Chapter 153: No Longer Alone (3)

Chapter 153: No Longer Alone (3) [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace] 

The heavy machine gun spat fire non-stop as a clip of hundreds of bullets was consumed quickly. Bullet shells were scattered everywhere!

The group of bodyguards and landed gentry were in a turmoil as they scattered all over the place. In reality, heavy machine gun bullets were not a problem for these rank six or seven experts, but since their leaders, the Song Household and the Kong Family, hadn’t retaliated, all they could do was dodge out of the way.

There was almost no one on Young Master Wei’s side who could fight at all, and so Wei Potian became a huge thorn in their side that could neither be underestimated nor overestimated. If they overdid their retaliation, the observers would certainly interfere with their battle, but it wasn’t like the very aggressive-looking Young Master Wei would appreciate the gesture even if they gave him the slip. No one wanted to take a thrashing for free.

This might not be the exit he wanted, but it wasn’t like Kong Yanian had any other choice. He immediately snorted and activated his origin barrier, blocking all of the incoming shots while backing away. In the end, he turned around and left the scene. Kong Yanian didn’t forget to shoot Ji Yuanjia a fierce glare before he left.

Ji Yuanjia simply smiled at him calmly while the one and a half foot shortsword in his hand sang softly with unstable origin power. The sight made Kong Yanian lament a little about the fact that Ji Yuanjia wasn’t his.

The latter half of the spring hunt was going to cause Kong Yanian a big headache, however. He only had three bodyguards beside him, and his supply lines were completely destroyed. Considering how far they were from their forward base, going back now to grab supplies was no different from giving up more than half of the final stage of the spring hunt.

While Kong Yanian was leaving in a hurry, a fierce thought suddenly passed through his mind: “If I can’t get my supplies in time then I’ll snatch them from the other families! The other aristocratic families have plenty of supply depots!”

Although Wei Potian fired an entire box of bullets and didn’t even severely injure a single person, he was still infinitely pleased by Kong Yanian’s retreat and the scattering of that pretentious woman Ye Mulan.

He tossed the heavy machine gun on the ground and pulled out a knife from Ji Yuanjia’s waist. Then, he pointed at the Wei and Yin Family bodyguards and declared, “Watch those guys and chase them out of this region. If you find anyone who’s only pretending to obey, jot down their names so I can find them once this spring hunt is over!”

“Young Master Wei, you…” Ji Yuanjia couldn’t help but smile wryly and press a hand to his temples at how openly Wei Potian was practicing the art of bullying.

Wei Potian waved a hand impatiently, “Alright, that’s that!”

Once he was done, he strode into the deeper regions of the Profound Heaven Mountain Range with a blade in hand. From the back, Wei Potian’s footsteps looked solid and heavy. No one could deny that Wei Potian’s presence currently felt as tall as a mountain and as deep as lakewater. The special spirit of a chosen one was also growing slowly inside the man. But there was a problem: his clothes were tattered and torn. Normally this could be considered a proof of masculinity, but not when half his shining white butt was out in the open. It annihilated whatever bearing he might have had otherwise.

Ji Yuanjia opened his mouth, but ultimately decided that it would be best if he kept his mouth shut. Wei Potian might bore a grudge against him if he spoke the honest truth. Both the Yin and Wei Family bodyguards exchanged wordless glances with each other, and even Wei Huai let out a soft cough before he moved his gaze away resolutely. It was obvious that no one here was an idiot.

Ji Yuanjia pondered for a brief moment, “Young Master Wei is not a simple man, it seems!”

Although it might have looked like Wei Potian was held back by the other parties and had to waste a lot of breath before he could finally extricate himself, he had in fact stopped all pursuers from going after Qianye. One might call his methods tyrannical and bullying, but no one could deny that he had made his stance absolutely clear and forced everyone to forego this joint human hunting. As long as he was present, anyone who didn’t wish to make a complete enemy out of Wei Potian would have to give up on chasing Qianye. This method was far better than an all out brawl because Wei Potian’s cumulative strength was a little lacking compared to the enemy’s.

Deep inside the forest, Qiqi ran forwards swiftly while her short hair danced across the air.

It was at this moment Nangong Wanyun appeared from the forest before her with her men, smiling, “Where are you heading, sister?”

However, her smile had frozen immediately because Qiqi had taken down the savage-looking gun behind her back and fired a ball of origin power the size of a basin straight at Nangong Wanyun’s group without a word!

Nangong Wanyun screamed and fell on the ground immediately! There was no way she could block such a huge origin bullet! In fact, that wasn’t a bullet at all; it was obviously an artillery shell!

The fierce explosion blew her several meters away from where she fell down. When Nangong Wanyun climbed up to her feet once more, Qiqi had already passed through the center of the explosion by force and gone away.

Nangong Wanyun looked uncertainly at Qiqi’s back.

A bodyguard asked, “Are we chasing her, miss?”

Nangong Wanyun ground her teeth and uttered, “Forget it! This woman has gone insane. It’s best if we don’t provoke her! Let’s go!”

And so the Nangong Family switched directions and readied themselves to head back to their own hunting zone to hunt for more points.

On the small hill, Danny Hatton let out a low growl as his fangs extended on their own accord. His gaze was completely absorbed by Qianye’s seeping blood, and he couldn’t look away. He then inhaled deeply as if he would absorb every particle of clear, sweet blood in the air into his lungs.

Qianye didn’t seem to notice anything unusual. He seemed so tired that he couldn’t even raise his hand. He didn’t think to stop the flow of blood either as redness poured continuously out of his wounds.

Danny possessed extraordinary willpower, and he somehow preserved some shreds of his sanity even in this occasion. He spoke softly, “Perhaps it is a great idea to turn you into a blood thrall! In fact, why don’t I give you the Embrace? Maybe I could create an extraordinarily powerful descendant like this.”

Qianye broke into involuntary laughter, “You want to give me the Embrace? Marquis Ross would kill you.”

Danny forced himself to look away from the blood seeping out of Qianye’s wounds and stretched a hand towards Qianye. He said, “Marquis Ross may turn you into his descendant himself. This may be your only chance to live.”

Qianye smiled helplessly, “It’s not like I can resist, can I?”

“It seems so.”

Danny crouched on one knee next to Qianye and leaned forwards. He pushed away Qianye’s tattered shirt collar to reveal a part of his neck. He inhaled deeply and got ready to bite Qianye.

However, a small wind suddenly arose and brushed across one’s skin as gently and as warmly as the touch of a lover. Leaves were raining from the sky as they danced around like the twirling skirts of dancers in a grand festival.

A shiver passed Qianye’s heart suddenly. This hill was filled with shrubberies and some distance away from the forest. It was also the season of spring right now, not autumn. So where had these dead leaves come from?

Every bit of Danny’s attention was absorbed by Qianye’s body right now, so he didn’t pay much attention to the anomalies happening around him at all. All he wanted to do right now was to taste the little morsel that existed only in his dreams.

However, a dead leaf just happened to float past his eyes.

Danny subconsciously stretched out his hand in attempt to push the annoying leaf away, but he realized after he waved his hand that the dead leaf was still flying according to its original orbit. It was actually an illusion!

A jolt of shock passed through Danny’s mind, and it was immediately followed by a coldness in his heart and a sense of numbness that swiftly spread across his entire body. In just a breath’s moment, an unprecedented level of coldness and darkness flooded over his entire consciousness and took away his last strength.

“It’s you,” Qianye looked at the figure slowly appearing behind Danny.

Dead leaves continued to fall infinitely from the sky. At this point, faint colored petals that were almost fully white in color had joined in the party as they swayed and swam along warm and gentle breezes. The man looked like he had walked out of a sea of falling flower petals.

“It’s me,” Song Zining smiled and pulled out his longsword slowly from behind the Blood Knight’s back.

“I guess this isn’t a bad ending. It’s better if I die by your hands than that vampire’s,” Qianye said calmly.

The atmosphere froze for a single instant.

Then, Song Zining shook his head and let out an involuntary laugh. Not a pause could be found in his sword pulling movement, and the technique he used was extremely unusual. He twirled the weapon as he pulled it out of the vampire’s body, and one could see many tiny origin lights bubbling around the blade of the weapon, causing tiny blooms of blood to erupt.

No flesh or blood were scattered during the process, and everything touched by the edge of the blade was turned into fine, gray-white powder. When the longsword was completely pulled out, the Blood Knight’s heart and blood vessels had already been utterly destroyed by the circular motions. Song Zining picked up Danny Hatton’s corpse and tossed it aside.

Dead leaves and flower petals continued to fly around the duo. Some of them touched Song Zining’s sharp, cold weapon and caused the blood marks and gray-white powder to disappear bit by bit. It was as if an invisible hand were wiping all traces from the sword until the origin sword looked as clean as new. Then, Song Zining tossed it casually aside as well.

He raised his hands, and the dead leaves and flower petals flying above Qianye flickered erratically for a moment. They slowly dissolved into half transparent mist before descending and entering Qianye’s skin.

The burning pain that made Qianye feel like he were submerged in lava immediately faded by a lot. He looked up curiously at the flying petals and leaves and tried to catch a flower petal from the air. However, it passed right through his palm and continued to fall towards the ground, vanishing. However, a new petal would appear anew somewhere in the air.

“So this is your ability. It’s very impressive.”

When a cultivator reached Champion rank and above, they could materialize their own origin power and blur the line between illusion and reality. But Song Zining was only at rank seven, and he was able to materialize his origin power within a radius of three meters or so. Every leaf and every petal flying before his eyes signified a meticulous change in origin power down to the smallest detail. The only thing Qianye had seen that compared to Song Zining’s power was Ji Yuanjia’s sword technique. The lieutenant colonel also possessed a similar space sealing ability, but it was limited to the area where his blade had already passed through.

Song Zining cocked his head slightly and looked down at Qianye with the same warm and gentle smile on his face, “This is the Three Thousand Flying Leaves Art. It’s just some illusions and simplistic smokescreens though,” His gaze landed on the deepest wound between Qianye’s chest and abdomen. The thin mist formed from the ball of origin power had almost sunk completely into Qianye’s skin.

Song Zining suddenly looked startled, “Your wounds look a little strange. Do you mind if I check them out a little?”

Qianye smiled wryly and answered simply, “Sure.”

He noticed that something was wrong too. After Song Zining’s origin power had entered his body, the blood energies huddled quietly inside his heart had suddenly scuttled about restlessly. Even the gold blood energy’s barrier had wobbled once. However, Qianye was feeling so tired right now that he couldn’t care to struggle or conceal his secret at all. If he hadn’t spent his remaining blood energy powers to lay a trap to snare Danny Hatton, he wouldn’t have been so exhausted that he couldn’t even sit straight while leaning against a rock.

Song Zining touched a bit of blood from Qianye’s wound, and a couple of dead leaves gathered over and transformed into a mini origin tornado around his fingertip. His expression changed slightly, “Blood power! Are you a vampire? But that’s not right either…”

“I was bitten, but I wasn’t given the Embrace. Somehow I’m not a blood thrall either. I’m not sure myself how I transformed into the way I am now,” Qianye said honestly.

Song Zining nodded. The kind look on his face that seemed like it would never change slowly faded as he wrinkled it into a pondering frown. A moment later, he let out a sigh as the ghost of a smile passed through his lips, “Qianye, Qianye. You are just as much of a trouble magnet as you were before.”

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