Chapter 0038: My Name is Sun Wudao.

Capital Wu was already in a state of ecstasy once because of the return of Prince Yuan Chen. 

Several hundred thousand citizens were talking about Prince Yuan Chen fervently. At this very moment, Capital Wu was once again boiling. Surprisingly, they saw a huge, snow-white roc flying past the skies. At the same time, a loud and grand voice resonated in the skies. Only the most elite and respected martial artist could let out such a heavy tone.  

"What a big bird!" 

"There's a man on the bird!" 

"This bird is even bigger than the whales in the East Sea...."

Instantly, the citizens of Capital Wu were stunned. The return of Prince Yuan Chen was already shocking enough for them. Who would have expected that something even more shocking would happen afterward?  

Wu Yu was representing the Heavenly Sword Sect to take over the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom on his return. Therefore, he had to awe the populace. Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian probably knew that a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect was about to reach Capital Wu. 

Amidst the respectful, fearful, and shocking gazes of the fervent citizens of Capital Wu, Wu Yu arrived above the royal palace and hovered in the air. 

"Who is that!?"

"He actually dared to call Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian by his name. Clearly, he is also an immortal!! 

"How can this be? Are there so many immortals in this world?  Three immortals appeared in my Capital Wu today?" 

More and more citizens of Capital Wu walked out from their houses to the main streets to discuss the grand scene that had unfolded today!  Almost everyone was beyond agitated. The majority of the people wouldn't have a chance to see an immortal in their lifetime…. 

The kids who were playing, the housewives who were cooking, the vendors who were running their businesses, and the guards of various large and wealthy families put aside what they were doing and looked into the skies agitatedly. 

This was a grand scene that Capital Wu had never gotten! 

Finally, they could see Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. 

Wu Yu was as calm as the peaceful ocean surface. However, below the seafloor, there existed hidden, raging lava. Once it erupted, it would definitely vaporize the oceans, and Wu Yu would truly turn into a ball of fire. 

Wu Yu was looking down at what was happening. The royal palace had gone silent initially before shaking. After the neigh of the horses sounded, two Pegasuses rushed out from the palace. There was one person sitting on each pegasus. One of them was none other than the one who appeared in Wu Yu's dreams countless times. Wu Yu really wanted to slash a thousand knives on Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! 

The other person was teenager who looked almost exactly like Yuan Hao. However, the differences between their auras were distinct and obvious. He was wearing a taoist robe and had his hair tied up in a ponytail. His features were refined and he had watery eyes. Overall, he looked a little cold and was beautiful like a woman. He was wearing a nonchalant smile and was better looking compared to the arrogant Yuan Hao. At the same time, he looked like one who was hiding numerous secrets. 

He truly lived up to his reputation of being a disciple of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. This person was none other than Prince Yuan Chen. 

At the same time, Wu Yu also noticed that King Yuan Hao and Empress Dowager had walked out from the largest building in the royal palace, Upper Qian Hall, under the protection of their guards. They looked towards the direction of Wu Yu with a little disdain. 

Upper Qian Hall was the place where Wu Yu was supposed to become the emperor. 

Wu Yu could remember all the faces of these officials. They couldn't be considered schemers and had given their all to rule the kingdom. It was just that they had too much respect for Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian as a god and therefore were completely controlled by him. 

Prince Qin, Premier Song, General Di, Martial Wu....

"Hao Tian, Imperial Concubine Xi!" 

Today, Wu Yu finally saw them again. 

Imperial Concubine Xi was still as beautiful and alluring. Time hadn't left any traces on her body. She had become extremely imposing after becoming Empress Dowager. At this moment, her gaze seemed so high and far. Clearly, she wasn't afraid at all. 

As for the new emperor, Yuan Hao, from his eager looks, one could tell that he was an arrogant, conceited, and dumb guy. 

Hao Tian hadn't changed at all and maintained his high and mighty composure as though he was still above all others. He had a serious and scheming expression on him. At this moment, he was riding the Pegasus and flying up into the skies with Yuan Chen. They stopped in front of Wu Yu and confronted him. 

Even though Wu Yu possessed the identity of a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect, the two sects opposed each other. However, Hao Tian revealed a gentle and warm smile and asked, "I was wondering who you were, to act so high and mighty. So it just turns out that you are a sword saint from the Heavenly Sword Sect. May I know how I ought to address you?" 

As for a fake name, Wu Yu had long thought of one. 

"My name is Sun Wudao." 

In order to speak to the other party face to face, Wu Yu had to undergo endless torture and hard work.  Finally, he had waited till this historic moment. He was observing the Heavenly Immortal secretly. In the past, he was the high and mighty immortal. Looking at him now, he was just a disciple at the Qi Condensation Realm from the Zhongyuan Dao Sect.

"Hao Tian's spiritual power is dense and slightly stronger than Situ Minglang and I. However, he is weaker than Senior Sister Su and Senior Brother Mo." With Wu Yu's current level, he could roughly sense the danger level of the other party. 

"This shows that I can't take my revenge immediately and will have to look for a suitable opportunity." After waiting for such a long time and considering the fact that Wu You was still alive, this allowed Wu Yu to be able to restrain his desire to kill. 

As for Yuan Chen, although his talents were extraordinary, he was at about the same level as Wu Yu. He should’ve been at the ninth tier of the Body Refining Realm, which was similar to where Wu Yu was at. 

"Considering he was able to reach the ninth tier of the martial way at this age, he will definitely reach the Qi Condensation Realm and has a bright future ahead." 

Clearly, Hao Tian must have expended a lot of effort in order to bring him up to this state. 

When Wu Yu was assessing them, Hao Tian, Yuan Chen, Imperial Concubine Xi, Yuan Hao, and the rest were also scrutinizing Wu Yu, who would be taking over as the Immortal Protector of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. Yuan Chen was the first to frown, his facial expression turning cold. He said in a low voice, "Dear Sun Wudao, I have two queries. First, one has to be at the Qi Condensation Realm to be an Immortal Kingdom Supervisor. Clearly, you are not at that level.  Next, the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect always practice the way of the sword. The thing behind your back is probably a spear, right?  How can you prove that you are the new Immortal Protector?" 

"So he is the new Immortal Protector?" 

When Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian said those words, some of the citizens heard it. It was only then that they knew the real identity of Wu Yu. This newly arrived immortal was also a Heavenly Immortal. Moreover, he seemed to be here to take over the control of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom? 

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian had been forging his own legends in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom over the last few years. He had made the citizens believe that he was the one and only immortal in this world. Now that Wu Yu had returned, he couldn't care that much about the agreement between the two sects. 

Wu Yu knew that the other party would definitely make it hard for him. 

"You must be Hao Tian, right? Take a good look at this. This Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order is the best proof!" Wu Yu took out that order from his Sumeru Pouch. A cold look was formed behind the Demon Ape Mask. He gave a cold smile and said, "As for what I'm capable of and what weapons I'm good at, I'm afraid this has nothing to do with you." 

With the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order, his identity could be roughly confirmed. 

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian had never expected the Heavenly Sword Sect to send a strange person like Wu Yu to this place. 

Looking at the current situation, no one would be able to deduce that this was Prince Yu. 

"Since you are here to take over the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, why are you wearing a mask? Could it be that you can't let others see your face?" Yuan Chen, who was standing on the side, said these provoking words nonchalantly with a smile. 

Wu Yu took a glance at him and mocked, "You little sissy. This is my freedom. What kind of business do you have with it?"

The truth was that although their conversation was happening in high altitude, the citizens in the vicinity could actually vaguely hear some of the phrases. The truth was, at this very moment, the majority of the people were holding their breath.They were afraid that the sound of their breathing would affect their sense of hearing.

"You called me a little sissy?" Yuan Chen didn't seem to be angered and still maintained a smile. He look at Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and said, "Senior Brother Hao Tian, I have a presumptuous request." 

"Say it." 

"I have doubts about his identity as the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor. The Heavenly Sword Sect couldn't have possibly sent a disciple who hasn't even reached the Qi Condensation Realm for such a role. Perhaps he has picked up the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order by a stroke of luck. Therefore, I would like to test his capabilities." Yuan Chen's voice was gentle and fluid. However, his intention of provocation was apparent. 

"You would like to challenge me?" Wu Yu raised his voice on purpose to allow the citizens of Capital Wu to hear. This was Yuan Chen asking for it. If he could give the other party a show of strength, that would be the best. 

He naturally remembered his grudge. Just a while ago, he still heard others saying that the difference between Yuan Chen and him was like dog shit and the sun. However, who was the dog shit and who would be the sun? 

"Not a challenge, just a verification. I have no intention of picking on the Heavenly Sword Sect. It is just that I don't really trust your identity." Although Yuan Chen was a guy, the feeling he gave off when he spoke was especially gentle. 

"Come. However, don't cry when you lose." Wu Yu laughed heartily. With his current breath, even the tables and chairs on the streets of Capital Wu were shaking. Those hundreds of thousands of citizens spread the word and soon they verified the situation. That newly arrived immortal was going to fight Prince Yuan Chen! 

"Prince Yuan Chen, you’ve got to win!" 

"That is Heavenly Immortal Yuan Chen!" 

In the hearts of the citizens of Capital Wu, everyone was extremely worried. In that instant, the entire Capital Wu seemed to have stopped in motion. Everyone was staring at the skies. 

"Let's get down." Yuan Chen pointed to an empty field on the ground. 

"It's alright. Let's just do it up here." Wu Yu was brave and was clear in his intent to fight with him on the back of the Heavenly Cloud Roc and Pegasus. 

"Alright!" Although Yuan Chen sounded gentle, he was a decisive person and rather courageous. After exchanging a glance with Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, he rode the crane horse and headed towards Wu Yu. 

"Senior Brother Sun, here I go!" 

In this process, Yuan Chen took out an immortal treasure! It was a long spear that looked like bamboo. Rotating wind circled around it and a storm blew when he waved it. This caused Yuan Chen’s robe to flip rapidly. 


A battle between two immortals! For the citizens of Capital Wu, this was unprecedented and unparalleled! 


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