Chapter 19

After a while, I went down to the first floor to speak to Masis and Zalmergus.

“Jackson, please take this.”

Zalmergus pushed a big box to me. It was a box around the size of a ramyun box.

“What is this?”

I opened the box and checked what was inside.

[Strange Chef Alexus’ Cooking Uniform Production Method has been acquired.]

[A floating pot has been acquired.]

[Zalmergus’ Culinary Tools Set has been acquired.]


I checked the messages and was even more bewildered.

“I initially promised to give you the clothes. I added other things as well.”

...Ah, that reminded me that I was supposed to get the production method for the chef’s uniform in the first place. Once I remembered this fact, I couldn’t help smiling.

“Additionally, this pot is a must for the sun and other dishes. It is the same for the cooking tools. You have seen how to use the pot. It is made out of floating stones so just throw it into the air and it’ll float on its own.”

I threw the pot into the air like he said. Then I saw the pot floating around and smiled like a child.

Zalmergus was looking at me with satisfaction.

I muttered, “You’re cooking...”

“I can’t cook anymore.”

Masis murmured, “Grandfather...”

“I’m too old now and I’m also sick. My hands have started shaking since yesterday. That was the last dish of my life. The person who ate it was Jackson so I am more than willing to give it up.”


I unknowingly closed my eyes. Maybe if I had started Arkstar earlier, Zalmergus wouldn’t have to give up cooking. I had such a thought. However, it was too late to turn things around. I was in a virtual reality more brutal than reality. I wasn’t a fool who regretted what had passed and knew how to reflect on it.

I made a decision. If someone told me to become a king again, I would confront it head on without avoiding any trials. I would never hesitate. I made this vow.

Then I received a whisper.

-Crystal: Father, are you busy?

-Jackson: No, I was about to leave.

-Crystal: Can you lend your support to the subjugation force?

-Jackson: What is going on?

-Crystal: The goblins dug a trap... kyaak-!


[Crystal can no longer send or receive whispers.]


This was ominous. I tried to send a whisper again but it kept saying it wasn’t possible. I hurriedly said goodbye to the two people in front of me. “I'm sorry. Something seems to have happened to Crystal so I have to go first.”

“We’re fine. Don’t worry and go ahead.”

“Thank you. I hope we can have a drink soon.”

“Be careful, Elder.” 

"Yes, Masis. I’ll see you again.”

I quickly ran out of the house. The place I headed to was Philos’ location.

“Hey! Philos!” I ran to the barracks and quickly found Philos.

“Jackson! What brings you here? I didn’t ask you...”

“The subjugation force is in danger.”


Philos looked surprised and I asked, “Do you know that Crystal is there?”

“Yes, I know that she applied to join the advance team...”

“She was in touch with me when communication was interrupted. It looks like something has happened.”


“You should send additional support for the soldiers.

“I understand. Please wait a moment. Jackson, I will soon summon the soldiers so...”

"No. I’ll go by myself.”


Philos once again looked surprised. I told him, “It will be too late by the time the soldiers are gathered. I also know the location and topography of the caves so I’ll be able to find them faster.”


“It’s okay. Trust me. Please bring additional support.”

“I understand. Then take this.”

[The identity card that symbolizes the subjugation force members has been acquired.]

“Thank you. I’ll go first.”

[Fight the Goblin VIllage!]

[Difficulty: C

The secret cave of the goblins has finally been discovered. The guard captain Philos wants to ambush the goblins and get revenge on the soldiers who have been killed. Get revenge on the goblin village.

-Completion Conditions: Subjugate the goblin village 0/1.

~It is recommended to have a party of six or more.]

I quickly went out without looking at the quest window in front of me. Philos felt the seriousness of the situation and called the soldiers.

“Hey! Is someone here?”


“Rally all the soldiers right now! Quickly!”

The soldier was scared by the sudden shout and stuttered, “Y...Yes! I understand!”

The young soldier gave a short salute and ran out while Philos turned to the map on his desk. He kept frowning because he had a bad feeling. “What is happening there...”

* * *

Mulan’s west gate.

The guard noticed me approaching and stopped me.

“This place is dangerous. Go back...”

I quickly pulled out the identification card.

“It turns out you’re a member of the subjugation force. You can pass by here.”

Originally, the west side was a controlled place for the general public. The reason I could go out on that day was because Guard Carl was new and his senior Darren was too lazy to work. Of course, I only learned about this later. I put the identity card back in my inventory and equipped a dagger.

I ran and found goblins in the distance.


“Get out of the way.”

The dagger was inserted into the goblin’s head and the goblin turned to ash. I pulled the dagger out of his head and quickly swung it at the remaining ones.

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

The goblins were quickly handled with a dazzling knife technique and I quickly crossed the plains without picking up a single dropped item.

“Please wait a little bit, Sujeong.” 

It wasn’t just Sujeong. No matter if it was my family, friends, or anyone else. I would go and destroy anyone who touched and harassed my people. This was what I chose.

“The king’s path.”

[The apostle ‘Fire Thief Looking Ahead’ is cheering you on and giving you strength.]

[You have received the apostle’s buff.]

[All stats are increased by 20% for 30 minutes.]

“Thank you, Fire Thief.”

 I started to race forward to the secret cave, enjoying the full power.

* * *

I ran for a long time before reaching the secret cave leading to their village. I hid behind a rock like last time. I hoped the guards would pass by like they did the other day. However, there were no goblins passing by. On the contrary, the atmosphere of the cave seemed more unpredictable than last time. I thought it must be one of two things—either the subjugation force was wiped out or the goblins were wiped out.

...No. it was more likely that the subjugation force was wiped out. Sujeong had showed signs of panic the last time I contacted her.

“She said there was a trap. Definitely...”

It was likely they had been ambushed.

“I have to break through here to go to the village.”

I started to move quietly. After 10 minutes, I was able to capture a guard.

Oof! Oof!

The goblin’s mouth was gagged with goblin leather and his hands and feet were tied up with a rope I acquired from the corpse of a soldier. I placed a dagger against his neck and asked, “Do you want to live?”

Nod nod.

...They were very easy to handle.

“Then I’ll let go but you have to be quiet. Or... you understand?"

Nod nod nod nod.

I hid the slight curving of my lips and pulled out the piece of leather in his mouth.

“I-I want to live. Kiik!

“If you want to live then answer my question truthfully.”

Kiik. Good. Ask anything!”

In any case, they were cowards.

“I was told that a subjugation force came here. Are they all dead?”

Kik, half died and half lived.”

“What does that mean...?”

“The men were killed and the women kept as food. They are locked up at the prison in the village. Kiik.”

Then by now, Sujeong would be in prison.

“What happened? You must’ve ambushed them...?”

“Our tribe chief is very smart. He knew you guys would be coming. Kik. Thus, we dug a trap and waited in advance. Kiik.”

It was like that. I thought it made sense. Perhaps Sujeong had sent me the last request for help when she fell into the trap.

“I will ask you one last thing.”

“Tell me, human.”

"Why are only the fragile women used as food?”

Kiik, it isn’t just eating the women. Young children have soft and tender meat. Thus, we eat them often. Kikikikik. I ate some just yesterday.”

At this moment, I was filled with rage.

[The apostle ‘Fire Thief Looking Ahead’ feels unbearable anger.]

Yes, this guy was also upset? I was the same.




Kuaaah! Oof oof oof!!

I stabbed him while covering his mouth. “You eat us so I can eat you too, right?”

Oof, ooof!

“Shut up.”


Oof! Ooof!

“They would’ve experienced just as much pain as you.”

The arm of the goblin flew through the air. The goblin’s eyes became increasingly blurred and he had no strength left to speak. I pushed my face in front of his.

“Go to hell and reflect on your life.”

The dagger reversed. It moved in a line and cut the goblin’s throat.

[The apostle ‘Fire Thief Looking Ahead’ is thrilled.]

[Goblin Nails have been acquired.]

[Goblin Leather has been acquired.]

[Goblin Meat has been acquired.]

“It has been a long time since I’ve opened this lid.”

By the way, what is this ingredient? I recalled that I received meat at the end and that I could get ingredients from a monster. Should I make a meal...? I had confirmed that Sujeong was alive so this was fine. I slowly opened my mouth. “Weather Cooking.”

Fire sparked in the air. The flames took a familiar form and spoke to me, "Are you my new master?"

“Yes, I am your new master.”

[Sun Elemental - Lv. 13 Solar]

[Magic Power Consumption: 20

Cooldown Time: 1 hour. Duration: 30 minutes

Responsible for the fire in Weather Cooking.

-You can also summon the sun elemental for combat by calling the name.

-The level of the sun elemental will increase every time you eat a sun dish.

-As the level increases, the sun elemental can use more attacks.

-Sun Ball: Use the mouth to blow out the energy of the sun and attack the enemies (390 sun damage).

-Sun’s Curse: Any enemies within 3 meters will receive sun damage every three seconds (50 sun damage).

-White Flame’s Wrath: Burn all of the sun energy and momentarily double your strength. Once all the power has dissipated, you can’t summon them for 24 hours.

-The following buffs will last as long as Solar is summoned in combat:

Strength +5%, defense +5%, fire damage +5%, fire resistance +5%.]

It was a message of enormous length. The surprising thing was that Solar was also good at combat. I could summon it in battle just by calling its name? Since I could see a level, it meant it had room to grow. I thought it would be helpful to me if I could raise it.

Solar said, “I remember! Person who looks like Alexus! Hehe!

Come to think of it, I first heard the name Alexus from it.

“Do I look that much like him?”

“Yes, you look very similar! That’s why you’re so good!”

I watched Solar smiling energetically and felt a sense of goodwill. Then the thief sent me a message.

[The apostle ‘Fire Thief Looking Ahead’ is telling Solar to convey his words.]

“The one who gave birth to me has a message for you. Hehe.”

Gave birth to it? I felt uneasy but couldn’t not listen. This darn curiosity.

“Tell me.”

“Don’t swear at me in the future! You stupid person!”


“I’m not a thief or a constellation! I’m a god!”


“A god by the name of Prometheus!”

[The apostle ‘Fire Thief Looking Ahead’ has revealed his true name.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is looking at you with disgust.]

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