Chapter 40: First Display of Talent

Unexpectedly, the Frost Python and the Lurker Lizard showed up at the same time!

The moment those young trial takers heard the hissing sound of the Frost Python, their faces all turned pale.

Even Zheng Rui and Pan Tao also panicked.

Nie Tian’s expression turned grim, and he became more focused than ever, no longer in any sort of mood to quarrel with Zheng Rui.

After Qin Shun’s death, the sudden emergence of the Lurker Lizard, and the appearance of the Frost Python, Nie Tian realized his journey to the Green Illusion dimension would not be as simple as he had pictured it.

An Ying took a deep breath to calm down, and then said decisively, “Zheng Rui! Pan Tao! You deal with the Lurker Lizard! As for the Frost Python... leave it to me!”

Everyone could hear the lack of confidence in her voice.

“No way!” shouted Zheng Rui. “You definitely can’t handle the Frost Python alone!”

“Zheng Rui and I will kill the Frost Python,” Pan Tao chimed in. “You handle the Lurker Lizard!”

Long before they embarked upon their journey, they had heard from their seniors that the Frost Python was the most powerful spirit beast in the Green Illusion dimension.

Otherwise, its head wouldn’t be the only item that could be used to exchange for the Heaven Comprehending Pill.

Both Zheng Rui and Pan Tao were fully aware that An Ying was slightly stronger than them.

However, they were all at the ninth level of Qi Refining, and cultivators from the Spiritual Treasure sect, so they knew very well that An Ying was only stronger by a bit. If they collaborated, they would be able to defeat An Ying.

By telling them to fight the Lurker Lizard, and facing the stronger Frost Python herself, An Ying was clearly putting herself in great danger.

They couldn’t accept such a plan!

In the middle of their conversation, Zheng Rui and Pan Tao exchanged glances and instantly agreed to overtake An Ying and fight the Frost Python, which had just appeared.

“I am the commander! Do as I say!” An Ying, cried, sounding both furious and charming at the same time. She raised her long saber high in the air, stopping the two from approaching. “I know I can’t kill the Frost Python, but at least I can stall it! I will buy enough time for the both of you to kill the Lurker Lizard!

“Once the lizard is dead, you can come over and help me slaughter the Frost Python!

“If we switch targets, none of us will be able to finish the battle in a short time. If the fight drags on, none of us will be able to make it out of the Green Illusion dimension alive!”

“But, it’s not fair for us to let you stall the Frost Python on your own,” Zheng Rui said anxiously. “You’ll probably...”

What An Ying said next was spoken with a decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron, “If you truly worry about my safety, hold nothing back! Kill that Lurker Lizard as fast as possible! As long as it dies quickly, I’ll be fine!”

“Okay!” shouted Pan Tao, eyes reddened. “We’ll follow your instructions!”

The baby-faced girl clenched her short sword in hand and looked over at An Ying. “Elder sister Ying,” she said on the verge of tears, “you... you must be careful!”

She had been good friends with Qin Shun, who had died right next to her. The moment he was killed by the Lurker Lizard, she panicked.

All the teenagers who were attending the Green Illusion dimension’s trial looked slightly older than their actual age, due to the fact that they had started cultivation at early ages. At first glance, they seemed like a group of fifteen-year-olds or sixteen-year-olds.

However the truth was that they were only twelve or thirteen.

In fact, that girl had just turned twelve this year. In her clan, she had always been protected like a princess, and this was her first time to experience such a cruel battle.

Obviously, she hadn’t adapted.

Other than the three from the Spiritual Treasure sect, the rest of the trial takers from the various clans had all quieted down after Qin Shun’s death.

Their eyes all flickered with the light of fear and anxiety, especially after the Frost Python showed up.

In fact, the appearance of the Frost Python turned the fear in their eyes into desperation!

The only exception was Nie Tian, who had argued with Zheng Rui earlier.

Several months ago, Nie Tian had went through an even more desperate situation outside of Black Cloud City.

He would never be able to forget that experience for the rest of his life. Back then, he eventually burned the two powerful experts to ashes with the animal bone’s frightening power.

Nie Tian had long since surpassed his peers in terms of resilience, and after killing those two, had become even more resolute and unwavering.

Although he could do nothing to win the battle in front of him, he did not panic, nor did he show fear.

Fearless, he managed to keep a clear mind and concentrate his attention.

This was the reason that he was the first to discover an abnormal change!

Next to the baby-faced girl, a level stretch of land began to bulge upward slightly.

Overwhelmed by fear, the girl was staring blankly at An Ying, completely unaware of such a subtle change in the ground.

She couldn’t possibly have expected the Lurker Lizard would emerge so close to her again, after it had just killed Qin Shun right next to her.

She was still completely focused on An Ying’s words of consolation.

At this moment, Zheng Rui and Pan Tao, who previously attempted to overtake An Ying, had just stopped their argument with An Ying and had yet to turn around.

“Get out of the way!” Nie Tian bellowed, startling everyone, who immediately lay their eyes on him.

Under everyone’s astonished gaze, Nie Tian shot up into the air like a human rocket!

The spiritual power in his dantian’s spiritual sea instantly converged into his right leg!

Nie Tian flew high up over the girl’s head, and like a plummeting meteor, slammed with full force onto that bulging piece of icy land beside the her!


A muffled sound of a collision came from the icy ground. To Nie Tian, it felt as if he had exerted all his strength to stomp onto a giant rubber ball.

Afterwards, his momentum reversed, and he actually sprung up high into the air.


All of a sudden, a fierce growl exploded from underground, a cry that clearly came from the Lurker Lizard.

“Ahhh!!!!” Only at this moment did the baby-faced girl understand what was happening.

Rattled, she lurched forward and attacked with her sword, creating sharp wind blades that pierced into the icy ground beside her.


Streaks of bright light suddenly shot out from the icy ground, emanating in all directions.

Suppressing their terror, the entire group howled and dashed towards the spot where the Lurker Lizard was about to emerge.

“The Lurker Lizard!”

“It was the Lurker Lizard again!”

“The kid from the Nie clan found its trail!”

“If it weren’t for him, Jiang Miao would already be dead in the jaws of the Lurker Lizard, just like Qin Shun.”

However, after its attack was foiled, the Lurker Lizard vanished into the earth once again.

When the trial takers reached Jiang Miao’s side, they discovered nothing.

On the other hand, after landing back on the ground, Nie Tian panted heavily and said, “Are you people really that scared? If you think we can’t win, why don’t you just kill yourselves so that you don’t get eaten by the Lurker Lizard and the Frost Python”

Surprisingly, no one had a single thing to say in response to his rebuke.

All the trial takers suddenly became silent, staring at Nie Tian, who was already adjusting his breaths, preparing for another strike.

Fortunately, due to the appearance of the Frost Python, the spirit beasts that had been attacking them previously weren’t in a hurry to launch another round of attacks.

Moreover, the Frost Python seemed surprisingly patient, and was taking its time to approach them.

Because of that, the crowd had the time to process Nie Tian’s words and reassess the dangerous situation they were in.

“He is right.” An Ying said, breaking the silence. “The situation we are in might be the worst we’ve ever met in our lives! However, the purpose of this trial was to train ourselves, and we should have the courage to face a desperate fight!

“Relax, everyone! A second grade spirit beast isn’t as formidable as you think!

“As long as I can keep the Frost Python occupied while Zheng Rui and Pan Tao kill the Lurker Lizard, we can turn the situation around and eventually defeat the Frost Python!

“I have full confidence that I can buy them enough time!

“What’s more, I want you to kill off those first grade spirit beasts as fast as possible, and take some burden off of Zheng Rui, Pan Tao, and me afterwards.

“Please trust me! And trust yourselves!”

Nie Tian immediately noticed that the fear in the trial takers’ eyes was slowly replaced by courage and bloodlust, all thanks to the inspiration provided by An Ying.

He couldn’t help but cast an admiring glance in her direction.

At the same time, to his surprise, An Ying glanced back at him from afar, a similar expression in her eyes.

Grinning, he waved and called out, “Good luck.”

“You too,” answered An Ying.

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