Chapter 23: Undress

GOR Chapter 23: Undress

Without showing any hesitation, Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly. “I choose you, Pikachu! Argh, wrong, Garfield!”

The owner-entrapping cat transformed into a beam of light, appearing before Chen Xiaolian. Seemingly having sensed the dangerous atmosphere, it quickly shed off its adorable state, transforming into the Four-Eyed War Cat!

Garfield let out a roar and charged towards the Black Widow!

In terms of size, Garfield’s size was one grade lower than the Black Widow. Judging by the momentum behind him, the charge should have been enough… but…

The Black Widow suddenly raised its sickle like claws…

With a roar, Garfield fell to one side, a long bloody wound was added to its tiger stripes. The Black Widow raised its claws again. This time, Garfield used its forelimbs to stop the Black Widow’s sickle claws. Although the claw wound on its body was dripping blood, Garfield bit down savagely.


This bite landed on one of the Black Widow’s sickle claw – For the first time, Chen Xiaolian bore hatred towards spiders! Why do spiders have eight claws?!

In addition, the Black Widow was clearly an [A] class War Beast of the system! Its strength was obviously more astounding when compared to the Four-Eyed War Cat… the claw that was bitten down by Garfield was waved, abruptly throwing Garfield off!

Garfield had its head slammed onto the ground with a “peng”! As it forced itself up, the Black Widow had already pounced before it!


Its sickle was raised, and then it slashed down!

Garfield quickly dodged… with a “chi”, a rock next to him was cut by the Black Widow’s sickle claw as easily as cutting soft cheese!

This shocking cutting force caused the observing Chen Xiaolian’s heart to break out in cold sweat!

Garfield rapidly retreated while the Black Widow went after it. Under its gigantic sickle claws, eight rocks were easily cut apart in succession.

The Black Widow appeared berserk, everywhere it could reach, everywhere it went, a wild storm followed. Any rock that fell under its field of reach would end up being split apart.

Garfield jumped far away and began panting for air…

After having slashed apart numerable amount of stones, the Black Widow seemed to have calmed down. It stood far away and began to tinker with its claws.

Garfield then began behaving like a cat, and started moving about cautiously.

It bounced to the left and right, attempting to find an opportunity to attack…

It was at this moment that Chen Xiaolian discovered something critical!

To his surprise, every one of the Black Widow’s reaction was slower by… half a beat!

Indeed, it was a very minute half beat!

After Garfield had completed its jump to the left, it would turn to the left. After Garfield had turned to the right, it would then turn to the right…

In every instance, it was only after Garfield had finished its jump and landed upon the ground, issuing a sound that the Black Widow would turn around!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart suddenly pounded violently!

It… cannot see?

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind, followed by the rotating gears within his mind. A series of speculations was formed!

They are currently far underground! A place where there is no light!

To what extent is the darkness in this place? The Wind Slasher Guild members needed to use the Firefly Frog secretions to illuminate this area when they came in!

From a biological studies point of view: All life forms will evolve according to its environment!

Life forms that could survive and evolve within absolutely darkness… will usually have a weak vision!

The reason being, from an evolutionary perspective, these life forms do not need vision in a place of absolute darkness.

After having thought about this, Chen Xiaolian made a risky move!

He quickly summoned Garfield into the system!

Black Widow was suddenly unable to locate Garfield, and became seemingly stunned for a moment. It then turned around twice while maintaining its position – this awkward movement made Chen Xiaolian certain!

He made his next move!


Do not forget, back when Chen Xiaolian was applying the Firefly Frog secretions, he had prepared a trick up his sleeve.

He had only smeared the secretions onto the protective suit!

After taking off the protective suit, Chen Xiaolian shouted out loudly, attracting the attention of the Black Widow. He then threw the protective suit that was glowing with the light from the Firefly Frog secretions towards the left of the Black Widow!


The Black Widow was indeed lured by it. Its figure pounced forward, its sickle claws slashing down! The protective suit was instantly cut into two!

The extent of its sharpness thoroughly shocked Chen Xiaolian’s heart!

Even though this protective suit is clearly not high-levelled goods, it could at least provide some defence –  during the time when they were dealing with the Demon Soldiers, it had blocked off several attacks for him!

After the Black Widow failed to hit him, it scraped its claws for a while. Then it suddenly turned towards Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian looked at the two females beside him.

Soo Soo’s body was not smeared with Firefly Frog secretions. Perhaps it was due to her age, they had thus decided not to smear it on her.

The only source of light…

Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation… he extended his hands towards Takashimoto Shizuka!

Takashimoto Shizuka had originally been scared senseless. It was at this moment, however, that she suddenly felt Chen Xiaolian’s hands reaching towards her chest.

The Japanese flight attendant’s body trembled. Her first thought was: At a time like this! He actually wanted to do this kind of thing?

There was no time for Chen Xiaolian to unbutton it one by one. With a “shua”, he tore off the Japanese flight attendant’s uniform! The buttons popped out, and tears fell out of Takashimoto Shizuka as she cried sharply: “No!”

“Don’t make any noise!” Chen Xiaolian urgently shouted out. After that, he proceeded neatly and quickly to render the Japanese flight attendant half-naked…

There was no way around it. The Firefly Frog secretion on her body was applied by Sara. That woman had evilly applied it all over the place.

Despite seeing her underwear being torn off, Takashimoto Shizuka did not have the strength to even cry. She tried to push Chen Xiaolian’s hands away. However, how could she resist Chen Xiaolian’s strength?

When Chen Xiaolian’s hands were seemingly stretched towards her bra, the Japanese flight attendant finally cried out. “No! I beg you please don’t!”

Chen Xiaolian stared blankly before quickly replying, “Do not misunderstand, I am just…”

As his mouth was talking, his hand continued moving.


It was torn off!

He then crumpled it and violently threw it away!

The Japanese flight attendant quickly put both hands up to cover her chest… that blossom white part. Chen Xiaolian did not look at it in detail and only had a glimpse…

En, it turns out she is flat…

A trace of regret appeared within Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

After the clothes were thrown out, the light emitted from it attracted the Black Widow’s attack. The giant spider charged towards the clothes, its gigantic sickle claws slashing down madly, tearing apart the flight attendant’s uniform… as for the piece that was probably Victoria’s Secret’s latest series of underwear, that too was brutally ripped apart…

The Japanese flight attendant felt Chen Xiaolian’s hand moving towards her. She was about to scream out when Chen Xiaolian’s hand suddenly covered her mouth!

“Do not make any noise! It is blind!”

Chen Xiaolian whispered, his mouth was right beside Takashimoto Shizuka’s ears. Wet and hot…

Takashimoto Shizuka’s body trembled… at the same time, some place within her also seemed to tremble once.

Chen Xiaolian did not have the spare energy to care about all these. He nervously observed the Black Widow. After the Black Widow vented its fury upon Takashimoto Shizuka’s clothes, it begun to quiet down… it was as though it was trying to carefully detect a signal… it stood above the flight attendant uniform. Thanks to the faint illumination from the uniform, Chen Xiaolian was able to clearly see what it looks like…

Chen Xiaolian’s heart froze!

He quickly grabbed a stone and threw it far away with all his strength. The stone dropped behind the Black Widow!

The stone hit the mountain walls, and the Black Widow immediately picked up the sound caused by it. Its huge sickle claws flashed and promptly slashed down upon the mountain walls!

As he watched the Black Widow slicing down on the door sized rocks as easily as one would cut butter…

Chen Xiaolian’s scalp turned numb and he cursed inwardly: You bitch sure are an expert in excavation! Are you from Lanxiang? [1]

The Black Widow was lured farther and farther away until Chen Xiaolian could no longer see its outline clearly.

At that moment, there were only two faint source of firefly light within the cove. They were Chen Xiaolian’s protective suit and Takashimoto Shizuka’s clothes.

With the exception of those two, the cove remained shrouded in darkness.

Chen Xiaolian held several stones within his palm. From time to time, he would throw a stone far away. The sound of the stone would attract the Black Widow’s attention – at the current, neither side could see each other.

Chen Xiaolian had already loosened his grip on Takashimoto Shizuka’s mouth. He quickly produced the final [Beginner] class Healing Type Beast Blood that Han Bi had given him and swallowed it.

He placed one hand around Soo Soo and the other around the Japanese flight attendant. He then whispered into their ears. “Get up and follow me. Do not make any noise.”

Chen Xiaolian could feel his body strength returning and he could begin to feel his injured ankle. However, due to the injury of the broken shoulder being far beyond the healing capacity of the ‘[Beginner] class Healing Beast Blood’, it could not be healed. It only reduced the pain significantly.

However, this was quite good. At least now that his ankle had recovered, he would have the ability to move.

Although his strength was still weak…

“A clear-sighted person versus the blind! Watch me beat you to death!”

Chen Xiaolian pulled the two females up.

1 Lanxiang School in Shandong, China specializes in excavation courses.

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