Chapter 41: Iceclaw Monkey

The baby-faced girl was still seized by shock. Clutching her sword tightly, she timidly said, “Thank you, Nie Tian.”

“My name is Jiang Miao. I’m from Dim Star City, which isn’t far from Black Cloud City. Whenever you’re in town, I’d love to show you around.”

Nie Tian grinned back at her. “You’re at the eighth level of Qi Refining, and that sword of yours... is also a rare tool. As long as you focus on fighting and pay close attention to what’s happening beneath your feet, you should be able to detect the movement of the Lurker Lizard. You’d better be more careful from now on, and don’t let your mind wander any more.”

Jiang Miao nodded her head vigorously. “Yes, I will.”


At this moment, another strange sound rang out from behind the Frost Python.

Pan Tao’s expression flickered. “I can’t believe there are more spirit beasts!”

As he spoke, ten more first grade spirit beasts showed up from behind the Frost Python, one after another.

They were mostly snake-type spirit beasts that likely appeared because of the summons from the Frost Python.

The moment they appeared, Nie Tian understood why the Frost Python had been taking its time to make a move.

It was waiting for the arrival of its lackeys!

Originally, the trial takers had outnumbered the first grade spirit beasts in this region. Furthermore, the juniors from various clans all had outstanding spiritual tools in their hands, which had given them the upper hand in the fighting.

That was why they were able to spare some attention to watch the conflict between Nie Tian and Zheng Rui.

However, the appearance of this additional wave of spirit beasts meant that they would all have to face two to three first grade spirit beasts.

In that case, no matter how powerful their spiritual tools were, they wouldn’t be able to finish the fight within a short time.

The mere appearance of the Frost Python had ensured that the trial takers would lose their advantage.

Their only hope had been that An Ying could keep the Frost Python occupied while the rest of them finished off their opponents, and that they could subsequently help An Ying slaughter the Frost Python.

However, with another wave of spirit beasts coming, it seemed their last remaining hope was gone.


The Frost Python hissed, and cast them an ice-cold glare, which... appeared to be filled with a gleam of ridicule.

After waiting patiently for so long, the moment the snake-kind spirit beasts gathered around it, it finally decided to make a move.

An Ying now clearly understood the situation, and knew that their cowardice and hesitation had cost them their best opportunity.

“Dammit! We should have attacked earlier!

“We can’t wait any longer!” She looked down anxiously at the ice-cold ground. “ For all we know, there are even more spirit beasts rushing over from other regions!”

According to her knowledge, the Lurker Lizard, being a second grade spirit beast, also possessed the ability to summoning low-ranking spirit beasts, although she was unsure of whether it had actually done so yet.

Perhaps, spirit beasts from the desert... were charging toward them at this very moment.

She didn’t dare to waste any more time.


Clusters of burning flames suddenly shot out from within her crimson curved blade. Once they left the blade, they continuously altered their shape in the midair, and eventually turned into a stream of lava-like flame.

In a flash, six streams of flame formed in front of An Ying.

Emitting a blazing fire, they intertwined with each other, forming a faint yet complicated pattern of flame.

“Flame Stream Formation!”

All of a sudden, An Ying raised her long saber high up in the air, and then pointed its tip towards the Frost Python.


The intertwined pattern of raging flames that had been floating in midair suddenly flew towards the Frost Python.

As it began to move, An Ying dashed forward, holding her long saber in hand.

The ten-meter-long Frost Python cast a cold glare at her, before throwing its head back and opening its gigantic mouth.

Suddenly, a beam of light as thick as the python’s body shot out of its mouth, straight up into the air, where it slammed into the enormous flame formation.

The moment the frost power met the flame power, they immediately sent millions of sparks flying out in all directions, filling up the entire sky.

Also at that very moment, Nie Tian let out another shout. “Everyone, attack! She’s buying us time!”

Upon hearing his words, the mesmerized trial takers suddenly snapped back to reality.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, didn’t waste his time watching the battle between An Ying and the Frost Python, but instead dashed towards the spirit beast that was closest to him, his face grim.

It was an Iceclaw Monkey, which had a pair of sharp claws and silver fur covering its entire body.

The Iceclaw Monkey was a first grade spirit beast, known for its agility, but possessing only a pair of sharp claws, which emanated a cold light, as its weapons.

Its favorite target was the neck and face area, and especially the eyes!


Upon seeing Nie Tian running madly towards it, the Iceclaw Monkey let out a sharp screech before it blurred into action, snaking across the battlefield towards Nie Tian.

It didn’t move in a straight line, but rather in a serpentine motion.

Right before it was about to engage with Nie Tian, it stabbed its sharp claws into the ground, and then raised them violently up a moment later.

Numerous chunks of ice and snow were thrown into the air, which broke into even smaller fragments, forming a cloud of ice shards, and temporarily blocking Nie Tian’s line of sight.

A moment later, a silver shadow suddenly appeared behind Nie Tian. When the shadow became clear, it was the Iceclaw Monkey.

With full force, it stabbed its razor-sharp claws towards the back of Nie Tian’s neck.

The neck is one of the most vulnerable part on a human body, and were it to be pierced by claws, it would result in almost instant death for most people.

Clearly, the monkey knew the weak spots of the human body very well.


In the moment before its sharp claws were on the verge of making contact with Nie Tian’s neck, it finally let out a sharp, complacent screech.

“Looking to die?!”

Nie Tian snorted coldly. It almost seemed as if he had grown a pair of eyes on the back of his head; he reached both hands behind him and grabbed the Iceclaw Monkey’s furry wrists with incomparable precision.

The Iceclaw Monkey shrieked as it was forcefully swung over Nie Tian’s head.

Nie Tian clenched its wrists tightly, stopping it from making another vicious attack. Then, he kicked the Iceclaw Monkey in the chest.

With this kick, not only did he use his full physical force, but he also drew power from his spiritual sea.


The Iceclaw Monkey’ torso was immediately launched into the air, without its arms!

Nie Tian didn’t bother to look at the screaming Iceclaw Monkey, but instead turned the skinny and shriveled monkey arms around to examine them.

With the sharp claws facing outwards, he then decided to use them as weapons on the nearest spirit beast!

He knew after losing its arms, the Iceclaw Monkey would no longer be a threat.

Even if it was still alive, it wouldn’t be able to have an impact on the outcome of the battle.


Once again, the Lurker Lizard suddenly emerged from under the ground.

At this time, a young man named Zu Fang was caught up in the middle of a fierce fight with a giant spider, and thus when the Lurker Lizard emerged and attacked again, he wasn’t able to respond.


The Lurker Lizard shattered his leg bones with one bite. Because of the intense pain, he no longer had the strength to handle huge spider. A moment later, the spider’s sharp claws pierced through his chest and abdomen.

Pan Tao and Zheng Rui, who had been searching for the Lurker Lizard, immediately dashed in his direction, yelling his name. “Zu Fang!”

Unfortunately, they were too late.

By the time they arrived by his side, Zu Fang had already stopped breathing; the spider, knowing that it was no match for two new enemies, immediately took to flight.

“Dammit!” Pan Tao’s eyes turned red. “The Lurker Lizard hides itself beneath the surface, yet it can perceive the course of the battle, and launches sneak attacks on us when we are distracted by our enemies! As long as it lurks underground, we won’t be able to locate it and kill it!”

Irritated, Zheng Rui shouted, “We must think of a way, fast! An Ying... won’t be able to hold on for much longer!”

Noticing one more person had died, Nie Tian didn’t panic. Instead he checked An Ying’s situation, while simultaneously listening in on Zheng Rui and Pan Tao’s conversation.

His expression immediately turned very grim.

“This doesn’t look good!”

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