Chapter 138: Guests

Chapter 138: Guests [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace] 

Wei Potian’s face immediately darkened as he turned around and said angrily, “You useless bastards are the ones who wasted so much of my time on detours! We’ve walked more than half the night away and you’re telling me that we’ve covered only thirty kilometers of distance? Then why the hell do I still keep you with me?!”

The group of people—all of them his personal bodyguards—immediately agreed with his accusation. Of course, no one had the courage to tell young master Wei that he was the one who wanted to experience real combat and headed straight into the dense mountain forest instead of taking the main road. Worse, since he was leading the group the whole night, they had walked over a hundred kilometers in circles inside the forest until now.

“Let’s go and find Qiqi! It’s been a long while since I saw that girl. I am absolutely going to beat her this time and show you all my manly power!”

The Wei Family crowd immediately let out cheers of encouragement and support, injecting Wei Potian’s ego with immense pride and high spirits. No one who accompanied young master Wei along this spring hunt were idiots, and no one bothered to mull over the underlying meaning behind Wei Potian’s earlier words either: he had never beaten Qiqi even once.

The group moved forwards swiftly and arrived at Qiqi’s camp in the blink of an eye. They roared and were about to climb past the fences and charge inside regardless of the fact they were at the back of Qiqi’s camp right now.

Wei Potian suddenly paused his footsteps and stared at a wooden house at the right side corner of the camp. He said solemnly, “Wait. I sense killing intent inside!”

Some of Wei Potian’s subordinates had greater origin power than him, but they hadn’t detected anything strange as he had claimed. Right now Wei Potian was no longer a Broken Winged Angel rookie, and he had quite a bit of battlefield experience under his belt. It was also said that he had learned quite a lot of secret arts. Although his so-called “mountain marching secret technique” in the woods earlier had them all half doubting his words, they cooperated all the same and feigned the appearance of full vigilance.

But Wei Potian didn’t notice anything unusual from his subordinates. When he saw that the small wooden house was completely silent, he immediately sneered out loud and strode towards it.

Who did they think they could fool—especially not him, the big man Wei Potian—with such obvious killing intent?

There was a sudden bang just as he had shortened the distance between him and the small wooden house to a dozen or so steps. Then, a black object flew straight towards Wei Potian’s direction.

Wei Potian was caught by surprise and hastily jumped out of the way.

It was only when that thing had collapsed onto the ground that Wei Potian finally noticed that it was in fact, a man. This person was completely clad in nocturnal light armor, and his face was hidden behind a veil of black cloth. It was obvious that he was no friendly at first glance. However, this suspicious man groaned after he crashed onto the ground and wasn’t able to climb to his feet at all. The bizarre scene caused Wei Potian to hesitate because he had never seen someone feign injury to bait his enemy, not with real, actual injuries at least.

There was another whoosh, and a second black dressed man flew out of the wooden house, followed quickly by a third. This third and final person was kicked out of the house because Wei Potian saw the hem of a skirt and a leg clad in army boots flashing before his eyes.

The third person suffered the worst kick of them all, but the distance he flew was also the shortest. The scene where the man hit the ground in a straight line three meters away from the door caused Wei Potian’s eyelid to twitch in alarm. There was more to the kick than met the eye, as it focused on instantaneous origin power burst that left no room for the opponent to cancel the force while they were flying backwards. Naturally, the amount of damage dealt was pretty considerable.

The kick was so powerful, and the scene of the man flying backwards had happened so close to him that Wei Potian himself felt a vague sense of pain around his stomach.

A murderous, beautiful woman jumped out of the wooden house, nearly skipping her entire way towards the fallen trio before she started kicking the shit out of all of them. The ponytail behind her head danced cheerfully in the air every time the woman sent a flying kick at the trio, and the sound of military boots striking painfully against flesh caused everyone to tremble inwardly.

By now Wei Potian had already noticed that the three men lying on the ground were all rank six or seven experts, but it did nothing to change the fact that they were thrashed so horribly that even their mothers wouldn’t be able to recognize them. He made a quick measure in his mind and figured that not even he might be able to beat up these goons exactly as he wished.

Moreover, Wei Potian’s learned insight from Broken Winged Angels also informed him that this woman was absolutely not just kicking randomly or aimlessly. Every point she struck was a point that could cause the biggest amount of pain. However, no matter how heavy the blows were, they were absolutely not fatal. This also meant that these people weren’t going to die from these wounds, but they were absolutely going to be half dead.

Regardless of origin power, anyone capable of beating someone into such a state wasn't one to be trifled with.

Wei Potian’s teeth ached a little at the sight, and he sneakily retreated a few steps backwards. It was only now that the beautiful woman looked up and slapped her thunder-like gaze onto Wei Potian’s face.

“I, uh… I’m Wei Qiyang. I’m here to find Miss Qiqi,” Before the other party could begin to ask questions, Wei Potian suddenly discarded all of his earlier aggressiveness and reported his true name obediently on his own accord, forgetting even to use the resounding name of Potian.

The commotion was so huge that the entire camp was in an uproar. Ji Yuanjia and the Yin family guard captain were the first to arrive while the patrol team ran over from the other side of the camp with all their might. They were too late, though. The three intruders had already been beaten up so badly that the only thing they could do was groan.

Soon, Qiqi herself showed up with quick footsteps as she stared first at the three collapsed masked men, then at Wei Potian’s group. The sight immediately drew a little surprise from her, “What’s going on, Xiaoye?”

Qianye said through gritted teeth, “Ask them yourself! I’m heading inside first,” He turned around and attempted to head into the room after he said this.

Qiqi cried out from behind him, “This guy here is Marquis Bowang’s son of the Far East Wei clan. He’s the one I said I was waiting for, so come out quickly!”

Qianye nodded and entered the wooden house. Then, he slammed the wooden door with a broken chain with a loud bang. It was obvious that his anger hadn’t subsided much at all.

Qiqi cast a glance at the trio on the floor, and she immediately figured out who they were from their attire. She pointed at the trio and instructed, “Beat them! Break their legs first and ask them what the hell they’re trying to do here later!”

The tough and stocky-looking bodyguards answered loudly to her calls and were about to walk over to drag the trio away.

However, the trio had been beaten so badly that their heads were spinning and their courage deflated like a balloon. They immediately cried out in a high pitch, “Stop! We’ll tell you everything! Everything!”

Qiqi was caught off guard too. At first, she thought that anyone who dared to assault the Yin family camp at night had to be some tough fellows who wouldn’t confess to anything unless she used some special methods. However, these people were going to confess before she even started beating them.

That being said, she wasn’t a slow person and immediately said, “I can’t hear you! Drag them down and beat them for an hour before you listen to their confessions!”

The bodyguards immediately pounced on the three unlucky fellows and dragged them away.

Qiqi cast a calm glance at Wei Potian and said, “Excuse me, it’s my mistake for not training my men well enough that they would allow these three stupid thieves to slip into our camp. But look at you, Potian. Did you run into mountain bandits or something along the way?”

Wei Potian and his group did look rather miserable, but he wasn't a man who gave ground easily. So, he pumped up his chest and said loudly, “Of course not! I just spent a little too much time on the way here and had to rush over a little urgently.”

Qiqi asked curiously, “How long did you walk?”

“Eight, no, six… three hours,” Wei Potian nearly blurted out the truth.

But Qiqi was even more bewildered by his answer, “The spring hunt camp is only tens of kilometers away from this place, and you’re telling me that you took three hours to walk here? Only a ghost would believe you!”

Wei Potian waved his hand in a grandiose fashion and exclaimed, “Alright, let’s not talk about such trivial things. It’s been a while since I’ve last met you, we’ve got to fight once and settle our score, yeah? Don’t you cry if you lose this time!”

His subordinates exchanged glances and hidden pushes with each other, but no one dared to remind young master Wei that it was already late into the night and not exactly the best timing to duel in martial arts.

But Qiqi didn’t mind his untimely offer. She broke into a soft giggle and said, “Yo, someone forgot their own surname after spending a couple of days in the Broken Winged Angels, I see! Sure, why would I turn down a voluntary sandbag? Come in and have a seat first, I’ll send someone to clean up the training field while we chat.”

Wei Potian followed Qiqi into the main building’s living hall and began chatting with her. Despite their appearances, the duo actually shared the same interests and was able to chat quite happily with one another.

It was at this moment Qianye walked into the hall, pulled over a stool and sat behind Qiqi. Qiqi looked at him with a bit of surprise because the dark look on his face was so deep that she could almost see literal flames of fury bursting from his body.

Qiqi felt a tiny twinge of guilty conscience. She had used the excuse of welcoming a friend on her first day and used both the carrot and the stick to force Qianye into wearing this set of clothes. But she never would've expected that Wei Potian, who was supposed to meet them around the evening would arrive this late.

Right now Qianye was feeling incredibly gloomy. Never in his mind did he imagine that the aristocratic son Qiqi said to have butted into the spring hunt halfway and was missing from the name list would be Wei Potian!

Qianye sat quietly in the living hall as upright as a statue. His eyes were lowered and staring at the spot just one step away from his feet, but the killing intent brimming inside his body seemed to cause the very temperature of the living room to fall by several degrees.

It was at this moment the Yin family guard captain walked in and cast a glance at Wei Potian, hesitating.

Qiqi immediately said, “Speak. Potian is not a stranger.”

And so the guard captain said, “Miss, those three men have confessed everything.”

Qiqi’s eyebrows immediately shot up, “Why so fast? Didn’t I tell you to beat them for an hour before listening to their confession?”

The guard captain hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, they’re still being thrashed right this moment! It’s just that they wouldn’t stop screaming and crying to confess everything they know, and we could not stop them from doing just that. That’s why I’m here to report to you what we’ve learned.”

Qiqi’s face finally relaxed a little, “What did they say?”

The guard captain made sure that his face was completely and utterly under control before he started, “They said that the seventh Song young master wouldn’t stop drawing Miss Xiaoye’s portrait, so they wanted to slip in and kidnap Qian Xiaoye for their young master and curry favor to him.”

Qiqi immediately took on an extremely weird expression that seemed to suggest that she was holding something back with all her might. She turned around to look at Qianye before continuing, “You’re saying that Song Zining fancies Xiaoye?”

“This seems to be the case according to their oral confession. I’ve personally verified this multiple times before coming over.”

Wei Potian was also shocked, “Song Zining? Is he lacking in woman? What on earth was he thinking sending someone to the Yin family’s camp to kidnap this… urk!”

Qianye suddenly looked up and cast him a calm glance. The sharp killing intent inside his eyes shut Wei Potian up immediately.

Qiqi couldn’t help but open her eyes in surprise when she saw their respective expressions. Suddenly, she started giggling, “Potian, you’ve never been this obedient even before the old lady. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with this Xiaoye too?”

“No way!” Wei Potian hurriedly waved his hands, nearly jumping to his feet like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. However, he immediately realized that his words could be misunderstood and worked to repair it, “It is true that Miss Xiaoye is extraordinarily beautiful, and her killing intent… ah…”

Wei Potian’s voice was silenced again by Qianye’s fearsome glare.

Qiqi covered her mouth with her hand. She seriously didn’t dare to break into laughter considering Qianye’s current expression, but Wei Potian’s rare look of cowardice was just too funny.

It was at this moment Ji Yuanjia walked in and informed that the training field had been readied. Qiqi immediately stood up and stretched herself once. She extended her right hand and summoned misty interweaving blue and white origin power that snaked onto her arm. She then cast a malicious glance at Wei Potian, “My little boy, I know you’re already rank six while your sister, I, am still at rank seven. But it should still be enough to teach you a lesson!”

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