Chapter 24: You Can Kiss Me Back

GOR Chapter 24: You Can Kiss Me Back

Chen Xiaolian cautiously threw out several stones. By listening to the sound made by the Black Widow’s reaction, he estimated the distance between it and himself. With his hands around both females, he moved with an extremely slow rate as he tried his best to not make any sound.

Chen Xiaolian steered the two females to where he recalled was the corner of the cove. He had them hide themselves in the corner beside a rocky cliff. As for the Black Widow, it had been lured to another side by the stones he threw out.

Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wait here. Do not make any noise and do not move.”

He loosened his arms around the two females. Due to the darkness of their surroundings at the present, he was unable to see that Takashimoto Shizuka’s face had turned red to the point of oozing blood.

Takashimoto Shizuka’s skin is very smooth and creamy. In addition, when he was hugging her earlier, he could feel the softness of her body. Even though they were in a time of crisis, Chen Xiaolian who is a virgin was naturally unable to control his pounding heart.

At any rate, I am going to be fighting to the death… I might end up dying here, right?

Chen Xiaolian himself could not discern if his brains had shorted out or if it was due to other factors, but at this moment his heart suddenly burst forth with an inexplicable courage.

Within the darkness, both his hands clasped onto Takashimoto Shizuka’s face before firmly kissing her!

Takashimoto Shizuka only had enough time to let out a “wu” before feeling her mouth being blocked off.

This person’s kiss is extremely awkward and is even somewhat rough.

After he moved away his head, Takashimoto Shizuka heard him whispering into her ear.

“I am sorry, I just want to savour the taste of a kiss before I die… consider this as me owing you.”

“If I make it, you can kiss me back.”

Kiss, kiss back?

What was that supposed to mean?

Takashimoto Shizuka’s heart became a mess. However, Chen Xiaolian did not say or do anything else. He quickly turned around and left! He ran out towards the centre of the cove!

His running sound immediately alerted the Black Widow. Chen Xiaolian was able to hear the other party crawling over with considerable speed, the claws emitting “hualala” sounds as it scraped the ground.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly stopped moving. Sneering, he retrieved something from his pocket.

It was a very small bottle!

This was… the bottle with the leftover Firefly Frog secretions!

The transparent glass emitted a faint radiance, seemingly indicating to the Black Widow where it should attack! He watched as the Black Widow rushed towards him. As the distance between them lessened, Chen Xiaolian suddenly bent his body as he performed a standard baseball throwing action!


The bottle emanating a faint light flew out! It appeared to resemble a beacon…

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian quickly fell to the ground. Exerting all his strength, he quickly made his way to one side!

The charging speed of the Black Widow was extremely fast. In addition, there was also the factor of inertia. Even though it tried to stop itself, it still found itself being forced towards the spot where Chen Xiaolian was originally standing! Chen Xiaolian could practically feel the Black Widow’s sickle claws sweeping past his face!


The glass bottle struck the Black Widow squarely on its back before breaking, causing the Firefly Frog secretions to spill out and spread across the outer shell of the Black Widow. In this wide-open area, the Black Widow had turned into a conspicuously moving light source.

Chen Xiaolian had rolled all the way to the side. He got up and saw that the distance between the Black Widow and himself was only tens of metres. The Black Widow was furiously turning around.

“Come on out, Garfield!”

The Four-Eyed War Cat was summoned out again! It roared before charging it from the side, causing the Black Widow to stagger. Garfield’s sharp claws left deep claw marks upon the Black Widow’s sickle claws and limbs.

This owner-entrapping cat seemed to have understood that its strength was weaker than its opponent. After attacking, it retreated, moving quickly to a side.

At this moment, the enemy was exposed while he hid in the darkness. Garfield paced about in the surroundings. The Black Widow charged at him several times, but the sharp sickle claws only managed to fleece a few of the surrounding rocks and was unable to bring any harm to the Four-Eyed War Cat.

Chen Xiaolian was waiting!

He was waiting for an opportunity!

At long last, Garfield did not let Chen Xiaolian down and unleashed a ‘Cat’s Roar’ against the Black Widow!

Against the Black Widow, an [A] class War Beast, the damage of Cat’s Roar was too small, however… the additional ‘stun’ effect was what Chen Xiaolian was aiming for!

He was gambling!

After being struck by the translucent mass of qi, the Cat’s Roar, it only retreated two steps backwards. It then sharpened its sickle claws and rush forward madly… Garfield retreated again.

Stun effect did not trigger!

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and remained immobile. He continued waiting.

Garfield dodged and scurried about in all directions, a cat that was being chased by a Black Widow throughout the entire cove area. In some instances, Garfield ended up stamping down onto the spider eggs lying on the ground, breaking them in the process. This caused the Black Widow to emit a shrill cry of anger.

Soon, Garfield utilized the ‘Cat’s Roar’ again. This time too, the stun effect did not trigger.

Chen Xiaolian became concerned.

He could sense that Garfield’s momentum was quickly declining. It was clear that even though its damage was low, the ‘Cat’s Roar’, Garfield’s only long-range attack skill consumed a lot of Endurance.

Again! Again ah!

It seemed as though the Heavens had finally heard Chen Xiaolian’s prayer…

Garfield let out a furious roar!

The mass of qi discharged this time was obviously much smaller in size, however, as it hit the Black Widow’s body…

[Prompt: War Pet Four-Eyed War Cat launched the ‘Cat’s Roar’ skill. Small probability of causing stun triggered. Due to the target being of a higher level compared to your War Pet, stun duration halved. Effect will last three seconds… three…]

Chen Xiaolian’s heart was overjoyed!

He did not even bother about the ‘stun duration halved’ matter. Wielding the light sabre, he charged forward!

This charge contained all his might!

The Black Widow remained at its original spot, its eight limbs appeared to be moving drunkenly, swinging back and forth. Chen Xiaolian vigorously charged at it, bending his knees to the ground and letting his body sweep pass the ground!

His knees scraped the ground, causing skin and flesh to be torn off but Chen Xiaolian did not pay any heed to those matters!

Chen Xiaolian used both hands to raise up the light sabre and activated the beam of light. His body remained close to the ground as the momentum propelled him forward to slide across the bottom part of the Black Widow’s belly!

Observing the belly of the Black Widow above his head, he noticed that there was a sheet of white…

Chen Xiaolian raised up both hands to viciously pierce upwards with the light sabre!

Zi zi zi zi…

A harsh sound! The light sabre’s beam left a long wound upon the Black Widow’s belly! A white viscous liquid spilled out!

The Black Widow let out a painful howl, its mouth opened wide. It then raised its sickle claws and stabbed down towards the ground. At this moment, however, Chen Xiaolian had already slipped out from another side!

Three seconds!

Stun effect ended!

Chen Xiaolian quickly deactivated the light sabre to remove its illumination!

The Black Widow screamed painfully. The injury on its belly had snapped it out of the effects of the stun. Yet, it was still unable to stand properly. As it turned around, it was obvious that it was staggering.

My gamble was spot on! The belly is really its weak point!

Chen Xiaolian sighed a breath of relief.

He recalled having watched some science programs, which pointed out that the greatest vulnerability for most spiders is the belly. That is also where its spider web organ is positioned. It is also the softest area out of all the spiders’ body parts!

Garfield who had unleashed three Cat’s Roar was obviously exhausted in terms of Endurance. However, Chen Xiaolian dared not summon it back into the system.

The Four-Eyed War Cat continued attacking with all its might. Taking advantage of the Black Widow’s unstable posture, it landed one claw strike after another upon the Black Widow’s body.

Using its [B] class power, which could break apart a tree with a paw strike, Garfield left several marks on the Black Widow’s body before it finally exhausted all its Endurance.

Watching Garfield shrinking, Chen Xiaolian quickly summoned it back into the system. [1]

After having done that, Chen Xiaolian carefully closed the distance between him and the Black Widow by circling around to its back! He then moved closer bit by bit!

This process took a very long time! As time ticked by, Chen Xiaolian seemed to have transformed into a hunter with a great deal of patience!

He did not act in haste and only approached cautiously. Two steps to the front, then stop for a moment; he then made a careful observation of the Black Widow’s reaction. If the Black Widow turned around, he would instantly move in a circle!

According to his mental calculations, he had spent nearly a quarter of an hour to close the distance between the Black Widow and himself from a 50 metres gap to less than 20 metres!

The current distance was quite dangerous. Due to the illumination source being spilled onto the Black Widow’s body, if it were to turn around and face Chen Xiaolian, then… that faint illumination would very likely cause Chen Xiaolian to become exposed.

Chen Xiaolian gripped the light sabre handle in the palm of his hand, his palm was filled with sweat and his teeth were gritted!

At this moment, the Black Widow suddenly made a move that Chen Xiaolian did not expect.

It suddenly swayed its head about, then…

It crawled slowly towards the left corner of the cove

Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank!

The left corner… there… was where Takashimoto Shizuka and Soo Soo were hiding!

Chen Xiaolian stared at the Black Widow’s head and immediately recognized the problem!


The Japanese flight attendant’s thigh was pricked with a knife before, causing a no small amount of blood to flow out. The scent of blood had been scattered to the air! Even though the Black Widow was blind… its sense of smell was not completely lost.

The Black Widow began to move towards the scent of blood as it crawled towards the corner.

Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment. Then… he made his mind to take the risk!

No longer being able to aim for the best positioning, Chen Xiaolian rushed up madly. His objective was clear, it was the Black Widow’s… rear abdomen! More accurately, he was aiming for the rear tip!

The system prompt had explained that the Black Widow was in its weakened phase, all attributes halved…

Then, why would it be in a weakened phase?

Chen Xiaolian made a speculation – this cove filled with spider eggs was the answer!

Black Widow, this name could be associated with many things: A mother spider, spawning eggs… and it will eat male spiders!

The Black Widow eating up other spiders was something that Chen Xiaolian had already witnessed the moment it appeared.

Now add in the fact that there were so many eggs in the cove and the name ‘Black Widow’! If he still could not figure out why it was weakened – those National Geographic magazines that he read would have been for naught!

The almighty senior Bear Grylls will also not forgive me!

Chen Xiaolian rushed out. His speed at this moment was astonishing!

For Chen Xiaolian whose body had been strengthened, the distance of only tens of metres could be covered in less than 2 seconds. The light sabre’s beam lit up!


He exerted all his strength, all his might, exhausted… everything!

All of it was thrown behind the light sabre as it was fiercely stabbed forward!


All the way until the handle itself was pierced in!

The Black Widow’s body violently trembled. It abruptly raised its head and roared out in pain, its sharp cry nearly piercing through Chen Xiaolian’s ears!

Chen Xiaolian’s one strike had succeeded and he wanted to retreat as soon as possible. Unfortunately, he was too late.  The Black Widow’s hind limbs fiercely bounced up. Chen Xiaolian felt a tremor running through his body, as though a heavy hammer had struck him. His body sailed up into the air to fall down in an area around eight metres away. After he fell to the ground, his mouth spat out blood continuously.

Upon his chest, a sickle-like gash had formed and his clothes and skin had been cut! His flesh was cut open, exposing the white bones within!

The Black Widow turned around; it had already locked on to Chen Xiaolian’s direction. It struggled to move forward, but its ‘rear tip’ was greatly wounded. A light sabre remained stuck, piercing from its rear into its abdomen, causing the Black Widow to helplessly shake about for a moment. In the end, it fell to the back as its hind limbs were no longer able to support its weight. As for its fore limbs, they flailed about but were unable to bring it even a step forward!

Chen Xiaolian could feel his blood flowing out freely, the severe pain seemingly pushing him to the point of unconsciousness.

At long last, the Black Widow issued a sound that resembled a helpless sigh. Then, its body turned crooked as it lay upon the ground…

[Prompt, you have successfully killed an [A] class War Beast, Black Widow. Loot obtained: [Mid] class Healing Type Beast Blood x2, Black Widow soul x1. Do you want to pick it up?]

Chen Xiaolian could feel his eyelids getting increasingly heavier and more blurry… he forcibly gritted his teeth and confirmed the pickup…

He then quickly retrieved one of the [Mid] class Healing Type Beast Blood from the system… swallow…

He was finally unable to hold on to his consciousness anymore and closed his eyes.

[Prompt, you have successfully killed an [A] class War Beast, Black Widow x1. Obtained system reward for newbie’s first kill of an [A] class War Beast. Please confirm].


That was Chen Xiaolian’s last trace of consciousness as he finally fainted for real.

1 Garfield shrinks back into Adorable Form after its Endurance runs out.

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