Chapter 25: Humane Brother Xiaolian

GOR Chapter 25: Humane Brother Xiaolian

When Chen Xiaolian woke up, he felt his body leaning against a soft place.

He opened his eyes and heard Takashimoto Shizuka’s exclamations of joy.

Only after blinking a few times did Chen Xiaolian confirm that he was being embraced by the Japanese flight attendant. His head was resting on her pair of slender legs.

Turning around, he saw Soo Soo with tears flowing down her face. She moved to his side and tightly gripped onto his clothes with her small hands.

“I did not die… haha, that is good!”

Chen Xiaolian exhaled.

Takashimoto Shizuka’s face was somewhat flushed. She pulled back her legs and carefully helped Chen Xiaolian into a sitting position.

“Are you all right?”

Listening to the Japanese flight attendant’s gentle voice, Chen Xiaolian looked at her… en, she had already put on a layer of clothes… it was obviously Soo Soo’s jacket. However, the little loli’s size was clearly too small. The little jacket was stretched tight and taut to fit her body. Additionally, some areas were left exposed.

There was a very weak light source due to a pile of tattered and torn uniform belonging to the Japanese flight attendant. The uniform still had the Firefly Frog secretions upon it – they must have retrieved it.

After glancing at Takashimoto Shizuka just once, he quickly averted his gaze to look around.

He then frowned: The three of them were still in the cove!

This is not a safe place…

The multitudinous holes upon the walls were keeping a great number of spider monsters! Even though they had been scared off by the Black Widow, if some of them crawled out again, then the three of them would have to be buried here.

Standing up, Chen Xiaolian examined his own chest… the deep bone-revealing wound had already been closed up. Even his previously injured left shoulder was no longer causing him any pain.

En, [Mid] class Healing Beast Blood has a much better healing potency compared to [Beginner] class.

“How long was I asleep?” Chen Xiaolian turned around to look at the two females.

“I do not know, there is no way to calculate the time here,” Takashimoto Shizuka carefully replied. “Maybe… about half an hour.”

Half an hour? That is not bad…

Chen Xiaolian instantly summoned out Garfield. Seeing it turn into the Adorable Form of a fat cat, he fed it a cat biscuit. After eating, Garfield’s withering spirit was lifted.

Suddenly, Chen Xiaolian felt his clothes being tugged. He lowered his head to see Soo Soo looking at him with wide-open eyes. “Oppa… the monster. You killed it?”

“En… I have killed it.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled gently and rubbed her hair. He turned around to look at the area in the cove where the Black Widow died…

He walked over to check it out. The corpse had disappeared but there was something on the ground.

Eh… my own light sabre?

Better retrieve it.

He then recalled the system prompt that he had seen just before losing consciousness…

Chen Xiaolian quickly checked the system. When he saw the ‘system reward for newbie’s first kill of an [A] class War Beast’, his heart secretly pulsated several times. He then confirmed it.

[Prompt, following the rules for newbies, whenever a newbie kills an [A] class or higher class of War Beast, they will receive this reward. This reward can be received at any time. This reward can only be obtained once for each player. Do you want to check the details?]

What nonsense, of course I want to check!

[Reward description: Because you have killed an [A] class War Beast, you obtained this system reward. Select one of the personal attributes to have it enhanced, effect of enhancement for the selected attribute is an increase by one class].

Select one attribute, increase by one class?

This reward is very praiseworthy ah!

Chen Xiaolian quickly opened his personal attributes interface and viewed it.

Physique: C

Endurance: D

Agility: B

Energy Points: Zero

En… ignore Energy Points first. I do not have any ranged skills, there is no need for Energy Points at the moment.

Melee… strength should by primarily connected to Physique! My destructive strength is too weak, if I could enhance my destructive strength…

Agility is good as well. If it were to be enhanced by one class, then my running speed would be faster…

Forget it, with him bringing the two females along, running faster is useless… when the time comes for him to make a desperate escape, Chen Xiaolian knew that he did not have what it takes to leave the two females aside – that is not how a male should act!

In the end, enhancing Physique is still the best. With an increased strength, my melee power would be increased as well.

But as Chen Xiaolian was preparing to enhance his ‘Physique’ by one class…

[Prompt, do you want to enhance Physique? Current attribute at [C], after enhancement, attribute would be at [C+]].

Eh? Only from [C] to [C+]… I had assumed that it would directly become [B] class…

However, now that this had happened, Chen Xiaolian became hesitant!

With the class increment being so minute… it became evident that the difference in class increments for this system is very big!

Moreover, according to Chen Xiaolian’s previous experience of playing games for years…  for any game, the early upgrades are much easier. However, the upgrades in the late game, for each level, there will be a great divide!

This reward that could directly give one upgrade at any given moment while disregarding any conditions… if he were to use it here, would it not be a waste?

Upgrading [C] to [C+]. It would be more cost-effective to do so using some other methods! Do not forget, Chen Xiaolian had previously strengthened himself using the points given by the Beginner Strengthening Kit. Using only 100 points, he was able to upgrade his Physique and Agility by one class! However… based on his experience of playing countless games, he made a speculation. In the later stages, in order to upgrade his attribute by one class from say, [A+] to [S] class… it may very well require several thousand or even tens of thousands of points!

Or perhaps it would be an insurmountable Heavenly divide!

This upgrade type of reward, it would be better to leave it for later…

As the saying goes, after a hundred feet worth of success, take yet another step [1]. That is the most difficult step – why don’t I keep this unconditional upgrade reward until the time for the ‘next step’?

Although… deep down a faint voice was scolding him: At a time like this, what future do you want to consider? Heaven knows what kind of difficulty we will encounter next! Isn’t the biggest goal to leave here and head home? Who cares about in the future? Upgrade my strength and increase my chances of surviving is good enough!

However… after Chen Xiaolian continued hesitating for a while, on the [Do you want to initiate enhancement now], he selected [No].

He firmly shook his head to shut off the distracting thoughts inside his head.

En, there is another loot…

Black Widow’s soul!

[Captured Black Widow’s soul, do you want to adopt it as a War Pet?]

Chen Xiaolian laughed out!

Hahaha! Trading in a water gun for a cannon!

The Black Widow is a powerful one ah!

He lowered his head to see the fat cat that was using its fat head to rub his boots…

It is more powerful than you, you know?

Heng, after this you should change your profession to a full-time adorability flasher! Just leave the combat side of things to Black Widow!


Chen Xiaolian smiled from ear to ear.

The next moment however, he froze.

[Prompt: Due to Class restriction, you can only adopt one War Pet. Do you want to replace? If replacement is chosen, the original War Pet would be exterminated by the system].

… exterminated!

The bloody word had made its way into Chen Xiaolian’s mind!

He lowered his head to again look at the fat cat that was rubbing against his boots while flashing its adorability…

Sighing… he selected [No].

I am not an ungrateful person.

Although this cat can be quite the shitty cat… if it had not fought to the death against the Black Widow, Chen Xiaolian would not have any chance to hold on until the end. Thinking back to how it had its body slashed by the Black Widow time and again…

If he has the Black Widow, then he would let it retire and turn to a full-time adorable flasher.

But, extermination?

Chen Xiaolian did not show any hesitation to say no to this thought!

He bent down and picked up Garfield into his arms, then rubbed its fat head.

“Hey, I have returned you the favour. Next time, you will need to work hard to fight, all right? Don’t entrap your owner anymore.”


1 ‘百尺竿头,更进一步’. It means to continue striving for greater progress even after having achieved a high level of success.

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