Chapter 20

“Crazy bastard.”


“You are just a damn guide.”

“Guide... what? What is this?”

“It is what it means.”

"Ugh. You dare to speak like that to a sacred god? You will be punished!”

“Punish? Then come down here.”


Maybe it was due to Solar’s anger but its face started burning as it became hotter.

...Ah, was this person originally fire? By the way, why did it feel like Solar was really that guy? What were the blue flames in its eyes...?

“You! Wait and see. I...”

I tried to ignore his words as I started roasting the goblin meat I had inserted on my dagger. Zalmergus did this but I wasn’t certain if it would work. Sure enough. Sizzle. The meat started to roast. The delicious smell pierced my nose.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is gulping.]

I turned the dagger around to make sure the meat was properly cooked and saw a message when it was finished.


[Delicacy! Instant goblin roast!]

[The discovery of a new dish often makes humans happier than the discovery of a new star.

The sun roasted goblin will be the first step for the unknown Weather Chef.

-Star Taste: ☆

-Expiration date: One day.

-Health Recovery: 100.

Efficacy: Those who eat the food will increase their attack power against the goblins by 5% during the day.

Maximum health is increased by 8%.

-Sun’s Blessing: Strength, defense, fire damage and fire resistance increased by 5%.]

[You have succeeded in Weather Cooking for the first time.]

[All stats are increased by +1.]

[The level of the sun elemental has increased. You will be able to control the fire a bit more.]

Ohu. Look at this? It felt like I wouldn’t need to worry about potions in the future. I received buffs just from eating the food. This wasn’t present in the Mulan food and there was the part about the sun. It probably had to do with the class I received. I thought that the class I received was better than I initially thought.

Um, delicious.”

The roasted goblin had a truly heavenly taste. The sweet, bitter juices spread through my mouth and felt as refreshing as a waterfall.

“Hey.” Solar called out.

The damn guide...


“...Just one bite.”

“Why should I?”

Oh, only one bite!”

“You can’t eat it anyway. Isn’t Solar eating it?”

“You can offer it as a sacrifice.”

“Sacrifice? What is that?”

“Burn the food and it will become a sacrifice. I call it the fire sacrifice.”

...He wanted me to feed him.

I told him, “Annoying.”

Ah, why is it annoying?”

“Just because.”


This guy, he was somehow like a child. I could see that he was deceived by these childish pranks. I quickly roasted the rest of the meat and distributed it to him. “Eat.” 

Oh! Human, you’re truly good!”

...What a funny guy. I thought it would be better to mix the carrot and the stick properly because he seemed like a useful guy in the future. At the same time, I saw the meat vaporizing into the fire. It really was a sacrificial meal.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is smiling at the dishes.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ will convey some of his abilities.]

[The apostle skill ‘Keen Insight’ has been learnt.]

Keen Insight? What was this?

[Keen Insight (Active)]

[Rating: Legend

Magic Power Consumption: 10 

Cooldown Time: 24 hours. Duration: 1 minute.

You can preview your opponent’s attack path for a short period of time.]

I could preview the attack path. It was a pretty good skill but the cooldown time was too long. I would have to wait until it could be used again...

This bastard gave me crap. I would make him lead the way.

“Hey, give me some directions. Let me know if there are any good items like last time.”

“There is no such thing! This old man!”

* * *

How much time passed? Solar was so conspicuous that I sent it back. As expected, there were no guards in the cave and it was almost empty, but security at the entrance of the village was definitely tight. Looking at it, I wondered if I could sneak in.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is starting the route guidance.]

...Kukukuk. That’s right. This guy was the best at guiding. My mouth twitched at the thought of getting good navigation in the future. I moved carefully and undetected thanks to this guy’s guidance. The place I arrived at was...

A warehouse? I had vaguely seen it on the map of this place. The place he was guiding me to was the warehouse on the map. The question was why he brought me here.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ wants you to take the explosives in front of you.]


I was dumbfounded. The explosives weren’t noticeable. Don’t tell me I was going to blow things up... 

I see.

“I understand your intentions.”

I quickly removed the cloth in front of me and grabbed the explosives.

[Explosive x 4 have been acquired.]

It was obvious why there were explosives here. The power of the explosives was needed to break through the cave here.

“Let’s see, where was that skill?” 

I opened the skill window and quickly started checking the list. Then I soon stopped in one place.

“I found it.”

[Blowing Fire (Active)]

[Rating: Normal

Magic Power Consumption: 1 per second.

One of the fundamental basics of a chef is to handle fire well. A chef should be able to start a fire anytime, anywhere. Thus, all chefs can basically blow out fire.]

I started laughing as I looked at the skill window. Huhuhu. Let’s make a disturbance.”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is laughing wickedly with you.]

After a while, I arrived at the outer wall that was a bit away from the entrance of the village.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve played with fire.”

I pulled out one of the explosives with a devilish smile and used Blowing Fire that I had viewed earlier. It was still low in level so it was around the strength of a gas stove fire, but it was enough. The moment the explosive rapidly caught fire, I threw it at the wall and quickly hid in a safe place. Then...

A loud sound was heard and the outer wall collapsed.

...The firepower was amazing.

Three explosives were left. I thought they might be useful someday.

At this moment, a voice could be heard. “What? There is a loud noise!”

Kiik! Over there! The suspicious thing is over there!”

The guards were coming. It was close to the entrance of the village and the goblins were rushing.

... It was pretty funny. Keke.

I was able to quietly sneak out of the cave without them knowing. I exited the cave and arrived in a forest.

“It is a forest this time.”

Would a desert come out later? I held my dagger and carefully approached through the grass. I had moved 100 meters when I felt someone’s presence. I instantly hid myself.

Kukuku. Today will be a festival of human meat. Kirik.”

“Delicious. I haven’t eaten it in a few years. Kiiik.”

“It’s been a long time since a festival took place in the village. Kiik! Today was a really fun day! Kakaka!

Festival? It was probably due to the festival that security in the cave was lax. If so, it meant almost all the goblins were in the village...

I realized that the rescue attempt might be a bit difficult and my face hardened.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is starting the route guidance.]


Please do it once again. I carefully infiltrated using the path he pointed out.

* * *

The ominous sound of drums and trumpets filled the village. A prison built using shabby wood. There were people inside with their hands and feet bound. They were those who had joined the subjugation force and survived. It was Kim Sujeong who led them.

Sob sob. Sob.

“It's so dirty here. I want to go home.”

“I’m cold, hungry, and tired.”

“Isn’t there a mirror here? My skin...”

“Please wait a little bit. There will definitely be reinforcements. I called for a very strong person.”

“A strong person? Who is it?”

Ah, well...”

Kim Sujeong bit her lip. She couldn’t tell them that a grandfather was coming as support. In fact, she didn’t know if she herself would have believed it so it was better to keep silent.

‘Maybe Father will lead the soldiers.’

It was at this moment that one of the goblins standing guard was struck in the heart by a flying dagger and killed in one blow. 


She knew the identity of that dagger. There was no way she couldn’t know. It was too familiar.

“Is anyone injured?”

“Father! How did you arrive here?”

“I followed a guide.”

Huh...?” Kim Sujeong was bewildered by the words.

Then another user’s voice was heard from beside her. “Sujeong, who is this man...?”

Ah, he is the reinforcement.”


“Yes, a very strong reinforcement.”

It was at this moment.

“Intruders! There are intruders here!”

* * *

Tsk, I finally came here but was discovered.”

I held the dagger as I greeted the goblins who came here. The number of them lived up to my expectations. In the end, I had to wear the smelly goblin armor set.

...I didn’t want to wear this but it couldn’t be helped.

[The Stinky Goblin Leather Top Armor has been worn.]

[The Stinky Goblin Leather Armor Bottoms has been worn.]

[The Stinky Goblin Leather Boots have been worn.]

[The Stinky Goblin Leather Gloves have been worn.]

[This is an item with a set effect.]

[All stats are increased by +10.]

[A special effect will be triggered.]

[Your body stinks. Goblins can’t get close to you.]

[You won’t be hit by goblins.]

“Everybody, cover your nose!”


All the women in the prison had question marks over their heads at Kim Sujeong’s shout. Then they quickly found out the reason.

Oh, what is this smell?”

“Kyak! The worsttt!”

“Terrible! Where the hell is it coming from?”

“What did he eat that it smells like this?”

...I’m sorry. I apologized to them while blocking my nose with one hand. I pointed my dagger at a goblin. “You rotten guys. You made me wear it again so you’re all dead.”

The next moment, Prometheus’ buff and the stats I gained from eating the food exploded from my legs. I rushed toward them at an incredible speed and started to wield my dagger in an unfathomable manner.


There were endless screams from the goblins. They were unable to stop the smell entering their noses due to their short arms. It was a very sorry sight.

Kiiit! What is this smell?!”

“It smells rotten! Kiik! I can’t stand it!”

“This human is dirty and tasteless! The smell is awful! Kuack!

I spoke toward the goblins who were watching me with scornful eyes, “You are the rotten ones!”

I constantly attacked the goblins. The expressions of the women in the prison became even more dumbfounded.


They all had open mouths and the same expression. Well, except for one person. Kuk, Father is truly great.”

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