Chapter 48: Bai Ziyan

As Chen Feng was cultivating peacefully, a white figure drifted inside. White clothes with a gauzy texture, flowing silky hair akin to a waterfall and a face that was somehow shrouded by fog, making it impossible to see the figure’s face. However, the figure gave off an air of lofty elegance, like a Goddess descending upon the earth.

When the woman entered, Chen Feng instantly snapped open his eyes. Seeing someone before him, he jumped to his feet and reached out for the Overwhelming Astral Sword, gripping it in his hand. When Chen Feng got a clear view of the figure, he blurted.

“It is you?!”

“It seems you recognize me. No wonder your body has the aura of the tree spirit. It turns out you are the one who hauled in the benefit that day.” The woman in white said with a faint smile on her face and a rather soft tone. The tone felt like a jade descending from the sky, rain droplets striking bamboo tray, giving a soft feeling of comfort.

“Yes, I did get the benefit that day. However, I was forced into it. It was a near-death scenario for me as well.” When Chen Feng first saw the woman, his heart palpitated furiously. However, he quickly recovered. The present him had cultivated up to the Concealed stage. Additionally, he also possessed a Godly weapon in his hand. Despite knowing that this woman was inscrutably powerful, Chen Feng was able to speak out.

“Miss, I am in the middle of cultivating. Why did you suddenly come in? Are you planning on doing anything bad against me?” asked Chen Feng, his grip on the sword tightening.

Hearing Chen Feng’s question, the woman in white chuckled softly, giving Chen Feng a slight feeling of confusion.

“If I really do plan on doing something bad against you, what can you do about it? Do you think you can fight me with the sword in your hand?” said the woman in white with a smile. It would appear that she did not view Chen Feng seriously.

“If I may ask, what stage are you at?” Chen Feng’s eyes glinted and he asked with a serious tone.

“My current stage? It is not something that the current you can understand,” replied the woman in white coolly. Next, she regarded Chen Feng from head to toe. Immediately, Chen Feng felt as though the other party’s gaze had taken tangible form and pierced through his whole body. He felt as though someone had stripped him off every article and left him on a frozen wasteland. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

“As expected, you have melded with the essence of the tree spirit. However, you did it before reaching the Concealed stage. That is peculiar. That tree spirit is something that has overcome Lightning Tribulation before, close to achieving the ability to take human form. Even a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator would require quite some time to refine its essence. How peculiar!” said the woman in white as she regarded Chen Feng.

“No! That is not it! You only absorbed a small portion of the tree spirit’s essence. If so, where did the other parts go?” After saying that, light flashed across the woman in white’s eyes and she stared intently at Chen Feng.

Ta! Ta!

Chen Feng immediately felt a mountain-like pressure descending upon him, forcing him to take two steps backwards. Next, Chen Feng gritted his teeth and a powerful force erupted from his Heavenly Origin acupoint. Together with his sea of wisdom, the two forces joined hands and a blend of formidable powers rushed out from every part of Chen Feng’s body. This lightened the pressure that Chen Feng felt and he took two steps forward.

“Oh? You cultivated the Heavenly Origin acupoint? You are walking the path of opening insight acupoints? Kid, you are not ordinary fellow, are you?” The woman in white was taken aback.

“You have a spatial pouch on you. And its not just one. There are quite some items in the spatial pouches. Given your present level of strength, there is no way you could have so many items. Judging by this, it would appear that you have had a fortuitous adventure.”

“Right now, what I am most curious about is how you refined the tree spirit’s essence.” After saying that, the woman in white extended her index and middle fingers, both with the quality of white jade, and made a light hooking gesture. Instantly, Chen Feng felt the primary energy within his body moving beyond his control and seeping out to swirl around her fingers.


Chen Feng was greatly infuriated. He finally pulled out the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Its powerful sword energy caused the surface of the surrounding stone walls to crack and fall.

As Chen Feng was about to attack the woman in white, a white palm with a crystalline lustre appeared before him. Next, the delicate-looking palm made a gentle gripping gesture. Immediately, the light from the sword disappeared and the Overwhelming Astral Sword that was in his hand ended up in the woman in white’s hand. Furthermore, the light radiating from the sword’s body had disappeared and it showed no other reaction, becoming no different from an ordinary iron sword.

Seeing that, Chen Feng became greatly shocked. The sword had easily killed off the ‘Fifth Senior Brother’ from Purplecloud Sky Grotto. He never expected the woman in white to be capable of taking it away from him barehanded. What did that mean?

And yet, despite knowing he was no match for the woman in white, Chen Feng had to continue attacking. With but a thought, a spear appeared in his hand. The spear was also something that Chen Feng had found from the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s lair. Although it was not as good as the Overwhelming Astral Sword, the spear was stained with dark red blood and it radiated traces of ferocity. One glance was enough to tell that it had killed a considerable number of cultivators.

“Enough, don’t attack. You are simply no match for me,” said the woman in white coolly before waving her hand. Next, Chen Feng felt a restrictive force appear around him, rendering him incapable of movement. He could not help but feel extremely terrified.

The woman in white waved her hand once more and Chen Feng regained the ability to move. He no longer attacked. Instead, he looked at her silently.

The woman in white fiddled around with the strand of primary energy, a thoughtful look in her eyes. After a lengthy period of time, rays of light burst out from her eyes, frightening Chen Feng.

“What cultivation technique are you practicing?” asked the woman in white as she stared at Chen Feng.

“He he, it is a cultivation formula that I obtained by accident, so I do not know its name. If you are interested, I can pass it on to you,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Oh? Is that right? You will tell me what the cultivation formula is? It seems you do not understand the value of this formula.” The woman in white’s voice regained its cool tone.

“Of course! However, I need to tell you this in advance. Back then, my body was hijacked by the tree spirit and it forced the formula out of me. Later on, the tree spirit practiced the cultivation formula as well,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Is that so? What happened then?” The woman in white’s eyebrows were raised.

“The tree spirit self-destructed.” Chen Feng gave a bizarre smile.

“Self-destruct…” The woman in white was taken aback once more.

“I understand, the formula is your legacy. If others attempt to recklessly practice it, they would end up self-destructing.” After saying that, the woman in white flicked her finger and the strand of primary energy seeped back into Chen Feng’s body.

Next, the woman in white stared at Chen Feng, not blinking at all. Chen Feng, on the other hand, felt awkward. In the end, he began feeling flustered.

“I say, lady. You are looking at a male stranger with such a gaze, isn’t that somewhat improper?” Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from blurting out.

“He he!”

The woman in white chuckled softly and waved her hand. The Overwhelming Astral Sword transformed into a stream of light to slip back into its sheath in Chen Feng’s grasp.

“Fine, fine. Let’s sit and have a chat, all right?” The woman in white reached her hand out to press on the ground. The uneven ground suddenly became as smooth as a mirror, to the point where reflections could be seen upon its surface. Next, two jade chairs appeared before Chen Feng. The two jade chairs were bluish-green in colour and they sported some finely carved patterns. They emitted a thick air of vitality. One breath of the air caused Chen Feng’s head to grow clear and the primary energy within his body began surging.

“These chairs are carved out from Azure Profound Jade. By practicing cultivation when seated on it, one can remain calm and adjust one’s vitality to avoid cultivation deviation. The user can also absorb the life force within the jade to increase his or her cultivation base.” After saying that, the woman in white sat down on one of the chairs.

After considering for a moment, Chen Feng stepped forward and boldly sat on the remaining chair. Instantly, he could feel a cool sensation flowing into every part of his body. At the same time, strands of strange energy stimulated his skin constantly, seemingly wanting to enter his body. Chen Feng tried absorbing some of them and immediately felt the energy transforming into vigorous spiritual energy after entering. Next, the energy melded with every part of his body to become part of his own strength.

It truly is a good thing. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“This is nothing. If you can find the Jade Core of the Azure Profound Jade, by cultivating on it, your rate of cultivation will be at least 10 times higher than the norm,” said the woman in white, having seemingly seen through what was in Chen Feng’s mind.

“My name is Bai Ziyan, from the Extensive Truth Sky Grotto,” said the woman in white as she looked at Chen Feng.

“My name is Chen Feng, a minor cultivator from Black Origin City’s Iron Sword Sect,” said Chen Feng with a smile. Seeing that the woman in white did not appear malicious, Chen Feng relaxed somewhat. Not to mention, given her level of strength, even if she had any malicious intentions, there was nothing Chen Feng could do.

“Black Origin City, Iron Sword Sect. A minor place like that could actually produce such a talent?” Bai Ziyan’s voice revealed a hint of surprise.

“Ha ha, I have made a fool out of myself in front of you, Miss Bai. Back in Black Origin City, I am an infamous trash.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.

“Let me ask you, this formula that you are cultivating, did you obtain it by chance or did you innately have it within your mind?” Bai Ziyan suddenly asked.

“That, naturally, it was obtained by chance,” replied Chen Feng. At the same time, he felt puzzled. He did not understand what Bai Ziyan meant by that. 

“Is that so?” Hearing that, a hint of disappointment flashed across Bai Ziyan’s face. However, as there was a layer of fog covering her face, Chen Feng was incapable of noticing it.

“If so, how did you get it?” asked Bai Ziyan once more.

“He he, that, I cannot say,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“If you are not willing to say it, I will not force you. Our meeting may be the work of fate. Is there anything you would like to ask me?” said Bai Ziyan. Judging from the tone in her voice, it appeared as though she was about to leave.

“Can Miss Bai tell me about the matters of cultivation and the cultivation world?” Chen Feng hastily asked. This woman before him was no ordinary character. This was a rare chance and he must ask her carefully.

“Oh? Matters regarding the cultivation world, I can tell you about some of them. As for cultivation itself, I can give you some pointers. However, since you already have your own legacy, you should already understand that part,” said Bai Ziyan with a chuckle.

“That, truth be told, I know nothing about both cultivation and the cultivation world. Even this cultivation formula, it is something that suddenly appeared within me,” said Chen Feng with a wry smile.

Hearing that, Bai Ziyan’s eyes shone brightly. However, they quickly regained their calm.

“If that is the case, I will give you a brief description about the cultivation world’s structures and some information regarding cultivation,” said Bai Ziyan with a nod of her head. 

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