Chapter 139: The Promise Back Then

Chapter 139: The Promise Back Then [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace] 

Once he saw the origin power aura Qiqi emitted, Wei Potian immediately felt the approaching danger. He had risen two ranks in a short amount of time, so he felt he could put up a fight, but he never expected Qiqi’s Moonlight Flowing Cloud Art to advance so quickly as well. However, he had already run his mouth, so how could he back off under the gaze of many subordinates? He could only harden his head and follow Qiqi outside and enter the prepared arena.

Once he entered the arena, Wei Potian’s manner immediately changed. He roared powerfully, “Thousand Mountains!”

An earthen yellow light shone throughout his body. After it covered him entirely, Wei Potian’s aura became heavy, and actually had a sense of mountainous majesty and power.

Qiqi’s eyes lit up as she praised, “You’ve truly advanced at a godlike speed! Your Thousand Mountains already has some shape. I’m not completely certain that I will win anymore.”

She said she wasn’t certain, but her attack definitely did not slow down. With one step, she crossed to Wei Potian’s side and lightly tapped on the yellow light barrier. A pale blue patch of light spread out like a ripple in water. Wherever it passed, the yellow light barrier from Thousand Mountains rippled.

Qiqi’s tap looked unusually soft, but Wei Potian’s mountainous manner actually became slightly unsteady. His body shook. Before he was able to adjust, Qiqi circled lightly around him numerous times. It was like a cloud of fog rising up, and even though the mountains were extremely tall, they would still gradually be covered up.

It was the first time Qianye saw Qiqi fight. Qiqi attacked extremely quickly and her steps were light. The moonlight concept was not discernible within her Moonlight Flowing Cloud Art, but there was a hint of ever-changing flowing clouds. Even though her attack seemed light and lacked strength, each palm caused Thousand Mountains to shake unsteadily. It was important to note that Wei Potian had once blocked a strike from a Blood Esquire with just rank four origin power at Darkblood City, so Qiqi’s palm definitely produced enormous strength.

Wei Potian now began to fight back. His attack was slow and his footwork was simple. It looked as if he were striking all over the place. This was a clever technique that appeared clumsy. After using it, he immediately stabilized the situation. Even though he continued to sway unsteadily from Qiqi’s attacks, his stance had never collapsed.

Since Qianye last fought with Li Yuanjia, he found that in comparison with the Combatant Formula’s cultivating speed, those secret martial arts’ power weren’t visible. However, when they progressed further, their potential became limitless. Especially when each secret art’s specialty was used. Both sides wouldn’t just compare in the depth of their origin power; manipulation of origin power and elemental weaknesses also became important.

It was similar to the two competing right now. Qiqi’s attack power wasn’t weak, but she relied more on changing tactics to catch the opponent off guard. If she were against someone with similar strength, she could easily reach an advantageous position and swiftly achieve victory. However, Wei Potian countered Qiqi’s method of fighting. His Thousand Mountains was thick like a turtle shell and wouldn’t easily break apart. His fist was simple and primitive but held the strength of mountains, so being struck once would be burdensome. Wei Potian was able to remain unfazed no matter how many times he was hit, but if his opponent was struck once, then they probably wouldn’t be able to pick themselves up.

The two immediately entered into a stalemate. Neither one could take down the other.

Now, Qiqi could only hope that Wei Potian did not have enough origin power and could not handle the extremely draining Thousand Mountains. She had never thought that after Wei Potian reached rank six, his origin power would last more than two times longer. He didn’t even breathe heavily after fighting this long. Evidently, it wasn’t very easy to deplete all of his power.

Qiqi suddenly jumped away and said, “I’m not fighting anymore! Never being able to break your turtle shell is really boring.”

Wei Potian chuckled and said proudly, “Now you know the power of the Wei Clan’s secret art, right? This secret art is called Thousand Mountains, and just as the name implies, its defense is as thick as mountains…”

“Stop! I’ve already heard this hundreds of times!” Qiqi immediately interrupted him, or else, Wei Potian could go on for the entire day.

Qiqi looked around and waved towards the side of the arena as she said, “Xiaoye, come over and give it a shot!”

“What? Don’t joke around! This guy is only rank five, as a stately lieutenant colonel in the Empire, how could I bully…”

Wei Potian wanted to continue and declare that even though he had unparalleled courage, he would never bully weak members of the Empire, but Qianye had already begun to walk towards the arena.

Qiqi laughed as she said, “We don’t even know who the bully is. Do you want to bet on this match? What will you bet?!”

Wei Potian did not have the time to speak before he felt the opposing party’s killing intent soar into the sky as if he had entered a battlefield and an enormous army would approach in the next moment, so he could only think of quickly escaping and could not bring out his fighting spirit!

These thoughts frightened Wei Potian himself. He had been met with life or death situations against the dark races more than once, but he had never felt fear! He suddenly regained his composure. These were signs of being completely suppressed in terms of momentum, and in a real battle, that would be extremely dangerous! It was good that Bai Longjia had once taught him that no matter what disadvantageous situation he was met with, they all had the same solution and that would be for him to use Thousand Mountains first.

Thus, Wei Potian did not think much more and, like piercing thunder, briefly shouted, “Thousand Mountains!”

Yellow light appeared, steady like a mountain.

However, Qianye had already begun picking up speed and ran over with large strides. By the time he was in the middle of the arena, there were already thunderous sounds and a straight plain punch came hurtling towards the center.

Wei Potian did not have any other choice at that moment. Raging momentum barreled over, so if he had the intention to avoid battle, he would have never become a soldier. He immediately met the punch with a simple one of his own thrown straight at Qianye!

The two punches struck fiercely at each other! It resembled a spring storm, as sounds of thunder rolled without interruption in the arena. Even the ground shook in its wake!

Wei Potian’s entire body violently jolted as Thousand Mountains’ light shield rippled and flashed. The Thousand Mountains that remained immovable from nearly one hundred of Qiqi’s attacks already began shaking!

Qianye took another step forward and raised his elbow, jabbing at his opponent’s chest!

Wei Potian let out a strange cry, completely unable to strike back. He crossed his arms to protect his head and chest, no longer caring about his face and moving completely to turtle defense.

Thunder continued as Qianye’s elbow struck time after time on Thousand Mountain’s light barrier. It was another three consecutive strikes, each one stronger than the last. The second strike already made the barrier violently ripple, so the third strike directly broke through Thousand Mountains!

Wei Potian screamed before falling backward and heavily hitting the ground. He wanted to pick himself up, but his body suddenly stiffened, no longer able to move because Qianye’s boot was pressed upon his throat. When such a vital point was threatened, not mentioning Thousand Mountains, even Ten Thousand Mountains would be useless.

Wei Potian only felt his throat dry up and his entire body become ice cold. He felt that his opponent truly had the intention to stamp down with their foot.

Qiqi suddenly rushed over, pushed Qianye back and shouted, “Move over, move over, I got this! I got this!” The young lady virtually jumped on Wei Potian’s body and stomped viciously on it, causing him to cry out continuously.

The audience immediately went silent. Everyone in Wei Potian’s party turned away and looked around in every direction, pretending they did not see anything. This kind of thing actually hadn’t just happened once. When Wei Potian had challenged Qiqi in the past, he’d also resorted to every means possible to win, so every time he lost, he would always receive a heavy beating from Qiqi.

Qiqi jumped around as she excitedly shouted, “Using that turtle shell all the time! Did you think I couldn’t shatter it? I might not be able to, but other people can! Keep using your secret art, where is your Thousand Mountains? Where did the Thousand Mountains go?”

Qiqi viciously stomped down a few dozen times before she felt comforted throughout her body. She covered her mouth as she laughed and said, “Now that feels good!”

She grabbed Qianye, who had been standing quietly to the side, and asked, “How about you, how do you feel?”

“Very good!” Qianye said without expression.

Wei Potian was still collapsed on the ground. Even though he had tough skin and thick flesh, after Qianye broke through his Thousand Mountains, his Origin Power had collapsed and while he could not conjure up his defense, Qiqi had stomped on him. The young lady stepped on his crotch both intentionally and unintentionally, causing him to suck in a breath of cold air. However, Wei Potian did not disappoint his tough skin and thick flesh name. After his precious treasure had been stepped on, he actually picked himself up as if nothing had happened within half a minute.

Wei Potian scratched his messy hair and hobbled over to Qianye. He took out something and put it in Qianye’s hands before speaking with great pride, “I lost. This is the wager.”

Qianye expressionlessly raised it up to have a look. It was a silver necklace with a thumb-sized square plate hanging from the end. An eagle’s head was carved on its surface.

Qiqi said with surprise, “Hey hey, I brought up the bet!”

Wei Potian rolled his eyes, “The wager obviously goes to whoever won the fight. As the third miss of the Yin Family, you’re actually not embarrassed to steal your subordinate’s things.”

After being bombarded by Wei Potian’s suddenly clever talking, Qiqi’s eyes narrowed in suspicion and stared at the chain without any indication of what she was thinking.

Wei Potian told Qianye, “This is my keepsake. With that, as long as it’s within my power, I can grant you three favors. It can be any favor.”

Qiqi was stunned. She could obviously tell this was Wei Potian’s personal keepsake. She unconsciously opened her mouth and looked at Wei Potian who had a serious expression on his face. She didn’t know what to say, so she turned to look at Qianye. The latter’s expression let her immediately decide not to say anything.

At that moment, one of Wei Potian’s personal guards recovered from their daze and leaned to an imposing and calm young man nearby and quietly said, “Brother Huai, young master doesn’t actually think that person truly is a chick, right?”

The beauty had refined and delicate features that were unclear in gender. They also wore old-fashioned clothing, so when they did not speak or move, it truly was difficult to tell what their gender was. However, in that last battle, their movements were powerful and violent, with a manner that could easily sweep through thousands, so how could there be any femininity?

The young man answered calmly, “If Lady Qiqi said he is, then he is.” Then he looked up towards the other guy and said, “In a little while, after this is done, the responsibility of explaining that to the young master will fall to you.” The personal guard’s face immediately scrunched up, showing an extremely unsightly expression.

Qianye lowered his head and looked at the necklace with complex emotions. Wei Potian’s words actually already revealed that he had recognized him. It was just that after thinking about how he had once won these three promises, he would think about Shi Yan who had taken him to take the test and Lin Xitang who had once placed high hopes on him.

Wei Potian was still speaking sincerely at the side, “If you meet with trouble, you have to find me!”

Qiqi finally couldn’t resist any longer and shouted, “Wei Potian, you’re trying to poach my subordinate right in front of me?”

Wei Potian turned around and pulled Qiqi to the side, then used a purposefully lowered, but still ringing voice and said, “Come, let’s talk about business! The spring hunt will start tomorrow, so we should discuss it thoroughly!”

Qiqi glanced at the unchanged dark expression on Qianye’s face and immediately decided to change the topic. She reached over and put a hand on Wei Potian’s shoulder, asking, “What is your goal this time?”

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