grasp. Who could have anticipated for Su Tao to install a CCTV in his own office?

After the truth was revealed, everyone looked at Xie Cheng with hatred and loathsomeness.

At the same time, Di Shiyuan admired Su Tao even more from this event. The hospital was a miniature version of society with all sorts of people, and only those that were calm and knew how to protect themselves could walk the furthest.

Di Shiyuan glanced at Qiao Dehao and knew that Qiao Dehao must have also been having the same thoughts as him. When they return to their office, they had to search and see if there were any spy cameras installed.

After returning to the consultation room, Su Tao quickened his pace and dealt with all the patients in roughly half an hour, receiving the acknowledgment of the patients at the same time.

Many patients had their reservations for TCM, since the treatment would take an extended period, and their emergency treatments were incomparable to doctors versed in western medicine. Thus, Su Tao had purposely chosen the highest treatment efficiency to treat his patients.

He understood that if he wanted the Three Flavour Hall to be famous, it wouldn’t do to be secluded. The Jianghuai Hospital had given him a sufficient source of customers and he would slowly shift them to the Three Flavour Hall.

Many people only remembered the divine physician of the Three Flavour Hall, Su Guangsheng but not his pharmacy itself. To patients, their acknowledgment of doctors exceeded even the pharmacies and clinics themselves. So after Su Guangsheng’s death, customers had decreased, so Su Tao needed to increase his reputation right now.

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