Chapter 50: First Contact

“Don’t get too close to it! A yao beast of this level is not something we can deal with,” the old cultivator shouted anxiously.

“I think this yao beast is already dead. This is a treasure! Let’s carry it back. We can sell it for a good price!” shouted one of the younger cultivators.

“True, true. Just look, the outer layer of this toad’s skin is so tough, it can be used to make armour. I think it can even block off an attack from flying swords.”

“Come! Everyone, let’s carry this yao beast back, we will divide the spoils between us.”

“Eh? This big toad seems to be moving? Not good! It is still alive! Hurry, run!”

After Bai Ziyan used one strike to slap the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad away, it smashed onto the ground and was knocked unconscious. Waking up, it noticed a group of cultivators surrounding it, pointing and even using weapons to hit its body. It instantly grew enraged. 


A powerful fluctuation spread out from the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s body, shocking the surrounding cultivators and they were all sent flying tens of metres away. Some weaker cultivators were instantly knocked unconscious.

“Not good! Hurry, run!”

Seeing the unfavourable development, some cultivators, who were standing far away quickly fled.

Sou! Sou! Sou! 

The Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad opened its mouth and red lines quickly shot out. The cultivators that were tens of metres away were all pierced by the red lines. All of them had cultivation bases of the astral energy (6th) layer. Despite covering their bodies with astral energy, they were incapable of blocking off the fine, red lines.

The red lines were none other than the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s tongues, capable of piercing even the Magic artefacts of Concealed stage cultivators. Thus, piercing those cultivators who were not even at the concealed stage was just a matter of course.


A cultivator who had cultivated himself up to the primary energy takes form (7th) layer quickly condensed out a pair of wings. He had just shot into the sky when a red light bashed open his skull.

Thankfully, the big toad had no intention of starting a massacre. After killing those few people, its large body floated up and it swiftly flew into the forest, disappearing from sight.

Seeing the yao beast disappear, everyone gave sighs of relief. However, someone quickly noticed Chen Feng and shouted.

“Look, there is someone there!”

“It’s Chen Feng!”

“What? Chen Feng? So, the kid is still alive. Hurry, go catch him!” 

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Immediately, five cultivators flew towards Chen Feng. The five hailed from the various forces within Black Origin City. Two of them were external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer cultivators while the other three were at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. As the five cultivators were moving to besiege Chen Feng, the cultivators on the ground and some soldiers pulled out their bows and arrows to shoot at Chen Feng. In an instant, a dense number of black dots enveloped Chen Feng.

These arrows are useless against me. Chen Feng shook his head and a thick layer of astral energy quickly covered his whole body. The arrows, capable of easily piercing through steel plates, only made clear clanging sounds when they struck the layer of astral energy before falling back down.

“Chen Feng, hurry up and allow yourself to be captured. That way, you can preserve your life!” one of the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer cultivators shouted.

“That is right! Chen Feng, since you have appeared, you can forget about running away! As long as you hand over the immortal dao technique, we will not trouble you!”

Hearing those words, Chen Feng felt amused. As he had only just cultivated up to the Concealed stage, he had yet to truly open up his sea of wisdom. He had also not practiced any formula for controlling flying swords. Thus, he could only condense out wings to fly. That was the reason why the others would think that Chen Feng’s cultivation base was below the Concealed stage. Naturally, despite getting besieged by so many people, Chen Feng was not concerned.

“You guys are no match for me. If you do not want to die, hurry up and scram far away,” said Chen Feng with a laugh. 

“Courting death!”

The two external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer cultivators were quickly enraged. They waved their hands and two beams of potent energy shot out from their hands. The lethality of the two beams of potent energy far surpassed that of most weapons. At the same time, the other three cultivators pulled out a spear each. The spears spun quickly, creating sharp winds in its wake, causing a chaotic flow of air in their surroundings.

In face of those attacks, Chen Feng merely extended a palm forward. With a grasping motion, the two beams of potent energy shattered apart and the three spears exploded, causing countless wood chips to scatter about.


Chen Feng’s figure flashed. It was as though his body itself had warped through space and he instantly arrived before the five men. Both his palms pushed out and a formidable gust of wind surged out as a result. It was as though a Category 12 hurricane was bearing down on the five cultivators.

The force discharged from Chen Feng’s palms was the combination of his primary energy and blood energy. It was not something that cultivators beneath the Concealed stage could block.

As expected, facing the power discharged by his palms, the five cultivators were sucked into the whirling air flows. All of them were unable to stop themselves from being tossed away. In the end, the cried as they fell on the ground, ending up in a half-dead state.

Chen Feng’s floating body quickly landed. The accompanying shockwave sent the surrounding cultivators tumbling. The surrounding cultivators and soldiers had wanted to charge forward. However, after witnessing Chen Feng’s prowess, all of them hesitated.

“Humph! I have already broken through to the Concealed stage. If you want to die, then go ahead and attack!” said Chen Feng coolly as his gaze swept around. Any cultivator who caught Chen Feng’s gaze would quickly lower their head and retreat.

“Chen Feng! Come with me to the City Lord Residence!” Suddenly, a voice that sounded like rolling thunder reverberated all the way towards Chen Feng. Next, a tall, old man with a white, one-chi long beard dashed towards Chen Feng like a buckling horse. At the same time, a formidable wave of blood energy radiated out from his body. Even before his figure arrived, his formidable atmosphere had shot towards Chen Feng.

Oh! This is a cultivator at the 9th layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. The vitality within his whole body is surging like a tidal wave, constantly assailing his sea of wisdom. What a pity! After growing old, the blood energy within his body could no longer be as exuberant. Wanting to break through to the Concealed stage will be incredibly difficult. Unless, he has a spiritual herb the likes of Imperial Blood Grass. As Chen Feng’s level of cultivation had grown higher, his ability to see had also improved. With but a glance, he was able to see through the state of the opponent’s body.

This person should be the First Chief Controller of the City Lord Residence. I hear that he usually spends his time practicing cultivation within the City Lord Residence. How unexpected, he had come out to capture me. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Are you the City Lord Residence’s First Chief Controller?” Chen Feng asked loudly.

“Exactly! Kid, be obedient and follow me back!” The First Chief Controller spoke up. There were less than 20 metres between them. Next, he suddenly leaped, his figure seemingly transforming into a leopard that wanted to tear its prey to pieces. 


The First Chief Controller abruptly unleashed a punch. Every blood energy within his body gathered onto his fist and when his fist was less than one zhang away from Chen Feng, the energy erupted. Chen Feng instantly felt the tidal wave-like blood energy, which was like a volcano erupting out at him. Cultivators at the 9th layer could borrow the power of their blood to stimulate their primary energy, increasing their attack power by several times.

Facing the attack, Chen Feng neither dodged nor hid. Calmly, he sent out a fist of his own. There were no flashy moves or atmosphere behind the punch. It was like an ordinary punch by an ordinary human who had never cultivated before. 

However, that punch easily blocked off the First Chief Controller’s attack, disrupting the forward movement of his fist. At the same time, a clear cracking sound rang out and the First Chief Controller’s fist, hand and arm broke. Next, the First Chief Controller’s mighty body was sent flying backwards to slam down heavily on the ground some 30 metres away. Then, he fainted.

“I just told you I am a cultivator in the Concealed stage, yet you still came at me. You really don’t understand how to live properly.” Chen Feng shook his head. He did not attack again. At any rate, Chen Feng was not a killer. Additionally, they were not his enemies.


As Chen Feng was turning around, a small and exquisite flying sword suddenly shot out from afar to strike Chen Feng’s back. The powerful force behind the sword caused Chen Feng to stumble and he nearly fell to the ground.

After steadying his footing, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to feel around. The clothes on his back had been torn to reveal the armour beneath it. It was the ‘broken’ armour that Chen Feng had obtained at the bottom of the black pool. Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, the broken armour had saved his life.

Phew! That was truly dangerous! I was too careless! If I wasn’t wearing this body armour, I would have been killed. Chen Feng thought to himself. That attack earlier had terrified him to the point where cold sweat oozed out from his body.

After the sneak attack by the sword failed to kill Chen Feng, the flying sword paused. It seemed as though the cultivator who was in hiding had been shocked as well. Next, the flying sword circled around before shooting towards Chen Feng once more. This time, it shot towards Chen Feng’s throat. Judging by the move, the person wanted to decapitate Chen Feng.

How vicious! Do they not want the immortal dao technique from me anymore? By killing me, they won’t get anything. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Despite his surprise, Chen Feng’s hands did not stop moving. He immediately unsheathed the Overwhelming Astral Sword, using the swift and forceful sword energy to smash the flying sword.


As predicted, the small and exquisite flying sword immediately exploded. It was as though someone had used a wooden stick to smash an egg. The durable flying sword was reduced to powder and scattered across the ground.

The moment Chen Feng blew up the flying sword, he heard a muffled grunt 100 metres away within the forest.

Fine! I would like to see just who was it who snuck an attack on me. With a kick, Chen Feng’s figure shot forward, leaping through a distance of 100 metres to enter the forest.


A figure quickly flew up, his feet standing upon a flying sword as he quickly soared into the sky and fled into the distance. The cultivator’s flying sword had been destroyed by Chen Feng earlier and he was in a state of extreme shock. It was only natural that he would not have the courage to stay behind to fight against Chen Feng.

“As expected, that is a Concealed stage cultivator. However, I wonder which side is he from?” said Chen Feng coolly.

Next, Chen Feng did not make his way to Black Origin City. Instead, he left the remaining cultivators’ vision range and found a secret spot to resume cultivating himself again. The sneak attack earlier had given Chen Feng a lesson. He was fortunate that the attacker had chosen to attack his back. If the attacker had chosen to attack his head or neck, Chen Feng would have died.

I still do not have enough combat experience. Additionally, my strength is far from sufficient. It seems, if I want to kill my way into Black Origin City, I will need to fully open up the 1st level of my sea of wisdom and truly reach level 1 of the Concealed stage. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Huh, huh! How did the kid become so powerful? He could actually block off an attack from my flying sword! Also, he managed to blow it up! I had to put so much effort into creating the flying sword. What a pity!” At that moment, the cultivator that Chen Feng had forced away was flying through the sky, heading towards Black Origin City.

“It seems I will have to notify the Sect Leader and tell him to be careful.”

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