Chapter 49: Great Whitejade Palm

The two of them talked for a good four hours. During that time, Bai Ziyan was the one doing most of the talking while Chen Feng would only occasionally interject with a few questions. It was clear that Bai Ziyan had a greater understanding of the world. Following Bai Ziyan’s explanation, Chen Feng gradually gained an intuitive understanding of the Eternal World. A rough map formed within Chen Feng’s mind.

At the same time, Chen Feng also learned quite a bit regarding cultivation. The explanation given by Bai Ziyan was clearly more comprehensive compared to the information he read from the Miscellaneous Information booklet. Chen Feng had benefitted a lot from the four hours. He also had a clearer understanding on his future path.

“Miss Bai, may I ask again, what stage are you at?” Chen Feng was finally unable to stop himself from asking.

“I have gone beyond the Concealed stage and overcome one Lightning Tribulation to reach the Sky Human stage,” said Bai Ziyan coolly.

“So, the Sky Human stage is above the Concealed stage. If so, what is above the Sky Human stage?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Given your current level of cultivation, knowing more about it could be detrimental for you. It would be better for you to focus on cultivating yourself. Once you have reached my level, you will naturally come to understand it.” Bai Ziyan waved her hand and chose not to talk about it anymore.

Chen Feng had wanted to ask something else, but Bai Ziyan’s face sank and she said, “Someone is coming, an expert.”

“What? An expert?” 

Chen Feng was shocked. For someone like Bai Ziyan to call someone an expert, that person was certainly no ordinary character. At the very least, he or she should also be at the Sky Human stage.

“Humph! It should be here. This kid is quite thorough in hiding.” A middle-aged man in golden attire floated in mid-air, his gaze focused on the crack upon the cliff.

It was none other than Sage Goldenlight, the one who had captured the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad. Unexpectedly, he had managed to find Chen Feng’s hideout. Golden-coloured light shone from his eyes and his figure radiated with an overbearing and wild atmosphere.

Next, with a wave of his hand, potent energy spanning a length of a hundred metres appeared out of thin air. Then, the potent energy shot towards the cracks that Chen Feng was at, scouring through every corner, incinerating the surrounding rocks and trees to powder.

Back inside the cave, Chen Feng felt as though a powerful suffocating atmosphere was quickly descending upon him. He felt like an ordinary human facing a tsunami, incapable of hiding nor resisting.

It was then that Bai Ziyan flicked her finger to release a beam of sword energy. Instantly, the incoming potent energy was shattered apart.

“Be good and stay here. I will go out and chase him off.” After saying that, Bai Ziyan’s figure fluttered and she quickly flew out from the cave.

“Eh? The kid could actually break my attack?” Sage Goldenlight was taken aback.

“Which cultivation friend is inside?” Sage Goldenlight spoke up with a loud voice, one that rumbled like thunder, causing the whole valley to tremble. Countless stones rolled down the cliff.


Bai Ziyan floated out before suddenly stopping in the middle of the air. Her clothes billowed in the wind and she appeared like a Heavenly Goddess.

“Sage Goldenlight, why are you attacking me?” said Bai Ziyan coolly and a chilling killing intent shot out towards Sage Goldenlight.

“How could it be you?” Sage Goldenlight was stunned. Next, a look of realization appeared on his face.

“So, you are the one who beat me to it.”

“I do not know what you are talking about,” replied Bai Ziyan calmly. 

“However, the matter of you attacking me earlier cannot simply be overlooked. How about this? Cripple your own cultivation base and I can spare your life, otherwise you will be annihilated once I attack.” The killing intent from Bai Ziyan suddenly soared.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Hearing those words caused Sage Goldenlight to laugh loudly. It was as though he had just heard the funniest joke ever.

“Did I hear you wrongly? You want me to cripple my own cultivation base?” Sage Goldenlight could not stop himself from asking.

“That is right,” said Bai Ziyan coolly.

“Who do you think you are? An Immortal Human? I will have you know I am a cultivator who have overcome one Lightning Tribulation!” Sage Goldenlight retorted loudly.

“If that is the case, do not blame me for being rude.” After saying that, both of Bai Ziyan’s hands quickly shot up to display a sword skill and a sword pierced through the air. The sword was only one metre in length, but it was unknown just what materials were used to create it. Light flowed through the body of the sword. Despite its forward movement, it appeared like a drawn bow, capable of unleashing a thunderous power at any moment.

“Oh, a Prized artefact! Excellent! As it so happens, I am missing an offensive type weapon. To think that you would present me with one.” A look of shock first appeared on Sage Goldenlight’s face. Next, however, it was replaced with a look of greed.

“Divine Goldenlight Net, shroud the sun and cover the sky!”

A dot of golden light erupted before transforming into a large golden net. It flashed with golden light that was so intense, the light from the sky and sun became lesser existences in comparison. The countless golden threads twisted ceaselessly, like snakes entangling each other without respite. The net then spread out towards the sword in the sky.

This was Sage Goldenlight’s famed magic treasure, the Divine Goldenlight Net. The net had killed and captured countless cultivators and yao beasts. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that half of Sage Goldenlight’s reputation came from this magic treasure.

Seeing Sage Goldenlight use the net to wrap up her sword, Bai Ziyan suddenly revealed a ridiculing expression.

“Great Astral Thunder Sword technique!” Bai Ziyan suddenly whispered and the sword that was in the middle of the sky immediately unleashed astral swords, hundreds of metres in length, one after another. At the same time, all of them contained powerful traces of the power of thunder and lightning. The astral swords cleaved while thunder and lightning tore all to pieces. The Divine Goldenlight Net became like icy snow that had encountered a raging fire, melting immediately. It did not take long before the astral swords tore a large hole on the net.

“Not good! You actually managed to condense out Sky Lightning? Raging Dragon Takes a Detour!”

Sage Goldenlight shouted and sprayed out essence energy from his mouth. The badly damaged golden net, seemingly having come in contact with celestial dew, began growing at a maddening rate. Its threads became as thick as arms, akin to the muscle fibres of a dragon, indestructible in quality and capable of entangling all. It evaded the sword and flew towards Bai Ziyan, moving to envelop her.

Sage Goldenlight had used Innate Gold Essence, melding it with Flaming Silk and various other yao beast hides and muscles to create the Divine Goldenlight Net. It had also accompanied him as he overcame Lightning Tribulation to be upgraded to a Prized artefact. Normally, he could easily capture enemies and yao beasts using this net.

As the net was about to envelop Bai Ziyan, her jade-like hand rapidly shot out, slapping out at the net while still floating in the sky. A 10-metre long handprint silhouette appeared in the middle of the sky. Although it was just a silhouette, the lines on the palm of the silhouette appeared vivid. The knuckles on the palm could be clearly seen, even the blood vessels and meridians underneath the skin and flesh was clear for all to see. It appeared like a real palm.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Divine Goldenlight Net instantly released sounds of explosions. Every inch of the net exploded. This time, the net was not simply broken. Rather, it exploded, transforming into ashes. Every time the Divine Goldenlight Net exploded, Sage Goldenlight’s expression would turn even more distorted.

That was his lifebound magic treasure, which was connected to his own state of mind. The destruction of the magic treasure meant damage to his own divine sense.

“Great Whitejade Palm! How unexpected. You have not only condensed out Sky Lightning but also successfully learned the Great Whitejade Palm. Consider today an unlucky day for me. Since things have come to this, I will take my leave first,” shouted Sage Goldenlight. With a wave of his hand, he collected the Divine Goldenlight Net and turned, wanting to flee.

“Trying to leave now? Too late!” After saying that, Bai Ziyan took one step and her figure flashed through space. Gripping her sword, she then slashed out at Sage Goldenlight. Beam after beam of golden light appeared to form a curtain up in the sky, which then shot towards Sage Goldenlight, enveloping him.


The clothes on Sage Goldenlight were smashed to pieces and blood scattered all over the place. Although he looked to be in a miserable state, it was not life-threatening. At the same time, blazing flames ignited from his body, turning him into a flaming human. Then, he increased his speed and continued to flee into the distance. 

“Combusting the Soulflame to improve your strength to escape?” Bai Ziyan furrowed her brows and was about to give chase when a large, golden-coloured toad suddenly appeared. The toad charged at Bai Ziyan. It was none other than the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad that Sage Goldenlight had captured back in the pool. It was unknown just what methods Sage Goldenlight had utilized to control it. Now that he was in danger, he threw the yao beast out to serve as a shield.

The Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad opened its mouth against Bai Ziyan and a powerful ripple spread out. It was none other than the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s magic skill, the Golden Toad Ripple, a move capable of breaking rocks and shattering high-quality steel.

“Get lost!”

Bai Ziyan waved her hand to unleash another Great Whitejade Palm, striking the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad like striking a ball, causing it to smash heavily onto the ground to create a deep crater.

However, the one moment of delay allowed Sage Goldenlight to completely escape.

“Forget it. He has already suffered from one Great Astral Thunder Sword blow and even combusted his own Soulflame. After escaping, he will need to enter cultivation retreat for quite some time,” said Bai Ziyan coolly. 

By then, Chen Feng had already made his way out from the cave. He came out just in time to see Sage Goldenlight getting beaten until he was forced to retreat. Chen Feng’s heart was secretly shocked.

What powerful sword energy! And then there is that great palm. It could so easily send the big toad flying. It probably has enough power to shatter a small mountain. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“That person was probably tracking you. Now that he has been wounded by me, it will not be easy for him to recover within a short period of time. And now, I need to leave as well. You take good care of yourself. I will tell you this though. Black Origin City is too small. If you want to gain some achievements, you should go out and take risks,” said Bai Ziyan as she looked at Chen Feng. Then, her figure swayed as she made to leave. 

“Please wait!” Chen Feng hastily called out.

“Is there anything else?” Bai Ziyan asked coolly.

“Thank you, Miss Bai. Be it the matter of telling me about the world or chasing my enemy away for me, when I have the strength, I will definitely repay this favour,” said Chen Feng with a serious tone. 

“We’ll talk about it when you have the strength,” said Bai Ziyan with a smile.

After that, Bai Ziyan no longer said anything. Her figure flew through the sky as her white clothes fluttered and she quickly disappeared into the distance.

Chen Feng watched absent-mindedly as Bai Ziyan disappeared. Only after some noise rang out did he recollect himself.

The battle earlier had attracted the attention of some cultivators from Black Origin City.

“Hurry, look there! There is a big ass toad there!” A cultivator at the astral energy (6th) layer exclaimed as he looked on in amazement at the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad, which was the size of a small mountain.

“Hurry, run for it! This is a yao beast, the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad! Not even Concealed stage experts could kill it,” an old and highly experienced cultivator quickly shouted.

“What is there to fear? It seems someone has struck this yao beast senseless.”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Several cultivators emboldened themselves and rushed before the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad. Pulling out their weapons, they struck the surface of the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s dark golden skin, causing sparks to fly out.

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