Chapter 119: Minor Billows

Chapter 119: Minor Billows [Volume 3 - The Place Where My Heart Feels At Peace]    

The perception of a higher vampire was just too sharp. The moment Qianye pulled the trigger, the Knight had already reacted to it and made an evasive action. He had already taken the risk to approach close to five hundred meters away from it, but he still wasn’t able to snipe the Blood Knight.

Qianye ran without pause. The three Blood Esquires chasing after him did not share the same speed, and they slowly pulled apart from each other.

The closest Blood Esquire had already reached several dozen meters away behind Qianye. There were even thorns whistling past Qianye’s head and sides.

Qianye had been listening to the air all this time while running. Through every miniscule sound transmitted by the wind, he deduced what was going on behind him and finally found the opportunity that he had been waiting for.

There was a several meters wide gorge on the ground ahead of him. Qianye sped up for the run-up and leaped into the air, but he suddenly turned around in midair before landing steadily on his feet in a half kneeling posture. A pair of retro style pistol appeared in his hands.

Bang bang! Two origin bullets shot out from both gun barrels and slammed into the closest Blood Esquire!

The Blood Esquire had been very cautious along the way, but how could he have known that his opponent would choose to ambush him at a roadblock? Caught off guard, he did not even manage to put up a defensive posture.

The Blood Esquire screamed as he flew backwards. The armor before his chest had been destroyed in one go. His chest and stomach was a bloody mess, and wisps of invisible, tiny blood energy was seeping into his body and destroying everything wantonly.

Right now, the patterns on “Twin Flowers” had been completely lit up. The light of the origin power drew a pair of demonic flowers on both arms. The illusion hadn’t dimmed yet as the flowers actually shook under the wind of the wilderness before joining together to form a pair of Hippeastrum. Only then did the illusion finally faded away.

The two Blood Esquires who fell behind let out an exclamation in unison, “That’s Marquis Ross’ gun! So it has fallen into his hands!”

They immediately discovered right after that their injured companion hadn’t climbed on his feet yet. When they approached him and took a look, they finally realized that the Blood Esquire had actually fallen into near death. The damage he suffered was far more serious than they had imagined, and his wounds were emitting with a putrid stench. His flesh and blood was blackening and dying by the droves, and his blood power had already neared the edge of destruction.

The two Blood Esquires were shocked by the sight. This was the first time they saw a blood poison that was even more terrifying than humankind’s mithril, not to mention that Marquis Ross’ “Twin Flowers” were just as deadly as the legends said they were. Suddenly, they no longer dared to pursue Qianye, and they could only watch him running further and further away before vanishing towards the horizon.

Qianye, who was giving himself an injection of stimulant was running wildly on the ground. It was only now that he felt a little upset that he might have used the Twin Flowers a little too early.

Qiqi was very interested in these twin pistols, and when she saw that Qianye wasn’t willing to transfer ownership of the guns to her, she had purposely dragged him and Ji Yuanjia to test it out at the shooting range. It already took more effort than usual for a human to use a vampire’s weapon, and even at the full power of two rank seven experts Twin Flowers had only shot out the result of a normal grade four origin gun. A weapon like this was considered a rare and fine piece of work among other vampire weapons, and it was considered pretty amazing already if a human could use a normal grade four vampire gun and fire a grade three shot. Therefore, everyone had simply treated this pair of pistols as a relic of minor historical value.

But who would have expected that the pistols would unleash such striking special effects after it was powered by Qianye in full force? After this shot, Qianye knew that he and the 131st Company was probably going to become famous now.

When the 131st reinforced company’s battle report was sent to the backline, the first of the results appeared on the record of Qiqi’s successor examination.

Qiqi tossed her legs directly on the table despite sitting inside a meeting room and facing a room of lieutenant colonels and majors. After she had finished reading the documents in her hand meticulously, she tossed it directly on the table and asked, “Do you guys believe this?”

Some of the officers inside the room were frowning, whereas some were expressionless. No one gave her an opinion.

The document had recorded the 131st reinforced company’s battle result under Qianye’s command for the past half a month or so. The record included severely wounding a Blood Knight, killing six Blood Esquires and the warriors of other dark races of the same rank. The number of dark race regular troops beneath rank six were close to a hundred.

Forget a reinforced company, even a regular corps would find it somewhat difficult to get such a result.

After observing his colleagues’ reactions, Ji Yuanjia took the lead and said, “The former company commander of the 131st Company, Captain Bao Zhengcheng had added his signature of confirmation as well. Captain Bao has an upright character, and he has never have a bad record in this regard. The correctness of a battle result that has gone through his hands should be fine.”

“Then how did a normal reinforced company achieve such a battle result? If every reinforced company could achieve such a success, then wouldn’t I be able to flatten the entire Evernight Continent if I pull a corp over?” Qiqi asked.

The military officers present including Ji Yuanjia could not quite understand how it was achieved.

It was at this moment a major said, “There’s no point making empty guesses. Why don’t we request 131st Company themselves to submit a detailed battle report?”

Qiqi nodded and said, “Alright, then it’s been decided!”

It was at this moment the meeting room was pushed open, and a combat staff officer had swiftly made his way into the room. He placed a document of intel before Qiqi and whispered a few lines into her ears.

Qiqi opened the intel and gave it a quick browse. Then, she passed the document to Ji Yuanjia, “The dark races had been very active as of late, and there were signs of large scale troops being moved around. Watch your own backs whenever you come and go. Also, notify the troops at the frontline to withdraw the battle lines as much as possible and emphasise on defense. Let’s make clear the enemy’s intentions before we decide on anything. I will also request the expeditionary forces to investigate as quickly as possible what on earth those dark races are planning to do.”

Ji Yuanjia read through the intel several times before saying, “There are greater mobilization of the dark races at the area surrounding the 131st Company. I believe that there is a need to remind Captain Qian to be more cautious with his recent activities. I believe he should be told not to act reckless so as to avoid falling into the dark races’ trap.”

Qiqi waved a hand carelessly and said, “Alright, let’s do it that way.”

For the next period of time, the military officers began to plan out their military tactics on the table. The troops directly subordinate to Miss Qiqi, their supports and their allied troops had finally began preparations of war recently. Previously, they had already completed the gathering of intel on the landscape of the battlefield, and they were discussing and analysing the dark races’ next move according to the weekly military intel and the diagrams of the latest changes of the dark race troops’ deployments.

However, Qiqi was ultimately an outsider to this battlefield. There was a limit to the length of her defense line, and the troops that she could control directly were few. Therefore, the source of her information came mainly from the military, and she had almost no personal channels at all. Therefore, there were a lot less cross referencing materials they could use for the analysis. At Xichang City, the expeditionary forces was still the indisputable main strength of the army.

Ji Yuanjia did not participate into the discussion. He was still looking at the latest deployment of the dark races’ military forces while frowning, “Miss, the 131st Company may encounter powerful enemies.”

Qiqi said lazily, “A battlefield at this level cannot be too powerful. How about this, we’ll appropriate a batch of equipment at the level of special forces to them. Things should be fine then. No matter how strong the enemy is, I can bury them in money all the same!”

Ji Yuanjia smiled a little awkwardly before following up with a careful question, “Miss, the combat power of the 131st Company in itself is limited. Should we move our other two company’s position slightly forwards manned by me or Old Xiao himself, so that we will be able to provide support in time in case of any problems?”

Qiqi let out a yawn and waved his suggestion away, saying, “There’s no need. Let my little lover do whatever he wants. How can he earn his manliness without going through the roasting of war otherwise? We still have some time now anyway. Let us see what other pleasant surprises he can give us.”

She raised her head and looked towards the officers who were still conducting dry runs and waved her hands, “All right, time to disperse. No matter what the dark races are planning to do, it can only be a big battle is all. You guys may as well go get the weapons ready. The efficiency of this rural place is sometimes terrible poor.”

The officers all stood up, saluted and got out of the room in succession.

Ji Yuanjia was the last one to head out. After he was finished tidying the intel and materials on the table, he raised his head and discovered that Qiqi was still sitting at the same spot. After a momentary daze, he said, “Miss?”

“You’ll be able to break through to the eighth node after this Profound Heaven Spring Hunt, won’t you?” When Qiqi did not smile, her face looked especially dignified and calm. It was vastly different from her usual appearance.

Ji Yuanjia answered with a simple ‘yes’.

“You know, I have always held quite the high expectations of you. With the right arts and sufficient medicines, you may be able to break through to Champion rank in three years.”

Ji Yuanjia lowered his eyes and listened quietly.

“As for those two things, the Yin Family has already promised them to you.” Qiqi stood up and walked towards the door.

It was only until Qiqi’s footsteps had completely disappeared that Ji Yuanjia finally lifted his head. He stared at the half closed door and the empty corridor. The Yin Family? Yes, it was only the Yin Family.

Right now, inside the filing room, the relevant materials had already been sent over for preservation. The young female second lieutenant had accepted the files, she carefully locked the door behind her and swiftly took out a letter of a different specification and copied down the meeting report with the pen and paper she had prepared a long time ago. A few hours later, these two items had been sandwiched between the briefcase of a colleague and carried away.

Not long after, this meeting report had been placed before the table of a young man.

He had a masculine and handsome face, coupled with a tall body of near perfect proportions. His black hair was a little messy, but it added a few points of charm to his appearance. Otherwise, he would have appeared overly dignified.

He finished reading the meeting report with quick reading speed. Then, he paid very close attention to the lone letter. When his eyes fell on the word “little lover”, the fire that rose in his eyes nearly burned the thin paper into dust.

Blue veins popped from the back of his hand, and he abruptly rolled the paper into a ball, ready to tear it apart there and then. However, he controlled himself forcefully at the last moment and slowly opened the letter bit by bit, flattening and wiping away every crease gently and meticulously as if he was treating the face of a lover.

He took out an unremarkable folder from his drawer and put the meeting report and the letter inside. There were plenty of similar papers inside the file. There were meeting records, handwritten intel, and edited newspapers. Regardless of the content, they were all related to Qiqi and her scandals.

The letter that had been creased was placed at the topmost part of the file. Then, he penned down the number “11” at the corner of the letter before putting away the folder.

He walked in front of the window and stared quietly towards outside, pondering.

The building was a very small officer hostel that was only several dozen of square meters wide. It could not fit more than a cupboard, table and chair. This was the hostel of a second lieutenant. The man did not wear any army rank on his clothes, but judging from the seven origin nodes vaguely emanating from his body he could not be any ordinary second lieutenant.

The window of the hostel was facing towards a drill ground. Squads of expeditionary forces soldiers were performing combat training on it. Further away were the tall walls and main entrance of the military camp. There were soldiers on top of two sentry towers watching warily towards the endless wilderness at the distance.

This was a military depot. It was garrisoned by an entire expeditionary force brigade, and it was more than a hundred kilometers away from Xichang City. It was the fulcrum of the defense of Xichang City, and it was also the hub that supported the frontlines and circulation of supplies. Every supply, intel, and personnel that were transferred to the frontlines would reach this place before being spread out to all directions.

It was at this moment the main entrance of the military depot forged of black metal slowly slide towards both sides. A squad of heavy trucks protected by several armored vehicles slowly drove into the depot. Two of the heavy trucks were marked with the Yin Family’s symbol.

The man stared at the two heavy trucks as a hint of doubt flashed across his eyes.

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