Chapter 0037: Prince Yuan Chen

Although it was early in the morning, Capital Wu had already gotten busy. Smoke was rising from different areas within the tall and thick castle walls. Different types of noises superimposed together and spread to the surroundings, alarming and waking up the animals in the forest.  

Looking further in and through the clouds, one could vaguely see a golden castle. Under the morning light, the castle shimmered brightly. That was the palace of Capital Wu. It was a forbidden zone for the ordinary citizens and where Wu Yu had grown up.  

"Capital Wu......" 

Amidst the morning light, Wu Yu, who was wearing his Demon Ape Mask and carrying his Demon Subduing Staff, appeared in the forest outside of Capital Wu. He was standing on a huge tree while looking towards Capital Wu from afar. 

"A seemingly prosperous city, but the people don't know about the demons causing havoc from the dark corners."

Wu Yu naturally remembered how he was forced to take the Spirit Severing Powder and escorted out of Capital Wu with a demonic snake following behind him. 

"Sister Wu You." 

He recalled that prison carriage in the winter night and the one who chased after the prison carriage. It had been such a long time, and he hadn't received any information about her since then. 

There was a reason why he hadn't taken the Heavenly Cloud Roc and flown directly into Capital Wu. He wanted to take the opportunity before an all-out war broke out to sneak into Capital Wu to see Wu You.

"Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian has probably been at the Qi Condensation Realm for some time and is definitely not as easy to deal with as Situ Minglang. I have to use the identity of the Immortal Kingdom Supervisor to get close to him to find out his abilities before striking." 

To truly kill his nemesis by himself required technique. If Wu Yu were to charge into Capital Wu while cursing blindly at him, that would be true foolishness. 

"Let's go."

He prepared a place for the Heavenly Cloud Roc before accelerating away at full speed. In the eyes of the mortals, he was just a flash of golden light that disappeared in a split second. Before anyone could notice him, he had already entered Capital Wu and was walking in the prosperous streets. 


Capital Wu was huge, but for the current Wu Yu, it was very small. 

"Carefree Palace." 

Lifting his head and looking over, the most obvious palace hall to the east of the royal palace was Carefree Palace. It was bestowed to Princess Wu You by the late Emperor himself. When he reached this place, Wu Yu suddenly got a little nervous. He knew that with Wu You's personality, Imperial Concubine Xi would definitely find it hard to endure her. Who knew what had happened since he was away for such a long time....

"Sister, you have to be safe...." Wu Yu was a seven-foot-tall man. At this point in time, he wasn't afraid of anything in the heavens or on earth. He was not even afraid of fighting to the death. However, from the moment he reached the Carefree Palace, his heart had been throbbing rapidly. 

He snuck into Carefree Palace silently. The guards within Carefree Palace were still acting rather ordinary, and the servants and maids were disciplined. This gave Wu Yu a little comfort and allowed him to relax a little.  He had roughly covered the bedroom and other areas but still couldn't find her. 

"She should be in here."

Wu You's only hobby was to read. It had been so since young. Although she wasn't that old, she was definitely one of the most knowledgeable people in the entire Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. This was completely opposite of Wu Yu. Wu Yu fell in love with martial arts since young. As for those poems and books, he didn't even want to read a single one. 

Study room. 

Wu Yu stood outside the window of the yard. Through the paper covering the window, he could roughly see the outline of a lady. She was wearing the clothing of royalty and holding on to a brush with her fair hand. After dipping the brush into some ink, she started writing.  Wu Yu's vision pierced through the paper on the window and saw her clearly. She was none other than Princess Wu You. 

A gentle and alluring lady. 

She was focused on the white paper on the table. Even though her long hair was sliding down from her ears, she wasn't distracted. Within her eyes, one could vaguely see signs of crying, and she looked a little frail. 

Beside her, there was a female servant helping her prepare the ink while wiping off her tears. 

This scene was quiet but also a little desolate…. 

No matter what, she was still around without injuries. This was already the best news Wu Yu could hope for. His tensed-up mind had finally relaxed at this moment. 

Seeing her again, he recalled how she had accompanied him since young and had always been taking care of him. Now that he had escaped death, his eyes were also a little red. Once upon a time, on one of the winter nights, she chased after the prison carriage despite her frail body. Wu Yu could never forget this scene. 

In just a while, the white paper on the study table was filled with words. Although the words were tightly packed, there were only two words. "Wu Yu." 

Perhaps she was using this to relief her yearning for the dead Wu Yu. 

When she first heard of the news that Wu Yu was captured and eaten alive by a snake demon while being sent to exile, she contracted a severe illness and had not recovered fully from it.

At this very moment, Wu Yu really wished to go in and let her know that he had returned unharmed....

"I can't. I still don't know the true strength of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. If he is much stronger than I am, I still have to endure him for some time. If Sister learns of my identity, the game will definitely be given away." 

Wu Yu was still very rational. 

"Sister, I'll repay your good will some other day." 

Every moment he stayed around this place would only make his heart ache further. However, he wanted his revenge! Therefore, after confirming the safety of Wu You, he left resolutely. This time, he wanted to descend on Capital Wu without any tricks and face Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian directly!

Acting as Immortal Kingdom Supervisors was a common matter for the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. It didn't go against the rules of the two sects as long as Wu Yu didn't reveal his true identity. Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian would not dare to do anything to him. 

After leaving Carefree Palace, Wu Yu prepared to leave the city before riding the Heavenly Cloud Roc back to Capital Wu. Only by descending through the skies in front of the eyes of thousands of citizens could he use the identity of an immortal to enter Capital Wu! 

As he moved within the city, he vaguely heard everyone talking about a name - Yuan Chen. 

After Wu Yu was abolished from the throne, the eldest son of Imperial Concubine Xi, Yuan Hao, became the emperor of Dong Yue Wu. In the eyes of Wu Yu, this Yuan Hao was truly a pile of useless trash. 

As for Yuan Chen... Wu Yu had a little impression of him. Imperial Concubine Xi seemed to have given birth to a pair of twins in the past. The name of the other child was Yuan Chen.

However, Wu Yu had not seen Yuan Chen while growing up. It was as though he had gone missing. To put it simply, his existence was a secret of the royal family. 

He paused his steps and listened to the discussion. 

"Empress Dowager gave birth to a pair of twin brothers in the past. Among which, there is Prince Yuan Chen. However, normal citizens like us didn't know about it at all! Who would have expected that Prince Yuan Chen was sent to the heavenly palace by Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian shortly after he was born? And now, he has even become an immortal!" 

"This time, Prince Yuan Chen is back to see the lives of the mortals!" 

"Who would have expected that the royal family of our Dong Yue Wu would be able to nurture an immortal!  It's great news. The foundation of Dong Yue Wu will definitely last forever. The neighboring royal families will probably be scared out of their wits!"  

After listening for a while, Wu Yu roughly understood the situation. After Yuan Chen was born, he probably had some gifts and was therefore sent to the Zhongyuan Dao Sect by Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian directly. 

"From what Senior Brother Mo said, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian has occupied the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom for a very long time. This is despite the fact that the two sects have an agreement to rotate the duties between themselves every 10 years.  However, in the 10 years before him, it seems no one came to the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. 

“This is mainly because in the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples' eyes, the earth of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was too poor. There weren't any benefits and therefore they were too lazy to manage it. However, it just so happens that someone has raised the issue of taking back the management rights of this place. 

"On the day I'm returning to Capital Wu, this Yuan Chen is also coming back from the Zhongyuan Dao Sect! I wonder what he is capable of after spending 10 years training in Zhongyuan Dao Sect! 

“It seems that after returning to Capital Wu, other than Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, I will have another opponent....

"In the past, I believed that Prince Yu was the most capable prince. However, when compared with Prince Yuan Chen, it is like comparing dog shit with the sun! That Prince Yu even dared to violate his empress mother. He truly deserved to die. It was the heavens that released the snake demon to eat him!" 

Wu Yu vaguely heard such a discussion as he eavesdropped. 

"Snake Demon Wan Qing didn't eat me. It seems like she claimed that she ate me in fear of the punishment from Hao Tian. Besides that, there were some soldiers who escaped. They did not see Master arrive and save me...." 

This was a good thing. Not only was he able to hide his identity, but he could also prevent Hao Tian from suspecting him in the meanwhile. It was just that of this tormented Wu You as she had to endure the news of his death. It was no wonder she looked so miserable. 

"Hao Tian, Imperial Concubine Xi...." Wu Yu's anger raged on. 

At this moment, the countless people within Capital Wu started cheering. It was especially lively. Wu Yu raised his head and looked over. In the direction of the north, a black dot was expanding rapidly in the skies. Soon, he appeared above Capital Wu! 

Yuan Chen had returned and the entire kingdom was celebrating. 

In the sky, sounds of horses galloping propagated out. In the eyes of the awestruck citizens, two tall and beautiful horses appeared. Those beautiful horses were cruising in the skies. Their bodies were completely white. What was most surprising was that from the area of their ribs, there was a pair of giant wings that looked just like those of an Immortal Crane. Without a doubt, it was this pair of wings that allowed these beautiful horses to have the ability to cruise in the air. The wings also made them look even more beautiful. 

"This is the Pegasus that the Zhongyuan Dao Sect breeds." Wu Yu had read The Chronicles of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, so he had some knowledge about this. The flying ability and load capacity of this Pegasus was similar to the Heavenly Cloud Roc. 

The two Pegasuses were pulling a golden giant carriage while flying in the air. Prince Yuen Chen was definitely in that carriage. In the eyes of Wu Yu, this wasn't anything. However, for the mortals, this was equivalent to immortals descending to the mortal realm! 

A carriage belonging to immortals was beyond their imagination. Beautiful horses with wings....

"Greetings, Heavenly Immortal!" 

Suddenly, several hundred thousand citizens walked out from their houses. When they saw the Pegasuses in the sky, they were moved to the point of tears. They kneeled down on the floor and some even showed the ultimate respect of having their heads and hands placed on the ground! 

Looking from where Wu Yu was, the entire street was filled with people kneeling down. Everyone was so emotional that they were shivering. They all had the same respectful and fearful expressions for the immortal in the skies. Once upon a time, that was how they kneeled down in front of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.  It was exactly because of the mortals' respect and fear for immortals that Wu Yu was so easily swept out of Capital Wu by Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. 

"So that's how dangerous it is if one is just a frog in the well." 

Wu Yu was glad that he had finally escaped from the vortex of the mortal realm. 

"Yuan Chen!" 

That Pegasus carriage flashed past in the blink of an eye and landed in the royal palace of Capital Wu. The mortals had no right to look at Prince Yuan Chen’s face.  However, seeing the Pegasuses was enough for them to boast for their whole lives. 

"He came back on the same day as me, but he looks much cooler than me." 

With regard to this Yuan Chen, Wu Yu separated his hatred and good will clearly. He had no animosity against this Yuan Chen. Therefore, he did not intend to shift his anger onto him.

"Unless he's on the side of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and goes against me, I will not harm him."

The truth was that it was almost a certainty that this Yuan Chen might try to stop him. However, this wasn't something that Wu Yu could control. He knew that he would kill anyone who tried to stop him. 

"Yuan Chen, you had your time. It's my turn now." Wu Yu adjusted the Demon Ape Mask on his face and left the city quickly. After which, he stepped onto the Heavenly Cloud Roc and flew through the skies! 

The Heavenly Cloud Roc was an intelligent beast that possessed the bloodline of an immortal beast. Its wings spanned over 50 feet and were much bigger than the Pegasus’. It also looked more majestic and domineering. 


Heavenly Cloud Roc cut through the sky and appeared above Capital Wu in the blink of an eye. 

"Disciple of Zhongyuan Dao Sect, Hao Tian! I'm the disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect and I am here with the Immortal Kingdom Supervisory Order. Come and see me right away!" 

Wu Yu's voice exploded in the skies of Capital Wu like a bomb. 

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