Chapter 15 - Framed

Chapter 15 - Framed

It was Su Tao’s turn to conduct consultation in Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department on Wednesday. The moment he walked in, he saw an eye-grabbing poster with his picture and resumé on it.

Su Tao, a Department Head of Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department and a member of Hanzhou City’s City Health Bureau’s Specialist Team. In charge of the Three Flavour Hall and came from a TCM Family with years of experience. Also an expert on hard-to-treat cases…

Even despite how thick Su Tao’s face was, his ears turned red at this poster and decided to look for an opportunity to talk to Di Shiyuan. According to how dashing he was, he should get at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands as endorsement fees.

The moment he walked into the hospital, the nurses all directed their gazes towards him. At this moment, Su Tao had become a celebrity in the Jianghuai Hospital, since he had successfully treated Vera’s illness and challenged the other physicians, which won him quite a significant amount of fans.

A bold nurse brought up her courage as she approached Su Tao and whispered, “Physician Su, can I have your number? If there’s any illness, I can contact you directly.”

Su Tao had come prepared, since he had already printed his name cards. Thus, he shoved one in her hand and whispered, “Don’t spread my contact around. I’m swamped with work!”

The nurse carefully stored the name card as she left hopping.

Just when Su Tao was intoxicated in being revered by so many, a cold voice resounded from behind him, “Are you going up or not?”

Su Tao’s gaze followed the voice, and soon, he was stunned, since it was a familiar face.

The lady held onto the lift’s button. She stood at the height of 5’7” in heels and her white gown fluttered along with the wind, revealing her low-collared shirt and perky assets. She wore shorts which showed the majority of her pearly white legs.

She frowned out of habit. It didn’t look hateful, but pitiful instead.

Su Tao awkwardly smiled as he entered the lift, and his gaze fell onto her tag - Lu Shimiao.

However, in the eyes of Lu Shimiao, Su Tao’s gaze was vulgar, so she misunderstood and thought that Su Tao was peeking at her chest. Thus, she pulled her gown, covering her chest, and muttered, “Lecher!”

Being framed all of a sudden, anger rose in Su Tao’s heart and he knitted his brows. “My god, what have I just seen? I should use medical liquid to wash my eyes in case my eyes got inflamed.”

Lu Shimiao’s mouth moved, but she did not respond to Su Tao. In her view, there’s nothing to converse with a lecher like Su Tao.

Lu Shimiao left on the second floor while Su Tao rubbed his nose and sighed.

Some people would fall in love at first sight, but that didn’t seem the case with this lady. Every time they met, they would already have a misunderstand and even quarrel. If they met in the future again, he must avoid her.

After entering the TCM Department and wearing his gown, Xie Cheng knocked on the door and came in before placing a book on Su Tao’s table. “This is the department’s working notes. Because you’re not here all the time, I brought it over for you to look at. If you’re not interested, then I’ll not bring it the next time.”

Su Tao didn’t even take a glimpse at Xie Cheng as he flipped the notes, then faintly said, “The notes are extremely detailed, but it still lacks in profundities.”

Xie Cheng knitted his brows as he unhappily said, “May I ask what is the ‘profundities’ that you’re speaking of?”

Su Tao placed the book on the table as he replied, “The notes of a doctor shouldn’t be limited to the day-to-day, but the comprehension and experience one should be spreading out. Especially noting down the typical conditions on that day.”

Xie Cheng sneered, “Did you think that, as doctors, we would encounter hard-to-treat cases every day?”

When Su Tao saw Xie Cheng arguing with him, he knitted his brows and patted the book. “If notes are only at this plain level, then it’s best not to keep it. It’s just a waste of time and mental energy.”

Seeing how Su Tao rejected his management method, Xie Cheng felt his rage brewing. However, he managed to kept it under control since Su Tao wouldn’t be here for long and he would suffer later.

Chinese culture was rich and robust, since they interlinked one another. For example, the diagnosis method of TCM was similar to geomancy. Thus, Su Tao’s physiognomy was pretty good. Judging from Xie Cheng’s appearance, he was a wicked person and with such a subordinate, either you chase him off, or you tame him. Otherwise, he would surely turn into a problem in the future.

Through the advertising of Jianghuai Hospital, Su Tao’s consultation was extremely popular, proved by the expert, Tang Nanzheng personally. Thus, there were many that were recommended by their friends, and so the registration price was also higher than a regular consultation.

The nurse had already prepared a computer, notebook and other diagnostic equipment. Su Tao placed his medial box towards his right and stretched his waist. He started to call out to queue numbers. Although there were many patients, Su Tao was quick in his work, so the queue never seemed long or crowded. On the other hand, it was the nurse that couldn’t keep up with him.

“Physician Su, I have been suffering from insomnia, anxiety issues and heavy menstruation… The psychiatrist said that I’m just weak. All I had to do was frequently exercise and replenish my nutrients. There’s no particular medication for it.” A woman in her mid-forties whispered.

Su Tao swept a glance and answered, “It’s just menopause.”

“Ah? I’m just in my forties; how can I experience menopause?” The woman had disbelief written on her face.

Su Tao smiled as he explained, “Premature menopause isn’t only restricted to age. For example, if someone often experiences great pressure, it will also occur. I’ll give you a simple treatment to resolve this issue!”

The woman whispered, “How are you going to treat me? Do I have to enter the room in there?”

Subconsciously, she held onto her collar. She had suffered a bad experience in the past, since a doctor molested her in a secluded room.

Su Tao shook her head. “There’s no need for that, we can do it here. Just listen to my instructions. I’ll need you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

The woman stook out her tongue, it was pale. Su Tao swiftly picked up a needle and placed it on her tongue. This was the tongue acupuncture treatment that was effective towards treating premature menopause and insomnia.

By the time the woman reacted, Su Tao had already completed her treatment. A flash of joy flickered in the woman’s eyes as she smiled. “How miraculous, I feel lighter than before.”

After that, Su Tao wrote down a prescription that nourished blood and said, “Go home and take this for three days. You’ll be fully recovered.”

The woman happily left before Xie Cheng brought a policeman and blocked the door. He then said to the other waiting patients, “Go to another department. For the time being, we’re not accepting any patients here.”

The patient who was coming next asked in puzzlement, “Why?”

“Physician Su has other matters on hand, and he is required to go somewhere else.” Xie Cheng did not describe the situation too clearly, since it would affect the TCM Department negatively if members of the public knew about this matter.

Looking at Xie Cheng’s bearing, Su Tao knew that Xie Cheng had a scheme going on, so he faintly smiled and spoke to the patients, “Please calm down, everyone. I will swiftly deal with this problem and look at your illnesses.”

Xie Cheng sneered, but allowed Su Tao to relax. After all, he wouldn't be able to act so calm in just a while!

Su Tao followed Xie Cheng and the policeman to the conference room with ten-odd people inside. All of them were the pillars of the hospital with several officials of the City Health Bureau and Public Security Bureau. 

Cao Jun swept a glance at Su Tao before he cleared his throat, “Su Tao, we called you here to investigate your relationship with the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company.”

Di Shiyuan knocked his finger on the table as he explained, “Bureau Chef Cao, I have previously explained that Su Tao had just joined the Jianghuai Hospital. How can he be related to the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company?”

Standing from the side, Xie Cheng said, “President Di, don’t try to hide the truth for Su Tao. Half an hour ago, I even witnessed Su Tao talking to a representative of Hongming Pharmaceutical Company just before I was about to knock on the room for work-related matters. I heard some of their conversations. Here is a recording that can also be used as evidence!”

Xie Cheng placed his phone on the table and played a recording.

“Physician Su, you are the Department Head promoted by President Di himself. Our Hongming Pharmaceutical Company has invented a new medicine, so do take care of us.” The representative spoke in a modest voice.

“Since you are recommended by President Di himself, I will definitely take care of you guys. But as you know, as doctors, our income isn’t much, and we rely on commissions!” Su Tao’s voice resounded from the recording.

“That’s for sure! We’ll give you a 20% commission, and if your sales hit a million, we’ll give you an additional 5%.” The representative smiled.

“Increase it a little more. I still have to prepare for President Di himself, as well.” Su Tao’s voice replied.

After that, more details of the record regarding dividends and operation resounded.

Qiao Dehao revealed a painful expression as he stood up and bowed towards Cao Jun. “Bureau Cao, I’m sorry about this. I am also greatly responsible for this matter to allow such a person like Su Tao to join our team. This is a humiliation to medical ethics itself. I will personally request for disciplinary action myself!”

Di Shiyuan sneered as he slammed on the table, “Giving Su Tao a bad name and hang him. Recordings can be forged, how hard is that? This can’t mean anything!”

At this moment, Xie Cheng suggested, “I suggest we search Department Head Su’s office. Perhaps we might get something!”

Cao Jun rubbed his chin as he spoke to the officer in police uniform, “Old Li, have your men do a search.”

Roughly ten minutes later, a policeman retrieved a bag with all the new medicine samples in it. “This was found from Su Tao’s office.”

“Guilty as charged.” Xie Cheng revealed a ridiculing smile.

“Di Shiyuan, what is your explanation?” Cao Jun helplessly asked.

“There is no explanation needed! Someone has schemed and purposely framed Su Tao and me.” Di Shiyuan stood up angrily as he continued, “I hope that the organisation can investigate deeper. If possible, I am willing to confront the representative from the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company, face-to-face!”

Being framed was the worst feeling on earth, and in a day, Su Tao had been framed twice. Firstly, the cold lady doctor Lu Shimiao; and now, by his subordinate, Xie Cheng.

Even if he had an excellent self-cultivation, he also wouldn’t be able to bear this grudge, so he sneered and jabbed Xie Cheng’s acupuncture point between his collarbone.

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