Chapter 152: No Longer Alone (2)

Chapter 152: No Longer Alone (2) [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace] 

Two troops were at a standstill atop a gradual slope not far away.

On one side, there was Kong Yanian, the Kong family clansmen, the Song Household’s clansmen, a few minor aristocratic families’ bodyguards and a dozen or so landowning household soldiers. Meanwhile, the other troop numbered only around four people, but they were also the more imposing out of the two troops.

Surprisingly, the person standing directly opposite of Kong Yanian was Wei Potian. Right now he cut a sorry figure, clothes tattered to the point that even his underwear was showing. There were countless scratch marks on Wei Potian’s bronze colored skin, and considering that he wielded the secret art Thousand Mountains, the appearance of these wounds was shocking to say the least.

Wei Potian was only followed by three bodyguards, and Wei Huai was the only one who was still steady and composed. The other two bodyguards looked deathly pale and not much better than Wei Potian himself. Moreover, their weak breathing indicated that they had run out of origin power. They probably didn’t have much combat strength left in them either.

Wei Potian was the only person in the party who still looked fierce and energetic. Right now he had traded all of his usual frivolousness and exaggerated manners for a frosty look that actually gave him a bit of powerful dignity, yelling, “Have you grown a pair, Kong Yanian? How dare you block my path!”

The look on Kong Yanian’s face could only be ugly in face of such rudeness. However, he didn’t wish to lose the demeanor the member of a great family should possess and worked hard to maintain an elegant manner, “Brother Wei, don’t you think that your words are a little inappropriate? The Huaiyang Kong clan and the Far East Wei clan share no old grudges with each other, and we have always stayed away from each other’s business too. So why are you asking me to move out of your way so forcefully like it’s natural? Maybe we can talk this over?”

Wei Potian’s face darkened, “Who do you think has the time to talk things over with you? I won’t mince words with you, Kong Yanian; it’s none of my business if you choose to lick Zhao Junhong’s asshole, but it’s a different story altogether when you piss me off in the process! I’m only telling this once, and there is no room for negotiation on this matter: Get your ass out of this area right now!”

Kong Yanian couldn’t maintain a polite appearance no matter how sophisticated he was. His expression darkened, and he started, “Brother Wei -”

Wei Potian suddenly let out a loud noise and shouted angrily, “Who the hell’s your brother? Maybe your elder brother can call me that, but you are absolutely not the likes of those who can address me as ‘brother Wei’! Have some shame and get out of the way!”

Kong Yanian’s eyes twitched, and for a time he was so angry he couldn’t say anything. He was used to posing as a cultured person who could win battles by strategy from a thousand miles away. Wei Potian’s bitch-like swearing was seriously not a style he was used to.

It was at this moment a landowning household soldier stood up and advised, “Sirs, don’t you think it isn’t worth arguing like this over a mere bodyguard in the Yin Family’s hunting team? How about you shake hands and apologize to each other for my sake and—”

Before he could finish, a strong wind suddenly blew towards his face, prompting the shocked soldier to back hastily out of the way. He had his own good reflexes to thank, or he would’ve suffered a powerful slap to the face from Wei Potian’s direction!

Wei Potian spat on the ground and said coldly, “Who the hell are you? What right do you have to order me? If I did act for your sake, are you sure you can bear the consequences?”

The landowning household warrior’s face alternated between colors of blue and red, but he didn’t dare speak up any longer.

Wei Potian swept his glance across every landowning household soldier present on the scene and turned around to look at his three bodyguards, “Memorize these bastards and see if there’s anyone else who dares affront me. I’ll pay their families a visit and kick their asses later!”

Every landowning household soldier wore extremely ugly expressions on their faces upon hearing this. Although they were very willing to curry favor with the Kong family and Zhao household, the price of an uncertain reward was an absolute grudge against the Wei Family. This was not a profitable trade no matter how you looked at it.

Plenty of landowning household soldiers made up their minds to stay out of this mess on the spot. This affair had turned into a conflict between grand households and aristocratic families, and it was no place for small fries like them to stay.

Wei Potian turned to look at Kong Yanian again as he spoke word by word, “Today, I, Wei Potian will take Little Ye away from this place even if I have to throw my life away! Kong Yanian, if anything happens to him, then I shall become your sworn enemy! You had better think this through properly! No matter how fragrant Zhao Junhong’s ass is, he is not the young master of the Zhao household, and he never will be! Moreover, I, Wei Potian, am not an easy man to provoke and get away with!”

Kong Yanian’s anger suddenly subsided by a lot. He began to think in silence with a serious expression on his face. At this point, it was impossible not to realize that that Yin family bodyguard named Qian Xiaoye shared a relationship with Wei Potian, and the connection tying them together was absolutely not just a simple alliance between two hunting teams. Otherwise, there was no way Wei Potian would’ve displayed such relentless determination.

Kong Yanian had always enjoyed trickery, and people like him often didn’t have a firm standpoint in any matter unless their fundamental interests were threatened. After realizing that Wei Potian was serious, the urge to retreat had immediately assaulted Kong Yanian. However, he was currently in a difficult position where everyone was watching him, and he didn’t want to give up on this rare opportunity to sell Wei Potian a favor either. However, he wasn’t able to think of any good way to achieve both goals despite a moment of deep thought.

It was at this moment Ye Mulan walked out from behind two Song household bodyguards and confronted Wei Potian. She had already changed into a new set of clothes and tidied her appearance. She had also regained her usual icy and arrogant look.

She took a few steps forwards and said coldly to Wei Potian, “Young Master Wei, aren’t there certain rules that the Far East Wei clan has to follow despite how mighty you are? Don’t take an inch and then ask for a mile. I can tell you right now that this kid is going to die today no matter what! Or are you going to fight against the entire Song household for him?”

Wei Potian cast a glance at her before he burst into loud laughter. Then, he spat again and again on the ground while yelling, “You think you can represent the Song household? You bitch?”

Ye Mulan turned indignant, “I am Song Zining’s fiancée! How dare you bully me so?”

Wei Potian spat on the ground again and sneered, “And that’s all you are, a fiancée. Song Zining must have gone blind or something to land his eyes on the likes of you!”

“You!” Ye Mulan finally couldn’t hold it any longer as she called to the bodyguards behind her, “Get him and restrain him for now! We’ll ask Song Zining to deal with the Wei family later!”

The two Song family bodyguards answered her summons loudly, but they never moved and stood at the same spot like they were nailed to the ground. Wei Potian was conferred the title of young master of the Wei Family by Marquis Bowang himself. In terms of rank, Wei Potian was, in fact, the highest ranking person out of all the participants of this spring hunt. Even Zhao Junhong was beneath him.

Wei Potian suddenly broke into an evil grin and strode towards Ye Mulan.

Ye Mulan was caught off guard and took an involuntary step backwards. She forced herself to be calm and asked, “W-what do you think you’re doing?”

Wei Potian moved closer until his face was right in front of hers. Then, he spoke in a chilly voice that only the two of them could hear, “Do you really think you’re something? If I choose to marry Song Ziyan, then forget a fiancée, I can force the Song household to divorce you even if you did marry into the Song household! When that happens, I’ll be sure to slaughter your entire family to the last!”

Ye Mulan’s face changed dramatically. She even started shivering slightly at Wei Potian’s threats.

Although Wei Potian’s threat sounded a little absurd, it was absolutely not empty words. Song Ziyan was the third daughter of the Song household, and she had always been the matriarch’s favorite granddaughter. If Wei Potian really were to put forth a request to marry her, the higher-ups of the Song household would definitely accept the proposal gladly. The Wei Family had always maintained a neutral stance among the four grand households, so any inclination they displayed was a huge matter to the entire Empire. If that happened, then forget the insignificant Ye Family; even ten Ye families would be sacrificed easily for the sake of the marriage.

Ye Mulan absolutely refused to believe that the Wei Family would allow Wei Potian to make such an important decision so carelessly, but it didn’t change the fact that the ten thousand-to-one chance that Wei Potian would marry Song Ziyan was going to totally consign her family and her to eternal damnation.

For a time, the opposing side had all fallen into silence. But when Wei Potian saw that those people were neither leaving nor letting him through, he immediately felt angry. He grabbed his right wrist with his left hand and turned his fist around a couple of times. He was also looking to his left and right side. It was apparent that he was going to act in the next moment.

Suddenly, a series of rapid footsteps rang from the shortcut beside them, and Ji Yuanjia and a couple of Yin Family bodyguards showed up while covered in smoke and blood.

Wei Potian recognized Ji Yuanjia. Startled by his appearance, he asked the man, “Why have you come? Where’s your crazy girl Qiqi?”

Ji Yuanjia said, “The Miss has gone away to support Qianye personally. I happened to run into the Kong Family’s supply troop while I was returning from the borders, so I took all three of their supply bases along the way.”

“What?!” Kong Yanian’s expression changed dramatically as he yelled, “But I’ve assigned my men to guard them beforehand! How did you—”

Ji Yuanjia said expressionlessly, “You did, and they’re all dead now. Sir Kong, if you don’t return soon and order a new batch of supplies, you’re going to run out of ammunition and food pretty soon. If that happens, don’t blame me for making you drop out of the top ten.”

“You! Well done, I say, well done!” Kong Yanian was furious, and he was at a loss for words for a time.

“‘Happened to’, he said! ‘Along the way’, he said!” Kong Yanian was sure that Ji Yuanjia had made a beeline for his bases. Other than the supply troop that was already there in the first place, he had even sent two of his bodyguards to his biggest supply hub. Originally, he was planning to set a trap and take out those people who might try to surprise attack his supply bases, but he never thought that Yin Qiqi and the entire Yin hunting team would turn out in full strength. Ji Yuanjia himself was a fearsome person who left not even a single person alive.

How could Wei Potian not figure out the ins and outs when he saw how ugly Kong Yanian’s expression was? He couldn’t help but burst into loud laughter and pat Ji Yuanjia’s shoulder while doing so, “At first I thought that you were a little sissy, but as it turns out you’re a real man who deserves my friendship! Well done, my friend, you are a real man! When this fight is over I’ll treat you to a drink!”

Ji Yuanjia smiled, “Thank you for your praise, Young Master Wei. I’ll be sure to carry you back home once we’re done drinking.”

Wei Potian let out a strange cry and looked Ji Yuanjia up and down, “You are pretty boastful just like that Qiqi!”

He looked at the weapons Ji Yuanjia and his men were carrying and grabbed a large weapon, “This baby is looking good!”

While saying this, Wei Potian immediately plugged the super large caliber heavy machine gun on the ground and aimed its muzzle at Kong Yanian and his people.

Kong Yanian was immediately caught off guard! Although a heavy machine gun couldn’t pose a real threat to cultivators at their level, they were still going to suffer some minor injuries if they were shot at such a close range.

“Brother Wei—”

Wei Potian pulled the trigger before Kong Yanian could finish!

Danny Hatton tossed Qianye on the ground after he arrived at a small hill with a relatively wide field of view.

Qianye struggled a little and leaned against a rock to the side, breathing heavily and erratically from this one simple movement. He might not even be able to sit steadily if he weren’t leaning against something.

“I think it’s best if you just kill me and leave, Danny. Yin Qiqi will not show up.”

Danny Hatton smiled and shook his head, “From what I learned, she seems to treat you quite favorably! You’re her little lover after all!”

Qianye revealed a mocking smile, “I can only say that your source of intel is pretty bad. Have you not investigated exactly how many ‘little lovers’ the third miss of the Yin Family has?”

Danny was startled. It was something that he had never thought of before.

He paced back on forth across the ground with a frown, hesitating. It was true that the bounty on Yin Qiqi’s head was lucrative, but if she didn’t show up then the risk of staying in this place was too great. Champion rank experts were said to be observing this spring hunting field at every moment. Although his employer gave his word that the expert following Yin Qiqi wouldn’t interfere with his assassination attempt, who could say that his claims were one hundred percent true?

Danny was certain that he could escape with his life intact under a Champion rank expert’s pursuit, but it it wasn’t one hundred percent guaranteed either. It was exactly because he could no longer hide in the dark and ambush his prey calmly that prompted him to take the risk of showing and making contact with Qianye. Qianye’s words did move him a little, but the greed in his heart continued to burn as brightly as ever.

Qianye shifted his body once as if he were trying to move into a more comfortable position. His movement immediately caused the wound between his stomach and his chest to tear open once more. Blood immediately flowed out of his wound, but this time the blood looked extremely vibrant. It was as if a gentle light were circulating inside it, and the blood was so red that it was almost purple.

Danny abruptly turned around and stared closely at Qianye. His blood colored eyes were completely overwhelmed by madness.

It was at this moment the rapid noise of an automatic heavy machine gun rang from a faraway forest.

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