Lord of All Realms

Lord of All Realms

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Ni Cang Tian
Alcohol Sword Immortal
In ancient times, there existed giant spirits capable of supporting the heavens. With bodies as enormous as stars, they soared across the universe. Great clan leaders with mysterious blood running through their veins shattered the void and created new worlds. Ancient Qi Warriors crossed rivers of stars to enlighten countless mortal beings. For unknown reasons, an era silently came to an end, all realms were separated, ancient giant spirits disappeared one after another. Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to tap into the powers of the ancient times with the help of a drop of blood…
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62 Reviews
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4 years ago
Not recommended
And the dumbest mc award goes to...

The beginning of this novel is pretty bland, the mc takes a long time to learn some techniques and stuff. Multiple times he does really really stupid unnecessary things similar to telling his name to people who want to rob him and can destroy him (and any other backing he has).

He does really stupid things yet, he's saved by plot magic, this repeats multiple times.

Named enemies rarely ever die in the first battle, in some cases it makes sense, in others it's frustrating.

Women almost never die, no matter how much they deserve to die or not.

The mc is thrown from one crisis to another without rest, the author randomly gives him the strength to fight people with higher realms but then decides to nerf his abilities.

In many battles the mc does absolutely nothing while people die (it's like a turn based rpg and he's last), then he figures out he can use technique b and save the day (sorry random guy a & b who died because his brain took too long to boot up).

Some enemies or people that didn't start with a good relationship with the mc end up becoming friends (this can be either a good or bad thing since some of them are women which involves the following things)

Many people don't like some of the girls the mc gets close to, like 80% of them are crazy bitches.

I think it's a love and hate thing, I feel that many might have dropped the novel because of the "main" girls.

I enjoy their interactions, unlike "harem" novels, this is more realistic since the girls that want to get close to the mc don't get along well at all with each other and might even want to kill each other (In my opinion this is fantastic).

Some interesting things that this novel has are some cool characters with perhaps more backstory than the mc, some characters that grow stronger alongside the mc and aren't completely forgotten (however some end up being forgotten and become useless) and the mc like every other mc has his own things and abilities.

Hard to say whether this should be recommended or not, in part some might not even mind the things I consider bad in this novel while others might not even have the patience to reading this without bursting a vein or two. I remember reading the comments in some parts of the novel and people commented things like "Why am I still reading this?" and it's totally understandable but it also has good things.

4 years ago
Not recommended
There have been almost no character growth since he was 9 years old. Haven't made a comment on this series at all because I thought I give it time but I have read 700 chapters now and I am deeply disappointed in how this is written and losing hope that it will ever change. There is so many novels on this site and I have read many of them but this one takes the price in most annoying mc, why you may ask? Because most authors make there characters grow with time, if they started naive and ignorant they usually learn something from all there experience at some point during there path towards the apex. Another way of getting away with no character growth is if you make a "complete" character from the start that we are supposed to laugh at there stupidity and quirks but this mc is plainly stupid and it feels like 90% of all the catastrophic events that occurred so far could easily turned out soooo much better if this idiot learnt one thing from the previous one. My recommendation is not to start reading this novel if you are looking for something epic and well written, but if you want a casual novel to fill those hours when you are bored this is it. This is my opinion based on the ~20 cultivation novels I have read so far. If you are interested in examples of MC's that are wholesome, check the comments.

4 years ago
Not recommended
Scale 1-10 with 10 the best, this novel was a 10 in the beginning.

From when the Main Character first arrives at his main sect, the novel is a 6. still worth readying though.

Now since chapter 1200-1300 it has degenerated to a 1,5......

So sad. Now 10 chapters are what used to be 1 chapter. Half of chapters is repetition of precious one. Very obvious stuff even for wuxia explained several times per chapter.“ vice sect master wants to stop Mc because of his low cult base. Main character attempts to seal bad guy. It’s effective. Doesn’t work cause main character cult base too low. Friends and ally sad because it doesn’t work because Mc cult base too low. But they think highly of Mc because It works despite being lower cult base. Enemy flees. „End of chapter and half of next chapter

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