Chapter 17 - Find a bed and make you submit

Chapter 17 - Find a bed and make you submit

Su Tao discovered that Di Shiyuan had been waiting for quite some time in his office when he returned. Di Shiyuan’s gaze was on the spy camera mounted on the wall, facing the computer. “Bought it online, only for about ¥90.”

Di Shiyuan sighed, “Get one for me, then. We can’t be careless these days and have to protect ourselves well.”

Su Tao lifted the kettle and soon noticed that there was still hot water in it. Thus, poured Di Shiyuan a cup of water with a disposable cup and explained, “It’s all because of you that I have to be so cautious.”

Di Shiyuan smiled. “Diao Dehao and Xie Cheng obviously came for me, but you got implicated in it. I’m here to tell you that there won’t be similar issues in the future. If there’s an issue, I will bear it alone; you just have to focus on your job in treating patients.”

Su Yao shook his head as he replied, “President Di, you still don’t know where your mistake is at!”

Di Shiyuan was stunned by Su Tao’s words as he took a sip of water and asked, “Then analyse for me.”

Su Tao’s eyes beamed as he slowly said, “Do you not know the meaning behind ‘a tall tree attracts the wind’? How many people got envious because of my position as the Department Head? It’s understandable for Xie Cheng to frame me. Even without him, there’s still Li Cheng and Zhang Cheng.”

Di Shiyuan looked at Su Tao before he sighed with a bitter smile, “I never thought that you had seen things to thoroughly.”

Su Tao waved his hand and added, “But that’s also a good thing. With Xie Cheng as an example, there won’t be that many people that would dare to play tricks on me in the future.”

Di Shiyuan nodded his head. “Xie Cheng has greatly contributed in the TCM Department. However, the problem lies with his limited ability, so he can only be the Vice-Department Head. You’re more outstanding than him, and I believe that under your leadership, there will be more results in the TCM Department.”

Su Tao spread his hands out and helplessly said, “President, I don’t have that much energy for that. I still have the Three Flavour Hall to look after. I suggest you promote someone as the Vice-Head to manage the TCM Department.”

Di Shiyuan already had an answer for that and said, “Why don’t we give the Three Flavour Hall a title? Partner of the Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department? With this relationship, you can manage both the Three Flavour Hall and TCM Department together.”

Su Tao felt that it was a pretty good idea, but he still bargained, “Partner doesn’t sound nice. Strategic Cooperation Unit sounds better.”

Di Shiyuan smiled. He initially thought that Su Tao was only talented with his medical skills. But after today, he understood that Su Tao was a cautious person that, with some nurturing, could be turned into a management genius.

Soon, both of them reached an agreement that finalised the strategic cooperation between Three Flavour Hall and Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department.

Di Shiyuan also said straightforwardly, “I have previously informed the finance department to distribute a sum of money to be used for the Three Flavour Hall’s renovation and equipment. Furthermore, the doctors under the TCM Department will also make consultations in Three Flavour Hall at regular intervals. What do you think?”

Su Tao had been pondering on how to use Jianghuai Hospital’s resources to benefit the Three Flavour Hall. However, he never thought that Di Shiyuan would be so generous and offer beneficial cooperation methods to him. Su Tao scratched his head and smiled. “How can that greatly benefit me?”

Di Shiyuan gently sighed, “Hospitals around the country are undergoing reformations, and this is required to expand our influence. The hospital’s cooperation with Three Flavour Hall is not a special case, since Jianghuai Hospital has partners in many villages. So I still have this authority to make decisions!”

Su Tao had no reason to refuse, since he knew that Di Shiyuan was doing a favour for him. “Then, how is the hospital going to deal with Xie Cheng?”

“Dismissal!” Di Shiyuan’s eyes coldly flashed and continued, “At the same time, I will make things clear to the Medical Association. So in the future, it’ll be tough for him to have a standing in the medical world.”

The Medical Association was an abbreviation of China’s Medical Association Alliance. They were the authorities in dealing with such issues. With Xie Cheng being blacklisted, none of the standard hospitals would be willing to take him.

No one felt pity for Xie Cheng, since he got what he deserved. Di Shiyuan was also doing the right thing to have him suppressed. Because if Xie Cheng was given room to breathe, he might harm more people with his character.

“What about Qiao Dehao?” Su Tao pursued.

Di Shiyuan slowly stood up as he answered, “He has hidden well. Xie Cheng took full responsibility for this matter and claimed that there’s no mastermind behind it.”

Su Tao sighed with regret, “What a cunning fellow.”

Di Shiyuan lightly smiled. “Qiao Dehao has always seen me as a thorn. So he has been submitting at least three reports on me monthly, which I am already used to. I am a doctor myself, so it’s fine as long as I am with a clear conscience. I’m not the same as him, since he is a bureaucrat.”

Su Tao nodded his head. Di Shiyuan had revealed the political issues in the hospital, which was separated into the administrative party and the operation party.

Doctors weren’t purely doctors, since they could also possess official titles. Taking Di Shiyuan as an example, he was not merely the President of Jianghuai Hosptial, but also the Vice-Bureau Chief of the City Health Bureau; an administrative official.

Su Tao still felt that a question was unresolved, so he pursued, “So, do you have any special relationship with the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company?”

If Di Shiyuan was clean, Qiao Dehao wouldn’t be biting onto that point.

Di Shiyuan was briefly stunned as he sighed, “How can I be clean when I’m in this position? But I can guarantee you that I have never accepted any monetary benefits from them! But if an investigation file was opened on me, then I will be in trouble with the Hongming Pharmaceutical Company’s Person-in-Charge.”

Su Tao smiled. “It’s still a little profound; I still don’t understand!”

Di Shiyuan chuckled, “Everyone has a confidante…”

Su Tao was caught unexpected by it as he looked at Di Shiyuan in puzzlement. “You have an affair with Hongming Pharmaceutical Company’s Person-in-Charge?”

Di Shiyuan rolled his eyes. “Don’t speak in such a vulgar manner! We’re just purely spiritual companions. She has her life, and I have my own family.”

Su Tao clicked his tongue and sighed, “I never thought that you would be so playful, having an affair as a married man. She must be gorgeous!”

“She was a flower when she was young, and even though she aged, she’s still beautiful.” Di Shiyuan blushed, intoxicated by his own words, “Back in the days, I was very talented, and many girls had a crush on me. She was the one that took the initiative with me!”

Su Tao’s face collapsed as he interrupted, “Let’s stop boasting for a moment and let me vomit.”

Di Shiyuan chatted with Su Tao in the office for a long time. Their conversation wasn’t about work but was akin to close friends, exchanging their personal lives to obtain more of an understanding of the other party.

Then again, most of it was Di Shiyuan talking about his past, while Su Tao patiently listened.

After the plot from Qiao Dehao and Xie Cheng, Di Shiyuan had considered Su Tao as someone on his side, so their relationship had also progressed further.

With the President supporting him, Su Tao would be able to operate much more smoothly in Jianghuai Hospital.

Since there weren’t any afternoon consultations scheduled, Su Tao tidied up his office and reallocated the spy camera after Di Shiyuan left before leaving himself after locking the door.

The moment he walked out of the hospital, an Audi TT wound down a window, revealing a beauty. Su Tao frowned upon the sight of that woman, since he never expected that Yan Jing would be waiting for him there.

He was still blown away, despite their second meeting. She wore a red, slim-fit dress with a ‘V’ collar that opened up her chest. He could tell that she did not wear a bra, since her assets were squeezed together, displaying her ample curves.

Naturally, Yan Jing’s dressing, which could be only seen in fashion magazines, and her elegant roadster attracted many eyes.

Yan Jing removed her sunglasses and waved her hand towards Su Tao. “I’ve been waiting for you for 10 minutes, get in.”

Any man would lose control of themselves if such a beauty like Yan Jing invited them into her car. However, Su Tao sighed with a bitter expression, “We’re not familiar!”

Yan Jing stepped out of the car and hooked onto Su Tao’s arm, then blew a wind towards his ear, “Don’t resist. If you continue to reject me, I will scream that you’re a molester! This is your place of work, and if I did that, I’m sure you will have a headache on this matter, right?”

Su Tao squinted his eyes. “Honey traps are useless to me. If you want to scream, go ahead.”

Yan Jing’s brows lifted before she gently pulled her shoulder strap and was about to scream. However, before she could scream, Su Tao had covered her mouth and admitted defeat. “I’ll get in!”

Su Tao saw the nurse that asked for his contact in the morning. He had just become the image of Jianghuai Hospital with a few fans. So he couldn’t afford to have his name blackened by Yan Jing. Thus, he had decided to enter the car and see what she wanted.

Su Tao immediately regretted that the moment the red Audi started. He realised that ‘horrible’ was an understatement to Yan Jing’s driving skills.

“How many years have you been driving?” Su Tao puzzled.

“Just got my license last month, even spent a few thousand. The driving tester nowadays is truly corrupted.” Yan Jing purposely frightened.

Immediately, Su Tao’s forehead was covered in sweat as he coughed, “Where’s your chauffeur?”

Yan Jing smiled and replied, “Can’t I experience living for myself?”

Su Tao quietly unclicked the seatbelt with the thought that if something went wrong, he’d immediately jump out of the car. However, Su Tao soon realised that despite Yan Jing’s horrible driving skills, she could also be considered as experienced, so his life shouldn’t be in danger.

As the roadster drove at high speed, Su Tao couldn’t help asking, “Where are you bringing me?”

Yan Jing cast a glance at him and answered, “I’m finding a bed and making you submit!”

Su Tao glanced at the pearly patches revealed and found himself at a sudden loss of words upon facing a vixen like Yan Jing. After some thoughts, he spoke with some difficulty in his expression, “But I’m someone with principles. I’m not interested in a one-night stand.”

Yan Jing burst into laughter, “Boy, is this Big Sister not beautiful enough to attract you?”

Su Tao immediately changed the topic. “Focus on driving. The truck behind flashed its directional lights, and it’s going to overtake you!”

Yan Jing paid no attention to Su Tao’s words and continued to tease, “Why don’t we find an intersection and look for a secluded place, then have some fun in the car? Isn’t it exciting?”

Su Tao gulped. Yan Jing had been speaking about going to bed and he might fall for it if he was careless. Thus, he had decided to keep silent no matter what Yan Jing said.

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