Chapter 120: Undercurrent

Chapter 120: Undercurrent [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]    

It didn’t take long before the door was knocked, and a young and beautiful short haired female first lieutenant walked in while carrying a stack of documents.

“Lieutenant Colonel Gu, this is the latest summary of intelligence on the dark races’ activities, the distribution of forces on our defensive line, and the information we’re about to send to the 131th Company.”

The man looked at her once. He said with a voice full of dignity, but not without a trace of gentleness, “Don’t call me lieutenant colonel here, and don’t call me by my name either.”

“Yes! Lie… Oh no, sir.” the female first lieutenant immediately corrected herself.

The man first opened the summary of intelligence. It was a map covering a wide domain. The map was labeled with the latest dark races’ communities, armed force distribution, and mobilization. Only a grade one expeditionary force unit could’ve collected and summarized a war zone level of information like this regularly.

Although this distribution map still had many flaws and defects in this man’s eyes—such as a large amount of unclear data, lack of rank quantization, data labeled with dates indicating that it had not been updated for a very long time—it was still far better than not having anything at all. At the very least, it enabled the troops in this domain to have an eagle’s eyes view on the battlefield. They were no longer just overlooking the small amount of land before their eyes.

The man simply gave it a sweeping glance before saying, “The dark races have become a lot more active as of late, I see. Why is it?”

The female first lieutenant said, “According to the information from above, it seems that clues about the Black Monarch’s treasure have appeared around this area. Therefore, it has attracted many elites of the dark races.”

“The Black Monarch’s treasure?” the man broke into laughter and shook his head, saying, “This legend has appeared for over a hundred years, and at least a dozen or so so-called most important clues have been discovered, but no one has ever found this so-called treasure, have they? I can’t believe these black-bloods haven’t given up yet!”

The female lieutenant said, “Anyone would be tempted by the wealth left behind by a Dark Monarch. Even if the clue may be fake, there would still be a lot of people who would want to come and take a look. They are idle anyway. It is also rumored that the reason that Evernight council member had suddenly shown up at Darkblood City last time was because of this.”

The man opened the 131st Company’s document bag. The first thing they took out was an armaments list of items. When he saw the obviously excessive amount of equipment, he simply raised an eyebrow and casually tossed it to the side. Then he opened the rank information that was about to be delivered to the 131st Company and said, “That’s true. Those dark races don’t really know how to build, so they spent most of their attention on conflicts and growing stronger…”

His voice suddenly cut short.

The female first lieutenant raised her head strangely, and she saw that the muscles on his face were twitching constantly and his complexion was shrouded in green since a while ago. He stared at the information in his hands like he would burn a hole in it.

She was surprised and took a furtive glance at the paper. She was immediately shocked by the scope of the map comprised, the dense labels and amount of data on it.

Even if she could not see the words clearly, she knew by experience that this was information only an advisor level battle unit could obtain. It was absolutely not something that should’ve appeared in the tiny document bag of an independent reinforced company.

According to the Empire’s laws, this was an extremely severe case of leaked secrets. The military officer directly responsible for this leaking would be executed, and all related personnel would be implicated as well. Even the lightest punishment would be a military discharge.

Surprise took the female first lieutenant first. Then she let out a sigh with a dim expression.

This was the abandoned land of the Empire. The first impression the expeditionary forces gave to the people was that their military discipline was a mess. This was the only place where all kinds of explanations and sentences were born out of strict laws. As long as the inspection officer wasn’t alarmed, then anything could happen in this place.

There was no doubt that Miss Qiqi had incited this information to appear in the 131st Company’s document bag, and a child of an aristocratic family who bore the nominal title of cooperative defense like Qiqi was someone whom even the generals of the expeditionary forces weren’t willing to offend. In the end, Qiqi was only going to stay on the Evernight Continent for a year. If the general’s interests weren’t harmed in the slightest, then why was there a need to make her unhappy?

What should they do now? Use this information to report her?

Her own downfall immediately appeared in the first lieutenant’s mind. At worst, Qiqi would toss out an unimportant officer a scapegoat, and she who had dared to speak up would definitely be implicated by some random incidents, tossed into a cell and be met with all kinds of torture. Perhaps her own family would be implicated as well.

The man began to take in deep breaths, working hard to suppress his anger. He knew Qiqi very, very well. From the day the engagement had been confirmed, he had begun to collect every information that was related to Qiqi.

A full ten years passed. She had grown up from a girl into a woman, and she had changed from an unremarkable second daughter of a direct line of a descent into someone who had reached the final stage of the Yin Family’s successor selection examination. During these years, he had only met Qiqi at the Yin Family’s formal settings for a couple of times, but he might know Qiqi better than even herself.

Gifting equipment was a small thing, but when she had even thought of information then the whole thing became different. Qiqi was the kind of person who absolutely abhorred troubles. She never paid attention to finer details, and she enjoyed doing things the simple and direct way the most. Her most liked quotes were, “anything that can be solved with money isn’t a thing” and “naturally there will be someone who would handle a small thing like this”.

But now, one could see from this information Qiqi’s concern for the 131st Company. Naturally, this was also a concern for the newly appointed officer of the 131st Company, Qianye!

She had never paid this much attention to her previous “lovers” who quite literally amounted to several dozens of people.

A series of changes occurred on the female lieutenant’s face, and she suddenly hugged the man from behind and said gently, “Don’t be this way, Liyu. Calm down for a bit! Didn’t this happen quite a bit in the past too?”

This man was none other than Qiqi’s fiancé in name, Gu Liyu. Surprisingly, he was not present in the military division and had instead secretly come to the Evernight Continent and hidden himself in this military depot.

The expeditionary force was like a big mishmash containing all kinds of people and all kinds of forces. Be it aristocratic families or noble households, civil or military officers, almost everyone had a foot stuck in this place. There were often cases where unit numbers had appeared and disappeared out of nowhere. Even the expeditionary force commander-in-chief himself could not say for certain exactly how many troops his subordinates had.

However, this was also not a big deal. The expeditionary force was just one army out of many in the Empire and the commander-in-chief was an advisor. He only needed to ensure that the number of generals were correct. At best, he would take into consideration several military officers of special identities.

It was only easy for someone of Gu Liyu’s past and current status in the army to take advantage of such a chaotic situation and mess around in a mere military depot.

Gu Liyu finally calmed down and bit down on his teeth, saying, “It’s a little different this time!”

The female first lieutenant hesitated for a moment but did not dare to ask.

But Gu Liyu had given out the answer on his own, “Ji Yuanjia’s reaction is different from before too.” he seemed to dislike this name as he continued after a pause, “No matter how loyal he is, he is just a dog.”

The female first lieutenant did not dare to speak in the slightest. But Gu Liyu had suddenly turned around and lifted her into the air, pressing her down directly on the office table, pulling up her skirt and pressing himself right on her.

What followed after was a ferocious, storm-like wave of attacks!

The female first lieutenant covered her mouth with one hand with everything she got, while hugging his firm and powerful shoulder with the other.

Gu Liyu raised his head and looked up at the ceiling. While ravaging the gentle and obedient female body beneath his own, he growled in a low tone like an animal, “You just wait! Qiqi! No matter what you do, don’t even think you can force me to break off the engagement! We will absolutely get married! I will await the night of the grand wedding!”

After the near-deranged exercise, he collapsed on the female first lieutenant as if he had suddenly lost all the energy inside his body. Meanwhile, the beautiful, short-haired female first lieutenant did not have the strength to move even a finger. She would only twitch occasionally and let out weak moans.

A moment later, Gu Liyu stood up and carried the female first lieutenant onto the army bed. After he wiped her sweat-drenched face, he returned to the study table and spread out the 131st Company’s rank information. Then, he took out a blank military use map and began labeling the dark races’ bases and movement arrowheads of each force.

He was obviously familiar with this type of work and worked as quick as lightning. In less than half an hour, the blank military use map had already been covered full of data and turned into an advisor rank distribution map.

After thinking for a bit, Gu Liyu added a few words to the top left corner of the map where “strategic guidance” was: standard combat readiness. What was written on the original information was: pull back the defense lines. After verifying everything once from top to bottom, he folded the paper properly and put it into the 131st Company’s information bag.

By now, the female first lieutenant had already gotten back on her feet and tidied her clothes.

Gu Liyu passed the altered document bag back to her and said, “Deliver this to the 131st Company. Hmph, I hope that brat isn’t so stupid that he couldn’t even understand this level of information.”

A complicated expression flashed across the female first lieutenant’s eyes as she said softly, “The former company commander Bao Zhengcheng and former NCOs are all there. Even if that brat named Qian did not understand military affairs, the others would see this information as well. I believe that they will move according to your arrangements.”

“That will be the best. It will be an achievement if they don’t die this time! A mere rank four Fighter, humph!” Gu Liyu nodded as his face eased up a little.

The female first lieutenant finally could not hold back any longer and said, “Don’t be too angry now, okay? I was really scared just now.”

Gu Liyu hugged her and sighed, saying softly, “I’m sorry, Little Wei, I cared too much. When I’ve successfully obtained Qiqi, I will arrange you a good life. Trust me!”

“Mm.” Ye Muwei promised gently and agreeably, but she let out a deep sigh at the bottom of her heart. Then, she raised her hand and yearningly traced the man’s handsome countenance, feeling her heart throbbing at the dignified lines that were relaxing bit by bit to her touch.

When he returned to the camp, Qianye gave the entire company three days of holiday. He himself stayed inside the army camp to cultivate the Combatant Formula and maintain his guns and equipment. He was also reflecting on the past battles.

Switching commanders just before a battle was a great dread to any army, which was why Qianye had utilized Bao Zhengcheng’s former team in this mobile operation be it in terms of setting the battle strategy or on-field command. He had only chosen a battle position for himself. This was the authority an excellent long ranged sniper should possess in a corp.

The 131st Company was a team with rich battle experiences. Qianye had learned many things from Bao Chengzheng and the NCOs. It felt like the continuation of his experience in the Red Scorpions. Back when he was just a rookie he had only fought battles as an individual unit and cooperative unit in group battles. If everything had proceeded normally back then, he should have obtained the power to command NCOs.

This day afternoon, two heavy trucks drove into the 131st Company’s camp. Qianye was wiping Marquis Ross’ two pistols in his room when he heard a knocking noise on his door. Then Bao Chengzheng walked in while beaming with happiness.

When Qianye saw that he was this happy, he smiled and asked, “Is there good news?”

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