Heaven's Devourer

Heaven's Devourer

64 Reviews
Feng Qingyang (风青阳)
Author's Synopsis:
Heaven's rules and edicts will be written by me,
Thousands of ghosts and gods will bow before me.
In the hearts of all mortals,
I am the supreme emperor.
Before the eyes of Buddha,
I am the demon of this world.
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1829 Chapters
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Heaven's Devourer is a novel by 17k author 风青阳  (Feng Qingyang). The chapters are currently being translated by "Midasthefloof", someone who is accustomed to the translation scene.  This novel has approximately 1,800 chapters and promises to be an exhilarating ride for the readers. It draws deep inspiration from the Chinese Novel "Journey To The West" but brings with it a wuxia twist making it a highly enjoyable read.

Translator's Synopsis: Wu Yu is the Crown Prince of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. In a series of events, he was framed and crippled for undone crimes and sent to the border. In a twist of fate, he meets an immortal and a grandpa who bestows him with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. With its strength, Wu Yu attempts to figure out his own Dao and to protect all that are dear to him. To me, this novel is interesting because it takes certain inspiration from the journey to the west and remoulds it in the shape of a xianxia novel. In a way, this novel could be considered a re-imagining of "Journey to the West", with more magical powers and a more significant focus on cultivation. 

In terms of character, the MC is logical and you can clearly see his internal struggles with everything that goes on, yet he is pushed forward by his beliefs which are consistent and over time he also develops his own sense of identity. The novel is also quite fast paced and things happen and develop rapidly making each chapter interesting. It's a fun and enjoyable read so please join us on this journey to the end!

If any errors are spotted, please kindly send an email to heavensdevourer@gmail.com

64 Reviews
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4 years ago
Not recommended
Well had enough of this . Started as a typical cliche typo xianxia novel , but the pacing was good , characters kind of refreshing in some ways in the first 150 chapters, which are the reason i kept reading it. After that it inevitably goes on the typical cycle : new city ,new continent ,new world ,new this new that , and the mc is always the most retarded trash idiot there is , the bumpkin everybody can stomp , even a dog is better ,only to become the strongest , and then again the most useless and so on...to infinity. Apart from this , which could be overlooked given the amount of novels that are like this , i just cant get over the most idiotic character ever, the girl who just keeps popping everywhere and who has zero relevancy in the story whatsoever , and with whom mc " broke ties forever" , who just keeps getting stronger and stronger without any reason , but gets always defeated in the end , and the cycle continues , but he never kills her , no way sir why would you kill a psycho who hates your guts . Generic , boring , and after some chapters you can deduce yourself what will happen in the next 50 chapters , the " miraculous plot twist" , and characters get really boring and dissapear faster than the strength of the mc ...well you got my point , of course this is only my opinion,feel free to disagree with me and to read it if your into this kind of novel , and thanks for your time reading my rating ! Have a nice day to you all !

4 years ago
Not recommended
MC is softer than a 90 year old man's pen*s on a cold winter night. In the first 200 chapters the MC is very disappointing, he is strong in a fight but is weak of character and also an idiot. He allows himself to be humiliated many times.

The author outright retcons some characters with a single sentence. A female disciple that had humiliated the MC, tried to castrate him, and tried to outright kill him on numerous occasions goes from being an evil bitch to someone who just used to be a bit arrogant because she grew up sheltered. An elder goes from being an evil corrupt elder trying to undermine the sect leader and who broke the rules on numerous occasions to try and get the MC killed, even tried to kill him herself, somehow becomes a respected elder even tho she tried to kill the MC not more than 30 chapters ago. Maybe the MC can forget all that, but as the audience I find it hard to ignore.

4 years ago
Not recommended
I was attracted to this story, because it was supposedly inspired by Journey to the West. Well, MC cultivation and techniques are based on Monkey King so there is staff wielding plus some monkey shenanigans.

Pacing is not bad.

Also cudos for translator. There is not much of grammatic errors.

But other than that story is downright retarded.

1) MC is supposedly prince of an kingdom. But considering how retarded he is I'm suprised he wasn't killed by direct political enemies, because of his lack of intelligence. He is rash, he charges without any plan, and the worst.

He is embodiment of vengeance. He never learns from mistakes. He basically stays the same whole time.

Also he doesn't even strategize. Instead of staying low for few years he just charges ahead. Not even calling for support from a sect even when there was several way stronger cultivators than him!

Author don't even explain why he doesn't call for reinforcements or why he doesn't even strategize a little!

2) MC offends any important randoms just by breathing. Again and again he offends somebody only to take vengeance. I'm so bored about yet another person MC has to vanquish, because of personal vendetta. Over and over again there is same plot to the point of vomiting.

3) Everybody in this novel are so hyprocritical while MC is only "righteous" who holds rules in regard. Even MC master and his fellow senior martial sister doesn't really give a shit about death of mortals by hand of immortals.

Yet when there are evil mortals around MC stays the hand.

I get it if ppl are hypocritical. This is normally part of the novel.

But author makes MC to believe in those hypocritical rules! MC feels like pristine flower despite he had to survive in Emperor's court as a prince.

4) Fights are pretty bad. MC either miraculously breaktrhoughts in the middle of the battle or battle is simple math of who is stronger in direct power.

There is no any struggle in terms of techniques. it feels like reading Song Goku fights until Goku goes super sayan another lvl up.

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